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ISBN 978-0-00-711400-9 to 978-0-00-711733-8 < ISBN 978-0-00-711735-2 to 978-0-00-712062-8 > ISBN 978-0-00-712063-5 to 978-0-00-712312-4

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-0-00-711735-2Stuart BarnesNews of the World Football Annual 2001/2002
  ''978-0-00-711736-9Damian WalkerThe Sun Guide to the Jumps 2001/2002
  ''978-0-00-711747-5Frank McCourtAngela’s Ashes
  ''978-0-00-711750-5Lillian TooLillian Too’s Smart Feng Shui For The Home: 188 brilliant ways to work with what you’ve got
  ''978-0-00-711751-2Douglas CouplandAll Families are Psychotic
2009978-0-00-711752-9Judith KerrMog's Bad Thing (Book & CD)
2002978-0-00-711753-6Douglas CouplandAll Families are Psychotic
2001978-0-00-711764-2Eric CarleThe Very Hungry Caterpillar: And Other Stories
2003978-0-00-711766-6Angie BatesThe Sleepover Club (51) – Sleepover Girls on Safari
2001978-0-00-711770-3Kenneth Blanchard · Don ShulaThe Little Book of Coaching: Motivating People to Be Winners
2002978-0-00-711771-0Sue MongredienThe Sleepover Club (46) – The Sleepover Club on the Farm
2003978-0-00-711772-7Sue MongredienThe Sleepover Club (54) – Sleepover Girls Go Treasure Hunting
2001978-0-00-711774-1Robert WestallModern Classics on Tape – The Kingdom By The Sea
2001978-0-00-711775-8Anthony GiardinaRecent History
2002978-0-00-711778-9Gail Carson LevineThe Two Princesses of Bamarre
2003978-0-00-711779-6Robert WilsonThe Blind Man of Seville
  ''978-0-00-711780-2Robert WilsonThe Blind Man of Seville
2007978-0-00-711781-9   ''The Blind Man of Seville
2001978-0-00-711782-6Michael GearyPanchang Moon Astrology: How to do the right thing at the right time
2004978-0-00-711783-3Robert WilsonThe Silent and the Damned
  ''978-0-00-711784-0   ''The Silent and the Damned
2007978-0-00-711785-7   ''The Silent and the Damned
2002978-0-00-711786-4Kate WestThe Real Witches' Kitchen: Spells, Recipes, Oils, Lotions and Potions from the Witches' Hearth
  ''978-0-00-711787-1Ann-Marie GallagherThe Goddess: Discover Your Inner Goddess (Thorsons Way of)
  ''978-0-00-711789-5Rebecca CampbellThe Favours and Fortunes of Katie Castle
2001978-0-00-711790-1Ellen Fein · Sherrie SchneiderThe Rules for Marriage
2001978-0-00-711791-8Xandria WilliamsFrom Stress To Success: 10 Steps to a Relaxed and Happy Life: a unique mind and body plan
  ''978-0-00-711793-2C. S. LewisOut of the Silent Planet/Perelandra (Voyager Classics): AND Perelandra
  ''978-0-00-711794-9Gilly Sergiev5 Easy Steps to Becoming a Witch
2010978-0-00-711796-3Alex GeorgeWonderful You
2002978-0-00-711797-0Fiona CummingsSleepover Girls Go Gymtastic! (The Sleepover Club, Book 47)
2001978-0-00-711798-7Fiona CummingsThe Sleepover Club (43) – Sleepover Club Vampires
2002978-0-00-711799-4Jana HunterSleepover Club Witches (The Sleepover Club, Book 49)
2003978-0-00-711800-7   ''Sleepover Club Makeover (The Sleepover Club, Book 52)
2001978-0-00-711805-2Giles GreavesA Little Book of Cricket
2002978-0-00-711809-0Judy HallThorsons Way of – Karma
2007978-0-00-711810-6David RoseViolation: Justice, Race and Serial Murder in the Deep South
2011978-0-00-711811-3David RoseViolation: Justice, Race and Serial Murder in the Deep South
2003978-0-00-711814-4Rebecca CampbellAlice’s Secret Garden
2001978-0-00-711815-1Robin JarvisDeathscent: Intrigues of the Reflected Realm
  ''978-0-00-711822-9Emma RichlerSister Crazy
  ''978-0-00-711824-3James PattersonAlong Came a Spider
2001978-0-00-711825-0Connie WillisPassage
2002978-0-00-711826-7Connie WillisPassage
2003978-0-00-711828-1Douglas PalmerFossil Revolution: The Finds that Changed Our View of the Past
2002978-0-00-711829-8Emma RichlerSister Crazy
2013978-0-00-711830-4Penelope FitzgeraldThe Knox Brothers
2004978-0-00-711831-1Laurence BergreenOver the Edge of the World
2002978-0-00-711832-8Ben FacciniThe Water-Breather
2003978-0-00-711833-5Ben FacciniThe Water-Breather
2001978-0-00-711834-2Jane SenMore Healing Foods: Over 100 Delicious Recipes to Inspire Health and Wellbeing
2004978-0-00-711835-9J. R. R. TolkienThe Hobbit
2001978-0-00-711836-6J.R.R. TolkienThe Lord of the Rings - Special Edition
  ''978-0-00-711838-0Carl FogartyFoggy on Bikes
2002978-0-00-711839-7Carl FogartyFoggy on Bikes
2011978-0-00-711842-7Mark GlanvilleThe Goldberg Variations
2009978-0-00-711843-4Laura CummingA Face to the World: On Self-Portraits
2010978-0-00-711844-1Laura CummingA Face to the World
2002978-0-00-711847-2Sharon MaasPeacocks Dancing
2001978-0-00-711848-9GORDON ERNESTTO END ALL WARS: A True Story About the Will to Survive and the Courage to Forgive
2002978-0-00-711852-6Melanie CambridgeSuccess with Oils
2001978-0-00-711854-0Matt GroeningSimpsons Comics Royale: A Super-Sized Simpson Soiree
2002978-0-00-711856-4Sharon FinmarkPeople in Watercolour: A step-by-step guide for absolute beginners (Collins You Can Paint)
2001978-0-00-711857-1Adam Pasco · VariousCollins Complete Garden Manual: The only gardening book you’ll ever need
  ''978-0-00-711858-8Nancy MarshallCollins Burns Supper Companion
2011978-0-00-711860-1Ian WhybrowLittle Wolf, Pack Leader
  ''978-0-00-711861-8Isabel WolffRescuing Rose
2010978-0-00-711862-5Isabel WolffBehaving Badly
2003978-0-00-711864-9Isabel WolffBehaving Badly
2002978-0-00-711865-6Mariana CaplanDo You Need a Guru?: Understanding the student-teacher relationship in an era of false prophets
  ''978-0-00-711867-0Sally Ann Voak · Nicki WatermanSun Slimmer: Fight Fat, Fight Fatigue - Energy Makeover
2005978-0-00-711870-0Nicholas OstlerEmpires of the Word: A Language History of the World
2006978-0-00-711871-7Nicholas OstlerEmpires of the Word: A Language History of the World
2002978-0-00-711875-5Valerie Ann WorwoodAromatherapy for your Child: Essential Oil Remedies for Children of All Ages
  ''978-0-00-711876-2Leo McKinstryJack and Bobby: A story of brothers in conflict
2003978-0-00-711877-9Leo McKinstryJack and Bobby: A story of brothers in conflict
2001978-0-00-711879-3Ronald DunnDon't Just Stand There, Pray Something: Discover the Incredible Power of Intercessory Prayer
  ''978-0-00-711880-9John HeilemannPride Before The Fall: The Trials of Bill Gates and the End of the Microsoft Era
2011978-0-00-711883-0Lisa ScottolineThe Vendetta Defence
2003978-0-00-711884-7Harriet CastorThe Sleepover Club (50) – Sleepover Club Ponies
2002978-0-00-711885-4Harriet CastorSleepover Girls Go Dancing (The Sleepover Club, Book 45)
2003978-0-00-711887-8   ''The Sleepover Club (53) – Sleepover Girls Go Surfing: Summer Special
  ''978-0-00-711888-5Paullina SimonsTatiana and Alexander
2011978-0-00-711889-2Paullina SimonsTatiana and Alexander
2003978-0-00-711890-8   ''Tatiana and Alexander
2005978-0-00-711891-5   ''The Girl in Times Square
2004978-0-00-711892-2   ''The Girl in Times Square
2008978-0-00-711893-9Paullina SimonsThe Girl in Times Square
2001978-0-00-711894-6William JoyceGeorge Shrinks
2002978-0-00-711900-4Andrew JoseLove Your Hair: Be Your Own Haircare Expert
2004978-0-00-711901-1Christopher MerrillJourney to the Holy Mountain: Meditations on Mount Athos
2002978-0-00-711904-2Ian WhybrowLittle Wolf’s Handy Book of Peoms
2003978-0-00-711905-9Daisy WaughTen Steps to Happiness
2002978-0-00-711906-6Daisy WaughThe New You Survival Kit
2004978-0-00-711907-3Christina FeldmanThe Buddhist Path to Simplicity: Spiritual Practice in Everyday Life
2001978-0-00-711908-0Brian SibleyThe Lord of the Rings Official Movie Guide
  ''978-0-00-711909-7Brian SibleyThe Lord of the Rings Official Movie Guide (Limited Edition)
  ''978-0-00-711912-7Collins Nursery Rhymes: Favourite rhymes with a funky beat!
  ''978-0-00-711913-4Boris JohnsonFriends, Voters, Countrymen
2002978-0-00-711914-1Boris JohnsonFriends, Voters, Countrymen
  ''978-0-00-711915-8Jim HooperBloodsong!
2003978-0-00-711916-5Jim HooperBloodsong!: First Hand Accounts of a Modern Private Army in Action
2001978-0-00-711917-2David HewsonLucifer's Shadow
2003978-0-00-711918-9Alwyn CrawshawLandscapes in Watercolour: A step-by-step guide for absolute beginners (Collins You Can Paint)
2001978-0-00-711919-6Paullina SimonsRed Leaves
2001978-0-00-711923-3Gao XingjianSoul Mountain
2002978-0-00-711924-0Dorothy RoweBeyond Fear
2007978-0-00-711926-4Agatha ChristieEvil under the Sun (Poirot)
  ''978-0-00-711927-1Agatha ChristieThe Mysterious Affair at Styles (Poirot)
2008978-0-00-711928-8   ''The Murder on the Links (Poirot)
2007978-0-00-711929-5   ''The ABC Murders (Poirot)
  ''978-0-00-711930-1   ''Peril at End House (Poirot)
  ''978-0-00-711931-8   ''Murder on the Orient Express (Poirot)
2007978-0-00-711932-5Agatha ChristieDeath on the Nile (Poirot)
2008978-0-00-711933-2   ''Death in the Clouds (Poirot)
  ''978-0-00-711934-9   ''Cards on the Table (Poirot)
  ''978-0-00-711935-6   ''Appointment with Death (Poirot)
2001978-0-00-711936-3   ''After the Funeral (Poirot)
  ''978-0-00-711939-4Ray SimpsonBefore We Say Goodbye: Preparing for a Good Death
2002978-0-00-711940-0Marc SimontThe Stray Dog (Picture Lions)
2004978-0-00-711943-1Brian PattenThe Story Giant
  ''978-0-00-711945-5Boris StarlingVodka
2006978-0-00-711946-2Boris StarlingVisibility
2011978-0-00-711947-9Boris StarlingVodka
  ''978-0-00-711948-6   ''Visibility
2003978-0-00-711952-3John GarthTolkien and the Great War: The Threshold of Middle-earth
2011978-0-00-711953-0John GarthTolkien and the Great War: The Threshold of Middle-earth
  ''978-0-00-711954-7Anna FurseYour Essential Infertility Companion: New edition of the bestselling, authoritative guide: A User's Guide to Tests Technology and Therapies
2003978-0-00-711955-4George R. R. MartinA Storm of Swords: 2 Blood and Gold (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3, Part 2)
2001978-0-00-711956-1J. R. R. TolkienVoyager Classics – The Return of the King: Return of the King v. 3
  ''978-0-00-711959-2Kim Stanley RobinsonGreen Mars (Voyager Classics)
2002978-0-00-711960-8C. J. JacksonThe Times Food for Feasts and Festivals
2010978-0-00-711962-2Ray BradburyThe Martian Chronicles (Voyager Classics)
2001978-0-00-711963-9Isaac AsimovI, Robot (Voyager Classics)
2002978-0-00-711966-0Nick PageThe Bible Book
2008978-0-00-711967-7Nick PageThe Bible Book: A User's Guide
2006978-0-00-711968-4Nick ButterworthTiger in the Snow!
2007978-0-00-711969-1Nick ButterworthTiger in the Snow!
2002978-0-00-711970-7   ''Albert Le Blanc
2003978-0-00-711971-4   ''Albert Le Blanc
  ''978-0-00-711972-1   ''Q Pootle 5 in Space
2004978-0-00-711973-8Nick ButterworthQ Pootle 5 in Space
2006978-0-00-711974-5   ''Tiger
  ''978-0-00-711975-2   ''Tiger
2001978-0-00-711976-9   ''Everyone’s Friend Percy (Percy’s Friends, Book 1)
  ''978-0-00-711977-6   ''Percy’s Friend the Fox (Percy’s Friends, Book 5)
2002978-0-00-711978-3Nick ButterworthPercy’s Friend the Badger (Percy’s Friends, Book 10)
2001978-0-00-711979-0   ''Percy’s Friends the Mice (Percy’s Friends, Book 3)
2002978-0-00-711980-6   ''Percy’s Friends the Squirrels (Percy’s Friends, Book 6)
  ''978-0-00-711981-3   ''Percy’s Friend the Mole (Percy’s Friends, Book 7)
  ''978-0-00-711982-0   ''Percy’s Friends the Ducks (Percy’s Friends, Book 9)
2001978-0-00-711983-7Nick ButterworthPercy’s Friend the Hedgehog (Percy’s Friends, Book 4)
  ''978-0-00-711984-4   ''Percy’s Friend the Owl (Percy’s Friends, Book 2)
2002978-0-00-711985-1   ''Percy’s Friends the Rabbits (Percy’s Friends, Book 8)
2003978-0-00-711986-8James RuncieThe Colour of Heaven
2004978-0-00-711987-5James RuncieThe Colour of Heaven
2011978-0-00-711988-2Anita AndersonSomebody
2001978-0-00-711999-8Atlas2002 Collins Road Atlas Spain and Portugal
  ''978-0-00-712002-4Jacqueline YoungAcupressure: Simple Steps to Health: Discover your Body’s Powerpoints For Health and Relaxation
2002978-0-00-712003-1Gianni RiottaPrince of the Clouds
2001978-0-00-712004-8Leo RutherfordShamanism (Thorsons Way of)
  ''978-0-00-712006-2David SelfThe 21st Century Quiz Book
2002978-0-00-712008-6Lilian Verner-BondsThorsons Way of – Palmistry
2003978-0-00-712010-9Bernard CornwellSharpe's Havoc
2011978-0-00-712011-6Anita AndersonSummer of Secrets
2004978-0-00-712012-3Bernard CornwellSharpe’s Havoc
  ''978-0-00-712013-0   ''Sharpe’s Escape
2004978-0-00-712014-7Bernard CornwellSharpe’s Escape: The Bussaco Campaign, 1810 (The Sharpe Series, Book 10)
2006978-0-00-712015-4   ''Sharpe’s Fury
2007978-0-00-712016-1Bernard CornwellSharpe’s Fury: The Battle of Barrosa, March 1811 (The Sharpe Series, Book 11)
2004978-0-00-712017-8Nick ButterworthThe Whisperer
2005978-0-00-712018-5   ''The Whisperer
2001978-0-00-712019-2Peter J. ConradiThe Saint and Artist: A Study of Iris Murdoch's Works
  ''978-0-00-712020-8Lorna SageBad Blood: A Memoir
  ''978-0-00-712021-5Marian GreenNatural Witchcraft: The Timeless Arts and Crafts of the Country Witch: The Natural Way
2005978-0-00-712022-2Mark MazowerSalonica, City of Ghosts: Christians, Muslims and Jews
2004978-0-00-712023-9Mark MazowerSalonica, City of Ghosts: Christians, Muslims and Jews
2001978-0-00-712024-6Dr. SeussThe Eye Book (Dr Seuss)
  ''978-0-00-712025-3Philip SegalDoctor Who: Regeneration (Dr Who)
2002978-0-00-712026-0Nicky SingerFeather Boy (Blue Peter Book Awards Winner)
2009978-0-00-712027-7James Le FanuWhy Us?: How Science Rediscovered the Mystery of Ourselves
2010978-0-00-712028-4James Le FanuWhy Us?: How Science Rediscovered the Mystery of Ourselves
2004978-0-00-712030-7George CareyKnow the Truth: A Memoir
2001978-0-00-712032-1Maryam Mafi · Azima Melita KolinRumi: Hidden Music
2002978-0-00-712034-5Cobuild StaffNew Student’s Dictionary (Collins Cobuild)
  ''978-0-00-712035-2Trevor WaughCollins You Can Paint – Animals in Watercolour: A step-by-step guide for absolute beginners
2001978-0-00-712037-6Isobel BirdMerry Meet (Circle of Three, Book 2)
2001978-0-00-712038-3Isobel BirdSecond Sight (Circle of Three, Book 3)
  ''978-0-00-712039-0   ''What the Cards Said (Circle of Three, Book 4)
  ''978-0-00-712040-6   ''In the Dreaming (Circle of Three, Book 5)
  ''978-0-00-712041-3   ''Ring of Light (Circle of Three, Book 6)
2002978-0-00-712045-1Sherry AshworthDisconnected (Collins Flamingo)
  ''978-0-00-712047-5Liz SimpsonThe Magic of Labyrinths: Following Your Path, Finding Your Center
2001978-0-00-712051-2Enid BlytonLearn With Noddy – Beginning Addition and Subtraction: 4+ Counting: Beginning Addition and Subtraction Bk. 1
2001978-0-00-712052-9Enid BlytonLearn With Noddy – Addition Stories to 10: 4+ Counting: Addition Stories to 10 Bk. 2
2001978-0-00-712055-0Enid BlytonLetter Patterns: 4+ Writing (Learn With Noddy): Letter Patterns Bk. 1
  ''978-0-00-712056-7   ''Word Patterns: 4+ Writing (Learn With Noddy): Word Patterns Bk. 2
  ''978-0-00-712058-1J.R.R. TolkienThe Silmarillion: v. 2
2002978-0-00-712060-4J. R. R. TolkienThe Silmarillion
2003978-0-00-712062-8Gwyneth LewisSunbathing in the Rain: A Cheerful Book About Depression