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ISBN 978-0-00-686066-2 to 978-0-00-690812-8 < ISBN 978-0-00-690813-5 to 978-0-00-692455-5 > ISBN 978-0-00-692456-2 to 978-0-00-694094-4

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1977978-0-00-690813-5Franklin W. DixonThe Arctic Patrol Mystery (The Hardy boys)
1980978-0-00-690814-2Franklin W. DixonThe Haunted Fort (The Hardy boys)
1973978-0-00-690815-9   ''The Mystery of the Whale Tattoo (The Hardy boys)
1974978-0-00-690818-0Mary Danby · Peter ArcherArmada Ghost Book: No. 6
  ''978-0-00-690823-4Charlotte PopescuHorse and Pony Quiz Book: No. 2 (Armada)
  ''978-0-00-690893-7J. ClementsThe Armada Book of Jokes and Riddles: No. 1
  ''978-0-00-690909-5Franklin W. DixonMystery of the Disappearing Floor (Armada)
  ''978-0-00-690932-3   ''The Mystery of the Desert Giant (Armada)
1975978-0-00-690948-4R.Chetwynd- HayesArmada Monster Book: No. 1
1975978-0-00-690965-1Hal DanbyMake Your Own Costumes and Disguises
1974978-0-00-690992-7Franklin W. DixonThe Twisted Claw (Armada)
1975978-0-00-691020-6M. DanbySeventh Armada Ghost Book
1978978-0-00-691021-3Franklin W. DixonWailing Siren Mystery
1974978-0-00-691024-4Enid BlytonChildren at Green Meadows (Armada)
978-0-00-691025-1Josephine Pullein-ThompsonTrick Jumpers (Seagull Library)
1975978-0-00-691047-3Nick WestThe Mystery of the Nervous Lion (Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators)
  ''978-0-00-691049-7Franklin W. DixonWhat Happened at Midnight (Hardy boys mystery stories/Franklin W Dixon)
  ''978-0-00-691050-3   ''The Sinister Signpost (Hardy boys mystery stories / Franklin W Dixon)
1992978-0-00-691063-3Carolyn KeeneThe Message in the Hollow Oak (Nancy Drew Mystery)
1973978-0-00-691064-0Carolyn KeeneThe Clue in the Crossword Cipher (The Nancy Drew Mystery Stories - No 5)
1901978-0-00-691073-2No AuthorSecret Shadow Ranch Nd 01
1992978-0-00-691074-9Carolyn KeeneThe Mystery of the 99 Steps (The Nancy Drew mysteries)
1976978-0-00-691080-0Christine Pullein-ThompsonRiding for Fun
1983978-0-00-691131-9Judith M. BerrisfordJackie's Pony Patrol
1992978-0-00-691133-3Judith M BerrisfordJackie & Pony Trekkers
1978978-0-00-691135-7   ''Jackie's show jumping surprise
1969978-0-00-691136-4Elinor M. Brent-DyerThe Chalet School (8) – The Chalet Girls in Camp
1976978-0-00-691139-5Judith M. BerrisfordJackie and the Misfit Pony
  ''978-0-00-691145-6Franklin W. DixonThe Crisscross Shadow (The Hardy boys)
  ''978-0-00-691163-0Peter HainingThe Monster Trap and Other True Mysteries
1976978-0-00-691170-8Patricia LeitchFor Love of a Horse (Jinny at Finmory/Patricia Leitch)
  ''978-0-00-691191-3William ArdenMystery of the Shrinking House (Alfred Hitchcock Books)
  ''978-0-00-691194-4Martin HallNobody's House (Armada spinechiller series)
  ''978-0-00-691216-3Carolyn KeeneBungalow Mystery (Nancy Drew mystery stories / Carolyn Keene)
1977978-0-00-691257-6Patricia LeitchSummer Riders (Jinny at Finmory / Patricia Leitch)
  ''978-0-00-691297-2Franklin W. DixonMark on the Door (Hardy boys mystery stories/Franklin W Dixon)
1977978-0-00-691298-9Franklin W. DixonYellow Feather Mystery (Hardy boys mystery stories / Franklin W Dixon)
  ''978-0-00-691301-6The second Armada book of cartoons
  ''978-0-00-691304-7Carolyn KeeneThe Whispering Statue (Nancy Drew Mystery)
1968978-0-00-691310-8Elinor M. Brent-DyerCarola Storms the Chalet School
1988978-0-00-691336-8Carolyn KeeneThe Clue of the Dancing Puppet (The Nancy Drew mystery stories)
1978978-0-00-691365-8Diana Pullein-ThompsonPonies on the Trail (An Armada pony book)
1987978-0-00-691377-1Robert Louis StevensonKidnapped
1978978-0-00-691382-5R.Chetwynd- HayesArmada Monster Book: No. 4
  ''978-0-00-691384-9M. V. CareySecret of the Haunted Mirror (Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators)
  ''978-0-00-691387-0Carolyn KeeneThe Clue of the Tapping Heels (Nancy Drew mystery stories)
1978978-0-00-691388-7Carolyn KeeneThe Clue in the Crumbling Wall (Nancy Drew mystery stories / Carolyn Keene)
1979978-0-00-691390-0Peter EldinThe Whizzkid's Handbook: No. 1
1969978-0-00-691412-9Elinor M. Brent-DyerA Genius at the Chalet School
1984978-0-00-691429-7Louisa May AlcottLittle Women
1979978-0-00-691431-0Patricia LeitchAdventures of Robin Hood
1985978-0-00-691444-0Johanna SpyriHeidi
1980978-0-00-691446-4Christine Pullein-ThompsonPhantom Horse Comes Home (Armada)
1978978-0-00-691475-4E. NesbitRailway Children
  ''978-0-00-691478-5William ArdenMystery of the Dead Man's Riddle (Alfred Hitchcock Books)
  ''978-0-00-691504-1L. F. BaumOzma of Oz (Lions)
1988978-0-00-691507-2L. F. BaumThe Wizard of Oz (Classics)
1986978-0-00-691508-9L. F. BaumThe Marvellous Land of Oz
1978978-0-00-691509-6L. Frank BaumGlinda of Oz
1979978-0-00-691510-2Mary DanbyArmada Ghost Book: No. 11
1980978-0-00-691511-9Doris Dickens · Mary DanbyThe Armada Quiz and Puzzle Book: No. 8
1979978-0-00-691522-5Patricia LeitchGallop to the Hills (Jinny at Finmory/Patricia Leitch)
  ''978-0-00-691552-2CBE,DSc,FRAS,Sir Patrick MooreFun to Know About the Mysteries of Space
  ''978-0-00-691557-7Carolyn KeeneThe Mystery of the Tolling Bell (Nancy Drew mystery stories / Carolyn Keene)
  ''978-0-00-691560-7Charles DickensThe Old Curiosity Shop (Armada)
  ''978-0-00-691561-4Elinor M. Brent-DyerThe Chalet School (24) – Three Go to the Chalet School
1979978-0-00-691562-1Judith M. BerrisfordJackie on Pony Island
  ''978-0-00-691566-9Franklin W. DixonThe Secret of Pirates' Hill (The Hardy Boys S. #14)
  ''978-0-00-691572-0   ''The Flickering Torch Mystery (The Hardy boys)
1980978-0-00-691574-4M.V. CareyMystery of Death Trap Mine (Alfred Hitchcock Books)
1979978-0-00-691575-1Carolyn KeeneThe Clue of the Black Keys (Nancy Drew mystery stories)
  ''978-0-00-691613-0   ''Clue of the Leaning Chimney (Nancy Drew mystery stories/Carolyn Keene)
  ''978-0-00-691619-2Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland
1979978-0-00-691641-3James RazziStar Wars Activity Books: Luke Skywalker's
1980978-0-00-691670-3Mary Danby · Peter ArcherArmada Ghost Book: No. 12
  ''978-0-00-691709-0Peter EldinThe Explorer's Handbook
1979978-0-00-691725-0Franklin W. DixonThe Secret of the Old Mill (The Hardy boys)
1980978-0-00-691728-1Carolyn KeeneThe Scarlet Slipper Mystery (Nancy Drew mysteries)
  ''978-0-00-691734-2William ArdenMystery of the Dancing Devil (Alfred Hitchcock Books)
  ''978-0-00-691739-7Carolyn KeeneSecret of the Golden Pavilion (Nancy Drew mystery stories/Carolyn Keene)
1981978-0-00-691744-1R.Chetwynd- HayesArmada Monster Book: No. 6
1980978-0-00-691747-2Carolyn KeeneSecret in the Old Attic (The Nancy Drew mystery stories)
  ''978-0-00-691753-3Richard Davis · Jim CawthornSf 1: Science Fiction Stories (Armada 'spinechillers')
1901978-0-00-691773-1W. E JohnsBiggles Flies South
1986978-0-00-691774-8Robert ArthurAlfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot
1992978-0-00-691775-5Robert ArthurThe Screaming Clock (3 Investigators Mysteries)
1992978-0-00-691776-2Nick WestMystery of the Nervous Lion (Three Investigators Mysteries)
1981978-0-00-691777-9Diana Pullein-ThompsonCassidy in Danger (An Armada pony book)
  ''978-0-00-691778-6Christine Pullein-ThompsonPhantom Horse Goes to Scotland (An Armada original)
1970978-0-00-691780-9Robert ArthurThe Secret of Terror Castle (The Three Investigators)
1980978-0-00-691801-1George LucasEmpire Strikes Back: Storybook
  ''978-0-00-691802-8Elinor M. Brent-DyerThe Chalet School – The New House at the Chalet School
  ''978-0-00-691803-5Franklin W. DixonHooded Hawk Mystery (The Hardy boys mystery stories)
1981978-0-00-691818-9   ''Night of the Werewolf (The Hardy boys mystery stories)
1983978-0-00-691826-4   ''Outlaw's Silver (The Hardy boys mystery stories)
1983978-0-00-691827-1Franklin W. DixonSubmarine Caper (The Hardy boys mystery stories)
  ''978-0-00-691829-5   ''Infinity Clue (The Hardy boys mystery stories)
  ''978-0-00-691832-5   ''Billion Dollar Ransom (The Hardy boys mystery stories)
  ''978-0-00-691833-2   ''The Tic-tac Terror (The Hardy boys mysteries)
1984978-0-00-691836-3   ''The Crimson Flame (The Hardy boys mystery stories)
1984978-0-00-691837-0Franklin W. DixonCave-in (The Hardy Boys #76)
1981978-0-00-691838-7Carolyn KeeneThe Triple Hoax (A Nancy Drew Mystery)
1983978-0-00-691847-9   ''Race Against Time (The Nancy Drew mystery stories)
1980978-0-00-691861-5William ArdenMystery of the Headless Horse (Alfred Hitchcock Books)
1987978-0-00-691864-6Robert ArthurAlfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Fiery Eye
1981978-0-00-691867-7Franklin W. DixonSecret Agent on Flight 101 (The Hardy boys)
1992978-0-00-691870-7William ArdenThe Mystery of the Shrinking House (Alfred Hitchcock & The Three Investigators)
1981978-0-00-691910-0Carolyn KeeneRingmaster's Secret (The Nancy Drew mystery stories)
  ''978-0-00-691912-4Franklin W. DixonThe Tower Treasure (The Hardy boys mystery stories)
  ''978-0-00-691915-5Elinor M. Brent-DyerExcitements at the Chalet School
  ''978-0-00-691916-2Carolyn KeeneNancy's Mysterious Letter (The Nancy Drew mystery stories)
1986978-0-00-691918-6Alfred Hitchcock · Robert ArthurThe Secret of Skeleton Island (Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators #6)
1981978-0-00-691920-9Robert ArthurThe Mystery of the Moaning Cave (3 Investigators Armada)
1983978-0-00-691925-4Nick WestThe Mystery of the Coughing Dragon (The Three Investigators)
1982978-0-00-691982-7Carolyn KeeneThe Mystery of the Fire Dragon (The Nancy Drew mystery stories No 28)
1981978-0-00-692012-0William ArdenThe Mystery of the Dead Man's Riddle (Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators)
1982978-0-00-692021-2Peter EldinThe Whizzkid's Handbook: No. 2 (An Armada original)
  ''978-0-00-692024-3Ann SheldonSecret of Rancho del Sol (Linda Craig)
1982978-0-00-692026-7Enid BlytonMystery Stories
  ''978-0-00-692060-1Elinor M. Brent-DyerThe Chalet School and Richenda
  ''978-0-00-692061-8Mary DanbyThe Even More Awful Joke Book (An Armada original)
  ''978-0-00-692072-4Mary Danby · Eric KincaidThe 14th Armada Ghost Book: No. 14
  ''978-0-00-692075-5M. V. Carey · Robert ArthurWhispering Mummy/Monster Mountain/Death Trap Mine (Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators)
1982978-0-00-692076-2Franklin W. DixonSinister Signpost (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories)
1983978-0-00-692093-9Josephine Pullein-ThompsonPony Club Cup
1984978-0-00-692094-6   ''Pony Club Challenge (An Armada original)
1983978-0-00-692096-0Kenneth GrahameThe Wind in the Willows
1982978-0-00-692102-8M.V. Carey · Robert ArthurMystery of the Sinister Scarecrow (Alfred Hitchcock Books)
1984978-0-00-692103-5Mary Danby · Kay WilsonNightmares: No. 1
1982978-0-00-692104-2M.V. Carey · Robert ArthurThe Mystery of the Flaming Footprints (Alfred Hitchcock Books)
1983978-0-00-692149-3Carolyn Keene · Franklin W. DixonSupersleuths: No. 1
1982978-0-00-692150-9Enid BlytonThe Mystery That Never Was
1983978-0-00-692152-3Elinor M. Brent-DyerTrials for the Chalet School
  ''978-0-00-692156-1Carolyn KeeneThe Hidden Staircase (Nancy Drew mysteries)
  ''978-0-00-692157-8   ''The Mystery of the Ivory Charm (Nancy Drew mysteries)
  ''978-0-00-692162-2C. Pullien-ThompsonStolen Ponies
  ''978-0-00-692165-3Peter EldinThe Whizzkid's Handbook: No. 3
1984978-0-00-692169-1Carolyn KeeneThe Elusive Heiress (Nancy Drew mystery series)
1986978-0-00-692184-4Franklin W. DixonSwamp Monster (The Hardy boys mystery stories)
1984978-0-00-692200-1Ann CheethamThe Beggar's Curse (An Armada original)
1992978-0-00-692201-8Franklin W. DixonWhile the Clock Ticked (Hardy Boys)
1992978-0-00-692202-5Franklin W. DixonThe Clue in the Embers (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories)
1983978-0-00-692205-6C. KeeneHaunted Showboat N15 (The Nancy Drew mystery stories)
1992978-0-00-692207-0Franklin W. DixonHunting for Hidden Gold (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories)
  ''978-0-00-692209-4Patricia LeitchNight of the Red Horse (Jinny)
1984978-0-00-692223-0M.V. CareyMystery of the Scar-faced Beggar (Alfred Hitchcock Books)
  ''978-0-00-692226-1John Cassidy · B.C. RimbeauxJuggling for the Complete Klutz
1992978-0-00-692229-2Patricia LeitchThe Summer Riders (Jinny)
  ''978-0-00-692232-2   ''A Devil to Ride (Jinny)
1992978-0-00-692233-9Patricia LeitchGallop to the Hills (Jinny)
  ''978-0-00-692234-6   ''The Magic Pony (Jinny)
  ''978-0-00-692236-0Franklin W. DixonThe Clue of the Screeching Owl (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories)
  ''978-0-00-692237-7Carolyn KeeneThe Quest of the Missing Map (Nancy Drew Mystery)
  ''978-0-00-692238-4   ''The Clue in the Crossword Cipher (Nancy Drew Mystery)
1983978-0-00-692244-5Franklin W. DixonThe Disappearing Floor/The Wailing Siren Mystery/The Mystery of the Aztec Warrior (Hardy Boys 19, 30 & 43)
1992978-0-00-692257-5   ''The Great Airport Mystery (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories)
1993978-0-00-692258-2Carolyn KeeneThe Bungalow Mystery (Nancy Drew Mystery)
1984978-0-00-692304-6Enid BlytonShadow the Sheepdog
1984978-0-00-692305-3Enid BlytonThe Boy Next Door
1992978-0-00-692306-0Robert ArthurThe Mystery Of The Whispering Mummy - Three Investigators Mystery - No.3
1984978-0-00-692309-1Franklin W. DixonThe Ghost at Skeleton Rock (The Hardy boys mysteries)
  ''978-0-00-692310-7Carolyn KeeneThe Mystery of the Brass-bound Trunk (Nancy Drew mysteries)
1985978-0-00-692311-4   ''The Clue of the Velvet Mask (Nancy Drew Mysteries Case 33)
978-0-00-692334-3Convergences: Method, Message, Medium [Text Only]
1984978-0-00-692343-5Peter EldinThe Spookster's Handbook (Armada Original)
1992978-0-00-692348-0Carolyn KeenePassword to Larkspur Lane (Nancy Drew Mystery)
1989978-0-00-692352-7Franklin W. DixonThe Sinister Signpost (Armada Classics)
1992978-0-00-692353-4Franklin W. DixonFootprints Under the Window (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories)
1984978-0-00-692354-1   ''The Secret of Caves Hb13 (Armada)
2005978-0-00-692359-6Equipe DialeticaRevista Dialetica de Direito Tributario - Vol.120
  ''978-0-00-692361-9   ''Revista Dialetica de Direito Tributario - Vol.118
2003978-0-00-692362-6   ''Revista Dialetica de Direito Tributario - Vol.98
  ''978-0-00-692364-0   ''Revista Dialetica de Direito Tributario - Vol.96
1992978-0-00-692368-8M. V. CareyDeath Trap Mine (Three Investigators Mysteries)
  ''978-0-00-692370-1Franklin W. DixonThe Shore Road Mystery (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories)
  ''978-0-00-692372-5M. V. CareyThe Secret of the Haunted Mirror (Three Investigators Mysteries)
1992978-0-00-692373-2Franklin W. DixonThe Mystery of Cabin Island (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories)
  ''978-0-00-692374-9Carolyn KeeneThe Secret in the Old Attic (Nancy Drew Mysteries)
2002978-0-00-692377-0Equipe DialeticaRevista Dialetica de Direito Tributario - Vol.83
2001978-0-00-692379-4Equipe DialeticaRevista Dialetica de Direito Tributario - Vol.69
  ''978-0-00-692381-7   ''Revista Dialetica de Direito Tributario - Vol.65
1999978-0-00-692383-1   ''Revista Dialetica de Direito Tributario - Vol.46
  ''978-0-00-692384-8   ''Revista Dialetica de Direito Tributario - Vol.47
1985978-0-00-692385-5David TantThe Legends Of Skyfall 1: Monsters Of The Marsh
  ''978-0-00-692386-2   ''The Legends Of Skyfall 2: The Black Pyramid
2005978-0-00-692391-6Equipe DialeticaRevista Dialetica de Direito Tributario - Vol.119
1985978-0-00-692399-2Monica DickensThe Messenger (Armada)
1984978-0-00-692403-6J.H. BrennanGrail Quest: Gateway of Doom Bk. 3 (A Solo fantasy gamesbook)
  ''978-0-00-692406-7Les MartinIndiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: Children's Novel
1984978-0-00-692407-4Mary DanbyThe Most Awful Joke Book Ever
  ''978-0-00-692419-7J.J. FortuneRevenge in the Silent Tomb (Race Against Time)
  ''978-0-00-692439-5Elinor M. Brent-DyerRuey Richardson at the Chalet School
  ''978-0-00-692441-8Mary Danby · Peter ArcherThe Armada Ghost Book 9
1992978-0-00-692443-2Robert ArthurThe Silver Spider (3 Investigators Mysteries)
1985978-0-00-692455-5William ArdenMystery of the Purple Pirate (Alfred Hitchcock Books)