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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-0-06-662113-5Michael WolffAutumn of the Moguls: My Misadventures With the Titans, Poseurs, and Money Guys Who Mastered and Messed Up Big Media
1997978-0-06-662114-2J. W. Marriott · Kathi Ann BrownThe Spirit to Serve Marriott's Way
2001978-0-06-662117-3John HeilemannPride Before the Fall: The Trials of Bill Gates and the End of the Microsoft Era
2003978-0-06-662119-7David SheffChina Dawn: Culture and Conflict in China's Business Revolution
1999978-0-06-664000-6Anthony B. Perkins · Michael C. PerkinsInternet Bubble, The
2001978-0-06-664001-3   ''The Internet Bubble
1984978-0-06-669000-1J. R EnnalsBeginning micro-PROLOG (A Hands on! computer book)
  ''978-0-06-669001-8Thom HoganInfoworld's essential guide to the Apple
  ''978-0-06-669002-5Frank J DerflerInfoWorld's essential guide to the IBM PC
1988978-0-06-716490-7Justin LaddNight Riders
978-0-06-718869-9Robert SheckleyStar Trek: Laertian Gamble
1979978-0-06-745597-5Eileen PiperThe Magician's Trap
2010978-0-06-757019-7Malvina C. KinardThe Best of Ice Cream
1995978-0-06-757281-8P. F. BentleyNewt: Inside the Revolution
1997978-0-06-757440-9Walter HubertNaked: Flowers Exposed
1998978-0-06-757447-8Charles M. SchulzYou're the Tops, Pop (Peanuts)
1997978-0-06-757448-5Charles M. SchulzThe Literary Ace Strikes Again! (Peanuts at Work & Play)
  ''978-0-06-757449-2   ''Siblings Should Never Be in the Same Family (Passionate Peanuts)
  ''978-0-06-757450-8   ''Once You're Over the Hill: (You Begin to Pick Up Speed) (Peanuts Wisdom)
1998978-0-06-757451-5   ''Our Lines Must Be Crossed! (Peanuts at Work & Play)
1998978-0-06-757452-2Charles M. SchulzHere's to You, Mom (Peanuts)
1997978-0-06-757454-6Charles M. SchulzLaughter Is the Best Exercise (Peanuts at Work & Play Book)
  ''978-0-06-757455-3   ''Born Crabby (Peanuts Wisdom)
  ''978-0-06-757456-0Dick ClarkDick Clark's American Bandstand
1999978-0-06-757461-4Gerald Hirigoyen · Cameron HirigoyenThe Basque Kitchen: Tempting Food from the Pyrenees
1997978-0-06-757473-7My Changing Self: A Life Journal
  ''978-0-06-757478-2Charles DickensGreat Expectations
  ''978-0-06-757483-6John GrayNOT A BOOK
1997978-0-06-757485-0Cal 98 X-Files Desk Diary Calendar
  ''978-0-06-757502-4Carole LalliStuffings: 45 International Recipes to Enhance Fish, Poultry, Meat, Vegetables, and Fruit
  ''978-0-06-757509-3Robin Driscoll · Richard Curtis · Andrew CliffordMr. Beans Scrapbook: All About Me in America, 1st Edition
  ''978-0-06-757510-9Richard Curtis · Robin DriscollBean: The Script Book
1998978-0-06-757511-6Thomas MooreCare of the Soul: How to Add Depth and Meaning to Your Everyday Life
1997978-0-06-757513-0Carolyne RoehmA Passion for Flowers
  ''978-0-06-757516-1Ed W. MarshJames Cameron's Titanic
1997978-0-06-757518-5Charles M. SchulzCharlie Brown: Not Your Average Blockhead
1998978-0-06-757520-8Rachel CarsonThe Sense of Wonder
1997978-0-06-757526-0Charles M. SchulzGood Grief: Some Dates Are Hard to Remember Datebook
1998978-0-06-757527-7   ''Punt, Pass, and Peanuts
1997978-0-06-757530-7Harvey DeneroffThe Art of Anastasia: A Twentieth Century Fox Presentation
1998978-0-06-757531-4Paul Dini · Chip KiddBatman Animated
1999978-0-06-757546-8Nick BantockThe Museum at Purgatory
  ''978-0-06-757586-4Susanna PalazuelosMexico: The Beautiful Cookbook
  ''978-0-06-757587-1Lorenza De MediciItaly: The Beautiful Cookbook
1998978-0-06-757588-8Author UnknownChina the Beautiful Cookbook
2007978-0-06-757589-5Jacki PassmoreAsia: the Beautiful Cookbook
978-0-06-757590-1Mediterranean: The Beautiful Cookbook
2003978-0-06-757591-8Weldon OwenItaly Today The Beautiful Cookbook - Contemporary Recipes Reflecting Simple, Fresh Italian Cooking
1990978-0-06-757592-5Phillip Stephen SchulzAmerica The Beautiful Cookbook (Authentic Recipes From the United States of America)
1989978-0-06-757593-2Scotto SistersFrance The Beautiful Cookbook: Authentic Recipes from the Regions of France
1991978-0-06-757594-9John Phillip CarrollCalifornia The Beautiful Cookbook
2003978-0-06-757595-6Panurat PoladitmontriThailand the Beautiful Cookbook
1998978-0-06-757597-0Barbara Pool (recipes) and Norman KolpasSouthwest The Beautiful Cookbook
1999978-0-06-757598-7Richard OlneyProvence: the Beautiful Cookbook
1995978-0-06-757599-4Kathy Casey · Lane Morgan · E. Jane Armstrong · John CallananPacific Northwest: The Beautiful Cookbook
1999978-0-06-757600-7Lorenza De' MediciTuscany the Beautiful Cookbook
1991978-0-06-772500-9Richard Saul WurmanNYC Access
978-0-06-772502-3Access: Paris (Access Guides)
1991978-0-06-772503-0Richard Saul WurmanBoston (Access Guides)
  ''978-0-06-772505-4   ''Hawaii Access
  ''978-0-06-772507-8Access Travel GuidesAccess Los Angeles 5ED (Access Guides)
1991978-0-06-772509-2Access Travel GuidesAccess London Edition
  ''978-0-06-772510-8Richard Saul WurmanRome Access (Access Guides)
  ''978-0-06-772511-5   ''San Francisco Access (Access Guides)
1991978-0-06-772513-9Richard Saul WurmanWashington, DC Access
1990978-0-06-772516-0   ''The Wall Street Journal, Guide to Understanding Money and Markets
1991978-0-06-772522-1   ''New York City Access Guide
1993978-0-06-798443-7suzanne fisher stapleshaveli
1982978-0-06-811201-3Garrison KeillorHappy to be here
1998978-0-06-824740-1K. Ross CloutierThe Business of Adventure: Developing a Business in Adventure Tourism
1997978-0-06-827018-8Pat Summerall · Jim MoskovitzPat Summerall's Sports in America: Conversations With 40 of the Most Celebrated Sports Personalities of the Last Half Century
1972978-0-06-830200-1John Mason BrewerAmerican Negro Folklore
1993978-0-06-830597-2Thomas C. MichaudFoot Orthoses and Other Forms of Conservative Foot Care
1968978-0-06-830985-7Aileen S., Comp. KraditorUp from the Pedestal: Selected Writings in the History of American Feminism,
2000978-0-06-831841-5WalcuttExplicator Cyclopedia
1970978-0-06-840200-8William. BradenThe Age of Aquarius: Technology and the Cultural Revolution.
1973978-0-06-840210-7Peter Ludwig. BrentGodmen of India
1974978-0-06-840226-8Fred. BruemmerThe Arctic: Photography and Text
  ''978-0-06-840420-0Howard, DietzDancing in the Dark
1972978-0-06-840935-9Leonard. KoppettThe New York Times Guide to Spectator Sports.
1973978-0-06-840968-7Bernard KriklerA Reader's Guide to Contemporary History.
1974978-0-06-841010-2Walter LaqueurConfrontation: The Middle East and World Politics
1973978-0-06-841395-0Joshua. PrawerThe World of the Crusaders.
1975978-0-06-841436-0Rita. ReifHome, It Takes More Than Money
1993978-0-06-842964-7Michael JordanRare Air: Michael on Michael
1971978-0-06-853203-3Arna Wendell BontempsBlack Thunder,
1966978-0-06-853268-2Alexander, CalderCalder: An Autobiography With Pictures.
1968978-0-06-853435-8G. William DomhoffC. Wright Mills and the Power Elite
1979978-0-06-859602-8Robert J. RingerRestoring the American Dream
1983978-0-06-859606-6Robert J. RingerHow You Can Find Happiness During the Collapse of Western Civilization
  ''978-0-06-859835-0Lee Canter · Marlene CanterLee Canter's Assertive Discipline for Parents
1981978-0-06-859851-0Eiji YoshikawaMusashi: An Epic Novel of the Samurai Era
1982978-0-06-859852-7Shusaku EndoThe Samurai
1984978-0-06-859961-6SilversWhere the Sidewalk Ends/Cassette
1981978-0-06-880398-0Fred Mustard StewartCentury: A novel
  ''978-0-06-880700-1Betty CavannaStamp twice for murder
1997978-0-06-881516-7Francois-Marie BanierPast-Present
1982978-0-06-881966-0David HamiltonA summer in Saint Tropez
1984978-0-06-882726-9Rachel IsadoraOpening night
1992978-0-06-885436-4E NesbitThe enchanted castle (Books of wonder)
1991978-0-06-889480-3T. R PearsonGospel hour
1988978-0-06-891151-7Ann · John TusaThe Berlin airlift
1990978-0-06-893143-0Louis Phillip's Loose Leaf
1993978-0-06-898016-2Barbara Brooks WallaceThe twin in the tavern
1997978-0-06-898072-8Carlstrom, Nancy WhiteI love you, papa, in all kinds of weather
2002978-0-06-898468-9Sarah Aronson · Chris DemarestThe Princess and the Pea: A Very Very Short Pop-Up Story
2004978-0-06-898609-6Meg CabotCode Name Cassandra
1979978-0-06-910081-1Jeffrey L. SammonsHeinrich Heine: A Modern Biography
978-0-06-914577-5Paul WeisslerBasic Car Maintenance and Repairs
1991978-0-06-941933-3Mary E. . LyonsRaw head, bloody bones: African-American tales of the supernatural
1978978-0-06-960046-5Better Homes and Gardens EditorsAll-Time Favorite Barbecue Recipes
  ''978-0-06-990113-5Cider Days