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ISBN 978-0-00-727902-9 to 978-0-00-728155-8 < ISBN 978-0-00-728156-5 to 978-0-00-728458-0 > ISBN 978-0-00-728459-7 to 978-0-00-728688-1

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-0-00-728156-5Wayne GouldJunior Su Doku
  ''978-0-00-728157-2AIIAThe Times Killer Su Doku 2
  ''978-0-00-728158-9Puzzler MediaHashi
  ''978-0-00-728159-6Puzzler MediaThe Times: Train Your Brain Puzzle Book (Puzzle Media)
2009978-0-00-728160-2Collins UKCollins/Nicholson Waterways Guides (1) – Grand Union, Oxford and The South East
  ''978-0-00-728161-9Collins UkCollins/Nicholson Waterways Guides (2) – Severn, Avon and Birmingham
2009978-0-00-728162-6Collins UkCollins/Nicholson Waterways Guides (3) – Birmingham and the Heart of England
2008978-0-00-728163-3Esteban Martin · Andreu CarranzaThe Gaudi Key
2009978-0-00-728164-0Collins UkCollins/Nicholson Waterways Guides (4) – Four Counties and the Welsh Canals
  ''978-0-00-728165-7   ''Collins/Nicholson Waterways Guides (5) – North West and the Pennines
  ''978-0-00-728166-4   ''Collins/Nicholson Waterways Guides (6) – Nottingham, York and the North East
  ''978-0-00-728167-1   ''Collins/Nicholson Waterways Guides (7) – River Thames and the Southern Waterways
2008978-0-00-728168-8Esteban Martin · Andreu CarranzaThe Gaudi Key
  ''978-0-00-728169-5Reginald HillThere Are No Ghosts in the Soviet Union
2008978-0-00-728170-1Andrew PyperThe Killing Circle
2009978-0-00-728171-8Michael CrichtonPirate Latitudes
  ''978-0-00-728172-5Jean UreLove and Kisses
2010978-0-00-728173-2Jean UreIce Lolly
2008978-0-00-728174-9Janice Y. K. LeeThe Piano Teacher
  ''978-0-00-728175-6John Fairey · Emma Poole · Nicky ThomasCollins KS3 Science – Networkable Assessment CD-ROM 1 (Collins Key Stage 3 Science)
978-0-00-728178-7Doris May LessingAlfred and Emily
2009978-0-00-728179-4Melanie WattChester’s Back!
2008978-0-00-728180-0Conn Iggulden · Hal IgguldenThe Pocket Dangerous Book for Boys: Wonders of the World
978-0-00-728181-7Blood Lines (Brodie MacLennan #2)
978-0-00-728182-4The Murder Game
2008978-0-00-728183-1Jessie JonesRubbish Boyfriends
  ''978-0-00-728184-8Ann HoodKnitting Circle, The
  ''978-0-00-728185-5Beverly BartonDying Game, The
978-0-00-728186-2Damaged Goods
2008978-0-00-728187-9Lee WeeksTrophy Taker, The
978-0-00-728189-3The Boy Who Could Fly
978-0-00-728190-9Jean UreStar Crazy Me
978-0-00-728191-6Paddington Here and Now
2010978-0-00-728192-3Vanora BennettBlood Royal
978-0-00-728193-0Blood Royal
2010978-0-00-728194-7Vanora BennettVanora Bennett Untitled 2
2011978-0-00-728195-4   ''The People’s Queen
978-0-00-728196-1Jimmy Coates: Survival
978-0-00-728197-8House of Many Ways
978-0-00-728198-5Diana Wynne JonesThe Game
978-0-00-728199-2Jack HigginsDeath Run (Rich and Jade Series #2)
978-0-00-728200-5Collins Taak of the Toon
2010978-0-00-728201-2Daniel BlakeSoul Murder
2008978-0-00-728203-6Conn IgguldenBones of the Hills (Conqueror, Book 3)
978-0-00-728210-4There's a Hippo in My Cistern
2002978-0-00-728228-9AGHATHA CHRISTIEAghatha Christie: Moving Finger
2008978-0-00-728232-6Michael BondPaddington at the Palace
2008978-0-00-728233-3Michael BondPaddington in the Garden
2008978-0-00-728234-0Michael BondPaddington and the Grand Tour (Book & CD)
  ''978-0-00-728236-4   ''Paddington and the Christmas Surprise
  ''978-0-00-728241-8   ''A Bear Called Paddington
978-0-00-728242-5Halloween Party
2008978-0-00-728269-2Little Book of Calorie Burning, The
  ''978-0-00-728270-8Doris LessingAlfred and Emily
  ''978-0-00-728271-5Peter BondSpace Recognition Guide (Jane's Recognition Guide)
2008978-0-00-728273-9Annie ProulxFine Just the Way It Is: Wyoming Stories 3
2009978-0-00-728275-3Adam ZamoyskiPoland: A history
2014978-0-00-728276-0Adam ZamoyskiPhantom Terror: The Threat of Revolution and the Repression of Liberty 1789-1848
2015978-0-00-728277-7   ''Phantom Terror: The Threat of Revolution and the Repression of Liberty 1789-1848
2008978-0-00-728279-1Collins UKInternational Road Atlases – 2009 Collins Road Atlas Europe
2009978-0-00-728280-7Not KnownInternational Road Atlases – 2009 Collins Road Atlas Europe
978-0-00-728285-2Paul SterryCollins Complete Guide to British Birds: A Photographic Guide to Every Common Species (Complete British Guides)
978-0-00-728288-3Bill Oddie's How to Watch Wildlife
978-0-00-728289-0An Unfit Mother
2008978-0-00-728293-7Katherine BucknellWhat You Will
  ''978-0-00-728297-5Mark LeonardWhat Does China Think?
978-0-00-728298-2Undressing Emmanuelle
978-0-00-728299-9The Thorn of Lion City
2008978-0-00-728302-6Laura SpinneyQuick, The
978-0-00-728303-3Duncan HamiltonProvided You Don't Kiss Me: 20 Years with Brian Clough
978-0-00-728304-0Rose PrinceThe New English Table: Over 200 Recipes That Will Not Cost the Earth
2008978-0-00-728306-4Roma TearneMosquito
978-0-00-728307-1The Delegates' Choice
978-0-00-728308-8Miracles of Life
978-0-00-728309-5Marianne FaithfullMemories, Dreams and Reflections
978-0-00-728310-1Diary of a Jetsetting Call Girl
2008978-0-00-728311-8Frederic BeigbederHoliday in a Coma: AND Love Lasts Three Years
978-0-00-728312-5Bryan MalessaThe Flight
978-0-00-728314-9Jim RiordanComrade Jim: The Spy Who Played for Spartak
2008978-0-00-728315-6Penny SmithComing Up Next
978-0-00-728316-3The Cleft
978-0-00-728317-0Cameron: The Rise of the New Conservative
978-0-00-728318-7Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures
978-0-00-728319-4Bad Science
978-0-00-728320-0Alfred and Emily
2008978-0-00-728324-8Liz FraserYummy Mummy's Family Handbook, The
978-0-00-728327-9Wrath of the Lion
978-0-00-728328-6Kim HarrisonWhere Demons Dare
978-0-00-728330-9A Good Land
1982978-0-00-728331-6Jack HigginsTOUCH THE DEVIL
2008978-0-00-728332-3Daniel ClayBroken
978-0-00-728333-0Three Girls and Their Brother
978-0-00-728334-7Thanks for the Memories
2008978-0-00-728335-4Jack WhyteStandard of Honour
  ''978-0-00-728336-1Josephine CoxSongbird
  ''978-0-00-728337-8Katharine KerrShadow Isle, The
  ''978-0-00-728338-5Barbara DelinskyThe Secret Between Us
978-0-00-728339-2A Scandalous Man
2008978-0-00-728340-8Jack HigginsSavage Day, The
978-0-00-728341-5Rules of War
978-0-00-728342-2Rough Justice
2008978-0-00-728343-9Paullina SimonsRoad to Paradise
2008978-0-00-728344-6Robin HobbRenegade's Magic (The Soldier Son Trilogy)
978-0-00-728347-7Man of Honour
978-0-00-728348-4A Corpse in Shining Armour
2008978-0-00-728349-1Sean DixonThe Last Days of the Lacuna Cabal
978-0-00-728350-7The Kingdom Beyond the Waves
978-0-00-728352-1The Iron Tiger
978-0-00-728353-8Flesh House
2008978-0-00-728354-5Vanora BennettFigures in Silk
978-0-00-728355-2Dying to Sin
2008978-0-00-728357-6Anne BennettDaughter's Secret, A
978-0-00-728358-3The Burnt House
2009978-0-00-728359-0Jenny ValentineThe Ant Colony
978-0-00-728360-6Boy in the World
2010978-0-00-728361-3Jenny ValentineThe Double Life of Cassiel Roadnight
2009978-0-00-728362-0   ''Iggy and Me (Iggy and Me, Book 1)
2010978-0-00-728363-7Jenny ValentineIggy & Me and the Happy Birthday (Iggy and Me)
978-0-00-728364-4Boy and Man
2010978-0-00-728365-1Jenny ValentineIggy and Me on Holiday (Iggy and Me, Book 3)
978-0-00-728366-8Untitled 2 (Iggy and Me)
978-0-00-728367-5Blind Faith
978-0-00-728368-2Annie GrovesAs Time Goes By (World War II, #4)
2009978-0-00-728369-9Ana T. Marques dos. SantosCollins Speak Portuguese
978-0-00-728370-5The Art of Love
978-0-00-728371-2Antony and Cleopatra
2011978-0-00-728372-9Christy O'ConnorGAA Quiz Book 2: Another 2,000 Gaelic Football and Hurling Questions: Over 2000 Gaelic Football and Hurling Questions: Bk. 2
978-0-00-728373-6Across the Mersey
978-0-00-728376-7We Bought a Zoo
2008978-0-00-728378-1David ThomasTell Me Why, Mummy: A Little Boy's Struggle to Survive. A Mother's Shameful Secret. The Power to Forgive.
  ''978-0-00-728383-5John FentonPlease Don't Make Me Go: How One Boy's Courage Overcame A Brutal Childhood
978-0-00-728384-2Mavericks at Work
978-0-00-728385-9The Lost Ark of the Covenant
978-0-00-728386-6Jason ValeJuice Master Juice Yourself Slim, The: The Healthy Way to Lose Weight without Dieting
2008978-0-00-728387-3Lynne McTaggartIntention Experiment, The: Use Your Thoughts to Change the World
978-0-00-728388-0Richard MooreIn Search of Robert Millar: Unravelling the Mystery Surrounding Britain?s Most Successful Tour de France Cyclist
2008978-0-00-728389-7Julia NeubergerNot Dead Yet: A Manifesto for Old Age
  ''978-0-00-728390-3Cathy GlassHidden: Betrayed, Exploited and Forgotten. How One Boy Overcame the Odds.
978-0-00-728397-2Daddy's Little Earner
978-0-00-728401-6Small Wars Permitting
978-0-00-728402-3Love is Not Enough
2008978-0-00-728403-0James HollandItaly's Sorrow: A Year of War 1944-45
978-0-00-728405-4Crow Stone (Signed Limited Edition, No. 88 of 250)
2008978-0-00-728406-1Dacid CrystalBy Hook or By Crook
978-0-00-728407-8Bone China
2008978-0-00-728408-5Michael BurleighBlood and Rage: A Cultural History of Terrorism
978-0-00-728409-2Kate LawsonMum's the Word
2009978-0-00-728410-8John A. BurtonWild Animals (Collins Gem)
2008978-0-00-728411-5Chuck Korr · Marvin CloseMore Than Just a Game: Football v Apartheid
  ''978-0-00-728412-2Richard OveryTimes History of the World, The
  ''978-0-00-728413-9Robin SharmaBe extraordinary: The Greatness Guide: Book 2: Bk. 2
2009978-0-00-728414-6Tom KnoxThe Genesis Secret
2008978-0-00-728416-0John Cutting · Anne CharlishSchizophrenia: Understanding and Coping with the Illness
2008978-0-00-728417-7Colleen McCulloughThe Independence of Miss Mary Bennet
  ''978-0-00-728418-4Agatha ChristieMiss Marple and Mystery: The Complete Short Stories (Miss Marple)
  ''978-0-00-728419-1Agatha ChristieDetectives and Young Adventurers: The Complete Short Stories
  ''978-0-00-728420-7   ''Agatha Christie: The Complete Short Stories: Masterpieces in Miniature
2014978-0-00-728421-4Agatha Christie · Agatha Christie MallowanStar Over Bethlehem: and other stories
2008978-0-00-728422-1Alistair MacLean · Sam LLewellynThe Complete Navarone
  ''978-0-00-728423-8Alan LeeThe Lord of the Rings Sketchbook
2008978-0-00-728424-5J. R. R. TolkienThe Silmarillion
2011978-0-00-728425-2Larry OlmstedGetting into Guinness: One man’s longest, fastest, highest journey inside the world’s most famous record book
2008978-0-00-728426-9Charles Lysaght · Garret FitzGeraldThe Times: Great Irish Lives: An Era in Obituaries
2011978-0-00-728427-6Mark Love · Jacqui SaundersOverheard
2009978-0-00-728428-3Collins BRGood News Bible (Sunrise)
  ''978-0-00-728429-0   ''Good News Bible (New Life)
  ''978-0-00-728430-6Standard Gift Edition (Good News Bible)
2011978-0-00-728431-3Hongying YangBest Friends (Mo’s Mischief, Book 5)
  ''978-0-00-728432-0Hongying YangSuper Cool Uncle (Mo’s Mischief, Book 6)
2009978-0-00-728433-7   ''Pet Parade (Mo's Mischief)
  ''978-0-00-728434-4   ''Class Genius (Mo's Mischief)
2008978-0-00-728435-1Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa – The Junior Novel
2008978-0-00-728436-8Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa – Movie Storybook
  ''978-0-00-728437-5Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa – Father and Son Save the Day: I Can Read!: Bk. 1
  ''978-0-00-728438-2Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa – Air Penguin: I Can Read!: Bk. 2
  ''978-0-00-728439-9Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa – Sticker Activity Book
  ''978-0-00-728440-5Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa – Colouring Poster Pad
2008978-0-00-728441-2Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa – Wipe Clean Activity Book
  ''978-0-00-728442-9Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa – Pocket Library
  ''978-0-00-728443-6Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa – Sound Book
  ''978-0-00-728444-3Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa – Jigsaw Book
  ''978-0-00-728445-0Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa – Magnet Book
2008978-0-00-728446-7"Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa"
2009978-0-00-728447-4KolektifCollins Gem French Dictionary (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-728448-1KolektifCollins Gem German Dictionary (Collins Gem)
2009978-0-00-728449-8KolektifCollins Gem Spanish Dictionary (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-728450-4   ''Collins Gem Italian Dictionary (Collins Gem)
2008978-0-00-728451-1Prince Caspian Annual (Prince Caspian)
  ''978-0-00-728452-8Roxana RobinsonCost
2009978-0-00-728453-5Roxana RobinsonCost
2008978-0-00-728454-2Rob ScottonSplat The Cat
  ''978-0-00-728455-9Rob ScottonSplat The Cat
1980978-0-00-728456-6Enid BlytonNoddy Classic Slipcase (Noddy Classic Collection)
2008978-0-00-728457-3Dr. SeussDr. Seuss’ Clever Creatures
  ''978-0-00-728458-0Dr. SeussDr. Seuss’ Tales to Treasure