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ISBN 978-0-00-617401-1 to 978-0-00-617790-6 < ISBN 978-0-00-617795-1 to 978-0-00-624580-3 > ISBN 978-0-00-624639-8 to 978-0-00-627803-0

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-0-00-617795-1Valerie BlumenthalHomage to Sarah
2001978-0-00-617798-2Rosamunde PilcherUNDER GEMINI
1993978-0-00-617800-2Susan HowatchUltimate Prizes
1996978-0-00-617801-9George MacDonald FraserFlashman and the Redskins (The Flashman Papers)
1990978-0-00-617803-3Victoria HoltThe Captive
2010978-0-00-617804-0Clive BarkerImajica
  ''978-0-00-617805-7Clive BarkerGalilee
1989978-0-00-617816-3J. R. LewisA Gathering of Ghosts
1991978-0-00-617817-0Gwendoline ButlerCoffin Underground (Crime club)
2010978-0-00-617821-7Virginia AndrewsGates of Paradise (Casteel Family 4)
2007978-0-00-617822-4Virginia AndrewsWeb of Dreams (Casteel Family 5)
1990978-0-00-617824-8Stephen F. HickmanThe Lemurian Stone
  ''978-0-00-617827-9Peter CheyneyThey Never Say When
2004978-0-00-617836-1ORGANIC CHEMISTRY-TEXT ONLY
1992978-0-00-617845-3Fay WeldonThe Cloning of Joanna May
1990978-0-00-617848-4Martin Cruz SmithPolar Star
2010978-0-00-617849-1Alastair MacNeillRed Alert (Alistair MacLean’s UNACO)
1990978-0-00-617852-1Antony SwithinPrinces of Sandastre
1992978-0-00-617853-8   ''The Lords of Stoney Mountain (Perilous Quest for Lyonesse)
  ''978-0-00-617854-5   ''The Winds of the Wastelands (Perilous Quest for Lyonesse)
1993978-0-00-617855-2   ''The Nine Gods of Saffadne (Perilous Quest for Lyonesse)
1995978-0-00-617869-9Sidney SheldonMemories of Midnight
  ''978-0-00-617871-2Sidney SheldonThe Stars Shine Down
1995978-0-00-617873-6Sidney SheldonRage of Angels
1991978-0-00-617876-7Bernard CornwellThe Sharpe Series (20) – Sharpe’s Waterloo: The Waterloo Campaign, 15–18 June, 1815
1990978-0-00-617877-4John TrenhaileKrysalis
  ''978-0-00-617878-1Jon ClearyHelga's Web
  ''978-0-00-617879-8Jon ClearySeason of Doubt
1993978-0-00-617882-8Erin PizzeyOther Lovers
1990978-0-00-617884-2Maisie MoscoOut of the Ashes
1991978-0-00-617885-9Patrick O'BrianThe Thirteen-gun Salute
1993978-0-00-617886-6Thomas H. CookStreets of Fire
1991978-0-00-617887-3Reed StephensThe Man Who Tried to Get Away
  ''978-0-00-617897-2Jean PlaidyThe Queen’s Secret
  ''978-0-00-617902-3Connie MonkReach for the Dream
1992978-0-00-617905-4Frank KippaxThe Butcher’s Bill
2009978-0-00-617908-5Clive BarkerThe Great and Secret Show
1991978-0-00-617914-6Stephen CoontsThe Minotaur
1991978-0-00-617915-3Elizabeth Marshall ThomasThe Animal Wife
  ''978-0-00-617916-0Amy TanThe Kitchen God’s Wife
1993978-0-00-617918-4Craig ThomasThe Last Raven
1995978-0-00-617919-1Bernard CornwellCopperhead (The Starbuck Chronicles, Book 2)
1994978-0-00-617920-7   ''Rebel (The Starbuck Chronicles, Book 1)
1992978-0-00-617922-1Anne Rivers SiddonsKing's Oak
1991978-0-00-617924-5Victoria HoltSnare of Serpents
1990978-0-00-617931-3Sidney SheldonThe Other Side of Midnight (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-00-617935-1Mary SheldonUnder the Influence
1991978-0-00-617937-5Susan HowatchScandalous Risks
  ''978-0-00-617939-9Antony SwithinThe Lords of the Stoney Mountains (Perilous Quest for Lyonesse)
1992978-0-00-617940-5Antony SwithinThe Winds of the Wastelands (Perilous Quest for Lyonesse)
1995978-0-00-617942-9Marcia VaughanGoldsworthy and Mort in Summer Fun
  ''978-0-00-617948-1Marcia VaughanGoldsworthy and Mort in Spring Soup (A Ready, Set, Read Book)
1991978-0-00-617953-5Caroline LlewellynThe Lady of the Labyrinth
978-0-00-617959-7Boy Who Made Dragonfly a Zuni Myth Retold
1992978-0-00-617962-7The Oberon poetry collection
1991978-0-00-617963-4The Oberon reader
  ''978-0-00-617967-2Our Lady of All the Distances
978-0-00-617968-9God's Rainbow Promises Christmas
1989978-0-00-617970-2C. TornquistChristmas from Scratch
978-0-00-617971-9The golden thread: Stories
1990978-0-00-617975-7Dudley PopeRamage and the Dido
1996978-0-00-617980-1George MacDonald FraserFlashman and the Mountain of Light (Flashman Papers)
1991978-0-00-617981-8John HarveyThe Legend of Captain Space
1997978-0-00-617982-5Lisa AppignanesiMemory and Desire
1991978-0-00-617983-2Brian CallisonThe Trojan Hearse
  ''978-0-00-617986-3Elizabeth HarrisThe Herb Gatherers
1994978-0-00-617997-9Brian CallisonCrocodile Trapp
2011978-0-00-617998-6   ''Ferry Down
1991978-0-00-617999-3Maisie MoscoFor Love and Duty
1990978-0-00-618004-3Louise, FEIGHAN, Phil, Cowie Valori DOUGHTYSuccess Strikes Twelve: the Winners of the 1990 Ian St. James Awards
1989978-0-00-618011-1Jack Taylor · Ben Speer · Harold LaneHeavenly Highway Hymns: Shaped-Note Hymnal-Available in Blue Only
2005978-0-00-618503-1Criminal Justice Today - Textbook Only
1983978-0-00-619073-8Glory and Praise Leader's Guide
  ''978-0-00-619094-3Don Marsh · Bob Benson · Lanny WolfeNoel Jesus Is Born
2003978-0-00-619560-3Thomas ArnyExplorations: Introduction to Astronomy, Updated (Text)
1980978-0-00-619645-7The Liturgical Guitarist
1985978-0-00-619822-2Lyman ColemanYouth Ministry Encyclopedia
978-0-00-619839-0Technical Writing COMM 393
2007978-0-00-620050-5Secretaria Geral do Minst. Pub. Relacoes ExterioresAmerica do Sul - Segundo Semestre de 2006
978-0-00-620151-9Capturing Campaign Dynamics: The National Annenberg Election Survey: Design, Method, and Data-Textbook Only
1984978-0-00-620267-7Hustad · SmithCollected Piano/Organ Works
978-0-00-620276-9St.Therese of LisieuxAutobiography
1984978-0-00-620286-8J. SchraderEasy Gospel Piano
1959978-0-00-620321-6John GerardHunted Priest
1986978-0-00-620338-4Don K. MarshLift Him Up - Volume 3
2004978-0-00-620350-6UnnamedEssential Cell Biology- Text Only
1959978-0-00-620354-4Murdo Ewen MacdonaldNeed to Believe
1960978-0-00-620369-8Robert M Grant · David Noel FreedmanSecret Sayings of Jesus
2004978-0-00-620405-3Sally S. RoachIntroductory Clinical Pharmacology Edition: seventh
1985978-0-00-620417-6Plasti Tak-Reusable-N
1984978-0-00-620424-4Spanish Old Testament
1984978-0-00-620442-8Spanish New Testament
1960978-0-00-620444-2Donald CaskieThe Tartan Pimpernel
  ''978-0-00-620505-0C. S. LewisReflections on the Psalms
  ''978-0-00-620506-7G. K. ChestertonOrthodoxy
2005978-0-00-620508-1Fitness and Wellness - Textbook Only
2008978-0-00-620509-8Antonin DvorakSinfonie 8 G-dur Op 88
  ''978-0-00-620510-4Antonin DvorakBARENREITER DVORAK A. - SYMPHONIE Nr 9 E-MOLL OP.95 - CONDUCTEUR Classical sheets Pocket score
2009978-0-00-620515-9Johann Sebastian BachBARENREITER TASCHENPARTITUREN BACH J.S - PREISE YE GOD THRUOUT CREATION BWV 51 - STUDY SCORE Classical sheets Pocket score
  ''978-0-00-620516-6Johann Sebastian BachBARENREITER TASCHENPARTITUREN BACH J.S - LORD MY GOD, MY HEART AND SOUL WERE SORE DISTREST BWV 21 - STUDY SCORE Classical sheets Voice solo, piano
1985978-0-00-620517-3Best of Twila Paris
2008978-0-00-620520-3Georg Frideric HandelBARENREITER HAENDEL G.F. - WATER MUSIC HWV 348-350 - SCORE Classical sheets Pocket score
1960978-0-00-620541-8Arthur Michael RamseyResurrection of Christ
978-0-00-620543-2BARENREITER BACH J.S. - ASCENSION ORATORIO BWV 11 - CONDUCTEUR Classical sheets Pocket score
2015978-0-00-620547-0Ludwig van BeethovenDie fünf Klavierkonzerte
1985978-0-00-620562-3Ive Just Seen Jesus
1985978-0-00-620592-0Beside Still Waters V1
978-0-00-620689-7Then Came the Morning
1962978-0-00-620696-5Philip CaramanHenry Morse
  ''978-0-00-620704-7H. Wheeler RobinsonChristian Experience of Holy Spirit
1984978-0-00-620789-4Joe ParksUp from the Grave
1963978-0-00-620823-5ThomasImitation of Christ
  ''978-0-00-620857-0Albert LuthuliLet My People Go
  ''978-0-00-620868-6J GelineauPsalms: New Translation
1964978-0-00-620870-9Basil Spence · H. SnoekPhoenix in Coventry
  ''978-0-00-620921-8Trevor HuddlestonTrue and Living God
1963978-0-00-620927-0D.M.MacKinnon · H.E.Root · Canon H.W.Montefiore · Professor J.BurnabyGod, Sex and War
1965978-0-00-620954-6Friedrich von HugelSelected Writings
1964978-0-00-620973-7William BarclayPlain Man Looks at the Lord's Prayer
1964978-0-00-620979-9Hugh MontefioreAwkward Questions on Christian Love
  ''978-0-00-621038-2Catherine MarshallMan Called Peter: Peter Marshall
1960978-0-00-621108-2C. S. LewisMiracles
1959978-0-00-621158-7C. H. DoddEpistle of Paul to the Romans
2005978-0-00-621206-5UnnamedFoundations of Physiological Psychology - Textbook Only
1966978-0-00-621411-3Trevor HuddlestonGod's World
1967978-0-00-621468-7Pierre Teilhard de ChardinLetters from a Traveller
  ''978-0-00-621524-0William BarclayThe Plain Man Looks at the Apostles' Creed
  ''978-0-00-621593-6John A. T. RobinsonBut That I Can't Believe!
1968978-0-00-621624-7Elizabeth GoudgeThe Book of Comfort
1962978-0-00-621778-7Jay P. (copyright holder) GreenThe Children's Version of the Holy Bible
1969978-0-00-621892-0J.P. GallagherScarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican: Hugh Joseph O'Flaherty
  ''978-0-00-621939-2Malcolm MuggeridgeJesus Rediscovered
1969978-0-00-622100-5Antonia WhiteHound and the Falcon: Story of a Reconversion to the Catholic Faith
  ''978-0-00-622247-7Pierre Teilhard De ChardinHymn of the Universe
  ''978-0-00-622272-9A.M.J. KloostermanFamily Planning and Christian Marriage
1970978-0-00-622337-5Helmut ThielickeHow Modern Should Theology be?
  ''978-0-00-622442-6Hugh MontefioreCan Man Survive?
  ''978-0-00-622485-3C. S. LewisScrewtape Proposes a Toast
1971978-0-00-622631-4J. B. PhillipsLetters to Young Churches: Epistles (Fontana religious)
1971978-0-00-622632-1J. B. PhillipsGospels in Modern English (Fontana religious)
  ''978-0-00-622652-9Gerald VannDivine Pity
1972978-0-00-622700-7A.M.J. KloostermanContemporary Catholicism
1971978-0-00-622703-8David KossoffBible Stories (Fontana religious series)
  ''978-0-00-622754-0William BarclayEthics in a Permissive Society
1988978-0-00-622760-1Una KrollGrowing Older
1989978-0-00-622762-5Brigid MarlinFrom East to West
1971978-0-00-622839-4Anthony Francis BullenParents, Children and God
1972978-0-00-622847-9C. S. LewisThe Great Divorce
2002978-0-00-622867-7Essentials of Engineering Economics Analysis - Textbook Only
1976978-0-00-623126-4Malcolm MuggeridgeJesus Rediscovered (Fontana religious series)
1973978-0-00-623137-0C. H DoddThe founder of Christianity (Fontana religious)
  ''978-0-00-623184-4William NeilBible Story
1983978-0-00-623243-8Simone WeilWaiting on God
1978978-0-00-623265-0Ernest GordonMiracle on the River Kwai (Fount paperbacks)
1973978-0-00-623311-4John DruryLuke (J.B. Phillips' commentaries)
  ''978-0-00-623312-1E. H RobertsonCorinthians 1 and 2 (J.B. Phillips' commentaries)
1973978-0-00-623313-8J B PhillipsThe New Testament in Modern English
1975978-0-00-623337-4David KossoffThe Voices of Masada
1976978-0-00-623354-1Joseph Rhymer · Anthony Francis BullenCompanion to the Good News Old Testament (Fontana theology and philosophy series)
1983978-0-00-623378-7George AppletonJourney for a Soul (Fontana religious series)
1973978-0-00-623379-4Pierre Teilhard de ChardinLet Me Explain (Fontana religious)
1974978-0-00-623380-0Simone WeilGateway to God
  ''978-0-00-623413-5Rita F. SnowdenPrayers in Later Life
1978978-0-00-623474-6Mircea EliadeFrom Primitives to Zen
1975978-0-00-623553-8Wilf WilkinsonGood News in Luke
1977978-0-00-623577-4St.Therese of Lisieux · St Therese of LisieuxAutobiography of a Saint Therese of Lisieux (Fount Classics)
1974978-0-00-623683-2Thomas a KempisThe Imitation of Christ
1986978-0-00-623685-6Rita F. SnowdenA Woman's Book of Prayers
1974978-0-00-623689-4Trevor BeesonDiscretion and Valour: Religious Conditions in Russia and Eastern Europe
1984978-0-00-623739-6C. S. LewisPrayer: Letters to Malcolm
1974978-0-00-623800-3William BarclayThe Plain Man's Book of Prayers (Plain Man Series)
1988978-0-00-623814-0   ''More Prayers for the Plain Man
2005978-0-00-623854-6J.KEssential Cosmic Perspective - Textbook Only
1977978-0-00-623859-1C. S. LewisThe Pilgrim's Regress
1975978-0-00-623860-7Colin MorrisInclude Me Out: Confessions of an Ecclesiastical Coward
  ''978-0-00-623861-4Rita F. SnowdenMore Prayers for Women
  ''978-0-00-624000-6David L. EdwardsJesus for Modern Man
  ''978-0-00-624003-7John PowellWhy am I Afraid to Love?
1975978-0-00-624004-4John PowellWhy am I Afraid to Tell You Who I am?
  ''978-0-00-624068-6C. S. LewisFern Seed and Elephants and Other Essays on Christianity
1976978-0-00-624097-6Stephen VerneyInto the New Age
1975978-0-00-624163-8Richard CollierThe General Next to God: Story of William Booth and the Salvation Army
1976978-0-00-624166-9Hubert J. RichardsFirst Easter: What Really Happened? (Fontana religious)
  ''978-0-00-624175-1Eric Marshall · Stuart HampleChildren's Letters to God
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  ''978-0-00-624300-7Geza VermesJesus the Jew: Historical Reading of the Gospels
1977978-0-00-624340-3Leon Joseph SuenensNew Pentecost?
1977978-0-00-624441-7John Harwood HickGod and the Universe of Faiths: Essays in the Philosophy of Religion
1976978-0-00-624454-7Malcolm MuggeridgeJesus: The Man Who Lives
1977978-0-00-624463-9Georges BernanosDiary of a Country Priest
  ''978-0-00-624563-6FynnMister God, This is Anna
1983978-0-00-624570-4C. S. LewisMere Christianity
1977978-0-00-624580-3William BarclayPrayers for Young People