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ISBN 978-0-06-449009-2 to 978-0-06-460193-1 < ISBN 978-0-06-460194-8 to 978-0-06-463467-0 > ISBN 978-0-06-463469-4 to 978-0-06-464081-7

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1983978-0-06-460195-5Richard P. HalpernPhysical Science (Barnes & Noble outline series)
1981978-0-06-460197-9Isidore · Isidore Silver SilverCriminology: An Introduction (Barnes & Noble Outline Series, Cos 197)
  ''978-0-06-460198-6Hugh Webster BabbBusiness Law: Uniform Commercial Code Edition (Barnes & Noble outline series)
1982978-0-06-460199-3Lawrence Hadfield KlibbeItalian Grammar (English and Italian Edition)
1981978-0-06-460200-6Pat Chew LafitteThe MBA: How to Prepare For, Plan For, and Derive Maximum Advantage from Graduate Study in Management (Barnes & Noble Outline series)
1983978-0-06-460202-0Robert S. WithersIntroduction to Film (Barnes & Noble outline series)
1985978-0-06-460203-7Clarence E. BennettPhysics Problems and How to Solve Them (A Barnes & Noble problems book)
  ''978-0-06-460204-4Paul R. FreyChemistry Problems and How to Solve Them (A Barnes & Noble problems book)
  ''978-0-06-460205-1L. H. Longley-CookStatistical Problems and How to Solve Them (A Barnes & Noble problems book)
  ''978-0-06-460206-8Franz FrohseAtlas of Human Anatomy (COS)
1985978-0-06-460207-5Wanda Wallace · James WallaceAccounting Problems and How to Solve Them (A Barnes & Noble problems book)
1987978-0-06-460209-9Edward Conrad SmithThe Constitution of the United States, with case summaries (COS)
1982978-0-06-460301-0Lawrence M. ElsonThe Zoology Coloring Book
  ''978-0-06-460302-7Paul YoungThe Botany Coloring Book
  ''978-0-06-460303-4Thomas M. NiesenThe Marine Biology Coloring Book (College Outline)
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1986978-0-06-460307-2Robert D. GriffinThe Biology Coloring Book
1985978-0-06-460308-9Barry GlotzerThe Computer Concepts Coloring Book
1983978-0-06-460416-1Larry GonickThe cartoon guide to genetics
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1985978-0-06-460419-2Douglas MichaelThe Cartoon Guide to Economics
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1988978-0-06-460421-5   ''The Cartoon Guide to U.S. History: 1865-Now
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1987978-0-06-460423-9Eric LurioA Cartoon Guide to the Constitution of the United States (COS)
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1991978-0-06-461040-7Alan Robertson · Jean Forbes · Graham HollierThe Harpercollins Dictionary of Environmental Science
1992978-0-06-461041-4Student Resourc TuftsQuick Lit: Plots, themes, characters, amd sample essays for the most assigned books in Engl
1993978-0-06-461044-5Harry ShawErrors in English and Ways to Correct Them: Fourth Edition
1993978-0-06-461045-2Harry ShawPunctuate It Right
  ''978-0-06-461046-9   ''Spell It Right!
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1959978-0-06-463209-6Louis H. WatsonWatson's Classic Book on The Play of the Hand at Bridge
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1947978-0-06-463224-9Gerald L. BerryReligions of the World: The Record of Man's Religious Faiths
1971978-0-06-463225-6John EvansShorthand
1971978-0-06-463226-3John Symge · J. M. SyngePlayboy of the Western World
1967978-0-06-463228-7MalleryGrammar, Rhetoric and Composition
1963978-0-06-463229-4John C. EvansTouch Typewriting
1968978-0-06-463231-7David CoxModern Psychology: The Teachings of Carl Gustav Jung
2000978-0-06-463232-4L.F. HawkinsNotescript
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1965978-0-06-463279-9Harry ShawSpell It Right!
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2000978-0-06-463294-2Landis byReligion in the United States
  ''978-0-06-463296-6J. N. HookTestmanship Seven Ways to Raise Your Examination G
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1976978-0-06-463331-4George SchaeferExpectant Father
1972978-0-06-463332-1Elliott Dunlap SmithHandbook of aging;: For those growing old and those concerned with them (Everyday handbooks, EH 332)
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1973978-0-06-463345-1Anthony NorvellThe Million Dollar Secret Hidden in Your Mind
1974978-0-06-463347-5Christine AmmerHarpers Dictionary of Music
1975978-0-06-463348-2Frank J. BrunoThink Yourself Thin: How Psycholgy Can Help You Lose Weight
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1973978-0-06-463370-3Terence ReeseHow to play a better game of bridge
1974978-0-06-463371-0Joseph De GraziaMore Math Teasers
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1974978-0-06-463378-9Jerry YulsmanThe Complete Book of 8mm. Movie Making, Super-8, Single-8, Standard-8 (Everyday Handbooks)
1986978-0-06-463380-2Ray YoungBridge for People Who Don't Know One Card from Another
1974978-0-06-463381-9   ''Bridge for Blood (Everyday Handbooks)
1973978-0-06-463383-3C. WadeBread Book
1974978-0-06-463384-0F. Philip RiceGame bird hunting (Outdoor life skill book)
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1974978-0-06-463386-4Arthur LiebersRight Dog for You: How to Choose, Train and Care for it (Everyday Handbooks)
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1975978-0-06-463401-4Walter GibsonPinochle Is the Name of the Game
1974978-0-06-463402-1Richard E LowderCribbage is the name of the game (A Barnes & Noble game book ; EH 402)
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1977978-0-06-463405-2Saul SokolYour insurance adviser
1974978-0-06-463407-6Kaszas JHair Care for It and Keep It
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1975978-0-06-463409-0George Gordon CoughlinYour introduction to law (A Barnes & Noble reference book ; EH 409)
1974978-0-06-463411-3Walter G Oleksy1,000 tested money-making markets for writers (A Barnes & Noble reference book)
1974978-0-06-463413-7George DanielsHow to Use Hand and Power Tools
  ''978-0-06-463414-4Jackson HandHow to Do Your Own Painting and Wallpapering
1975978-0-06-463416-8Marilyn Van SyckelThe epicure's very low carbohydrate cookbook (A Barnes & Noble cookbook ; EH 416)
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  ''978-0-06-463418-2Harry WaltonHome and Workshop Guide to Sharpening
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1974978-0-06-463426-7Harold E MacFarlandIntroduction to modern gunsmithing
1975978-0-06-463427-4Carol G EmerlingThe allergy cookbook: Delicious recipes for every day and special occasions
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  ''978-0-06-463432-8J. ElkonChocolate Cookbook
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1978978-0-06-463434-2Marshall Smelser · Joan R. GundersenAmerican History at a Glance: From the Earliest Settlements to the Present
1975978-0-06-463435-9Rachel CarrThe yoga way to release tension: Techniques for relaxation and mind control
1976978-0-06-463436-6Royce A. CoffinNegotiator a Manual for Winners
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1976978-0-06-463442-7Food Editors of Farm JournalAmerica's Best Vegetable Recipes
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  ''978-0-06-463444-1Walter B. GibsonCard Magic Made Easy (A Barnes & Noble Hobby Book)
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1976978-0-06-463447-2John D ShingletonHow to increase your net value: A simplified guide to better tennis
1977978-0-06-463449-6Anthony Patrick HarringtonDefend yourself with kung fu: A practical guide
1976978-0-06-463451-9E. R EmmetPuzzles for pleasure
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1978978-0-06-463455-7Constance Nash · Virginia OakeyThe Television Writer's Handbook: What to Write, How to Write It, Where to Sell It
1976978-0-06-463456-4F. William GosciewskiEffective child rearing: the behaviorally aware parent
1977978-0-06-463457-1Reginald BretnorThe Craft of Science Fiction: A Symposium on Writing Science Fiction and Science Fantasy
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1977978-0-06-463466-3Harvey DayYoga illustrated dictionary
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