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ISBN 978-0-06-480055-6 to 978-0-06-492332-3 < ISBN 978-0-06-492334-7 to 978-0-06-495569-0 > ISBN 978-0-06-495570-6 to 978-0-06-500262-1

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1974978-0-06-492334-7Enid GauldieCruel Habitations: A History of Working-class Housing 1780-1918
1975978-0-06-492337-8R. J GavinAden under British rule, 1839-1967
1978978-0-06-492348-4R. A GekoskiConrad: The moral world of the novelist
1973978-0-06-492371-2Pierre GeorgeFrance: A Geographical Study
1978978-0-06-492375-0David GervaisFlaubert and Henry James: A study in contrasts
1980978-0-06-492382-8Pieter GeylThe Revolt of the Netherlands, 1555-1609
  ''978-0-06-492383-5Pieter GeylRevolt of the Netherlands 1555-1609
1979978-0-06-492403-0A J Gilbert B SLiterary Language from Chaucer to Johnson
1972978-0-06-492432-0Duncan GlenHugh MacDiarmid;: A critical survey
1973978-0-06-492445-0Richard Gilchrist GloverBritain at bay: defence against Bonaparte, 1803-14 (Historical problems, studies and documents)
  ''978-0-06-492477-1Patrick GoldringFriend of the family: The work of Family Service Units (People, plans and problems)
1975978-0-06-492485-6Sinclair (ed). GoodladEducation and social action: Community service and the curriculum in higher education
  ''978-0-06-492492-4C. A. E GoodhartMoney, information, and uncertainty
1977978-0-06-492493-1Barry GordonPolitical economy in Parliament, 1819-1823
1975978-0-06-492497-9Barry J GordonEconomic analysis before Adam Smith: Hesiod to Lessius
1972978-0-06-492500-6P. H. J. H GosdenThe evolution of a profession;: A study of the contribution of teachers' associations to the development of school teaching as a professional occupation
1974978-0-06-492501-3P. H. J. H. GosdenSelf-Help: Voluntary Associations in 19th Century Britain / by P. H. J. H. Gosden
1975978-0-06-492505-1John GraceDomestic slavery in West Africa, with particular reference to the Sierra Leone protectorate, 1896-1927
1973978-0-06-492509-9Ilse GrahamGoethe and Lessing;: The wellsprings of creation
1974978-0-06-492510-5Ilse GrahamSchiller's drama; talent and integrity
1979978-0-06-492515-0Patrick GrantSix Modern Authors and Problems of Belief
978-0-06-492529-7Gray, NigelThe silent majority: a study of the working class in post-war British fiction
1979978-0-06-492530-3Stephen GraySouthern African Literature: An Introduction
1974978-0-06-492531-0Felix GrayeffAristotle and his school;: An inquiry into the history of the Peripatos with a commentary on Metaphysics [zeta], [eta], [lambda] and [theta]
1975978-0-06-492538-9P. A. L GreenhalghThe year of the four emperors
1974978-0-06-492540-2Pauline GreggBlack death to Industrial Revolution: A social and economic history of England
1980978-0-06-492542-6Reading the Victorian novel: Detail into form (Barnes & Noble critical studies)
1973978-0-06-492568-6Philip GroverHenry James and the French novel;: A study in inspiration
1979978-0-06-492576-1Joan GrundyHardy and the Sister Arts
1977978-0-06-492585-3Chris GudmunsenWittgenstein and Buddhism
1973978-0-06-492603-4Clifford GulvinThe tweedmakers;: A history of the Scottish fancy woollen industry 1600-1914 (David & Charles library of textile history)
1974978-0-06-492610-2Peter Claus Wolfgang GutkindUrban anthropology: Perspectives on third world urbanisation and urbanism
1976978-0-06-492620-1Richard GutteridgeThe German Evangelical Church and the Jews, 1879-1950
1977978-0-06-492666-9John HalperinTrollope and politics: A study of the Pallisers and others
1981978-0-06-492671-3H. G. WellsH.G. Wells: Interviews and Recollections
1976978-0-06-492672-0N. G. L HammondThe classical age of Greece
1973978-0-06-492673-7Ian HamiltonA poetry chronicle;: Essays and reviews
1972978-0-06-492699-7Alan. HardingThe Law Courts of Medieval England.
1979978-0-06-492705-5John D HargreavesThe end of colonial rule in West Africa: Essays in contemporary history
1974978-0-06-492718-5George Mills HarperYeats's Golden Dawn
1973978-0-06-492736-9Bernard HarrisonForm and content (Library of philosophy and logic)
1976978-0-06-492752-9Desmond HawkinsHardy: Novelist and poet
1975978-0-06-492759-8R HaymanThe German theatre: A symposium
1973978-0-06-492760-4Allen T. HazenA Bibliography of Horace Walpole
1976978-0-06-492780-2John E. N HearseyVoltaire
  ''978-0-06-492793-2Erich HellerThe Disinherited Mind: Essays in Modern German Literature and Thought
1974978-0-06-492815-1Ruth Beatrice HenigThe League of Nations
1976978-0-06-492819-9Thomas Rice HennLast essays, mainly on Anglo-Irish literature
1975978-0-06-492840-3Michael HerityIrish passage graves: Neolithic tomb-builders in Ireland and Britain, 2500 B.C
1973978-0-06-492870-0Ian HigginsLiterature and the plastic arts, 1880-1930;: Seven essays,
1978978-0-06-492878-6J. C. Hilson · J. R. Watson · M. M. B. JonesAugustan Worlds: New Essays in Eighteenth Century Literature
1980978-0-06-492883-0Stuart HirschbergMyth in the Poetry of Ted Hughes: A Guide to the Poems
1974978-0-06-492902-8L.T. HobhouseThe Labour Movement
1974978-0-06-492913-4J. A HobsonThe crisis of liberalism;: New issues of democracy
1979978-0-06-492922-6H. A HodgesGod beyond knowledge (Library of philosophy and religion)
1977978-0-06-492934-9David HolbrookLost bearings in English poetry (Barnes & Noble critical studies)
1974978-0-06-492938-7Douglas HollyBeyond curriculum; changing secondary education (Sociology and the modern world)
1976978-0-06-492941-7Graeme M HolmesBritain and America: A Comparative Economic History, 1850-1939
  ''978-0-06-492978-3Shirley Rousseau MurphyThe Early Greeks
1975978-0-06-492993-6John HostlerLeibniz's moral philosophy
1965978-0-06-493000-0Mary G. HoustonAncient Greek, Roman and Byzantine Costume and Decoration
1972978-0-06-493020-8G. Melvyn HoweMan, environment, and disease in Britain;: A medical geography of Britain through the ages
1975978-0-06-493021-5Russell Warren HoweAlong the Afric shore: An historic review of two centuries of U.S.-African relations
  ''978-0-06-493031-4Shih-lien HsuThe political philosophy of Confucianism: An interpretation of the social and political ideas of Confucius, his forerunners, and his early disciples
1974978-0-06-493060-4Friedrich HundThe history of quantum theory
1978978-0-06-493062-8G. K HunterDramatic identities and cultural tradition: Studies in Shakespeare and his contemporaries: critical essays (Liverpool English texts and studies)
1973978-0-06-493076-5Edith F HurwitzPolitics and the public conscience: slave emancipation and the abolitionist movement in Britain (Historical problems: studies and documents)
1972978-0-06-493088-8Allen HuttThe post-war history of the British working class
1976978-0-06-493099-4Ronald HyamBritain's imperial century, 1815-1914: A study of empire and expansion
1973978-0-06-493110-6Douglas HydeLegends of saints and sinners: Collected and translated from the Irish
  ''978-0-06-493111-3Francis F. HydeFar Eastern Trade, 1860-1914 (The Merchant Adventurers)
1974978-0-06-493160-1H. M HyndmanEngland for all;: The text book of democracy (Society and the Victorians)
1979978-0-06-493220-2R R InskeepThe Peopling of Southern Africa
1978978-0-06-493236-3George IrvinModern Cost-Benefit Methods: An Introduction to Financial, Economic and Social Appraisal of Developm
1979978-0-06-493238-7Clive IrvingCrossroads of civilization: 3000 years of Persian history
1977978-0-06-493278-3Bernard BenstockJames Joyce: The undiscover'd country
1938978-0-06-493314-8Leland H JenksMigration of British Capital to 1875
1977978-0-06-493316-2Elizabeth JenningsReaching into the Silence: A Study of Eight Twentieth-Century Visionaries#(Barnes and Noble Critical Studies)
2000978-0-06-493318-6Otto JespersenModern English Grammar on Historical Principles
1975978-0-06-493343-8B. L. C JohnsonBangladesh
1980978-0-06-493348-3B. L. C. JohnsonIndia: Resources and Development
1973978-0-06-493365-0J. L. JolleyFabric of Knowledge: A Study of the Relations Between Ideas
978-0-06-493390-2[by] Whitney R. D. JonesThe mid-Tudor crisis, 1539-1563
1976978-0-06-493391-9Malcolm V JonesDostoyevsky: The novel of discord
1974978-0-06-493402-2Ruth JordanBerenice
1976978-0-06-493421-3The Modern English novel: The reader, the writer, and the work
1975978-0-06-493436-7John D. (ed). JumpByron, a symposium
1972978-0-06-493589-0H. G. KeeneHindustan Under Free Lances, 1770-1820: Sketches of Military Adventure in Hindustan During the Period Immediately Preceding British Occupation
1976978-0-06-493616-3A. A KellyLiam O'Flaherty the storyteller
1980978-0-06-493617-0A. A. KellyMary Lavin, Quiet Rebel: A Study of Her Short Stories
1975978-0-06-493619-4Peter KempMuriel Spark
1973978-0-06-493634-7Charles HalleThe autobiography of Charles Halle,: With correspondence and diaries
  ''978-0-06-493638-5Anthony John Patrick KennyThe anatomy of the soul;: Historical essays in the philosophy of mind
1976978-0-06-493639-2Anthony John Patrick KennyWill, freedom, and power
1978978-0-06-493711-5Graham KingGarden of Zola: Emile Zola and his novels for English readers
1977978-0-06-493792-4Holger KleinThe First World War in fiction: A collection of critical essays
1980978-0-06-493892-1Jacob KorgLanguage in Modern Literature: Innovation and Experiment (Barnes and Noble Studies in Contemporary Literature and Culture)
1977978-0-06-493949-2A KoutsoyiannisTheory of econometrics: An introductory exposition of econometric methods
1980978-0-06-493951-5D. KramerCritical Approaches to the Fiction of Thomas Hardy
1973978-0-06-493953-9Alexis Sidney KrausseRussia in Asia;: A record and a study, 1558-1899,
1979978-0-06-493970-6Elliot KriegerMarxist Study of Shakespeare's Comedies
1976978-0-06-494000-9Franz, Editor KunaOn Kafka: Semi-centenary perspectives
1979978-0-06-494004-7Walid KazzihaPalestine in the Arab dilemma (Croom Helm series on the Arab world)
1979978-0-06-494034-4Peter LaneIndustrial Revolution: The Birth of the Modern Age
1973978-0-06-494079-5Janko, LavrinA Panorama of Russian Literature.
1976978-0-06-494094-8Peter LawrenceGeorg Simmel: Sociologist and European (The making of sociology series)
1972978-0-06-494122-8F. R LeavisNor shall my sword;: Discourses on pluralism, compassion and social hope
1980978-0-06-494129-7J.J. LeeIreland: 1945-1970
  ''978-0-06-494169-3Harvey LeibensteinInflation, Income Distribution and X-Efficiency Theory
1973978-0-06-494172-3A LentinRussia in the eighteenth century, from Peter the Great to Catherine the Great (1696-1796)
1974978-0-06-494176-1Irene Heidelberger-LeonardGünter Grass (The modern writers series)
1979978-0-06-494192-1Albin LeskyGreek tragedy
1976978-0-06-494258-4Wyndham LewisEnemy Salvoes: Selected literary criticism
1973978-0-06-494261-4John Noel Claude LewisHeath Robinson, artist and comic genius,
1978978-0-06-494262-1Hywel David LewisPersons and life after death: Essays (Library of philosophy and religion)
1972978-0-06-494265-2[by] P. LeyQuantitative aspects of psychological assessment: an introduction
1978978-0-06-494280-5Cynthia A LinderRomantic Imagery in the Novels of Charlotte Bronte
1974978-0-06-494292-8Jack LindsayBlast-power & ballistics: Concepts of force and energy in the ancient world
1980978-0-06-494294-2Trevor Oswald LingKarl Marx and religion in Europe and India
1972978-0-06-494296-6E. Lynn LintonWitch stories
1976978-0-06-494330-7Laurence Urdang AssociatesLives of the Stuart age, 1603-1714
1977978-0-06-494331-4Ann HoffmannLives of the Tudor age, 1485-1603
1978978-0-06-494332-1Laurence Urdang AssociatesLives of the Georgian Age 1714-1837
1973978-0-06-494372-7Derek LovejoyLand use and landscape planning
1977978-0-06-494398-7John LucasThe literature of change: Studies in the nineteenth-century provincial novel
1978978-0-06-494399-4John (Ed. ) LucasThe 1930s: A challenge to orthodoxy
1980978-0-06-494411-3David LunnThe English Benedictines, 1540-1688: From reformation to revolution
1972978-0-06-494437-3Rose MacaulayThe Writings of E. M. Forster
1973978-0-06-494504-2David MagarshackThe Real Chekhov: An Introduction to Chekhov's Last Plays
  ''978-0-06-494505-9John MaguireMarx's Paris writings;: An analysis
1978978-0-06-494563-9Jan MarshEdward Thomas, a Poet for His Country
1973978-0-06-494584-4W. A. P MartinThe siege in Peking;: China against the world
1979978-0-06-494585-1Priscilla MartinPiers Plowman: The field and the tower
1972978-0-06-494634-6Harold Andrew MasonTo Homer through Pope;: An introduction to Homer's Iliad and Pope's translation,
1973978-0-06-494646-9C.F.G. & Bentley Gilbert (ed.) MastermanThe Heart of the empire;: Discussions of problems of modern city life in England
1975978-0-06-494647-6R. S MathiesonThe Soviet Union: An economic geography
1973978-0-06-494677-3[by] T. McAlindonShakespeare and decorum
1977978-0-06-494680-3Martin (ed) McCauleyCommunist power in Europe, 1944-1949: [papers] (Studies in Russian and East European history)
1979978-0-06-494681-0Martin McCauleyMarxism-Leninism in the German Democratic Republic: The Socialist Unity Party (SED) (Studies in Russian and East European history)
1975978-0-06-494682-7I. L McClellandThe origins of the romantic movement in Spain: A survey of aesthetic uncertainties in the age of reason
1978978-0-06-494683-4Kenneth McClellanWhatever happened to Shakespeare?
1974978-0-06-494700-8I. D McFarlaneRenaissance France, 1470-1589 (A literary history of France)
1980978-0-06-494702-2I. D. McFarlaneRenaissance Latin Poetry [Literature in Context]
1977978-0-06-494707-7Wayne MckennaCharles Lamb and the Theatre
1974978-0-06-494765-7Colin MeirThe ballads and songs of W. B. Yeats: The Anglo-Irish heritage in subject and style
1978978-0-06-494779-4Roy E. H. MellorThe Two Germanies: A Modern Geography
1977978-0-06-494790-9Jeffrey MeyersMarried to Genius
1976978-0-06-494791-6Jeffrey MeyersA fever at the core: The idealist in politics
1975978-0-06-494792-3   ''Painting and the novel
1976978-0-06-494793-0Hugo Anthony MeynellAn introduction to the philosophy of Bernard Lonergan (Library of philosophy and religion)
  ''978-0-06-494794-7Philippe de MézièresLetter to King Richard II: A plea made in 1395 for peace between England and France
1975978-0-06-494799-2El Cid · Rita Hamilton · Janet PerryPoem of the Cid: A New Critical Edition of the Spanish Text
  ''978-0-06-494804-3E. B. F MidgleyThe natural law tradition and the theory of international relations
1974978-0-06-494818-0E. H MikhailThe sting and the twinkle;: Conversations with Sean O'Casey
1977978-0-06-494819-7E.H. MikhailW. B. Yeats: Interviews and recollections
1974978-0-06-494822-7Rosalind MilesThe fiction of sex: Themes and functions of sex difference in the modern novel (Barnes & Noble critical studies)
1975978-0-06-494823-4Keith MilesGunter Grass (Barnes & Noble critical studies)
1976978-0-06-494824-1Rosalind MilesThe problem of Measure for measure: A historical investigation
1980978-0-06-494825-8MikhailThe Art of Brendan Behan (Barnes & Noble critical studies)
1980978-0-06-494826-5E. H. MikhailBrendan Behan: An Annotated Bibliography of Criticism
1974978-0-06-494871-5Arthur MitchellLabour in Irish politics, 1890-1930: The Irish labour movement in an age of revolution
1976978-0-06-494921-7Christopher MoodySolzhenitsyn (The Modern writers' series)
1978978-0-06-494933-0F. C . T MooreThe psychological basis of morality: An essay on value and desire (Library of philosophy and religion)
  ''978-0-06-494934-7W. G MooreA dictionary of geography: Definitions and explanations of terms used in physical geography
1976978-0-06-494975-0J. S MorrillThe revolt of the provinces: Conservatives and Radicals in the English Civil War, 1630-1650 (Historical problems: Studies and documents)
1979978-0-06-494982-8Arthur Stephen MorrisSouth American
1978978-0-06-494998-9Muhammad Mursi Abd Allah · Muhammad Morsy AbdullahThe United Arab Emirates: A Modern History
1973978-0-06-495010-7R. C. MowatCreating the European Community
1969978-0-06-495016-9R. MuirMuir's Historical Atlas Ancient, Medieval and Modern
1977978-0-06-495018-3Kenneth MuirThe singularity of Shakespeare, and other essays (Liverpool English texts and studies)
1980978-0-06-495020-6Kenneth MuirShakespeare's Comic Sequence
1979978-0-06-495021-3   ''Shakespeare's Tragic Sequence
  ''978-0-06-495022-0   ''Shakespeare's Tragic Sequence
1980978-0-06-495034-3Iris MurdochSartre, romantic realist
1974978-0-06-495048-0Gideon-Cyrus Makau MutisoSocio-political thought in African literature: weusi?
  ''978-0-06-495054-1Valerie Grosvenor MyerMargaret Drabble: puritanism and permissiveness
  ''978-0-06-495075-6Gustav NachtigalSahara and Sudan Volume 1: Tripoli and Fezzan, Tibesti or Tu
1974978-0-06-495077-0George, editor [Russell] NakhnikianBertrand Russell's philosophy
1978978-0-06-495158-6Allardyce NicollBritish drama
1976978-0-06-495178-4D. E NinehamThe use and abuse of the Bible: A study of the Bible in an age of rapid cultural change (Library of philosophy and religion)
1973978-0-06-495215-6Kevin B. (editor) NowlanTravel and transport in Ireland
1972978-0-06-495221-7Maurice O'C WalshePathways of Buddhist thought: Essays from 'The Wheel'
1979978-0-06-495222-4Zimbabwe Independence Movements: Select Documents
1973978-0-06-495240-8David OgilvyFlying Light Aircraft.
  ''978-0-06-495310-8John O'ShaughnessyInquiry and decision;: A methodology for management and the social sciences
1980978-0-06-495318-4Ian OusbyA Reader's Guide to Fifty American Novels (Readers Guide Series)
1983978-0-06-495368-9Alan Warwick Palmer · Veronica PalmerQuotations in History: A Dictionary of Historical Quotations C. 800 A.d. to the Present
1973978-0-06-495380-1Jeremy BenthamBentham's Political Thought
1977978-0-06-495385-6George A. E ParfittBen Jonson, public poet and private man
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1978978-0-06-495396-2Andrew ParkinThe Dramatic Imagination of W. B. Yeats
978-0-06-495406-8[by] Geoffrey ParrinderThe indestructible soul; the nature of man and life after death in Indian thought
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1975978-0-06-495476-1David Francis PearsQuestions in the philosophy of mind
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1973978-0-06-495554-6G. A PhillipsThe growth of the British economy, 1918-1968,
1977978-0-06-495568-3Derek PiggottUnderstanding gliding: The principles of soaring flight
1982978-0-06-495569-0Derek PiggottBeginning Gliding: The Fundamentals of Soaring Flight