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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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2003978-0-06-095807-7Michael PerryPopulation: 485
  ''978-0-06-095808-4Nan MooneyMy Racing Heart: The Passionate World of Thoroughbreds and the Track
2001978-0-06-095810-7Arlen Specter · Charles RobbinsPassion for Truth: From Finding JFK's Single Bullet to Questioning Anita Hill to Impeaching Clinton
2002978-0-06-095811-4Annie HawesExtra Virgin: A Young Woman Discovers the Italian Riviera, Where Every Month Is Enchanted
2001978-0-06-095813-8Jonell NashEssence Brings You Great Cooking
  ''978-0-06-095814-5Barbara ColorosoParenting Through Crisis: Helping Kids in Times of Loss, Grief, and Change
2002978-0-06-095815-2HarpercollinsHarper Collins Pocket Portuguese Dictionary
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2000978-0-06-095819-0Marian Wright EdelmanGuide My Feet: Prayers and Meditations for Our Children
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  ''978-0-06-095821-3David KesslerThe Needs of the Dying: A Guide For Bringing Hope, Comfort, and Love to Life's Final Chapter
2019978-0-06-095822-0Andre HayesYour Brain Is a Muscle Too
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  ''978-0-06-095830-5Bernard MalamudThe Assistant (Perennial Classics)
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2003978-0-06-095847-3Andy BellinPoker Nation: A High-Stakes, Low-Life Adventure into the Heart of a Gambling Country
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2000978-0-06-095859-6Marian Wright EdelmanLanterns: A Memoir of Mentors
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2002978-0-06-095870-1Bernd HeinrichWhy We Run: A Natural History
2003978-0-06-095871-8Gilda CarleTeen Talk with Dr. Gilda: A Girl's Guide to Dating
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  ''978-0-06-095875-6Christina FitzpatrickWhat's the Girl Worth?: A Novel
2004978-0-06-095888-6Jeff BenedictNo Bone Unturned: Inside the World of a Top Forensic Scientist and His Work on America's Most Notorious Crimes and Disasters
2002978-0-06-095890-9Victoria BruceNo Apparent Danger: The True Story of Volcanic Disaster at Galeras and Nevado Del Ruiz
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2001978-0-06-095896-1Laurie ColwinShine On, Bright and Dangerous Object
2000978-0-06-095897-8   ''Family Happiness
  ''978-0-06-095898-5   ''A Big Storm Knocked It Over
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2002978-0-06-095901-2Jane HirshfieldGiven Sugar, Given Salt: Poems
2001978-0-06-095903-6Barbara KingsolverProdigal Summer: A Novel
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2003978-0-06-095912-8Margaret ThatcherStatecraft: Strategies for a Changing World
2004978-0-06-095914-2Christopher RenstromRuling Planets: Your Astrological Guide to Life's Ups and Downs
2000978-0-06-095917-3Brooke M StephensWealth Happens One Day at a Time: 365 Days to a Brighter Financial Future
2001978-0-06-095918-0Michael BlaineThe Desperate Season
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2001978-0-06-095936-4Rosemary AlteaYou Own the Power: Stories And Exercises To Inspire And Unleash The Force Within
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