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ISBN 978-0-06-460194-8 to 978-0-06-463467-0 < ISBN 978-0-06-463469-4 to 978-0-06-464081-7 > ISBN 978-0-06-464084-8 to 978-0-06-480120-1

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-0-06-463469-4Margaret HarmonCareers for Writers: Working with Words
1978978-0-06-463470-0Calvin L GreenbergProfit opportunities in real estate investments
1979978-0-06-463472-4George Gordon CoughlinYour introduction to law (A Barnes & Noble reference book ; EH 472)
  ''978-0-06-463473-1Carol L O'NeillThe complete guide to editorial freelancing
  ''978-0-06-463474-8Devaki BerksonFoot Book: Healing the Body Through Reflexology
  ''978-0-06-463475-5Marshall Smelser · Joan R. GundersenAmerican History at a Glance
  ''978-0-06-463476-2Jerome TuccilleEverything the Beginner Needs to Know to Invest Shrewdly: A Step-By-Step Guide to the Basics of Financial Growth
1979978-0-06-463478-6D. Brine PritchardThe right way to play chess
  ''978-0-06-463479-3Marguerite Ashworth BrunnerHow to sell your collectibles, antiques, and crafts at a profit
1980978-0-06-463480-9Samuel SmithIdeas of the Great Educators (Everyday handbooks)
1979978-0-06-463481-6Doris C. Doane · Keyes KingHow to Read Tarot Cards
  ''978-0-06-463483-0George A TheodorsonA modern dictionary of sociology
  ''978-0-06-463484-7James FernaldEnglish Grammar Simplified
  ''978-0-06-463486-1E.R. EmmetGreat Detective Puzzle Book: With Other Assorted Brainteasers
1979978-0-06-463487-8Mary LeslieNew businesses women can start and successfully operate: The woman's guide to financial independence
  ''978-0-06-463489-2Laia HanauThe study game, how to play and win
  ''978-0-06-463490-8Gordon HuntHow to Audition for TV, Movies, Commercials, Plays, Musicals: Advice from a Casting Director
1980978-0-06-463491-5Jane Fitz-RandolphHow to write for children and young adults: A handbook
1979978-0-06-463492-2Hallie & Whit BurnettFiction Writer's Handbook
  ''978-0-06-463494-6C. MawsonDictionary of Foreign Terms
  ''978-0-06-463495-3Robert LillienfeldLearning to Read Music
1979978-0-06-463496-0Robert HarbinOrigami: The art of paper folding
  ''978-0-06-463497-7Kenneth Francis BatesBasic design: Principles and practice
1965978-0-06-463498-4Bernard GrebanierPlaywriting [How to Write for the Theater]
1979978-0-06-463500-4Stephen M GoodHow to get a job with the Post Office: Clerk-carrier, mail handler
1980978-0-06-463502-8Robert L ZornSpeed reading
  ''978-0-06-463508-0Robert Wallace OlsonThe art of creative thinking ([Everyday handbook] ; EH 508)
1981978-0-06-463510-3Nancy McCarthy FolseCareers in the Fashion Industry: What the Jobs Are and How to Get Them
1980978-0-06-463511-0John W. McConnellIdeas of the Great Economists
1982978-0-06-463513-4Edmund S. NassetNutrition Handbook
1980978-0-06-463515-8Cathryn Morrison · Reiss WilhelmReal Estate Licensing Examinations
  ''978-0-06-463517-2Roberta MorganHow to break into publishing
  ''978-0-06-463519-6Dorothy ParkerMs. Pinchpenny's Book of Interior Design
1985978-0-06-463520-2Hallie BurnettOn Writing the Short Story
1980978-0-06-463524-0B. NicolsonDictionary of Astronomy
1981978-0-06-463525-7George W. FluhartyPublic Speaking and Other Forms of Speech Communication
1981978-0-06-463526-4Angela BowenThe Diabetic Gourmet
1985978-0-06-463527-1Celebrity KitchenFresh Fruit and Vegetable Book
1981978-0-06-463529-5Flint DupreYour Career in Federal Civil Service
  ''978-0-06-463530-1Shakuntala DeviFiguring: The Joy Of Numbers
  ''978-0-06-463531-8Ralph MayerDictionary of Art Terms and Techniques
  ''978-0-06-463532-5Edward Et Al HohmanThe Greeting Card Handbook
  ''978-0-06-463534-9Judith A. KatzThe Business of Show Business
1981978-0-06-463536-3Rudolf Franz FleschHow to Write Plain English
  ''978-0-06-463537-0Peter Mark RogetRoget's University Thesaurus
  ''978-0-06-463538-7Jane WhitfieldWhitfield's University Rhyming Dictionary
1982978-0-06-463539-4George Gordon CoughlinDictionary of Law
1981978-0-06-463540-0Nicki MontapertoHow to Start a Profitable Typing Service at Home
  ''978-0-06-463541-7Kenneth KelseyThe cunning caliph,: And other number puzzles to test your logic
  ''978-0-06-463542-4Casey MillerThe handbook of nonsexist writing (Perennial Library)
1981978-0-06-463543-1Rudolf Franz FleschA deskbook of American spelling and style
  ''978-0-06-463544-8Stanley A. KurzbanThe Compleat Cruciverbalist
1982978-0-06-463545-5Robert LeffertsHow to Prepare Charts and Graphs for Effective Reports
  ''978-0-06-463546-2Louise BoggessHOW TO WRITE FILLERS AND SHORT FEATURES THAT SELL by Boggess...
  ''978-0-06-463547-9Louis Bates Ames · Sidney M. Baker · Frances L. IlgChild Behavior: Specific Advice on Problems of Child Behavior
2009978-0-06-463548-6Babette DeutschPoetry Handbook: A Dictionary of Terms
1982978-0-06-463550-9Grace Marmor Spruch21 astounding science quizzes
  ''978-0-06-463551-6Helena M BarrettOne way to write anything
1982978-0-06-463553-0David StattDictionary of Psychology
  ''978-0-06-463554-7Rachel CopelanHow to Hypnotize Yourself and Others: Techniques for Solving Over 350 Problems, From Quitting Smoking to Curing Insomnia
  ''978-0-06-463555-4Robert HarbinNew Adventures in Origami
1984978-0-06-463556-1W. R. HallidayAmerican Caves and Caving
1982978-0-06-463557-8Robert KangasMaking money as a bartender in your spare time
  ''978-0-06-463558-5Carl AllensworthThe Complete Play Production Handbook
  ''978-0-06-463559-2John DaintithDictionary of Chemistry
1982978-0-06-463560-8John DaintithDictionary of Physics
1983978-0-06-463561-5Samuel SmithIdeas of the Great Psychologists
1982978-0-06-463562-2Harold GelbKilling Pain Without Prescription
1983978-0-06-463563-9George Gordon CoughlinYour Introduction to Law
1982978-0-06-463564-6Belle MeyersKnitting Know-How
1983978-0-06-463567-7Nicki MontapertoTouch Typing Self-Taught (Everyday handbook)
  ''978-0-06-463569-1Robert L. Shook · Martin D. ShafiroffSuccessful Telephone Selling in the '80s
  ''978-0-06-463570-7Robert CohenActing Professionally: Raw Facts About Careers in Acting
  ''978-0-06-463571-4Robert I. FitzhenryBarnes & Noble book of quotations
  ''978-0-06-463573-8Edwin A. AbbottFlatland A Romance of Many Dimensions
1983978-0-06-463574-5Dionys BurgerSphereland: A Fantasy About Curved Spaces and an Expanding Universe (English and Dutch Edition)
  ''978-0-06-463575-2R.F. Yates · M.W. YatesEarly American Crafts and Hobbies: A Treasury of Skills, Avocations, Handicrafts and Forgotten Pastimes and Pursuits from the Golden Age of the American Home (EH)
1984978-0-06-463576-9Judith A. KatzThe Ad Game: A Complete Guide to Careers in Advertising, Marketing, and Related Areas
1983978-0-06-463577-6Andrew MelsomHouse party games and amusements for the upper class and other folks (Everyday handbook)
1982978-0-06-463578-3Arthur GodmanThe Barnes & Noble thesaurus of chemistry: The fundamentals of chemistry explained and illustrated
1983978-0-06-463579-0Alec WattBarnes and Noble Thesaurus of Geology: The Principles of Geology Explained and Illustrated
  ''978-0-06-463580-6Arthur GodmanThe Barnes & Noble thesaurus of science: All fields of scientific language explained and illustrated
1984978-0-06-463581-3Anne GutteridgeBarnes and Noble Thesaurus of Biology: The Principles of Biology Explained and Illustrated
1985978-0-06-463582-0Teresa RickardBarnes and Noble Thesaurus of Physics
1983978-0-06-463584-4Norman LewisDictionary of Correct Spelling: A Handy Reference Guide (EH)
1984978-0-06-463585-1Stephen DembskiInternational Vocabulary of Music (Everyday handbook)
1983978-0-06-463586-8Terry MurphyClassroom to newsroom: A professional's guide to newspaper reporting and writing
1984978-0-06-463588-2J.S. DennyCareers in Cable Television (EH)
1983978-0-06-463589-9Margit EcholsThe Quilter's Start-To-Finish Workbook
  ''978-0-06-463590-5Arthur GodmanThe Color-Coded Guide to Microcomputers (EH)
1984978-0-06-463591-2Henry Gordon HarrisHandbook of Watch and Clock Repairs (Eh, 591)
  ''978-0-06-463592-9Ray E. KeeseyBarnes and Noble Book of Modern Parliamentary Procedure (EH)
1984978-0-06-463593-6Esther Becker · Evelyn AndersThe Successful Secretary's Handbook
  ''978-0-06-463594-3Arthur GodmanBarnes & Noble Thesaurus of Computer Science: The Principles of Computer Science Explained and Illustrated
  ''978-0-06-463595-0Emma Macalik ButterworthThe complete book of calligraphy
  ''978-0-06-463596-7Ari KievHow to Keep Love Alive
  ''978-0-06-463598-1Paul LerouxSelling to a Group: Presentation Strategies
1985978-0-06-463599-8Fanny Maude-EvansChanging Memories into Memoirs: Guide to Writing Your Life Story
1983978-0-06-463600-1R. D. CortinaConversational Spanish 20 Lessons
1980978-0-06-463601-8R. D. CortinaConservational French 20 Lessons.
1980978-0-06-463604-9R. D. CortinaConversational Modern Greek
978-0-06-463606-3Conversational Japanese in 20 Lessons
1980978-0-06-463607-0R. D. Cortina CompanyConversational Brazilian-Portuguese in Twenty Lessons
  ''978-0-06-463608-7Cortina CompanyMetodo Cortina Ingles
1982978-0-06-463614-8Frederick ErnstNew French Self-Taught
  ''978-0-06-463615-5Erich BergerNew German Self-Taught
  ''978-0-06-463616-2Mario PeiNew Italian Self-Taught
  ''978-0-06-463617-9J. Lopez-MorillasNew Spanish Self-Taught
1991978-0-06-463618-6Larry GonickCartoon Guide to Physics
1996978-0-06-463619-3Gary R. GruberGruber's Complete Preparation for the New Sat: Featuring Critical Thinking Skills (7th ed)
1984978-0-06-463701-5James FultonDr. Fulton's Step-By-Step Program for Clearing Acne
1985978-0-06-463702-2Douglas Brown150 solitaire games
1985978-0-06-463703-9Diane WolffChinese for Beginners (English and Chinese Edition)
  ''978-0-06-463704-6Vangie Hayes · Gloria HainlineHow to Get into Commercials: A Complete Guide for Breaking into and Succeeding in the Lucrative World of TV and Radio Commercials by One of the Nation's Leading Casting Directors
  ''978-0-06-463705-3James C. HumesInstant Eloquence: Public Speaking Made Easy (EH)
  ''978-0-06-463707-7Michael ChekhovTo the Actor: On the Technique of Acting
  ''978-0-06-463708-4Milbourne ChristopherMilbourne Christopher's Magic Book
1985978-0-06-463709-1Stephen GoodHow to Get a Job With the Post Office: Clerk-Carrier, Mail Handler, Distribution Clerk, Machine (EH)
  ''978-0-06-463710-7Kenneth Roman · Joel RaphaelsonWriting That Works: How to Write Memos
  ''978-0-06-463711-4Carol WestonGirltalk: All the stuff your sister never told you
  ''978-0-06-463712-1Morton CooperChange Your Voice, Change Your Life: A Quick, Simple Plan for Finding and Using Your Natural, Dynamic Voice (EH)
  ''978-0-06-463713-8Robert Lawrence HoltThe Complete Book of Bonds: How to Buy and Sell Profitably
1985978-0-06-463714-5James C. HumesSpeaker's Treasury of Anecdotes About the Famous
1987978-0-06-463717-6Michael Holley SmithThe resume writer's handbook ([Everyday handbook])
1986978-0-06-463718-3David PritchardBarnes & Noble Thesaurus of Chemistry
  ''978-0-06-463719-0Arthur Godman · Ronald DenneyBarnes & Noble Thesaurus of Science & Technology
1987978-0-06-463720-6Robert I. FitzhenryBarnes & Noble book of quotations
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  ''978-0-06-463722-0Harry BauldOn Writing the College Application Essay: The Key to Acceptance and the College of your Choice
1985978-0-06-463724-4Paul N. LazarusThe Movie Producer: A Handbook for Producing and Picture-Making
1987978-0-06-463726-8Gary R. GruberGruber's Complete Preparation for the SAT
1989978-0-06-463727-5John J. MarcusThe Complete Job Interview Handbook
1988978-0-06-463729-9Gary R. GruberGruber's Super Diagnostic Test for the Sat: Programmed to Critical Thinking Strategies
  ''978-0-06-463730-5   ''Gruber's Complete Preparation for the Sat, 1988: Featuring Critical Thinking Skills (Gruber's Complete SAT Guide)
1990978-0-06-463732-9Gary GruberGruber's Complete Preparation for the SAT: Featuring Critical Thinking Skills
1990978-0-06-463733-6Diana S. HuntStudying Smart Rev
1991978-0-06-463734-3Robert L., Ph.D. ZornSpeed Reading
1992978-0-06-463735-0Harry ShawErrors in Engl Spec Mkts ed
978-0-06-463736-7Gruber's Complete Preparation for the SAT (Gruber's Complete SAT Guide)
1992978-0-06-463737-4Pat Ordovensky · Robert ThorntonOpening College Doors: How to Make the Admissions Process Work for You
1994978-0-06-463738-1Gary R. GruberGruber's Complete Preparation for the New Sat (Gruber's Complete SAT Guide)
1973978-0-06-464000-8Teri King · John MundayLove, Sex and Astrology
  ''978-0-06-464002-2Sam J ErvinQuotations from Chairman Sam;: The wit and wisdom of Senator Sam Ervin (Harrow books)
1974978-0-06-464003-9Milton MayeroffOn caring (World perspectives)
1977978-0-06-464004-6Wesley ShraderThe amazing power of hypnosis: What it can do for you
1978978-0-06-464007-7Walter B. Gibson · Morris N. YoungHoudini's Fabulous Magic
  ''978-0-06-464008-4Anthony NorvellAstrology: Your Wheel of Fortune (A Barnes & Noble occult book)
1974978-0-06-464009-1NorvellThe Miracle Power of Transcendental Meditation
1975978-0-06-464012-1Emotional Common Sense - How to Avoid Self-Destructiveness
1976978-0-06-464014-5NorvellThink Yourself Rich Norvell's Secret of Money Magnetism
  ''978-0-06-464015-2C. RaynorShy Person's Book
1977978-0-06-464016-9Helyn HitchcockThe Magic of Psychograms: New Way to Power and Prosperity (BN 4016)
  ''978-0-06-464017-6NorvellPsychic dreamology (A Barnes & Noble occult book)
1977978-0-06-464018-3NorvellPsychomatics: The secret power of super-persuasion
  ''978-0-06-464019-0Jerry GilliesFriends: The power and potential of the company you keep
1978978-0-06-464020-6Eve BegleyOf Scottish Ways
1999978-0-06-464021-3Lilly LorenzenOf Swedish Ways
1978978-0-06-464022-0David LoovisStraight answers about homosexuality for straight readers
  ''978-0-06-464024-4Arthur FreeseLiving Through Grief and Growing With It
  ''978-0-06-464025-1Rene NoorbergenSecrets of the Lost Race
  ''978-0-06-464026-8Maxime Daley · Maxine Daley · Barbara LochnerHow to Get a Man After You're Forty
1979978-0-06-464027-5George MichanowskyThe once and future star: The Mysterious Vela X Supernova and the Origin of Civilizations
1977978-0-06-464028-2Mario CappelliThe Great Drake
1979978-0-06-464029-9Andrew M GreeleyEverything you wanted to know about the Catholic Church but were too pious to ask
1979978-0-06-464031-2KentNothing to Fear
  ''978-0-06-464032-9Barbara Kaye GreenleafChildren Through the Ages
  ''978-0-06-464033-6Adelaide Bry · Marjorie BairVisualization: Directing the Movies of Your Mind (Perennial Library)
  ''978-0-06-464034-3Patricia BeerReader, I Married Him
1987978-0-06-464035-0Mary Murray DeLaneyOf Irish Ways
1989978-0-06-464036-7Lavern RippleyOf German Ways
1980978-0-06-464038-1Roland S. ParkerEffective Decision and Emotional Fulfillment
  ''978-0-06-464039-8D. S HalacyIce or fire?: Can we survive climatic change?
1986978-0-06-464040-4Ronald StoryThe Space-Gods Revealed: A Close Look at the Theories of Enrich Von Daniken
1980978-0-06-464041-1Better Business BureauGuide To Wise Buying: How To Get More for Your Money By the BBB- The Organization Most Used By American Consumers
1981978-0-06-464043-5Robert ShookThe Entrepreneurs
1981978-0-06-464044-2Larry KuscheThe disappearance of Flight 19
1979978-0-06-464045-9Vegetarianism: A Way of Life
1981978-0-06-464046-6Rolland S. ParkerEmotional Common Sense: Avoiding Self-Destructiveness and Enhancing Personal Development
  ''978-0-06-464048-0Robewrt S. HoltzmanTake It Off 1982
  ''978-0-06-464049-7George Thomas SimonBig Bands Songbook
1982978-0-06-464052-7Dan CarlinskyCollege humor: Cartoons, stories, poems, jokes and assorted foolishness from over 95 campus magazines from the 1870's to the 1980's, including the ... Bennett Cerf, Herman Wouk and many others
  ''978-0-06-464053-4Robert S. HolzmanTake it off!: 2, 363 tax deductions most people overlook
1983978-0-06-464057-2Christopher BiffleThe Castle of the Pearl
  ''978-0-06-464060-2Joyce ChenJoyce Chen Cook Book
1983978-0-06-464061-9Thomas M VossAntique American country furniture: A field guide
  ''978-0-06-464062-6John Percy Vyvian Dacre BalsdonRoman Women: Their History and Habits
  ''978-0-06-464063-3Craig Claiborne · Virginia LeeThe Chinese Cookbook
  ''978-0-06-464064-0Christopher KeaneHandbook of the Martial Arts and Self-Defense
  ''978-0-06-464065-7Robert S. HolzmanTake It Off: Two Thousand Eight Hundred & Seventy Two Deductions Most People Overlook
1983978-0-06-464069-5Cortina Learning InternationalHow to draw the human figure: Famous Artists School step-by-step method (Cortina famous artists library)
1998978-0-06-464070-1Famous Artists SchoolHow to Draw and Paint Landscapes (Cortina Famous Artists Library)
1984978-0-06-464073-2Toyoaki KawaiJapan's Creative Origami
  ''978-0-06-464074-9   ''Colorful Origami (English and Japanese Edition)
  ''978-0-06-464075-6Ingeborg S MacHaffieOf Danish ways
1991978-0-06-464076-3Helen ColijnOf Dutch Ways
1984978-0-06-464077-0Aini RajanenOf Finnish ways
  ''978-0-06-464078-7Bent VanbergOf Norwegian ways
  ''978-0-06-464079-4J. I. BiegeleisenABC of Lettering
1984978-0-06-464080-0Helen WambachReliving Past Lives: The Evidence Under Hypnosis
  ''978-0-06-464081-7Timothy R. CallahanCallahan's College Guide to Athletics and Academics in America 1984