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ISBN 978-0-06-447098-8 to 978-0-06-449006-1 < ISBN 978-0-06-449009-2 to 978-0-06-460193-1 > ISBN 978-0-06-460194-8 to 978-0-06-463467-0

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-0-06-449009-2Stephen MitchellJesus: What He Really Said and Did
2002978-0-06-449038-2Cheryl Saban50 Ways to Save Our Children: Small, Medium, and Big Ways You Can Change a Child's Life
2000978-0-06-449101-3Laura Ingalls WilderLittle Town on the Prairie
978-0-06-449267-6Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key
1999978-0-06-449350-5Jean Craighead GeorgeThe Julie Trilogy (Julie of the Wolves)
  ''978-0-06-449364-2Patricia MacLachlanSarah, Plain and Tall: Skylark
  ''978-0-06-449365-9Karen CushmanCatherine, Called Birdy: The Midwife's Apprentice
  ''978-0-06-449366-6Sharon CreechWalk Two Moons: Chasing Redbird
  ''978-0-06-449367-3Laura Ingalls WilderLaura's Early Years Collection: Little House in the Big Woods/Little House on the Prairie/on the Ban
1996978-0-06-449627-8Sharon Creech · Lois Lenski · Karen CushmanNewbery Award Library III: Walk Two Moons, Catherine, Called Birdy, Indian Captive
1996978-0-06-449629-2HarperTrophyThe X Files: X Marks the Spot, Darkness Falls, Tiger, Tiger, Squeeze (X-Files Series , So4)
1979978-0-06-450250-4Vine DeloriaThe metaphysics of modern existence
1972978-0-06-450485-0In the marketplace;: Consumerism in America (Canfield colophon books, CN503)
1977978-0-06-450600-7Adolf HungrywolfThe Blood People: A Division of the Blackfoot Confederacy: An Illustrated Interpretation of the Old Ways
1978978-0-06-451050-9D'Arcy McNickleWind from an Enemy Sky
1982978-0-06-451051-6D'Arcy McNickleWind from an enemy sky
1974978-0-06-451150-6Duane NiatumAscending red cedar moon
1975978-0-06-451151-3Duane NiatumCarriers of the dream wheel: Contemporary native American poetry
1974978-0-06-451153-7   ''Ascending Red Cedar Moon
1978978-0-06-451154-4   ''Digging Out the Roots Poems
1977978-0-06-451155-1   ''Digging out the roots: Poems
1971978-0-06-451483-5Don RobertsonThe halls of yearning: An indictment of formal education, a manifesto of student liberation (Canfield colophon books, CN 501)
1975978-0-06-451510-8NasnagaIndians' Summer: A Novel
1976978-0-06-451511-5Simon J OrtizGoing for the rain: Poems
  ''978-0-06-451512-2Simon J. OrtizGoing for the rain: poems
1981978-0-06-451550-4Peter J. PowellPeople of the Sacred Mountain: A History of the Northern Cheyenne Chiefs and Warrior Societies, 1830-1879
1980978-0-06-451975-5Stan SteinerSpirit Woman: The Diaries and Paintings of Bonita Wa Wa Calachaw Nunez
1975978-0-06-451990-8James WelchWinter in the Blood
  ''978-0-06-451991-5James WelchRiding the Earthboy 40: Poems
1991978-0-06-451992-2   ''Riding the Earthboy 40
1981978-0-06-452000-3Hyemeyohsts StormSong of Heyoehkah: A Novel
1974978-0-06-452500-8James WelchWinter in the Blood: A Novel
1980978-0-06-452750-7Ray A Young BearWinter of the salamander: The keeper of importance
1979978-0-06-452751-4Ray Young BearWinter of the Salamander: The Keeper of Importance
1974978-0-06-453001-9Irene Place · Robin L. Wilkinson · Charles B. HicksOffice Management
  ''978-0-06-453003-3Garry P McMurryBusiness law
1976978-0-06-453301-0Michael E MorganCore mathematics for occupational students
  ''978-0-06-453304-1Alfred A LeaseMetrics primer
1979978-0-06-453305-8Stephen S HeinemanMachine tools: Processes and applications
1976978-0-06-453500-7Leonard G RubinThe world of fashion: An introduction
1976978-0-06-453502-1Estelle HamburgerFashion business: It's all yours
1976978-0-06-453503-8Estelle HamburgerFashion business: It's all yours
1977978-0-06-453504-5Sharon Lee TateInside fashion design
  ''978-0-06-453508-3Julie. SulahriaInside Design: Creating Your Environment
1981978-0-06-453511-3James F KellerCounseling the elderly: A systems approach
1977978-0-06-453512-0Norma L NewmarkSelf, space, and shelter: An introduction to housing
1978978-0-06-453514-4David A MizerFood preparation for the professional
1983978-0-06-453519-9S.J. Ritchey · I.Janette TaperMaternal and Child Nutrition
1978978-0-06-453520-5Gail G FonoschMeal management: Concepts and applications
1979978-0-06-453526-7Marion BennionClinical nutrition
1998978-0-06-453532-8Marion BennionThe Science of Food
1975978-0-06-453600-4Richard Hobart BuskirkRetail selling: A vital approach
1976978-0-06-453607-3Homer C DaveyFinancing real estate in California
1978978-0-06-453700-1Steven C. LawlorBusiness Mathematics
  ''978-0-06-453713-1Joel P. BowmanEffective Business Correspondence
1979978-0-06-453716-2George Tsu-der ChouComputer programming in BASIC
  ''978-0-06-453722-3Shirley A WaterhouseWord processing fundamentals
1977978-0-06-453725-4Steven C LawlorFundamentals of business math
1980978-0-06-453736-0Joel P BowmanSuccessful communication in business
1982978-0-06-453739-1Stephen C. LawlorBusiness Mathematics
1976978-0-06-453800-8Norman E GibbsIntroductory auto mechanics
1975978-0-06-453806-0Ronald F GonzalesUnderstanding your car
  ''978-0-06-453903-6Nell Ann Pickett · Ann A. LasterTechnical English: Writing, Reading and Speaking
1977978-0-06-453907-4Ann A LasterOccupational English
1997978-0-06-453914-2Wynn KapitThe Anatomy Coloring Book
1978978-0-06-454000-1Ken LayneAutomotive Electrical Systems
1978978-0-06-454001-8Ken LayneAutomatic Transmissions
  ''978-0-06-454002-5   ''Fuel Systems and Emission Controls
  ''978-0-06-454003-2Chek-ChartEngine Performance Diagnosis and Tune Up. Ed by Ken Layne. 2 Vol Set. Vol 1: Classroom Manual; Shop Manual (Canfield Press/Chek-Chart automotive series)
1979978-0-06-454006-3Canfield Press Chek-Chart StafEngine Performance Diagnosis and Tune-Up
1982978-0-06-454008-7Chek-ChartAutomotive Engine Repair and Rebuilding (Harper & Row/Chek-Chart automotive series)
1987978-0-06-454010-0Michael CalkinsAutomotive Brake Systems: Classroom Manual, Shop Manual (Harper & Row/Chek-Chart Automotive Series)
  ''978-0-06-454014-8Roger FennemaAutomotive Electrical and Electronic Systems (Harper & Row/Chek-Chart automotive series)
1988978-0-06-454016-2R. FennemaFuel systems and emission controls (Harper & Row/Chek-Chart automotive series)
1989978-0-06-454018-6Roger Fennema · Richard DupuyEngine Performance Diagnosis and Tune-Up/Classroom Manual, Shop Manual (Harper & Row/Chek-Chart Automotive Series)
1998978-0-06-454019-3ChekIm Engin Perfor Diag Tune 2e
1991978-0-06-454020-9Kevin Voss-Roberts · Gordon Clark · Victoria EasterdayAutomotive Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems /Classroom & Shop Manual (Harpercollins/Chek-Chart Automotive Series)
1997978-0-06-455016-1Wynn Kapit · Lawrence M. ElsonThe Anatomy Coloring Book
1970978-0-06-460001-9Michael CheilikAncient History (College Outline)
1968978-0-06-460002-6William S. SahakianHistory of Philosophy (College Outline)
1962978-0-06-460003-3Arthur H. BryanBacteriology Principles and Practice (Barnes and Noble Outline Series)
1971978-0-06-460004-0Gordon AlexanderBiology (College Outline)
1963978-0-06-460006-4F. DegeringOrganic Chemistry (College Outline)
1956978-0-06-460008-8Clifford L. JamesPrinciples of Economics (College Outline)
1971978-0-06-460009-5L.H.Longley- CookStatistical Problems and How to Solve Them (College Outline)
1963978-0-06-460012-5Littlefield HwHistory of Europe Since Eighteen Fifteen
1961978-0-06-460015-6George Fox MottNew Survey of Journalism (College Outline)
2000978-0-06-460018-7William B. Otis · Morriss H. NeedlemanHistory of English Literature: To Dryden v. 1 (College Outline)
1967978-0-06-460020-0Melville Jacobs · Bernhard J. SternGeneral Anthropology (College Outline)
  ''978-0-06-460021-7Charles A. BennettCollege Physics
1970978-0-06-460023-1Rudolf Pintner · etc.Educational Psychology (College Outline)
1954978-0-06-460024-8Douglas H. FryerGeneral Psychology (College Outline)
1971978-0-06-460025-5Homer A. Watt · Karl J. Holzknecht · Raymond RossOutlines of Shakespeare's Plays
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1970978-0-06-460027-9Herbert Arkin · Raymond R. ColtonStatistical Methods
1970978-0-06-460028-6Samuel SmithBest Methods of Study
1966978-0-06-460029-3J. A. KroutUnited States to Eighteen Seventy-Seven (College Outline)
1964978-0-06-460032-3Gordon AlexanderGeneral Zoology (College Outline)
1967978-0-06-460033-0Harry J. Fuller · Donald D. RitchieGeneral Botany (College Outline)
1968978-0-06-460034-7Eric V. GreenfieldGerman Grammar (College Outline)
1969978-0-06-460035-4Francis M. Dumont · Francis M. Du MontFrench Grammar: A Barnes & Noble Outline
1962978-0-06-460037-8George S. HubbellWriting Term Papers and Reports (College Outline)
1970978-0-06-460038-5Gerald MooreAlgebra (College Outline)
1978978-0-06-460040-8Business Law:Uniform Commercial Code Edition
1971978-0-06-460041-5John Herman Randall Jr. · Justus BuchlerPhilosophy: An Introduction (College Outline)
  ''978-0-06-460042-2Eric V. GreenfieldSpanish Grammar
1961978-0-06-460044-6Kaj L. NielsenLogarithmic and Trigonometric Tables to Five Places with Instructions on their Use
1954978-0-06-460045-3Kaj L. Nielsen · John H. VanlonkhuyzenPlane and Spherical Trigonometry (College Outline Series)
1969978-0-06-460046-0Paul R FreyChemistry Problems (Coll. Outline S)
1966978-0-06-460047-7Kaj L. NielsenModern Trigonometry (College Outline Series)
1971978-0-06-460048-4C O OakleyCalculus
1953978-0-06-460049-1Bartholow V. Crawford · etc.American Literature (College Outline)
1971978-0-06-460050-7Ray U. BrumblayQuantitative Analysis (College Outline)
1952978-0-06-460052-1Raymond J. McCallBasic Logic: The Fundamental Principles of Formal Deductive Reasoning
1973978-0-06-460055-2Hugh Milton MillerHistory of music, (Barnes & Noble college outline series, COS147)
1970978-0-06-460056-9Buckner B. TrawickBible As Literature: The Old Testament and the Apocrypha (College Outline Series)
  ''978-0-06-460057-6Buckner B. TrawickBible As Literature: The New Testament (College Outline)
1972978-0-06-460059-0John Herman Randall Jr.Readings in Philosophy
1967978-0-06-460060-6I.Edward WeichReal Estate (College Outline)
1971978-0-06-460061-3George O. CurmeEnglish Grammar Simplified
1947978-0-06-460063-7Marcus HorblitPlane Geometry Problems With Solutions
1969978-0-06-460064-4Kaj L. NielsenAlgebra a Modern Approach (College Outline)
1963978-0-06-460068-2C.O. OakleyAnalytic Geometry
1970978-0-06-460069-9Herbert SperoMoney and Banking
1969978-0-06-460072-9Kaj NielsenDifferential Equations
1958978-0-06-460073-6NelmsPlay Production
1967978-0-06-460074-3Ross N. PearsonPhysical Geography (College Outline)
1963978-0-06-460075-0Herbert ArkinTables for Statisticians (College Outline Series)
1962978-0-06-460079-8Lester D. Crow · Alice CrowChild Psychology (College Outline)
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1980978-0-06-460082-8Inorganic, Organic, and Biological Chemistry
1985978-0-06-460085-9Accounting Problems and How to Solve Them
1953978-0-06-460086-6Josef Vincent. LombardoEngineering Drawing -
1964978-0-06-460088-0Buckner B. TrawickWorld Literature: Greek, Roman, Oriental and Medieval Classics v. 1 (College Outline)
1963978-0-06-460089-7Dorothy Irene MulgraveSpeech: Handbook of Voice Training (College Outline)
1956978-0-06-460092-7John A. ShubinBusiness Management (College Outline)
1963978-0-06-460093-4Buckner B. TrawickWorld Literature: Italian, French, Spanish, German and Russian Literature Since 1300 v. 2 (College Outline)
1962978-0-06-460094-1W.T. Coville · etc.Abnormal Psychology (College Outline)
1967978-0-06-460095-8Jean Anne VincentHistory of Art (College Outline)
1969978-0-06-460097-2Scott L. KittsleyPhysical Chemistry (College Outline)
1971978-0-06-460099-6Edwin B. Steen · Ashley MontaguAnatomy and Physiology (Urinary, Respiratory & Nervous Systems, Sensations & Sense O)
1962978-0-06-460101-6SlabyEngineering Descriptive Geometry
1963978-0-06-460102-3Charles H. VivianEnglish Composition (College outline series)
  ''978-0-06-460104-7Frederic M. WheelockLatin: An Introductory Course Based on Ancient Authors
1958978-0-06-460105-4Kaj L. NielsenCollege Mathematics (College Outline)
1965978-0-06-460109-2Hugh M. MillerIntroduction to Music (College Outline)
1966978-0-06-460110-8Walther KirchnerWestern Civilization to 1500 (College Outline)
1975978-0-06-460111-5W KirchnerWestern Civilization Since 1500 (College Outline)
1978978-0-06-460112-2Joseph Francis ZimmermanState and Local Government
1965978-0-06-460116-0Ray U. BrumblayQualitative Analysis (College Outline)
1967978-0-06-460118-4Eugene George KeyPrinciples of Electricity: For Students of Physics and Engineering (College Outline)
1972978-0-06-460135-1Milton W. MeyerHistory of the Far East
  ''978-0-06-460136-8Michele F CooperThe freshman writer (College outline series, 136)
1974978-0-06-460137-5George Thaddeus JonesMusic theory (Barnes & Noble college outline series)
1977978-0-06-460138-2Robert David LeiterModern economics (Barnes & Noble outline series)
1974978-0-06-460139-9William S SahakianEthics: An introduction to theories and problems (Barnes & Nobles college outline series)
1975978-0-06-460140-5Raymond G McInnisSocial science research handbook (The Barnes & Noble outline series)
1974978-0-06-460141-2Robert RossResearch: An Introduction (Barnes & Noble college outline series ; 141)
1973978-0-06-460142-9Jim Haskins · Hugh F. ButtsThe Psychology of Black Language (College Outline)
1974978-0-06-460143-6Warren Asquith HoweIntermediate Accounting (Barnes & Noble College Outline Series)
1983978-0-06-460145-0Arnold S RiceAmerican civilization since 1900 (The Barnes & Noble outline series)
1975978-0-06-460146-7K. DavidsonTwentieth Century Civilization
1973978-0-06-460147-4no Author CreditedHistory of Music
1962978-0-06-460149-8Clarence E. BennettPhysics Problems and How to Solve Them
1974978-0-06-460150-4Royal BauerElementary Accounting (College Outline)
1975978-0-06-460152-8Charles A EndressHistory of Europe, 1500-1848
1972978-0-06-460154-2Walther KirchnerA history of Russia (College outline series)
1973978-0-06-460156-6John Allen KroutUnited States since 1865 (College outline series, 30)
1974978-0-06-460157-3Myron Samuel Heidingsfield · Albert B. BlankenshipMarketing (Barnes & Noble Outline Series, Cos 157)
1979978-0-06-460158-0Roger B. CulverAstronomy (The Barnes & Noble outline series ; COS 158)
1976978-0-06-460159-7Eugene Synder · Michael SkigenCost Accounting (Barnes & Noble outline series)
1975978-0-06-460160-3Richard M. PearlGeology (College Outline Series)
1975978-0-06-460161-0Marvin KristeinCorporation Finance (The Barnes & Noble outline series ; 7)
978-0-06-460162-7Western Civilization Since 1500 2
1975978-0-06-460163-4Edward Conrad SmithThe Constitution of the United States, with case summaries (Barnes & Noble outline series ; COS 163)
1976978-0-06-460164-1David M. ZesmerGuide to Shakespeare (Barnes & Noble Outline Series)
1977978-0-06-460166-5James T. CallowGuide to American Literature from Emily Dickinson to the Present
1966978-0-06-460167-2A. M. WinchesterHeredity: An Introduction to Genetics
1965978-0-06-460168-9John Allen KroutUnited States Since 1865 (College Outline)
1976978-0-06-460169-6Walther KirchnerA history of Russia (Barnes & Noble outline series ; 154)
1977978-0-06-460170-2Robert C. BoneAmerican Government (The Barnes & Noble outline series ; 171)
1978978-0-06-460171-9Lewis J. AltfestIntroduction to Business
  ''978-0-06-460172-6Chang N. WuModern Organic Chemistry (Barnes & Noble outline series)
  ''978-0-06-460173-3   ''Modern Organic Chemistry
1980978-0-06-460174-0John Russell SullivanModern college mathematics (The Barnes & Noble outline series)
1979978-0-06-460176-4Robert M FulmerManagement and organization: An introduction to theory and practice (The Barnes & Noble outline series ; COS 176)
1978978-0-06-460177-1Hugh M MillerIntroduction to music: A guide to good listening (Barnes & Noble outline series ; 109)
1991978-0-06-460178-8Gertrude A. JacobsenPolitical Science (College outline series)
1980978-0-06-460180-1Business Statistics: An Introduction
1978978-0-06-460181-8Joseph Francis ZimmermanState and local government (Barnes & Noble outline series ; 181)
1983978-0-06-460183-2J. J. van der LeeMicrobiology (Barnes & Noble outline series)
1979978-0-06-460184-9Edward Conrad SmithThe Constitution of the United States, with case summaries (Barnes & Noble outline series ; COS 184)
  ''978-0-06-460185-6Raul D'Eca · Eric V. GreenfieldPortuguese Grammar (College Outline)
  ''978-0-06-460186-3NewThe Student Teacher's Handbook (The Barnes & Noble outline series ; CO 186)
1980978-0-06-460188-7Harold John SchultzHistory of England (Barnes & Noble outline series ; COS 188)
1981978-0-06-460189-4Albert AngrilliChild Psychology (Barnes & Noble outline series)
1984978-0-06-460190-0Edwin B. Steen · Ashley MontaguAnatomy and Physiology: Cells, Tissues, Integument--Skeletal, Muscular, Digestive, and Circulatory Systems (The Barnes & Noble outline series)
1985978-0-06-460191-7   ''Anatomy and Physiology: Urinary, Respiratory & Nervous Systems; Sensations &Sense Organs; Endocrine & Reproductive Systems (Anatomy & Physiology Vol)
1979978-0-06-460192-4Paul ComeauWorkbook for Wheelocks Latin: An Introductory Course
1980978-0-06-460193-1Vladimir ZwassIntroduction to Computer Science (Barnes & Noble outline series)