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ISBN 978-0-06-044241-5 to 978-0-06-044807-3 < ISBN 978-0-06-044809-7 to 978-0-06-045335-0 > ISBN 978-0-06-045339-8 to 978-0-06-046225-3

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-0-06-044809-7Beth S. Neman · Sandra H. SmytheWriting Effectively in Business
1988978-0-06-044829-5Felix NigroModern Public Administration
1987978-0-06-044832-5Douglass C. North · Roger LeRoy MillerEconomics of Public Issues
1979978-0-06-044834-9Martin K NickelsThe study of physical anthropology and archaeology
1988978-0-06-044835-6James Willard NybakkenMarine biology: An ecological approach
1971978-0-06-044836-3Kai NielsenReason and Practice: A Modern Introduction to Philosophy
1986978-0-06-044837-0James W. NybakkenReadings in Marine Ecology
1973978-0-06-044838-7Felix A NigroModern public administration
1984978-0-06-044841-7Felix A NigroModern public administration
1970978-0-06-044842-4James NollFoundations of Education in America: An Anthology of Major Thoughts and Significant Actions
1977978-0-06-044843-1Felix A NigroModern public administration
1983978-0-06-044845-5Felix A. Nigro Lloyd G. NigroReadings in public administration
1981978-0-06-044846-2Nims John FHarper Anthology Poetry Pb 81
  ''978-0-06-044847-9John Frederick NimsThe Harper Anthology of Poetry
1983978-0-06-044848-6Douglass C. North · Roger LeRoy MillerEconomics of Public Issues
1982978-0-06-044849-3James W. NybakkenMarine Biology: An Ecological Approach
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1978978-0-06-044851-6Douglass Cecil NorthThe economics of public issues
1974978-0-06-044854-7Joseph NordmannWhat is chemistry?: A chemical view of nature
1978978-0-06-044856-1Robert A NowlanLessons in college algebra and trigonometry
1974978-0-06-044859-2Douglass C. North · Roger LeRoy MillerEconomics of Public Issues
1975978-0-06-044866-0Robert A NowlanGeometry for teachers
1974978-0-06-044867-7Rod O'ConnorSolving problems in chemistry: With emphasis on stoichiometry and equilibrium and applications in biological and medical sciences, engineering and economics, and environmental sciences
1972978-0-06-044868-4James W. NybakkenReadings in Marine Ecology
1974978-0-06-044869-1Rod O'ConnorFundamentals of chemistry: A learning systems approach
1972978-0-06-044872-1Delbert OberteufferSchool health education;: A textbook for teachers, nurses, and other professional personnel (Harper's series in school and public health education, physical education, and recreation)
  ''978-0-06-044873-8   ''School health education;: A textbook for teachers, nurses, and other professional personnel (Harper's series in school and public health education, physical education, and recreation)
1977978-0-06-044874-5Rod O'ConnorFundamentals of Chemistry: A Learning Systems Approach
1975978-0-06-044877-6H.B. O'Bannon · etc.Money and Banking: Theory, Policy and Institutions
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  ''978-0-06-044881-3Sandra E O'ConnellThe manager as communicator (Continuing management education series)
1977978-0-06-044882-0Rod O'ConnorSOLVING PROBLEMS IN CHEMISTRY ~ with emphasis on Stoichiometry & Equilibrium & Applications in Agriculture, Marine, Biological, Medical & Environmental Sciences & Industrial Chemistry
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1974978-0-06-044885-1Jack OchsPublic Finance
1998978-0-06-044886-8Ronald E. Smith · Irwin G. SarasonSg Psych: Front of Behavi 2e
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1977978-0-06-044912-4Albert I. OliverCurriculum Improvement: A Guide to Problems, Principles, and Process
1998978-0-06-044913-1McGlynnSg Psi MN Psyc Bein Br 4e PB
1982978-0-06-044915-5Michael O'FlynnProbability, Random Variables and Random Processes
1978978-0-06-044918-6Michael D OlienThe human myth: An introduction to anthropology
1990978-0-06-044919-3David M OlsonThe legislative process: A comparative approach
1972978-0-06-044921-6Charles OlstadCreative Spanish (Spanish Edition)
1987978-0-06-044924-7Carole Wade · Carol TavrisPsychology
1990978-0-06-044926-1Reuben M. Olson · Steven J. WrightEssentials of Engineering Fluid Mechanics
1997978-0-06-044927-8Allan C. OrnsteinStrategies for Effective Teaching
1992978-0-06-044928-5Allan C. OrnsteinSecondary and Middle School Teaching Methods
1972978-0-06-044935-3John E OrdElementary school social studies for today's children (Exploration series in education)
1974978-0-06-044945-2Paul OstynFluent spoken French
  ''978-0-06-044946-9   ''Laboratory manual and workbook for Fluent spoken French
1981978-0-06-044947-6   ''La France vous parle
1975978-0-06-044954-4Robert Edward OsborneVoces y vistas;: Active Spanish for beginners (Spanish Edition)
1973978-0-06-044958-2John OstheimerNigerian Politics
978-0-06-044961-2[by] Robert J. OuelletteIntroductory organic chemistry
1975978-0-06-044962-9Robert J. OuelletteIntroductory Chemistry
1972978-0-06-044971-1John M PalmerAnatomy for speech and hearing
1984978-0-06-044974-2   ''Anatomy for speech and hearing
1975978-0-06-044975-9Monte Palmer · etc.Interdisciplinary Study of Politics
1997978-0-06-045006-9Cleveland PageLaboratory Piano Course: Book 1
1989978-0-06-045009-0Jack PageCheckpoints: Developing College English Skills
1977978-0-06-045011-3Claudie F. Hester · Clifford S. Parker · Paul L. GrigautInitiation à la Culture Française
1989978-0-06-045012-0Bert Hayslip · Paul E. PanekAdult Development and Aging
1986978-0-06-045014-4Michael Alan ParkAnthropology: An Introduction
1978978-0-06-045016-8Robert ParsonsStatistical Analysis: A Decision-Making Approach
1974978-0-06-045018-2Robert ParsonsStudent's solutions manual: To accompany Statistics for decision makers and Statistical analysis: a decision-making approach
1974978-0-06-045022-9Robert ParsonsStatistical Analysis: A Decision-making Approach
1985978-0-06-045028-1John F. Passafiume · Michael DouglasDigital Logic Design: Tutorials and Laboratory Exercises
1972978-0-06-045031-1Don PatinkinStudies in Monetary Economics
1960978-0-06-045033-5Beatrice P. Patt · Martin NozickThe Generation of 1898 and After (Spanish and English Edition)
1965978-0-06-045034-2Beatrice P. Patt · Martin NozickSpanish Literature: 1700-1900
1975978-0-06-045045-8C.H. PattersonRelationship Counseling and Psychotherapy
1986978-0-06-045053-3C. H. PattersonTheories of Counseling and Psychotherapy
1980978-0-06-045054-0C.H. PattersonTheories of Counselling and Psychotherapy
1973978-0-06-045056-4C. H PattersonTheories of counseling and psychotherapy
1978978-0-06-045057-1C H PattersonFoundations for a Theory of Instruction and Educational Psychology
1974978-0-06-045058-8Ernest PattersonBlack City Politics
1973978-0-06-045059-5Bobby R PattonProblem-solving group interaction
1978978-0-06-045061-8Bobby R. Patton · Kim GiffinDecision-Making Group Interaction
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1980978-0-06-045081-6Jacquelyn PeakePublic relations in business (Continuing management education series)
1986978-0-06-045112-7Robert Pelfrey · Mary Hall-PelfreyArt and Mass Media
1989978-0-06-045114-1Judy C. PearsonCommunication in Family
1988978-0-06-045123-3John A. Perry · Erna K. PerryThe Social Web: Introduction to Sociology
1987978-0-06-045124-0Caroline Hodges PersellUnderstanding Society: Introduction to Sociology
1984978-0-06-045126-4John A. Perry~Erna K. PerryContemporary society: An introduction to social science
978-0-06-045127-1Ordered Topological Vector Spaces
1976978-0-06-045128-8Alan J. PerlisIntroduction to Computer Science
1983978-0-06-045129-5John A PerryThe social web: An introduction to sociology
1979978-0-06-045131-8   ''The social web: An introduction to sociology
1984978-0-06-045133-2Caroline Hodges PersellUnderstanding Society: Introduction to Sociology
1993978-0-06-045135-6Caroline Hodges Persell · Peter W. CooksonMaking Sense of Society
1981978-0-06-045142-4Harold Craig PetersenBusiness and government
1978978-0-06-045143-1LeRoy James PetersonThe law and public school operation
1985978-0-06-045149-3H.Craig PetersenBusiness and Government
1987978-0-06-045154-7John A. Perry · Erna K. PerryContemporary Society
978-0-06-045155-4Child Development and Personality: Study Gde.to 7r.e
1988978-0-06-045157-8H.Craig PetersenBusiness and Government
2009978-0-06-045160-8John A. Perry · Erna K. PerryContemporary Society: An Introduction to Social Science
1978978-0-06-045161-5Thurman Stewart PetersonCollege algebra
1990978-0-06-045163-9Caroline Hodges PersellUnderstanding Society: An Introduction to Sociology/Student Edition
  ''978-0-06-045169-1Jon L. Pierce · John W. NewstromThe Manager's Bookshelf: A Mosaic of Contemporary Views
1998978-0-06-045175-2Jaan Kiusalaas · Andrew PytelBody Lang App IIgs Pkg II
1974978-0-06-045182-0Thurman Stewart PetersonIntermediate algebra for college students
1975978-0-06-045183-7Thomas F. PettigrewRacial Discrimination in the United States (Readers in Social Problems)
1984978-0-06-045185-1Thurman Peterson · Charles R. HobbyIntermediate Algebra for College Students
1998978-0-06-045189-9James PinnellsWriting: Process & Structure
1983978-0-06-045191-2F. J. PettijohnSedimentary Rocks
1978978-0-06-045193-6Jeffrey PfefferThe External Control of Organizations: A Resource Dependence Perspective
1972978-0-06-045195-0John E. PfeifferEmergence of Man
1978978-0-06-045196-7John E. PfeifferEmergence of Man
1985978-0-06-045201-8   ''The Emergence of Humankind
1989978-0-06-045202-5George E. Pinches · Larry W. CourtneyLotus 1 2 3 for Financial Management/Book and Disk
1988978-0-06-045204-9Nell Ann Pickett · Ann A. LasterTechnical English: Writing, Reading and Speaking
1987978-0-06-045208-7George E. PinchesEssentials of Financial Management
  ''978-0-06-045209-4George E. Pinches · David C. KetchamStudy Guide to accompany Pinches Essentials of Financial Management, 2/e
1989978-0-06-045211-7Duane Preble · Sarah PrebleArt Forms: An Introduction to the Visual Arts
1984978-0-06-045212-4Nell Ann PickettTechnical English: Writing, reading, and speaking
  ''978-0-06-045213-1George E. PinchesEssentials of Financial Management
978-0-06-045214-8Ess Fin Managmt Sg
1981978-0-06-045215-5James E DoughertyContending theories of international relations: A comprehensive survey
1987978-0-06-045216-2Eric R. PiankaEvolutionary Ecology
1986978-0-06-045218-6Julia T. Wood · Gerald M. Phillips · Douglas J. PedersenGroup Discussion: A Practical Guide to Participation and Leadership
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1980978-0-06-045221-6Nell Ann PickettTechnical English: Writing, reading, and speaking
1981978-0-06-045222-3William E. Pinney · Donald B. McWilliamsManagement Science: An Introduction to Quantitative Analysis for Management
  ''978-0-06-045223-0Robert N PhillipsVisiones de Latinoamérica: A cultural reader
1978978-0-06-045224-7Eric R PiankaEvolutionary ecology
1972978-0-06-045225-4Robert & Olga Marquez PhillipsVisiones de Latinoamerica - A Cultural Reader
1974978-0-06-045226-1Eric R. PiankaEvolutionary Ecology
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1982978-0-06-045232-2Eric R. PiankaEvolutionary Ecology
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1994978-0-06-045236-0Robert PlutchikThe Psychology and Biology of Emotion (Comparative Government)
1990978-0-06-045237-7Jose Luis S. Ponce De LeonEl Arte De LA Conversacion, El Arte De LA Composicion
1967978-0-06-045238-4David J. PittmanAlcoholism (Readers in Social Problems)
1974978-0-06-045241-4Robert PlutchikFoundations of Experimental Research (Harper's Experimental Psychology Series)
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1975978-0-06-045246-9Marie PoolerA listening guide to major orchestral literature
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1976978-0-06-045254-4Samuel Jay Keyser · Paul M. PostalBeginning English Grammar
1975978-0-06-045255-1Frank Richard PrasselIntroduction to American Criminal Justice
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1977978-0-06-045258-2A. Richard PolisFundamental mathematics: A cultural approach
1980978-0-06-045259-9George W PolitesPrecalculus mathematics: A study of functions
1975978-0-06-045262-9Gerald M. PomperVoters' Choice: Varieties of American Electoral Behavior
1977978-0-06-045264-3Ralph S PomeroySpeaking from experience: a rhetoric for extemporaneous speaking
1985978-0-06-045268-1Duane Preble · Sarah PrebleArtforms
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  ''978-0-06-045274-2Kathleen Schmidt PrezbindowskiLearning guide for Tortora and Anagnostakos: Principles of anatomy and physiology, fifth edition
1994978-0-06-045275-9Andrew Pytel · Jaan KiusalaasEngineering Mechanics: Statics & Dynamics
1993978-0-06-045276-6   ''Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics
1983978-0-06-045277-3Kenneth Prewitt · Sidney VerbaAn Introduction to American Government, 4th Edition
1980978-0-06-045278-0Kenneth PrewittPrinciples of American government
1974978-0-06-045281-0Kenneth Prewitt · Sidney VerbaAn introduction to American Government
1973978-0-06-045283-4Kenneth Prewitt · Alan StoneThe Ruling Elites: Elite Theory, Power, and American Democracy
1974978-0-06-045284-1Kenneth PrewittAn introduction to American Government
1975978-0-06-045285-8   ''Principles of American Government
1976978-0-06-045286-5Kenneth PrewittAn introduction to American Government
1972978-0-06-045287-2Michael H ProsserIntercommunication among nations and peoples
1981978-0-06-045289-6Kathleen Schmidt PrezbindowskiLearning guide for principles of anatomy and physiology
1993978-0-06-045292-6Andrew Pytel · Jaan KiusalaasEngineering Mechanics: Statics
1978978-0-06-045293-3William L. QuirinProbability and Statistics
1966978-0-06-045294-0Berneice. PriskStage Costume Handbook.
1971978-0-06-045295-7Donald James PuchalaInternational politics today
1972978-0-06-045297-1Richard L. PurtillLogical Thinking
1971978-0-06-045298-8Richard L. PurtillLogic for Philosophers
1974978-0-06-045299-5Earl Raab · G.J. SelznickMajor Social Problems
1984978-0-06-045302-2Gerard J. · Anagnostakos, Nicholas P. TortoraLearning Guide for Principles of Anatomy and Physiology
1972978-0-06-045303-9James Rachels · Frank A. TillmanPhilosophical Issues: A Contemporary Introduction
1986978-0-06-045305-3Albert E. RadfordFundamentals of Plant Systemics
1971978-0-06-045306-0James RachelsMoral problems;: A collection of philosophical essays
1975978-0-06-045307-7   ''Moral Problems: A Collection of Philosophical Essays
1974978-0-06-045309-1Albert E. Radford · William C. Dickison · Jimmy R. Massey · C. Ritchie BellVascular Plant Systematics
1977978-0-06-045311-4Richard Quinney · J. WildemanProblem of Crime: Critical Introduction to Criminology
1984978-0-06-045312-1Mohamed RafiquzzamanMicroprocessors and microcomputer development systems: Designing microprocessor-based systems
1987978-0-06-045313-8Andrew Pytel · Ferdinand L. SingerStrength of Materials
1980978-0-06-045316-9John RassiasLe français: Départ-arrivée
1990978-0-06-045319-0Edward QuinnResponsibilities Pb 87
1974978-0-06-045320-6Charles RamondThe art of using science in marketing (Harper & Row's series in marketing management)
1980978-0-06-045321-3Charles. RamondThe Art of Using Science in Marketing.
1984978-0-06-045322-0Rassias JohLe Francais Depart-Arrive
1998978-0-06-045323-7RassiasWk Le Francais
1987978-0-06-045324-4Ponce De LeonEl Arte De LA Conversacion El Arte De LA Composicion
1988978-0-06-045326-8Kenneth Prewitt · Sidney VerbaIntroduction to American Government
1994978-0-06-045327-5Eric S. RabkinStories
1998978-0-06-045331-2PulsinelliSlg Econ Today Macro
  ''978-0-06-045334-3LindquistProblem/Sol Gde Biochemistry
1983978-0-06-045335-0J. David RawnBiochemistry