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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1977978-0-06-389403-7R. Ted WillRetailing
1973978-0-06-389415-0Smokey WilsonStruggles with bears;: Experience in writing
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1971978-0-06-389424-2Jacqueline P WisemanPeople as partners;: Individual and family relationships in today's world
1977978-0-06-389425-9   ''People as partners
1971978-0-06-389650-5Bevan K YouseArithmetic;: An introduction to mathematics
978-0-06-402390-0Mildred T AndrewsWomans Place a Guide to Seattle and King County
1971978-0-06-430002-5Erwin PanofskyEarly Netherlandish Painting: Volume One
  ''978-0-06-430003-2Erwin PanofskyEarly Netherlandish Painting, Vol. 2: Plates
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