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ISBN 978-0-06-014874-4 to 978-0-06-015159-1 < ISBN 978-0-06-015160-7 to 978-0-06-015412-7 > ISBN 978-0-06-015414-1 to 978-0-06-015706-7

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1983978-0-06-015160-7Mark KramerInvasive Procedures: A Year in the World of Two Surgeons
  ''978-0-06-015161-4David L LindseyCold Mind
1982978-0-06-015162-1Jack LynnThe factory
1983978-0-06-015164-5Todd McEwenFisher's Hornpipe
  ''978-0-06-015166-9PRINCE MICHAEL OF GREECESultana
  ''978-0-06-015167-6Donald RevellFrom the Abandoned Cities (National Poetry Series)
  ''978-0-06-015168-3Robert TowersThe summoning: A novel
1984978-0-06-015169-0W. T. TylerThe Shadow Cabinet
1985978-0-06-015170-6Michele UrvaterFine Fresh Food, Fast (Great American cooking schools)
1984978-0-06-015171-3Cay Van AshTen Years Beyond Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes Matches Wits With the Diabolical Dr. Fu Manchu
1976978-0-06-015172-0Paul StewartSports Illustrated Judo
1982978-0-06-015175-1Arthur GodmanThe Barnes & Noble Thesaurus of Chemistry: The Fundamentals of Chemistry Explained and Illustrated
1983978-0-06-015176-8Arthur GodmanThe Barnes and Noble Thesaurus of Science: All Fields of Scientific Language Explained and Illustrated
1983978-0-06-015177-5Alec WattThe Barnes & Noble Thesaurus of Geology: The Principles of Geology Explained and Illustrated
1984978-0-06-015179-9Saul BellowHim With His Foot in His Mouth and Other Stories
  ''978-0-06-015180-5Tzvetan TodorovThe conquest of America: The question of the other
1983978-0-06-015181-2Mary Motley KalergisGiving Birth
  ''978-0-06-015184-3Arthur Andersen & Co.Tax Shelters: The Basics
1987978-0-06-015185-0Daniel Lewis · Lesley FarlowIllustrated Dance Technique of Jose Limon
1983978-0-06-015186-7Robert S. HolzmanTake It Off: Two Thousand Eight Hundred & Seventy Two Deductions Most People Overlook
  ''978-0-06-015187-4Peter AckroydThe Last Testament of Oscar Wilde
  ''978-0-06-015188-1Yehuda AmichaiGreat Tranquillity: Questions and Answers
1983978-0-06-015189-8Elizabeth ArthurBeyond the Mountain
  ''978-0-06-015191-1Jerome S. BrunerIn Search of Mind: Essays in Autobiography (The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Series)
  ''978-0-06-015192-8Robert W. BuckinghamComplete Hospice Guide
  ''978-0-06-015193-5Ernest L. BoyerHigh school: A Report on Secondary Education in America
  ''978-0-06-015194-2E. Grans-RuedinThe Great Book of Oriental Carpets
1983978-0-06-015195-9Christina HardymentDream Babies: Three Centuries of Good Advice on Child Care
  ''978-0-06-015197-3Susan JacobyWild Justice: The Evolution of Revenge
  ''978-0-06-015199-7Rod McKuenThe Sound of Solitude
1984978-0-06-015200-0John Powers · Arthur C. KaminskyOne Goal: A Chronicle of the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team
1983978-0-06-015201-7Prince Michael of GreeceCrown Jewels of Europe
  ''978-0-06-015202-4Lynne Sharon SchwartzDisturbances in the Field
  ''978-0-06-015204-8Robert L. ShookSurvivors: Living With Cancer: Portraits of Twelve Inspiring People
1983978-0-06-015205-5Robert Hans Van GulikChinese Bell Murders (Judge Dee Mystery)
  ''978-0-06-015206-2Robert Van GulikThe Chinese Gold Murders (Judge Dee Mystery)
  ''978-0-06-015207-9Richard WheelerA Special Valor: The U S Marines and the Pacific War
  ''978-0-06-015208-6Ann ZwingerA Desert Country Near the Sea: A Natural History of the Cape Region of Baja California
1984978-0-06-015209-3Lawrence Grow · Dina Von ZweckAmerican Victorian: A Style and Source Book
1983978-0-06-015212-3Warren TuteThe true glory: The story of the Royal Navy over a thousand years
  ''978-0-06-015213-0Anne C GutteridgeBarnes & Noble thesaurus of biology: The principles of biology explained and illustrated
1983978-0-06-015215-4Eric HofferTruth Imagined
  ''978-0-06-015216-1Gary Low · William MansellNorth American Marsh Birds
1984978-0-06-015217-8Prince of Greece MichaelLouis XIV: The Other Side of the Sun (English and French Edition)
1983978-0-06-015218-5Antony Armstrong-Jones SnowdonSnowdon Sittings, 1979-1983
1984978-0-06-015219-2William Dudley HuntAmerican architecture: A field guide to the most important examples
  ''978-0-06-015220-8Michael Francis GilbertThe Black Seraphim
  ''978-0-06-015221-5Grantly Dick-ReadChildbirth Without Fear: The Original Approach to Natural Childbirth
  ''978-0-06-015224-6Allen J MatusowThe unraveling of America: A history of liberalism in the 1960s (The New American Nation series)
1984978-0-06-015226-0Edith HoldenNature Notes of the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady
  ''978-0-06-015230-7Francesco ScavulloScavullo: Francesco Scavullo Photographs 1948-1984 (S2065)
  ''978-0-06-015231-4Kenneth SilvermanThe Life and Times of Cotton Mather
  ''978-0-06-015233-8Harrison G. Pope · J.I. HudsonNew Hope for Binge Eaters: Advances in the Understanding and Treatment of Bulimia
  ''978-0-06-015234-5David J. Rothman · Sheila M. RothmanThe Willowbrook Wars
1984978-0-06-015235-2Rachel Roberts · Alexander WalkerNo Bells on Sunday: The Rachel Roberts Journals
  ''978-0-06-015236-9Susan IsaacsAlmost Paradise
  ''978-0-06-015238-3Willie Stargell · Tom BirdWillie Stargell: An Autobiography
  ''978-0-06-015239-0Lisa St. Aubin De TeranSlow Train to Milan
  ''978-0-06-015240-6Gladys TaberThe Book of Stillmeadow
1984978-0-06-015241-3Gladys TaberStillmeadow Road
  ''978-0-06-015242-0Fran TarkentonPlaying to Win: Fran Tarkenton's Strategies for Business Success
  ''978-0-06-015243-7Laurie AndersonUnited States
  ''978-0-06-015245-1Leonard BakerBrandeis and Frankfurter: A Dual Biography
1985978-0-06-015246-8Warren Bennis · Burt NanusLeaders: The Strategies for Taking Charge
  ''978-0-06-015247-5Frances Bremer · Emily VoglCoping with His Success: Survival Guide for Wives
1983978-0-06-015248-2Alan BullockTwentieth Century Culture: A Biographical Companion
1984978-0-06-015250-5David CarkeetThe Greatest Slump of All Time
1984978-0-06-015251-2Craig ClaiborneCooking with herbs and spices
  ''978-0-06-015252-9Humberto CostantiniThe Gods, the Little Guys and the Police
  ''978-0-06-015253-6Peter Ferdinand DruckerThe Temptation to Do Good
  ''978-0-06-015254-3Alan GartnerBeyond Reagan: Alternatives for the '80s (A Social policy book)
  ''978-0-06-015255-0C. Colburn HardyDun and Bradstreet's Guide to Your Investments, 1984
1984978-0-06-015256-7G. Cabrera InfanteInfante's Inferno
  ''978-0-06-015257-4Herbert R. KohlGrowing Minds: On Becoming a Teacher (The Harper & Row Series on the Professions)
  ''978-0-06-015258-1Milan KunderaThe Unbearable Lightness of Being
  ''978-0-06-015259-8Christopher LloydWell-Chosen Garden
  ''978-0-06-015260-4Salvador Edward LuriaA Slot Machine, a Broken Test Tube: An Autobiography (Alfred P. Sloan Foundation series)
1984978-0-06-015262-8Armistead MaupinBaby Cakes: Continuing Tales of the City
1987978-0-06-015264-2Peter PadfieldDonitz: The Last Fuhrer
1984978-0-06-015265-9Joan PetersFrom Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict over Palestine
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  ''978-0-06-015269-7Douglas UngerLeaving the Land
  ''978-0-06-015270-3Arthur GodmanBarnes & Noble thesaurus of computer science
1984978-0-06-015272-7Lee GreenSportswit
  ''978-0-06-015273-4Jacquelyn PeakeHow to Recognize and Refinish Antiques for Pleasure and Profit
  ''978-0-06-015275-8William Knowlton ZinsserWillie and Dwike: An American Profile
1986978-0-06-015278-9Laurence ShamesThe Big Time: Harvard Business School's Most Successful Class--And How It Shaped America
1984978-0-06-015279-6Robert V. ReminiAndrew Jackson and the Course of American Democracy: 1833-1845 (Andrew Jackson & the Course of American Democracy 1833-1845)
  ''978-0-06-015280-2Susan Mary AlsopThe Congress Dances
  ''978-0-06-015281-9Nancy, M.D. AndreasenThe Broken Brain: The Biological Revolution in Psychiatry
1984978-0-06-015282-6Max AppleFree Agents
1985978-0-06-015283-3Jacques BarzunSimple & direct: A rhetoric for writers
1984978-0-06-015284-0Timothy B. BenfordThe World War II Quiz & Fact Book
  ''978-0-06-015285-7James Botkin · Dan Dimancescu · Ray StataThe Innovators: Rediscovering America's Creative Energy
  ''978-0-06-015286-4Piers BrendonWinston Churchill: A Biography
  ''978-0-06-015287-1Kent BurttSmart Times: A Parent's Guide to Quality Time With Preschoolers
  ''978-0-06-015288-8Eliza G. C. Collins"Dearest Amanda" an Executive's Advice to Her Daughter
1984978-0-06-015289-5Robert WilsonTheater of Images
  ''978-0-06-015291-8Julie DannenbaumItalian Fast and Fresh: Delicious Italian Meals to Make in Less Than an Hour
  ''978-0-06-015292-5Thomas M. DischThe Businessman: A Tale of Terror
  ''978-0-06-015293-2Fanny-Maude EvansChanging Memories into Memoirs: A Guide to Writing Your Life Story
  ''978-0-06-015295-6Veronica GengPartners
1984978-0-06-015296-3John GoodwinPeter Hall's Diaries: The Story of a Dramatic Battle
  ''978-0-06-015297-0Alan HinesSquare Dance
  ''978-0-06-015298-7Ted HughesRiver
1985978-0-06-015300-7Eva C. KeulsThe Reign of the Phallus: Sexual Politics in Ancient Athens
  ''978-0-06-015301-4Colleen McCulloughA Creed for the Third Millennium
  ''978-0-06-015302-1Peter MillerThe Common-Sense Mortgage: How to Cut the Cost of Home Ownership by $100,000 or More
1984978-0-06-015303-8Edward YoxenThe Gene Business: Who Should Control Biotechnology
1984978-0-06-015304-5Stephen B OatesAbraham Lincoln, the man behind the myths
1985978-0-06-015305-2Gifford PinchotIntrapreneuring: Why You Don't Have to Leave the Corporation to Become an Entrepreneur
1984978-0-06-015306-9Frank RoseInto the Heart of the Mind: An American Quest for Artificial Intelligence
  ''978-0-06-015307-6Lynne Sharon SchwartzAcquainted With the Night: And Other Stories
1987978-0-06-015308-3Sterling SeagraveThe Soong Dynasty
1984978-0-06-015309-0Brad SearsLast Chance Garage: A System-By-System Guide to Understanding How Your Car Runs, Why It Occasionally Doesn'T, and What You Can Do About It
  ''978-0-06-015310-6Kate SimonItaly: The Places in Between
  ''978-0-06-015311-3Geoffrey StokesPinstripe Pandemonium: A Season With the New York Yankees
  ''978-0-06-015312-0Richard Alan WhiteThe morass: United States intervention in Central America
1984978-0-06-015314-4Eleanor SmealWhy and how women will elect the next president (Harper colophon books)
1987978-0-06-015315-1Amy Bjork Harris · Thomas A. HarrisStaying Ok
1985978-0-06-015316-8Theodore Isaac RubinOvercoming Indecisiveness: The Eight Stages of Effective Decision Making
1984978-0-06-015317-5Fernand BraudelThe Perspective of the World: Civilization & Capitalism, 15th - 18th Century Volume 3
  ''978-0-06-015318-2Jim Stockdale · Sybil StockdaleIn Love and War: The Story of a Family's Ordeal and Sacrifice During the Vietnam Years
  ''978-0-06-015319-9Alexander WalkerDietrich
  ''978-0-06-015320-5Ronald SearleThe Illustrated Winespeak: Ronald Searle's Wicked World of Winetasting
  ''978-0-06-015321-2Nicholas SlopeThe Book of Medieval Wargames
1985978-0-06-015322-9Pat JordanSports illustrated pitching
1986978-0-06-015323-6Bud WilkinsonSports illustrated football, defense (The Sports illustrated library)
1984978-0-06-015324-3Joe GandolfoHow to Make Big Money Selling
1984978-0-06-015325-0Hank GreeneSquare and Folk Dancing: A Complete Guide for Students, Teachers, and Callers
  ''978-0-06-015326-7Robert S. HolzmanComplete Book of Tax Deductions
1987978-0-06-015329-8Angela LambertUnquiet Souls: A Social History of the Illustrious, Irreverent, Intimate Group of British Aristocrats Known As the Souls
  ''978-0-06-015331-1James Hancock · James Kushlan · Robert Gillmor · Peter HaymanThe Herons Handbook
1985978-0-06-015333-5Paul -- (editor) AlexanderAriel Ascending: Writings about Sylvia Plath
1986978-0-06-015334-2Robert BlySelected poems
1984978-0-06-015335-9Harry Chatten BoyteCommunity is possible: Repairing America's roots
  ''978-0-06-015336-6Gerard H. Clarfield · William M. WiecekNuclear America: Military and Civilian Nuclear Power in the United States, 1940-1980
  ''978-0-06-015337-3John EhleLast One Home
1984978-0-06-015338-0Pauline GedgeThe Twelfth Transforming
  ''978-0-06-015339-7Frances GiesThe Knight in History
1988978-0-06-015340-3Lois GilmanThe Adoption Resource Book
1984978-0-06-015341-0Allen GinsbergCollected poems, 1947-1980
  ''978-0-06-015342-7William GlasserTake Effective Control of Your Life
  ''978-0-06-015345-8LeRoux PaulSelling to a Group: Presentation Strategies
  ''978-0-06-015346-5David L. LindseyHeat From Another Sun
1984978-0-06-015347-2James Elliott LindsleyThis Planted Vine: A Narrative History of the Episcopal Diocese of New York
  ''978-0-06-015348-9Rod McKuenSuspension Bridge
  ''978-0-06-015349-6Dick MooreTwinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (but don't have sex or take the car)
  ''978-0-06-015350-2Michael MorgensternA Return to Romance: Finding It and Keeping It Alive
1985978-0-06-015351-9Richard H PellsThe liberal mind in a conservative age: American intellectuals in the 1940s and 1950s
1984978-0-06-015352-6Charles E SchaeferHow to talk to children about really important things
  ''978-0-06-015353-3Mark TwainPlymouth Rock and the Pilgrims and Other Salutary Platform Opinions
1984978-0-06-015354-0E. B WhiteThe second tree from the corner
  ''978-0-06-015355-7Richard WhittinghamWhat a Game They Played: Stories of the Early Days of Pro Football by Those Who Were There
  ''978-0-06-015356-4Barbara WoodE.F. Schumacher, his life and thought
1985978-0-06-015357-1Robert S. OgilvieCompetitive Figure Skating: a Parent's Guide
  ''978-0-06-015358-8William Roland HartstonThe Kings of Chess: A History of Chess Traced Through the Lives of Its Greatest Players
1984978-0-06-015359-5Sam ElderA Christmas Celebration
  ''978-0-06-015360-1Keith BrockieOne Man's Island: A Naturalist's Year
1985978-0-06-015362-5Meir Ben-Dov · Ina FriedmanIn the Shadow of the Temple: The Discovery of Ancient Jerusalem (English and Hebrew Edition)
1984978-0-06-015364-9Gabriel Garcia MarquezCollected Stories (English and Spanish Edition)
1986978-0-06-015365-6Vasily GrossmanLife and Fate: A Novel
1985978-0-06-015366-3Brian J. FordSingle Lens: The Story of the Simple Microscope
1984978-0-06-015367-0Malcolm LowryUnder the Volcano
1985978-0-06-015371-7Roberta Wilson · James Q. WilsonWatching Fishes: Life and Behavior on Coral Reefs
1985978-0-06-015372-4Lawrence GaltonMed Tech: The Layperson's Guide to Today's Medical Miracles
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  ''978-0-06-015375-5Robert S. OgilvieCompetitive Figure Skating: A Parent's Guide
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1986978-0-06-015377-9Patrick TylerRunning Critical: The Silent War, Rickover, and General Dynamics
1985978-0-06-015378-6James KavanaughThe Celibates
1984978-0-06-015379-3Helen Hooven SantmyerOhio Town: A Portrait of Xenia, Ohio
1985978-0-06-015381-6Gerald GrossEditors on editing
1985978-0-06-015382-3Arthur AndersenTax Shelters: The Basics, 1985
  ''978-0-06-015383-0Russell BanksContinental Drift
  ''978-0-06-015384-7Sharona Ben-Tov · Sharona MuirDuring Ceasefire
  ''978-0-06-015385-4Sue Ellen BridgersSara Will
  ''978-0-06-015386-1Carmen · Alfred Allan LewisStaying Beautiful: Beauty Secrets and Attitudes from My Forty Years As a Model
1985978-0-06-015387-8Gerard ChaliandA Strategic Atlas: Comparative Geopolitics of the World's Powers
  ''978-0-06-015388-5Ken ChowderJadis
  ''978-0-06-015390-8Gena CoreaThe Mother Machine: Reproductive Technologies from Artificial Insemination to Artificial Wombs
  ''978-0-06-015391-5Humberto CostantiniThe long night of Francisco Sanctis
  ''978-0-06-015392-2Quentin CrispManners from Heaven: A Divine Guide to Good Behavior
1985978-0-06-015393-9William E. DonoghueWilliam E. Donoghue's Guide to Finding Money to Invest
  ''978-0-06-015395-3Rod GraggThe Civil War quiz and fact book
  ''978-0-06-015396-0Tony HillermanThe Ghostway (A Harper novel of suspense)
  ''978-0-06-015397-7Stan LeeDunn's Conundrum
  ''978-0-06-015399-1Wright MorrisA Cloak of Light: Writing My Life
1985978-0-06-015401-1Jerry OsterSweet Justice
  ''978-0-06-015402-8Joan PumaThe Complete Urban Gardener (A Harper colophon book)
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1985978-0-06-015406-6Michael StrassfeldThe Jewish holidays: A guide and commentary
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1985978-0-06-015409-7William Knowlton ZinsserOn writing well: An informal guide to writing nonfiction
1986978-0-06-015410-3Yehuda AmichaiThe selected poetry of Yehuda Amichai
1985978-0-06-015412-7Jack GillisThe Car Book: An Indispensable Guide to the Safest, Most Economical New Cars