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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-0-06-045384-8John Wilson RennerTeaching science in the elementary school
1972978-0-06-045386-2John Wilson Renner · D.G. StaffordTeaching Science in the Secondary School
1978978-0-06-045389-3Marvin D ResnickPractical composition for the contemporary student
1973978-0-06-045391-6Andrea L RichInterracial communication
1972978-0-06-045392-3John Martin RichConflict and decision;: Analyzing educational issues
1976978-0-06-045395-4John S. ReshetarThe Soviet Polity Government and Politics in The U.S.S.R
1978978-0-06-045396-1   ''Soviet Polity: Government and Politics in the U.S.S.R.
1988978-0-06-045398-5John S., Jr. ReshetarThe Soviet Polity: Government and Politics in the USSR
1977978-0-06-045403-6C. Alan RiedeselHandbook for exploratory and systematic teaching of elementary school mathematics
1975978-0-06-045406-7Leonard M RidiniPhysical education for inner city secondary schools (Issues in contemporary physical education)
1987978-0-06-045407-4Laurel Walum RichardsonThe Dynamics of Sex and Gender: A Sociological Perspective
1973978-0-06-045409-8Kenneth L Rinehart Jr. · William O. McClureWednesday Night at the Lab: Antibiotics, Bioengineering, Contraceptives, Drugs and Ethics
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1992978-0-06-045416-6Carl E. Rischer · Thomas A. EastonFocus on Human Biology
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1984978-0-06-045422-7William L RiversNews in print: Writing and reporting
  ''978-0-06-045423-4   ''Working with news in print
1978978-0-06-045425-8Betty RizzoThe writers' studio: Exercises for grammar, proofreading, and composition
1981978-0-06-045426-5Betty RizzoWriter's Studio: Exercises for Grammar, Proofreading, and Composition
1988978-0-06-045439-5Carol Ashburn RoachSuccessful Listening (Speech communication series)
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1983978-0-06-045498-2Cora L Robey · Ethelyn H MorganBasic Communication Skills
1974978-0-06-045499-9Vera Mowry RobertsOn Stage: History of Theatre
1971978-0-06-045501-9Vera M. RobertsNature of Theatre
1979978-0-06-045503-3Readings in sociology, contemporary perspectives (Harper & Row's contemporary perspectives reader series)
1980978-0-06-045504-0Gerald D RobinIntroduction to the criminal justice system: Principles, procedures, practice
1972978-0-06-045506-4Thomas J RobinsonAnalytical trigonometry
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1984978-0-06-045512-5Gerald D RobinIntroduction to the criminal justice system: Principles, procedures, practice
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1975978-0-06-045544-6David C.D. RogersEssentials of Business Policy
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1974978-0-06-045552-1C.Leland Rodgers · Rex E. KerstetterThe Ecosphere: Organisms, Habitats and Disturbances
1998978-0-06-045554-5RogersWk Germn Thru Conv Pat 3e PB
1988978-0-06-045555-2Phillip G. RoederSoviet Political Dynamics: Development of the First Leninist Polity
1998978-0-06-045559-0RoederSg World the
1976978-0-06-045569-9Louise Elizabeth RorabacherA Concise Guide to Composition
1974978-0-06-045574-3   ''Assignments in exposition
1979978-0-06-045575-0   ''Assignments in exposition
1982978-0-06-045576-7Louise Elizabeth RorabacherAssignments in exposition
1985978-0-06-045577-4Louise E. Rorabacher · Georgia DunbarAssignments in Exposition (8th Edition)
1987978-0-06-045578-1Louise E. RorabacherAssignments in Exposition
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1974978-0-06-045589-7Michael L. RosenzweigAND REPLENISH THE EARTH: the evolution, consequences, and prevention of overpopulation
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1982978-0-06-045592-7Janet RossUnderstanding English
1967978-0-06-045601-6Murray G. RossCommunity Organization: Theory, Principles, and Practice
1985978-0-06-045602-3Michael H RossHistology: A text and atlas
1988978-0-06-045626-9David F. Roth · Paul WarwickComparative Politics: Diverse States in an Interdependent World
1983978-0-06-045649-8Elton B. McNeil · Zick RubinPsychology of Being Human: Brief/Update
1987978-0-06-045651-1Elton B. McNeil · Zick RubinPsychology of Being Human: Brief/Update
  ''978-0-06-045664-1Vincent Ryan RuggieroArt of Thinking
1984978-0-06-045665-8Vincent Ryan RuggieroThe art of thinking: A guide to critical and creative thought
1992978-0-06-045666-5Joan Frantz Vesper · Vincent Ryan RuggieroContemporary Business Communication: From Thought to Expression
1987978-0-06-045667-2Vincent Ryan RuggieroTeaching Thinking Across the Curriculum
1991978-0-06-045669-6   ''The Art of Thinking: A Guide to Critical and Creative Thought
1987978-0-06-045672-6Tracey RuffnerAmericana Articles 2: Reading the Culture
1990978-0-06-045673-3Dankwart A. Rustow · Kenneth P. EricksonComparative Political Dynamics: Global Research Perspectives
1976978-0-06-045682-5Thora J RunyanNutrition for today
1975978-0-06-045686-3William W RydingPetite révision de grammaire française (French Edition)
1991978-0-06-045687-0Kevin RyanThe Roller Coaster Year: Essays by and for Beginning Teachers
1986978-0-06-045689-4Milton H. SaierEnzymes in Metabolic Pathways: A Comparative Study of Mechanism, Structure, Evolution, and Control
1963978-0-06-045690-0Antoine de Saint-ExuperyNight Flight (French Edition)
1970978-0-06-045691-7Robert H. SalisburyInterest Group Politics in America
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978-0-06-045697-9Sg Social Psych & Appl
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1991978-0-06-045714-3Stephen K. SandersonMacrosociology
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1981978-0-06-045725-9Nelly E. SantosEspanol Comercial
1986978-0-06-045728-0Ronald Edward SmithPsychology: The Frontiers of Behavior
1982978-0-06-045729-7Ronald E. Smith · etc.Psychology: The Frontiers of Behaviour
1978978-0-06-045732-7Ronald E. Smith · etc.Psychology: The Frontiers of Behaviour
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1978978-0-06-045736-5Ronald Edward SmithStudy guide to accompany Psychology, the frontiers of behavior
1986978-0-06-045741-9Thomas J. SargentRational Expectations and Inflation
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  ''978-0-06-045757-0Joseph M ScanduraMathematics;: Concrete behavioral foundations
1980978-0-06-045761-7Harold Schechter · Jonna G. SemeiksPatterns in popular culture: A sourcebook for writers
1967978-0-06-045762-4Thomas J. ScheffMental Illness and Social Processes (Readers in Social Problems)
1988978-0-06-045763-1Warren Rosenberg · Harold Schechter · Jonna Gormely SemeiksAmerican Voices: A Thematic/Rhetorical Reader
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1998978-0-06-045765-5Margaret L. Andersen · Frank R. ScarpittiSg Social Problems
1993978-0-06-045768-6Andrew R. SchotterMicroeconomics: A Modern Approach (Harpercollins Series in Economics)
1975978-0-06-045773-0Aaron W. Schiff · Ken Mellor · Eric Schiff · Shea Schiff · David Richman · Joel Fishman · Linda Wolz · Cheryl FishmanTransactional Analysis Treatment of Psychosis, Cathexis Reader
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1975978-0-06-045776-1David SchimmelThe Civil Rights of Students (Critical issues in education)
1972978-0-06-045778-5Leonard W. SchmalzScientific Psychology and Social Concern
1976978-0-06-045784-6Richard A. SchmidtMotor Skills (Harper's series on scientific perspectives of physical education)
1973978-0-06-045789-1W.N. Schoenfeld · B.K. ColeStimulus Schedules
1971978-0-06-045791-4Alan N. SchoonmakerA Students' Survival Manual: Or, How to Get an Education Despite It All
1986978-0-06-045792-1Kay Lehman Schlozman · John T. TierneyOrganized Interests and American Democracy
1982978-0-06-045798-3Schramm and PorterMen, Women, Messages, and Media
1988978-0-06-045799-0Wilbur SchrammThe Story of Human Communication: Cave Painting to Microchip
1979978-0-06-045811-9Edwin M SchurInterpreting deviance: A sociological introduction
1972978-0-06-045812-6Edwin M. SchurLabeling Deviant Behavior; It's Social Implications
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1978978-0-06-045912-3Elman Rogers ServiceProfiles in Ethnology
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1979978-0-06-045915-4Dieter SevinZur Diskussion: A modern approach to German conversation
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1979978-0-06-045921-5Carl K. SeyfertEarth History and Plate Tectonics: An Introduction to Historical Geology
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  ''978-0-06-045931-4Mohsen ShahinpoorA Robot Engineering Textbook
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1965978-0-06-045960-4Karl Shapiro · Robert BeumA Prosody Handbook
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1973978-0-06-045973-4Harry ShawWriting and rewriting
  ''978-0-06-045974-1Harry ShawA complete course in freshman English
1979978-0-06-045979-6   ''Comp Crse Fresh Eng
1974978-0-06-046071-6Charles H., SheldonThe American Judicial Process: Models and Approaches
1973978-0-06-046091-4Francis Parker ShepardSubmarine Geology
1974978-0-06-046094-5Jon M ShepardBasic sociology: structure, interaction, and change
1994978-0-06-046097-6C. Michael FellowsEconomics in a Canadian Setting
1993978-0-06-046099-0   ''Macroeconomics in a Canadian Setting
1976978-0-06-046104-1Carolyn Wood SherifOrientation in Social Psychology
1989978-0-06-046105-8William M. ShermanBehavior Modification:Theory and Practice
1977978-0-06-046106-5Howard J. ShermanStagflation: A Radical Theory of Unemployment and Inflation
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1964978-0-06-046110-2Muzafer Sherif · Carolyn Wood SherifReference Groups
1985978-0-06-046113-3ShermanInteractive Cases in Management (3 Diskettes for IBM Pc&Student Manual Casebook Spiral)
1977978-0-06-046119-5Kenneth S SherrillPower, policy, and participation: An introduction to American Government
1978978-0-06-046123-2Cynthia M. ShewanSpeech and language disorders: Selected readings
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1960978-0-06-046140-9N B SigbandEffective Report Writing
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1977978-0-06-046151-5Geraldine Brain SiksDrama with Children
1983978-0-06-046152-2Geraldine Brian SiksDrama With Children
1998978-0-06-046158-4SilverSg Comp & Infor Process
1986978-0-06-046159-1Gerald A. Silver · Myrna SilverComputers and Information Processing
1958978-0-06-046160-7Geraldine Brain SiksCreative Dramatics
1983978-0-06-046161-4Paula F. SilverEducational Administration: Theoretical Perspectives on Practice and Research
1984978-0-06-046162-1Gerald A. Silver · Myrna SilverSimplified BASIC Programming for Microcomputers
1940978-0-06-046163-8Georges SimenonLe Chien Jaune
1974978-0-06-046165-2Paul E. SimondsThe Social Primates (Animal Behavior Series)
1973978-0-06-046175-1Harold SimonsonQuartet/Stories
1970978-0-06-046176-8Harold P. (Editor) SimonsonQuartet Poems
1973978-0-06-046177-5Harold P. Simonson · John B. MageeDimensions of Man
1973978-0-06-046184-3Harold P. SimonsonQuartet: A Book of Stories, Plays, Poems and Critical Essays
1975978-0-06-046185-0Harold P.SimonsonTrio: A Book of Stories, Plays, and Poems
1980978-0-06-046186-7Harold Peter SimonsonTrio: A book of stories, plays, and poems
1998978-0-06-046188-1Connie Sitterly · Stan KossenLg Human Side Organizatn
1972978-0-06-046212-3George Eaton SimpsonRacial and Cultural Minorities: An Analysis of Prejudice and Discrimination
1978978-0-06-046214-7J.Robert Foster · etc.Cases in Marketing Channel Strategy
  ''978-0-06-046215-4J.Taylor Sims · etc.Marketing Channels: Systems and Strategies
  ''978-0-06-046216-1Lillian M SimmsThe nurse person: Developing perspectives for contemporary nursing
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1980978-0-06-046229-1Ferdinand Leon SingerStrength of materials
1975978-0-06-046231-4Engineering Mechanics: Statics and Dynamics [Hardcover] by Singer, Ferdinand L.
  ''978-0-06-046232-1Ferdinand Leon SingerEngineering mechanics
  ''978-0-06-046233-8Engineering Mechanics, Part II: Dynamics (Third Ed
1968978-0-06-046244-4Gideon Sjoberg · Roger NettMethodology for Social Research
1986978-0-06-046245-1Eric William SkopecSituational Interviewing (Speech communication series)
1987978-0-06-046292-5Sam SmileyTheatre, the Human Art
1997978-0-06-046298-7BullCollege Chemistry: Laboratory Manual, 6th Edition
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1975978-0-06-046311-3Richard H KlemerKlemer's marriage and family relationships
1979978-0-06-046312-0W. Allen SmithElementary numerical analysis