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ISBN 978-0-06-010454-2 to 978-0-06-010937-0 < ISBN 978-0-06-010939-4 to 978-0-06-011298-1 > ISBN 978-0-06-011299-8 to 978-0-06-011708-5

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1974978-0-06-010939-4George Emery DanielsThe Getting Game: How to Get Things for Practically Nothing
  ''978-0-06-010944-8Jack DannWandering Stars: An Anthology of Jewish Fantasy and Science Fiction
1965978-0-06-010945-5George DangerfieldAwakening of American Nationalism (New American Nation)
1973978-0-06-010948-6Barbara DarcyBloomingdale's Book of Home Decorating
  ''978-0-06-010949-3Joan DashA life of one's own;: Three gifted women and the men they married
1976978-0-06-010951-6Dick DabneyThe honor system
  ''978-0-06-010952-3Jack Dann · George Zebrowski · Isaac Asimov · Arthur C. Clarke · Keith Laumer · Ben Bova · Howard Waldrop · A.A. Jackson IVFaster than light: An original anthology about interstellar travel
1979978-0-06-010954-7George Emery DanielsHow to Be Your Own Home Electrician (Popular Science Skill Book)
1976978-0-06-010956-1   ''How to Use Hand and Power Tools (Popular Science skill book)
1977978-0-06-010957-8   ''Home Guide to Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning (Popular science skill book)
  ''978-0-06-010958-5Jack DannStarhiker: A Novel
1978978-0-06-010962-2Jack (ed.) DannImmortal: Short novels of the transhuman future
1979978-0-06-010963-9Joan DashSummoned to Jerusalem: The Life of Henrietta Szold
1979978-0-06-010964-6Celia DaleThe deception
1973978-0-06-010969-1Peter DavisonHalf remembered;: A personal history
1978978-0-06-010971-4Paul DaviesThe Runaway Universe
  ''978-0-06-010972-1Per DalsgaardBright Ideas For Your Home
1980978-0-06-010973-8Christopher DavisWaiting for It
1981978-0-06-010974-5Julie DannenbaumFast and Fresh
1930978-0-06-010981-3William Stearns DavisLife in Elizabethan Days
1983978-0-06-010983-7Jan De HartogThe trail of the serpent
1980978-0-06-010985-1Richard DayHow to Service and Repair Your Own Car
1979978-0-06-010986-8John DiamondBK: Behavioral Kinesiology--How to Activate Your Thymus and Increase Your Life Energy
1978978-0-06-010987-5R. J. De CristoforoDe Cristoforo's Housebuilding Illustrated
1977978-0-06-010988-2Christopher DavisSuicide note: A novel
1975978-0-06-010989-9   ''The Sun in mid-career
1923978-0-06-010991-2William Stearns DavisLife on a Medieval Barony
1971978-0-06-010993-6Christopher DavisA peep into the 20th century
1972978-0-06-010994-3   ''The producer
1980978-0-06-010995-0Jan De HartogThe Lamb's War: A Novel
1977978-0-06-010996-7Len DeightonOu Est Le Garlic: French Cooking in 50 Lessons
1973978-0-06-010997-4Gavan DawsHoly Man: Father Damien of Molokai
  ''978-0-06-010999-8R. J. De Cristoforode Cristoforo's Complete Book of Power Tools: Stationary & Portable Tools
  ''978-0-06-011003-1Richard DayHow to Service and Repair Your Own Car.
1970978-0-06-011007-9Edward De BonoLateral thinking: creativity step by step
  ''978-0-06-011012-3Carl N. DeglerOut of Our Past: Forces That Shaped Modern America
1969978-0-06-011016-1Jose M. R. DelgadoPhysical Control of the Ind Toward a Psychocivilized Society
1971978-0-06-011019-2Sefton DelmerThe counterfeit spy
1974978-0-06-011022-2Carl N DeglerThe other South: Southern dissenters in the nineteenth century
1972978-0-06-011024-6Edward De BonoChildren solve problems
1974978-0-06-011026-0Anthony DelanoBreathless Diversions
1976978-0-06-011028-4Richard DayHow to Build Patios and Decks (Popular Science Skill Book)
1979978-0-06-011029-1Joël de RosnayThe macroscope: A new world scientific system
1976978-0-06-011031-4R. J. DeCristoforoHow to Build Your Own Furniture (Popular Science Skill Book)
1974978-0-06-011032-1Roy Ward DicksonThe greatest quiz book ever
1972978-0-06-011033-8E. Dirksen · Herbert V. ProchnowQuotation Finder
1972978-0-06-011034-5Grantly Dick-ReadChildbirth without fear;: The original approach to natural childbirth
1976978-0-06-011036-9Thomas & NAYLOR, Charles DISCHNew constellations: An anthology of tomorrow's mythologies
1969978-0-06-011037-6Peter DickinsonOld English Peep Show
1970978-0-06-011038-3Peter DickinsonThe Sinful Stones
1971978-0-06-011039-0Peter DickinsonSleep and His Brother
1972978-0-06-011041-3   ''The lizard in the cup
1975978-0-06-011042-0John P DigginsUp from communism: Conservative odysseys in American intellectual history
1972978-0-06-011043-7Joseph DionneThe Broken Places
1973978-0-06-011046-8Thomas M DischBad Moon Rising
1976978-0-06-011047-5Dorothy DinnersteinThe Mermaid and the Minotaur: Sexual Arrangements and Human Malaise
1974978-0-06-011048-2G. William DomhoffThe Bohemian Grove and other retreats;: A study in ruling-class cohesiveness,
1940978-0-06-011050-5Walter L. DornCompetition for Empire, 1740-63
1975978-0-06-011052-9Thomas M. DischThe New improved sun: An anthology of utopian S-F
1977978-0-06-011054-3Jack DempseyDempsey
1978978-0-06-011056-7Richard DayHow to Build Patios and Decks
1977978-0-06-011057-4Edward De BonoWordpower: An Illustrated Dictionary of Concepts
1978978-0-06-011058-1Gladis DePreeThe self-anointed
1977978-0-06-011061-1Annie DillardHoly the Firm
1978978-0-06-011062-8Bernard DixonBeyond the magic bullet
  ''978-0-06-011063-5Mark DintenfassMontgomery Street
  ''978-0-06-011064-2Stephen DixonToo Late
1968978-0-06-011067-3Marjory Stoneman DouglasFlorida
1978978-0-06-011068-0Barbaralee DiamonsteinBuildings reborn: New uses, old places
1977978-0-06-011069-7Shakuntala DeviFiguring: The joy of numbers
1979978-0-06-011072-7Stephen DixonQuite contrary: The Mary and Newt story
1980978-0-06-011073-4R. B. DominicThe Attending Physician
1981978-0-06-011074-1Peter DickinsonThe Flight of Dragons
1972978-0-06-011076-5Gardner R. DozoisA Day in the Life;
1978978-0-06-011078-9Gordon R. DicksonNebula Winners: 12
1980978-0-06-011079-6Anita DesaiClear Light of Day
1972978-0-06-011082-6Hubert L DreyfusWhat computers can't do;: A critique of artificial reason,
1967978-0-06-011085-7Jacques DrozEurope Between Revolutions, 1815-1848
1978978-0-06-011086-4Margaret Anne DoodyAristotle detective
1980978-0-06-011087-1Tom De HavenJersey luck: A novel
1981978-0-06-011088-8Henry EdwardsWhat happened to my mother
1971978-0-06-011091-8Peter Ferdinand DruckerMen, Ideas and Politics; Essays,
1974978-0-06-011092-5Peter Ferdinand DruckerManagement: tasks, responsibilities, practices
1969978-0-06-011093-2Peter F. DruckerThe Age of Discontinuity: Guidelines to Our Changing Society
1980978-0-06-011094-9Peter Ferdinand DruckerManaging in Turbulent Times
1954978-0-06-011095-6   ''The Practice of Management
1970978-0-06-011096-3   ''Technology, Management and Society; Essays,
1976978-0-06-011097-0   ''The Unseen Revolution: How Pension Fund Socialism Came to America
1979978-0-06-011101-4Peter Ferdinand DruckerAdventures of A Bystander
1980978-0-06-011103-8Flint O DuPreYour career in Federal Civil Service
1982978-0-06-011104-5Walker EvansWalker Evans at work: 745 photographs together with documents selected from letters, memoranda, interviews, notes
1977978-0-06-011106-9Leo Deuel · Heinrich SchliemannMemoirs of Heinrich Schliemann: A documentary portrait drawn from his autobiographical writings, letters, and excavation reports
1968978-0-06-011107-6Charles L. DufourTen Flags in the Wind
1979978-0-06-011108-3Freeman DysonDisturbing the Universe
1963978-0-06-011110-6Allen Welsh DullesThe Craft of Intelligence
1978978-0-06-011112-0Col. Trevor N. DupuyElusive Victory: The Arab-Israeli Wars, 1947-1974
1977978-0-06-011113-7Harlan EllisonStrange Wine: Fifteen new stories from the nightside of the world
1978978-0-06-011114-4Clark M. EichelbergerOrganizing for Peace: Personal History of the Founding of the United Nations (A Cass Canfield book)
1955978-0-06-011115-1Foster Rhea DullesAmerica's Rise to World Power, 1898-1954 (New American Nation)
1976978-0-06-011116-8Andrea DworkinOur blood: Prophecies and discourses on sexual politics
  ''978-0-06-011118-2Russell EdsonThe Intuitive Journey and Other Works
  ''978-0-06-011119-9Joyce EliasonLaid Out
  ''978-0-06-011121-2Russell EdsonIntuitive Journey and Other Works
1968978-0-06-011123-6Allen DullesGreat true spy stories
  ''978-0-06-011124-3Allen Welsh DullesGreat Spy Stories from Fiction
978-0-06-011125-0BOOSEY & HAWKES ELGAR EDWARD - CORONATION ODE OP. 44 - SOLOISTS , CHOIR AND ORCHESTRA Partition classique Vocale - chorale Choeur et ensemble vocal
1975978-0-06-011127-4Richard Ernest DupuyAn Outline History of the American Revolution
1973978-0-06-011128-1David Douglas DuncanPrismatics; exploring a new world
1970978-0-06-011131-1Orrin E. DunlapCommunications in Space: From Marconi to Man on the Moon
1973978-0-06-011132-8Michael DummettFrege: Philosophy of Language
1974978-0-06-011137-3Roy F. DunlapGun Owner's Book of Care, Repair and Improvement
1977978-0-06-011139-7Richard Ernest Dupuy · Trevor N. DupuyThe encyclopedia of military history from 3500 B.C. to the present
1975978-0-06-011141-0John EricksonThe Road to Stalingrad (Stalin's war with Germany, Vol. 1)
1976978-0-06-011142-7David Durk · Ira SilvermanThe Pleasant Avenue Connection
1975978-0-06-011143-4Colin T EislerThe seeing hand: A treasury of great master drawings
1974978-0-06-011144-1Ben. EastThe Ben East Hunting Book.
1974978-0-06-011146-5George Alec EffingerMixed Feelings; Short Stories
  ''978-0-06-011148-9Thomas JeffersonThomas Jefferson: A biography in his own words (The Founding fathers)
1973978-0-06-011149-6George Alec EffingerRelatives
  ''978-0-06-011152-6W.J. EcclesFrance in America (The New American Nation series)
1970978-0-06-011153-3Gustav EcksteinThe Body Has a Head
1971978-0-06-011156-4Lesley EganMalicious mischief
1973978-0-06-011157-1Russell EdsonThe childhood of an equestrian
1972978-0-06-011158-8Lesley EganPaper chase,
1974978-0-06-011163-2Cy EganSome very special men: The Emergency Service to the rescue
1971978-0-06-011166-3John EhleThe Journey of August King
1974978-0-06-011167-0John EhleCheeses and Wines of England and France, with Notes on Irish Whiskey
1973978-0-06-011169-4Thomas W EvansThe school in the home;: A primer for parents of preschool children based on the works of Dr. A. A. Berle, Sr
1964978-0-06-011170-0John EhleLand Breakers
1973978-0-06-011171-7John M EllisVitamin B6: the doctor's report
1967978-0-06-011173-1John EhleThe Road
1970978-0-06-011174-8   ''Time of Drums: A Novel
1975978-0-06-011176-2Harlan EllisonDeathbird Stories
1973978-0-06-011177-9Roger ElwoodShowcase
1970978-0-06-011179-3Clark Mell, EichelbergerUn: The First Twenty-Five Years
1972978-0-06-011182-3Susan ErtzSummer's Lease
  ''978-0-06-011183-0Sumner Locke ElliottThe Man Who Got Away
1973978-0-06-011184-7Bill GaleEsquire's fashions for today,
1970978-0-06-011187-8Vlad. EvanoffAnother 1001 Fishing Tips and Tricks.
1972978-0-06-011189-2Careth EllingsonDirectory of facilities for the learning-disabled and handicapped
1969978-0-06-011191-5Sumner Locke. ElliottEdens Lost.
  ''978-0-06-011194-6John Huxtable ElliottEurope Divided 1559-1598
2000978-0-06-011198-4Elton GrReformation Europe, Fifteen Seventeen-Fifteen Fifty
1968978-0-06-011201-1Eugene ExmanHouse of Harper
1967978-0-06-011202-8Philippe, ErlangerThe Age of Courts and Kings: Manners and Morals, 1558-1715
1976978-0-06-011204-2Byron FarwellThe Great Anglo-Boer War
1955978-0-06-011205-9Clifton FadimanAmerican Treasury, 1455-1955
1970978-0-06-011206-6Ronald L. FairWorld of Nothing: Two Novellas
1959978-0-06-011210-3Harold Underwood FaulknerPolitics, Reform and Expansion 1890-1900
1971978-0-06-011211-0No Author CreditedThe Family Handyman Magazine's Home Emergencies and Repairs
1972978-0-06-011216-5Ronald L. FairWe Can't Breathe
1972978-0-06-011217-2David W. EwingLong-range Planning for Management
  ''978-0-06-011218-9Gordon S. FayThe Rockhound's Manual
  ''978-0-06-011219-6Annette FeldmanKnit, purl, and design!
1973978-0-06-011221-9Explorers LtdThe Explorers Ltd. source book
1972978-0-06-011222-6Byron FarwellQueen Victoria's little wars
1973978-0-06-011223-3Annette FeldmanCrochet and creative design
1977978-0-06-011224-0Patrick Leigh FermorA Time of Gifts
1974978-0-06-011232-5Annette FeldmanBeginner's needlecraft
  ''978-0-06-011233-2Vlad EvanoffSurf fishing
  ''978-0-06-011234-9Carol EmshwillerJoy in our cause;: Short stories
1960978-0-06-011235-6Louis FillerCrusade Against Slavery, 1830-1860 (New American Nation)
1974978-0-06-011236-3Chris FergusonThe molting season
1974978-0-06-011237-0Ben EastThe Ben East hunting book
  ''978-0-06-011238-7John Patrick FarrellMaking Cordials and Liqueurs at Home
  ''978-0-06-011241-7Joyce EliasonFresh Meat/Warm Weather
1975978-0-06-011242-4Sumner Locke ElliottGoing
  ''978-0-06-011243-1Valerie EllistonCoward's paradise
  ''978-0-06-011246-2Jean FemlingBackyard
1975978-0-06-011247-9John FischerVital signs, U.S.A (A Cass Canfield book)
  ''978-0-06-011249-3Findhorn CommunityThe Findhorn Garden
1998978-0-06-011251-6Mo FerraterDictionary of Philosophy
1977978-0-06-011252-3Explorers LtdThe Explorers Ltd. Source book
1976978-0-06-011253-0Susan ErtzThe philosopher's daughter
1975978-0-06-011256-1Philip A FisherConservative investors sleep well
1977978-0-06-011257-8Vlad EvanoffFishing rigs for fresh & salt water
1978978-0-06-011258-5Ida P. RolfIda Rolf Talks About Rolfing and Physical Reality
1977978-0-06-011259-2Explorers Ltd.The Explorers Ltd. Source Book
1978978-0-06-011261-5Walker EvansWalker Evans, First and Last
  ''978-0-06-011264-6Nicholas FaithThe winemasters
  ''978-0-06-011266-0Jonathan FastMortal gods: A novel
1980978-0-06-011268-4Findhorn CommunityFaces of Findhorn: Images of a Planetary Family
1978978-0-06-011269-1John FischerFrom the high plains
  ''978-0-06-011271-4Iain FinlayThe Azanian assignment
1979978-0-06-011272-1Stan FischlerMoving millions: An inside look at mass transit
1979978-0-06-011273-8Lew FishmanGolf magazine's Shortcuts to better golf
1972978-0-06-011274-5Roger FisherDear Israelis, dear Arabs;: A working approach to peace
1979978-0-06-011278-3Rudolf Franz FleschHow to Write Plain English: A Book for Lawyers and Consumers: With 60 Before-And-After Translations from Legalese
1959978-0-06-011280-6Marshall William FishwickVirginia: A New Look at the Old Dominion
1980978-0-06-011281-3Harry S Truman · Robert H. FerrellOff the Record: The Private Papers of Harry S. Truman
1982978-0-06-011282-0Ruth EngelmannLeaf House: Days of Remembering
1981978-0-06-011283-7Katharine Davis FishmanThe Computer Establishment
1972978-0-06-011286-8Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin: a biography in his own words (The Founding fathers)
  ''978-0-06-011291-2Rudolf Franz FleschSay What You Mean
1977978-0-06-011292-9   ''Look It Up: A Deskbook of American Spelling and Style
1979978-0-06-011294-3Gerald R. FordA Time to Heal: The Autobiography of Gerald Ford
1980978-0-06-011296-7Mary Mix FoleyThe American House
1979978-0-06-011297-4Gerald R. FordA Time to Heal: The Autobiography of Gerald R. Ford
1978978-0-06-011298-1Betty Ford · Chris ChaseThe Times of My Life