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ISBN 978-0-06-137519-4 to 978-0-06-140822-9 < ISBN 978-0-06-140824-3 to 978-0-06-143079-4 > ISBN 978-0-06-143080-0 to 978-0-06-144488-3

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1977978-0-06-140826-7Noble O. FowlerCardiac Arrhythmias: Diagnosis and Treatment
1975978-0-06-140833-5Edmund A. FrankenGastrointestinal Radiology in Paediatrics
1976978-0-06-140834-2Samuel Orkin Freedman · P. GoldClinical Immunology
1972978-0-06-140835-9Sydney M. FriedmanVisual Anatomy: Back and Limbs v. 3
1977978-0-06-140841-0Fritz Fuchs · Arnold KlopperEndocrinology of Pregnancy
1980978-0-06-140843-4Mitchell H. FriedlaenderAllergy and Immunology of the Eye
1982978-0-06-140848-9E. FordhamAtlas of Total Body Radionuclide Imaging
1978978-0-06-140910-3Harvey A. Gilbert · A.Robert KaganModern Radiation Oncology: v. 1: Classic Literature and Current Management
1984978-0-06-140911-0Harvey A. GilbertModern Radiation Oncology: Classic Literature and Current Management
1980978-0-06-140915-8A.David GinsburgClinical Reasoning in Patient Care
1975978-0-06-140922-6Urologic surgery
1983978-0-06-140923-3James F. GlennUrologic Surgery
1978978-0-06-140941-7Joel S. GlaserNeuro-ophthalmology
1980978-0-06-140942-4S.P. Glasser · Pamela J. ClarkClinical Approach to Exercise Testing
  ''978-0-06-140945-5Nedzad GluhbegovicThe Human Brain: A Photographic Guide
  ''978-0-06-140954-7Jay J GoldGynecologic endocrinology
1975978-0-06-140956-1Jay J. GoldGynaecologic Endocrinology
1979978-0-06-140981-3GoodhillEar Diseases-Deafness & Dizzinss
1981978-0-06-141010-9Allan G. GornallApplied Biochemistry of Clinical Disorders
1972978-0-06-141015-4James H. GrahamDermal Pathology
1980978-0-06-141066-6Elsayed Saad Eldin HafezHuman Reproduction: Conception and Contraception
1978978-0-06-141074-1Eric J. HallRadiobiology for the Radiologist
1973978-0-06-141077-2Eric J HallRadiobiology for the radiologist
1974978-0-06-141078-9Ross Hume HallFood for nought;: The decline in nutrition
1978978-0-06-141110-6Patricia HassidTextbook for childbirth educators
1979978-0-06-141152-6Stephen A. KiefferAn Atlas of Cross-Sectional Anatomy: Computed Tomography, Ultrasound, Radiography, Gross Anatomy
1974978-0-06-141181-6Richard J HenryClinical chemistry; principles and technics
  ''978-0-06-141187-8John R. HermanUrology: A View Through Retrospectroscope
1982978-0-06-141188-5John R. HermanHandbook of Urology
1980978-0-06-141191-5M Robert HicksLaboratory Instrumentation
1972978-0-06-141195-3Paul D. HoeprichInfectious Diseases: A Modern Treatise of Infectious Processes
1977978-0-06-141196-0   ''Infectious Diseases: A Modern Treatise of Infectious Processes
1983978-0-06-141197-7M. Colin JordanInfectious Diseases: A Modern Treatise of Infectious Processes
1974978-0-06-141262-2W. Henry HollinsheadTextbook of anatomy
1985978-0-06-141263-9W. Henry Hollinshead · Cornelius, M.D. RosseTextbook of Anatomy
1982978-0-06-141264-6W. Henry HollinsheadAnatomy for Surgeons: The Head and Neck
1975978-0-06-141356-8James Jerome Jenkins · etc.Schuell's Aphasia in Adults: Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment
1974978-0-06-141401-5Asya L. KadisPracticum of Group Psychotherapy
1983978-0-06-141429-9Randolph M. KesslerManagement of Common Muscular Skeletal Disorders
1974978-0-06-141434-3A.S. Klainer · Irving GeisAgents of Bacterial Disease
  ''978-0-06-141438-1Arnold Lucius GesellGesell and Amatruda's Developmental Diagnosis; The Evaluation and Management of Normal and Abnormal Neuropsychologic Development in Infancy and Early
1979978-0-06-141477-0Kenneth A. KooiVisual Evoked Potentials in Central Disorders of the Visual System
1972978-0-06-141490-9Alex E. KrillHereditary Retinal and Choroidal Diseases: Evaluation v. 1
1972978-0-06-141506-7Alberto LamelaIntroduction to Medical Laboratory Methods
1977978-0-06-141518-0Gini Laurie · Donna McGwinn · Joseph Scott LaurieHousing and Home Services for the Disabled: Guidelines and Experiences in Independent Living
1978978-0-06-141534-0Monte Lichtiger · Frank MoyaIntroduction to the Practice of Anaesthesia
1973978-0-06-141538-8Julian Lieb · etc.Crisis Team: Handbook for the Mental Health Professional
1975978-0-06-141539-5Julian Lieb · Andrew Edmund SlabyIntegrated Psychiatric Treatment
1981978-0-06-141542-5Andrew Edmund Slaby · Laurence R. Tancredi · Julian LiebClinical Psychiatric Medicine
1978978-0-06-141550-0Martin R. LippRespectful Treatment: The Human Side of Medical Care
  ''978-0-06-141571-5James H MacLeodA Method of Proctology
1981978-0-06-141576-0Michael D. MannThe Nervous System and Behavior
1982978-0-06-141590-6Jerry R. McGheeDental microbiology
  ''978-0-06-141642-2W. C. McMurraySynopsis of Human Biochemistry: With Medical Applications
1983978-0-06-141643-9W.C. McMurrayEssentials of Human Metabolism
1972978-0-06-141697-2Lester Mark · S.H. NgaiHighlights of Clinical Anaesthesiology
1970978-0-06-141698-9Vernon H., M.D. MarkViolence and the Brain
1976978-0-06-141710-8Evelyn Wilde MayersonPutting the Ill at Ease
1979978-0-06-141726-9Lewis MenakerBiological Basis of Dental Caries: An Oral Biology Textbook
1977978-0-06-141793-1Kamran S. Moghissi · T.N. EvansNutritional impacts on women: Throughout life with emphasis on reproduction
1975978-0-06-141795-5Gilles R. G. MonifInfectious Diseases in Obstetrics and Gynecology
1982978-0-06-141796-2Gilles R. G. MonifInfectious Diseases in Obstetrics and Gynecology
1979978-0-06-141804-4Henry Zoltan MovatInflammation, Immunity and Hypersensitivity
1978978-0-06-141807-5Gunter M. NashelskyRedaptor Guides for Rehabilitation: The Big Stick Exercise
1985978-0-06-141815-0David H. NicholsAmbulatory Gynecology
1980978-0-06-141829-7Anne G. OsbornIntroduction to Cerebral Angiography
1974978-0-06-141830-3H.T. Osofsky · J. OsofskyAbortion Experience: Psychological and Medical Impact
1971978-0-06-141853-2Hans OppenheimerClinical psychiatry: issues and challenges
1937978-0-06-141860-0William OslerWay of Life
1982978-0-06-142111-2Marshall M ParksAtlas of Strabismus Surgery
1973978-0-06-142142-6Lester W. Paul · John H. JuhlEssentials of Roentgen Interpretation
1984978-0-06-142145-7John M. Pellock · Edwin C. MyerNeurologic Emergencies in Infancy and Childhood
1972978-0-06-142150-1Harold O. Peterson · Stephen A. KiefferIntroduction to Neuroradiology
1973978-0-06-142175-4H.M. PollackRadiologic Examination of the Urinary Tract
1965978-0-06-142220-1J.L. Pool · D.G. PottsAneurysms and Arteriovenous Anomalies of the Brain
1974978-0-06-142226-3Kedar N PrasadHuman radiation biology
1975978-0-06-142231-7Anne Rinker RaceThe sex scene: Understanding sexuality
1971978-0-06-142232-4Samuel I. RapaportIntroduction to Hematology
1979978-0-06-142235-5Raymond E. RecordsPhysiology of the Human Eye and Visual System
1975978-0-06-142249-2Elaine M ReschkeThe medical office: Organization and management
  ''978-0-06-142264-5Ralph W. RichterMedical Aspects of Drug Abuse
1978978-0-06-142274-4Isabel Pick RobinaultSex, Society, and the Disabled: A Developmental Inquiry into Roles, Reactions, and Responsibilities
1973978-0-06-142276-8Isabel P. RobinaultFunctional Aids for the Multiple Handicapped
1975978-0-06-142278-2RoenigkLeg Ulcers CB
2000978-0-06-142285-0Rosse CIntroduction to the Musculoskeletal System
1980978-0-06-142287-4C. RossThe Musculoskeletal System in Health and Disease
1975978-0-06-142304-8John W RunyanPrimary care guide
1980978-0-06-142310-9Rudy E. SabbaghaDiagnostic ultrasound applied to obstetrics and gynecology
1979978-0-06-142315-4Joseph F. Sackett · Charles M. StrotherNew Techniques in Myelography
1980978-0-06-142318-5Aran · editor SafirRefraction and Clinical Optics
1981978-0-06-142330-7George Schaefer · Edward Alex GraberComplications in Obstetric and Gynaecologic Surgery
1978978-0-06-142337-6Clarence J. ScheinPostcholecystectomy Syndromes: A Clinical Approach to Etiology, Diagnosis and Management
1976978-0-06-142366-6John J. Sciarra · etc.Advances in Female Sterilization Techniques
1980978-0-06-142369-7Stewart SellImmunology, Immunopathology and Immunity
1978978-0-06-142372-7John J. Sciarra · etc.Risks, Benefits and Controversies in Fertility Control (PARFR series on fertility regulation)
1979978-0-06-142373-4Reversal of Sterilization (Parfr Series on Fertility Regulation)
1981978-0-06-142381-9Clarence J. ScheinIntroduction to Abdominal Surgery: Fifty Clinical Studies
1983978-0-06-142382-6Howard A. Schneider · Carl E. Anderson · David Baird CoursinNutritional Support of Medical Practice
1976978-0-06-142383-3Philip ShtaselSpeak to Me in Medicine
1974978-0-06-142393-2William J. SimonClinical Dental Assisting
1977978-0-06-142410-6M.D. Smorto · John V. BasmajianElectrodiagnosis: A Handbook for Neurologists
1983978-0-06-142415-1John R. Snyder · A. LarsenAdministration and supervision in laboratory medicine
  ''978-0-06-142466-3SPIVAKFundamentals Clinical Hem 2 Pb
1979978-0-06-142470-0James Sprengelmeyer · Calvin L. WeisbergerPractical Nuclear Cardiology
1972978-0-06-142497-7Otto Steinbrocker · David H. NeustadtAspiration and Injection Therapy in Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Disorders: A Handbook on Technique and Management
1971978-0-06-142501-1Ian StevensonThe Diagnostic Interview
1972978-0-06-142523-3Yasukazu TanakaElectron microscopy of human blood cells
1975978-0-06-142524-0Laurence R TancrediLegal Issues in Psychiatric Care
1980978-0-06-142530-1William S. Tasman · Jerry A. ShieldsDisorders of the Peripheral Fundus
1980978-0-06-142531-8William TasmanThe history of Wills Eye Hospital
1972978-0-06-142541-7Robert B TaylorCommon problems in office practice;: Current methods of diagnosis and treatment
1974978-0-06-142542-4Robert B. TaylorPrimer of Clinical Symptoms
1973978-0-06-142543-1   ''Practical Art of Medicine
1978978-0-06-142553-0Harold M.M. Tovell · Leonard D. DankGynaecologic Operations
1976978-0-06-142585-1Frans P.G.M. van der Linden · Herman S. DuterlooDevelopment of the Human Dentition: An Atlas
1974978-0-06-142588-2Willem A.Van NiekerkTrue Hermaphroditism: Clinical, Morphologic and Cytogenic Aspects
1985978-0-06-142595-0Dorothy E. Voss · Marjorie K. Ionta · Beverly J. MyersProprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation: Patterns and Techniques
1975978-0-06-142616-2George O. WattsDynamic Neuroscience: Its Application to Brain Disorders
1982978-0-06-142645-2R.J. WedgewoodInfections in children
1977978-0-06-142650-6Max H. Weil · Herbert ShubinCritical Care Medicine: Current Principles and Practices
1981978-0-06-142654-4William J. Weiner · Christopher G. GoetzNeurology for the Non-neurologist
1979978-0-06-142655-1John M. WellerFundamentals of Nephrology
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  ''978-0-06-142658-2Jack E. Wells · Marvin W. Reed · Victor M. CouryReview of Basic Science and Clinical Dentistry
1978978-0-06-142678-0Sidney C. Werner · Sidney H. IngbarThe thyroid: A fundamental and clinical text
1984978-0-06-142684-1E.Douglas WhiteheadCurrent Operative Urology
1983978-0-06-142702-2Harold A WilkinsonThe failed back syndrome: Etiology and therapy
1977978-0-06-142768-8Eric D. Wittkower · Hector WarnesPsychosomatic Medicine: Its Clinical Applications
1975978-0-06-142779-4Myron YanoffOcular pathology: A text and atlas
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1971978-0-06-142800-5S.I. ZacksAtlas of Neuropathology
1972978-0-06-142804-3L. ZamboniFine Morphology of Mammalian Fertilization
1979978-0-06-142900-2Gerald I. Zatuchni · etc.Pregnancy Termination: Procedures, Safety and New Developments (PARFR series on fertility regulation)
1981978-0-06-142902-6Gerald I. Zatuchni · etc.Research Frontiers in Fertility Regulation (PARFR series on fertility regulation)
1982978-0-06-142903-3Gerald I. ZatuchniLhrh Peptides As Female and Male Contraceptives (PARFR series on fertility regulation)
1983978-0-06-142904-0   ''Female Transcervical Sterilization (PARFR series on fertility regulation)
1984978-0-06-142905-7La.) International Workshop on Long-Acting Contraceptive Delivery Systems (1983 : New Orleans · Gerald I. Zatuchni · Ill.) Program for Applied Research on Fertility Regulation Northwestern University (EvanstonLong-Acting Contraceptive Delivery Systems: Proceedings of an International Workshop on Long-Acting Contraceptive Delivery Systems, May 31-June 3, 1 (Parfr Series on Fertility Regulation)
1986978-0-06-142907-1Switzerland) International Workshop on Male Contraception: Advances and Future Prospects (1985 : Geneva · Alfredo Goldsmith · Jeffery M. Spieler · J. Sciearra · Gerald I. Zatuchni · Ill.) Program for Applied Research on Fertility Regulation Northwestern University (EvanstonMale Contraception: Advances and Future Prospects (Parfr Series on Fertility Regulation)
2010978-0-06-142922-4Alice KuipersLost for Words
2011978-0-06-142925-5Ron SuskindConfidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President
2008978-0-06-142927-9Cathryn FalwellTurtle Splash!: Countdown at the Pond
2010978-0-06-142930-9Beth KephartHouse of Dance (Laura Geringer Books (Paperback))
2007978-0-06-142949-1Ann PatchettBel Canto CD
  ''978-0-06-142960-6Kathleen E WoodiwissEverlasting CD
2010978-0-06-142970-5Amy Krouse RosenthalOne Smart Cookie: Bite-Size Lessons for the School Years and Beyond
2012978-0-06-142973-6Michael ChabonMysteries of Pittsburgh tie-in: A Novel
2010978-0-06-142974-3Amy Krouse RosenthalThe Wonder Book
2008978-0-06-142977-4Yossef BodanskyChechen Jihad: Al Qaeda's Training Ground and the Next Wave of Terror
2007978-0-06-142978-1Elizabeth PetersThe Mummy Case (Amelia Peabody Mysteries)
2008978-0-06-142979-8Elizabeth PetersLion in the Valley (Amelia Peabody Mysteries)
  ''978-0-06-142984-2Philip CarloGaspipe: Confessions of a Mafia Boss
2009978-0-06-142985-9Philip CarloGaspipe: Confessions of a Mafia Boss
  ''978-0-06-142986-6Joanna ColeAsking About Sex & Growing Up: A Question-and-Answer Book for Kids
2008978-0-06-142988-0Toni BlakeLetters to a Secret Lover (Avon Romance)
2009978-0-06-142989-7Toni BlakeOne Reckless Summer: A Destiny Novel (Destiny series)
2009978-0-06-142990-3Jeff BrownFlat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures #1: The Mount Rushmore Calamity
  ''978-0-06-142992-7Jeff BrownFlat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures #2: The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery
  ''978-0-06-142994-1   ''Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures #3: The Japanese Ninja Surprise
2009978-0-06-142995-8Jeff BrownFlat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures #3: The Japanese Ninja Surprise
  ''978-0-06-142996-5   ''The Intrepid Canadian Expedition (Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures #4)
  ''978-0-06-142997-2   ''Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures #4: The Intrepid Canadian Expedition
2010978-0-06-142998-9   ''Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures #5: The Amazing Mexican Secret
  ''978-0-06-142999-6   ''Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures #5: The Amazing Mexican Secret
2010978-0-06-143000-8Jeff BrownFlat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures #6: The African Safari Discovery
  ''978-0-06-143001-5   ''Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures #6: The African Safari Discovery
2011978-0-06-143002-2   ''Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures #7: The Flying Chinese Wonders
  ''978-0-06-143003-9   ''Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures #7: The Flying Chinese Wonders
2010978-0-06-143005-3Jeff Brown · Lori Haskins HouranFlat Stanley and the Haunted House (I Can Read!, Level 2)
2011978-0-06-143009-1Jeff BrownFlat Stanley and the Firehouse (I Can Read Level 2)
2012978-0-06-143012-1   ''Flat Stanley at Bat (I Can Read Level 2)
2013978-0-06-143015-2Jeff Brown · Lori Haskins HouranFlat Stanley Goes Camping (I Can Read Level 2)
2011978-0-06-143018-3Jeff BrownFlat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures #8: The Australian Boomerang Bonanza
2011978-0-06-143019-0Jeff BrownFlat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures #9: The US Capital Commotion
2009978-0-06-143020-6Zoe HellerThe Believers: A Novel
2010978-0-06-143021-3Zoe HellerThe Believers: A Novel
2008978-0-06-143022-0Toby BarlowSharp Teeth
  ''978-0-06-143023-7Terri CheneyManic: A Memoir
2009978-0-06-143024-4Toby BarlowSharp Teeth: A Novel (P.S.)
2008978-0-06-143025-1Russell BanksThe Reserve
2009978-0-06-143026-8Russell BanksThe Reserve: A Novel (P.S.)
  ''978-0-06-143027-5Terri CheneyManic: A Memoir
2010978-0-06-143031-2Rob DunnEvery Living Thing: Man's Obsessive Quest to Catalog Life, from Nanobacteria to New Monkeys
2007978-0-06-143032-9S. G. WilkensKyle XY: Nowhere to Hide
  ''978-0-06-143033-6S. G. WilkensKyle XY: Under the Radar
2008978-0-06-143036-7Sarah HallDaughters of the North (P.S.)
2009978-0-06-143042-8Diane deGroatApril Fool! Watch Out at School! (Gilbert)
  ''978-0-06-143045-9Sarah HallHow to Paint a Dead Man: A Novel
2008978-0-06-143062-6Ron SuskindThe Way of the World: A Story of Truth and Hope in an Age of Extremism
2009978-0-06-143063-3   ''The Way of the World
2007978-0-06-143065-7Justin A. FrankBush on the Couch Rev Ed: Inside the Mind of the President
2007978-0-06-143068-8Wally Lamb · I'll Fly Away contributorsI'll Fly Away
  ''978-0-06-143069-5Matt GroeningFuturama Conquers the Universe (Simpsons Futurama)
  ''978-0-06-143070-1Marcus J. Borg · John Dominic CrossanThe First Christmas: What the Gospels Really Teach About Jesus's Birth
2009978-0-06-143071-8Marcus J. Borg · John Dominic CrossanThe First Christmas: What the Gospels Really Teach About Jesus's Birth
  ''978-0-06-143072-5   ''The First Paul: Reclaiming the Radical Visionary Behind the Church8217;s Conservative Icon
2010978-0-06-143073-2   ''The First Paul: Reclaiming the Radical Visionary Behind the Church8217;s Conservative Icon
2011978-0-06-143076-3Helen CastorShe-Wolves: The Women Who Ruled England Before Elizabeth
2012978-0-06-143077-0Helen CastorShe-Wolves: The Women Who Ruled England Before Elizabeth
2009978-0-06-143079-4Francine ProseAnne Frank: The Book, The Life, The Afterlife