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ISBN 978-0-06-017535-1 to 978-0-06-017909-0 < ISBN 978-0-06-017910-6 to 978-0-06-018490-2 > ISBN 978-0-06-018491-9 to 978-0-06-018862-7

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-0-06-017910-6Michael DobbsWall Games
  ''978-0-06-017911-3Stuart WoodsPalindrome
  ''978-0-06-017912-0Susan LewisDance While You Can
  ''978-0-06-017913-7Stuart WoodsPalindrome
  ''978-0-06-017914-4Jeffrey ArcherAs the Crow Flies
1991978-0-06-017915-1Jeffrey ArcherAs the Crow Flies
  ''978-0-06-017916-8   ''As the Crow Flies
  ''978-0-06-017917-5Campbell ArmstrongAgents of Darkness: A Novel
  ''978-0-06-017920-5Ian St. JamesVengeance
  ''978-0-06-017922-9Clive BarkerImajica
1992978-0-06-017923-6Kathy Hogan TrocheckEvery Crooked Nanny (Callahan Garrity Mysteries)
1993978-0-06-017924-3Kathy Hogan TrocheckTo Live & Die in Dixie (Callahan Garrity Mysteries)
1991978-0-06-017925-0Stuart WoodsNew York Dead
1991978-0-06-017926-7John TrenhaileActs of Betrayal
  ''978-0-06-017927-4Bernard CornwellStormchild (The Thrillers #4)
  ''978-0-06-017928-1Daniel EastermanNight of the Seventh Darkness: A Novel
1993978-0-06-017930-4Bruce PorterBlow: How a Small-Town Boy Made $100 Million With the Medellin Cocaine Cartel and Lost It All
  ''978-0-06-017931-1Bruce ZimmermanFull-Bodied Red
1991978-0-06-017932-8Clive BarkerImajica
1992978-0-06-017933-5Anne Rivers SiddonsColony
1994978-0-06-017934-2Anne Rivers SiddonsDowntown
1993978-0-06-017935-9   ''Hill Towns
1991978-0-06-017936-6Len DeightonMamista
1992978-0-06-017937-3Len DeightonCity of Gold
1993978-0-06-017938-0   ''Violent Ward
1997978-0-06-017943-4Erica JongInventing Memory: A Novel of Mothers and Daughters
1994978-0-06-017944-1Jeffrey ArcherTwelve Red Herrings
1993978-0-06-017945-8   ''Honor Among Thieves
  ''978-0-06-017946-5Campbell ArmstrongA Concert of Ghosts
1998978-0-06-017947-2Clive BarkerGalilee
1996978-0-06-017949-6Clive BarkerSacrament
1994978-0-06-017953-3Ian St. JamesFinal Resort
1992978-0-06-017954-0Craig ThomasA Hooded Crow
1993978-0-06-017955-7Craig ThomasPlaying With Cobras
1995978-0-06-017956-4   ''A Wild Justice: A Novel
1992978-0-06-017957-1Barbara WilkinsIn Name Only
1993978-0-06-017958-8Darcy O'BrienA Dark and Bloody Ground
1996978-0-06-017959-5Darcy O'Brien · Brien · Darcy O'Power to Hurt: Inside a Judge's Chambers: Sexual Assault, Corruption, and the Ultimate Reversal of Justice for Women
1992978-0-06-017960-1Jim SchutzeMy Husband's Trying to Kill Me!: A True Story of Money, Marriage, and Murderous Intent
  ''978-0-06-017961-8James Nalepka · Steven CallahanCapsized: The True Story of Four Men Adrift for 119 Days
  ''978-0-06-017963-2Stuart WoodsSanta Fe Rules
  ''978-0-06-017964-9Diane ChamberlainKeeper of the Light
  ''978-0-06-017965-6A. A. AttanasioKingdom of the Grail
1992978-0-06-017967-0John TrenhaileBlood Rules
1993978-0-06-017969-4Greg MatthewsPower in the Blood
1994978-0-06-017970-0Jeffrey TaylorThe Pru-Bache Murder: The Fast Life and Grisly Death of a Millionaire Stockbroker
1991978-0-06-017971-7Gordon ThomasDeadly Perfume: An International Thriller
1992978-0-06-017973-1Joseph Stedino · Dary MateraWhat's in It for Me?
  ''978-0-06-017974-8B WilkinsIn Name Only/Elements of Chance 20 Copy Display
  ''978-0-06-017975-5Rickey Henderson · John SheaOff Base: Confessions of a Thief
  ''978-0-06-017977-9Bernard CornwellSharpe's Devil: (Series #21)
  ''978-0-06-017978-6Michael DobbsLast Man to Die
1993978-0-06-017979-3Sue MillerFor Love
1992978-0-06-017980-9Jerry Tarkanian · Don YaegerShark Attack: Jerry Tarkanian and His Battle With the Ncaa and Unlv
1992978-0-06-017981-6Evelyn AnthonyThe Doll's House
  ''978-0-06-017982-3Michael StewartBelladonna
  ''978-0-06-017983-0Thomas J. FlemingOver There
1993978-0-06-017984-7Kate GreenBlack Dreams
  ''978-0-06-017987-8Donald SpotoMarilyn Monroe: The Biography
1992978-0-06-017988-5Kate GreenShooting Star
  ''978-0-06-017990-8Thomas FlemingOver There
1992978-0-06-017991-5Anne Rivers SiddonsColony
  ''978-0-06-017993-9Annie DillardLiving
  ''978-0-06-017996-0Daniel EastermanThe Name of the Beast
1993978-0-06-017998-4Gerald SeymourThe Journeyman Tailor
1994978-0-06-017999-1Kerry TuckerDrift Away: A Libby Kincaid Mystery
1990978-0-06-018197-0J. Graham BeaumontBrainpower: Unlock the Power of Your Mind
1989978-0-06-018198-7Rosalie BurnettIntimacy: The Complete Illustrated Guide to Love, Sex, and Living Together
1990978-0-06-018200-7Bob Hayes · Robert PackRun, Bullet, Run: The Rise, Fall, and Recovery of Bob Hayes
1988978-0-06-018202-1Nigel KrauthThe bathing-machine called the twentieth century
1994978-0-06-018205-2Ronald FlorenceThe Perfect Machine: Building the Palomar Telescope
1992978-0-06-018206-9Vincent VirgaThe Eighties: Images of America
  ''978-0-06-018207-6Stanley CrawfordA Garlic Testament: Seasons on a Small New Mexico Farm
1991978-0-06-018209-0Jonathan RabanHunting Mister Heartbreak: A Discovery of America
  ''978-0-06-018214-4Ron HansenMariette in Ecstasy
1991978-0-06-018215-1Tom LewisEmpire of the Air: The Men Who Made Radio
1996978-0-06-018217-5Ron HansenAtticus
1992978-0-06-018218-2William H. DavidowThe Virtual Corporation
1994978-0-06-018222-9David FraserKnight's Cross: A Life of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
1991978-0-06-018223-6Le-Tan Pierre · John TrainWit
1994978-0-06-018226-7Colin ThubronThe Lost Heart of Asia
1993978-0-06-018228-1Curt Gowdy · John PowersSeasons to Remember: The Way It Was in American Sports, 1945-1960
  ''978-0-06-018232-8J. R. HartleyFly Fishing: Memories of Angling Days
  ''978-0-06-018236-6Amy BloomCome to Me: Stories
  ''978-0-06-018237-3John Train · Pierre Le-TanLove: Considered by Casanova, Mark Twain, Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Sigmund Freud, Byron, LA Rochefoucauld, John Updike, and Many Others
1994978-0-06-018238-0Susan BaurConfiding: A Psychotherapist and Her Patients Search for Stories to Live by
  ''978-0-06-018239-7Ellis CoseThe Rage of a Privileged Class
1994978-0-06-018240-3Daniel HalpernHoly Fire: Nine Visionary Poets and the Quest for Enlightenment
  ''978-0-06-018241-0Harold M. SchulweisFor Those Who Can't Believe: Overcoming the Obstacles to Faith
1998978-0-06-018245-8Stephen MitchellMeetings with the Archangel
1999978-0-06-018246-5John Briggs · F. David PeatSeven Life Lessons of Chaos: Timeless Wisdom from the Science of Change
1998978-0-06-018247-2Susan GolantShyness: A Bold New Approach
1997978-0-06-018250-2Timothy · Sirius, R. U. LearyDesign for Dying
  ''978-0-06-018251-9Robert BlyMorning Poems
1998978-0-06-018252-6Michael GershonThe Second Brain: The Scientific Basis of Gut Instinct and a Groundbreaking New Understanding of Nervous Disorders of the Stomach and Intestines
1997978-0-06-018256-4Peter MaasUnderboss: Sammy the Bull Gravano's Story of Life in the Mafia
  ''978-0-06-018257-1Ralph HelferModoc: The True Story of the Greatest Elephant That Ever Lived
1998978-0-06-018261-8Arthur SchwartzNaples at Table: Cooking in Campania
  ''978-0-06-018262-5James GrippandoThe Abduction
1998978-0-06-018263-2James GrippandoFound Money
  ''978-0-06-018264-9Hal FriedmanA Hunting We Will Go
  ''978-0-06-018265-6Hal FriedmanOver the Edge
1997978-0-06-018266-3Joseph H. Alexander · Don Horan · Norman C. StahlA Fellowship of Valor: The Battle History of the United States Marines
  ''978-0-06-018268-7Barbara Taylor BradfordPower of a Woman
  ''978-0-06-018269-4John Bentley MaysPower in the Blood: Land, Memory, and a Southern Family
1998978-0-06-018270-0Nancy Jones · Tom CarterNashville Wives: Country Music's Celebrity Wives Reveal the Truth About Their Husbands and Marriages
1997978-0-06-018274-8Barbara Taylor BradfordPower of a Woman
1997978-0-06-018279-3John O'DonohueAnam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom
1999978-0-06-018280-9John O'DonohueEternal Echoes: Exploring Our Yearning to Belong
1997978-0-06-018281-6Artemis P. Simopoulos · Jo RobinsonThe Omega Plan: The Medically Proven Diet That Restores Your Body's Essential Nutritional Balance
  ''978-0-06-018285-4Pablo Neruda · Stephen MitchellFull Woman, Fleshly Apple, Hot Moon: Selected Poems (English, Spanish and Spanish Edition)
2000978-0-06-018288-5Mary Sheedy KurcinkaKids, Parents, and Power Struggles: Winning For a Lifetime
1997978-0-06-018289-2Bill ZehmeThe Way You Wear Your Hat: Frank Sinatra and the Lost Art of Livin'
1999978-0-06-018294-6Doris LessingMara and Dann: An Adventure
1997978-0-06-018295-3Doris LessingWalking in the Shade: Volume Two of My Autobiography--1949-1962
2011978-0-06-018296-0Clive BarkerEpic-Length Novel
2001978-0-06-018297-7   ''Coldheart Canyon: A Hollywood Ghost Story
2007978-0-06-018298-4   ''Mister B. Gone
2020978-0-06-018299-1   ''Black Is the Devil's Rainbow: Tales of a Journeyman
1992978-0-06-018300-4Daniel L. AlkonMemory's Voice: Deciphering the Brain-Mind Code
  ''978-0-06-018301-1Harvey Araton · Filip BondyThe Selling of the Green: The Financial Rise and Moral Decline of the Boston Celtics
1991978-0-06-018302-8Bette PesetskyThe Late Night Muse
  ''978-0-06-018303-5Anna MurdochComing to Terms: A Novel
1993978-0-06-018305-9Lee HallElaine and Bill: Portrait of a Marriage: The Lives of Willem and Elaine De Kooning
1992978-0-06-018307-3Jared DiamondThe Third Chimpanzee: The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal
1991978-0-06-018308-0Ginger RogersGinger: My Story
1992978-0-06-018309-7Peter Arno · Karyn L. FeidenAgainst the Odds: The Story of AIDS Drug Development, Politics And Profits
1993978-0-06-018310-3Marcia BartusiakThrough a Universe Darkly: A Cosmic Tale of Ancient Ethers, Dark Matter, and the Fate of the Universe
1991978-0-06-018311-0Erma BombeckWhen You Look Like Your Passport Photo, It's Time to Go Home
  ''978-0-06-018312-7Philip CaputoMeans of Escape
1991978-0-06-018313-4Brian WilsonWouldn't It Be Nice: My Own Story
1992978-0-06-018315-8Donald SpotoLaurence Olivier: A Biography
1991978-0-06-018316-5Erica JongBecoming Light: Poems, New and Selected
  ''978-0-06-018320-2Erma BombeckWhen You Look Like Your Passport Photo, It's Time to Go Home (Large Print) [LARGE PRINT]
1993978-0-06-018321-9Jean CarperFood: Your Miracle Medicine: How Food Can Prevent and Cure over 100 Symptoms and Problems
  ''978-0-06-018322-6Erma BombeckA Marriage Made in Heaven... or Too Tired for an Affair
1992978-0-06-018323-3Richard Cole · Richard TruboStairway to Heaven: Led Zeppelin Uncensored
  ''978-0-06-018327-1Judith McquownInc Yourself 7ED (Inc. Yourself: How to Profit by Setting Up Your Own Corporation)
  ''978-0-06-018328-8Jan MorrisO Canada!: Travels in an Unknown Country
1992978-0-06-018330-1Nolan Ryan · Mickey HerskowitzKings of the Hill: An Irreverent Look at the Men on the Mound
1993978-0-06-018331-8Georgianne EnsignGreat Beginnings: Opening Lines of Great Novels
1995978-0-06-018333-2Leon UrisRedemption
1991978-0-06-018334-9Oliver L. North · William NovakUnder Fire: An American Story
1992978-0-06-018335-6Marat AkchurinRed Odyssey: A Journey Through the Soviet Republics
1993978-0-06-018336-3Walter LaqueurBlack Hundred: The Rise of the Extreme Right in Russia
1992978-0-06-018337-0Clarence MajorCalling the Wind: Twentieth-Century African-American Short Stories
1993978-0-06-018341-7Gayle SandIs It Hot In Here Or Is It Me?: Personal Look at the Facts, Fallacies, and Feelings of Menopause
1995978-0-06-018343-1Robert WestbrookIntimate Lies: F. Scott Fitzgerald and Sheilah Graham Her Son's Story
1994978-0-06-018345-5Ray ColemanThe Carpenters: The Untold Story: An Authorized Biography
1993978-0-06-018346-2Erma BombeckMarriage Made in Heaven...or Too Tired for an Affair-18 Copy Dump
1995978-0-06-018347-9Georgianne EnsignGreat Endings: Closing Lines of Great Novels
1994978-0-06-018348-6Michael Lee WestShe Flew the Coop: A Novel Concerning Life, Death, Sex, and Recipes in Limoges, Louisiana
1993978-0-06-018349-3Er BombeckMarriage Made in Heave 12-Copy Fl Display
1995978-0-06-018350-9Erica FischerAimee and Jaguar: A Love Story, Berlin 1943
  ''978-0-06-018351-6Lawrence Otis GrahamMember of the Club: Reflections on Life in a Racially Polarized World
1999978-0-06-018352-3Lawrence Otis GrahamOur Kind of People: Inside America's Black Upper Class
1995978-0-06-018354-7Anthony Quinn · Daniel Paisner · Daniel Paisner erOne Man Tango
  ''978-0-06-018355-4Jean CarperStop Aging Now! The Ultimate Plan for Staying Young & Reversing the Aging Process
1996978-0-06-018357-8Michael Lee West · Michael L. WestAmerican Pie
  ''978-0-06-018360-8Philip CaputoEquation for Evil: A Novel
  ''978-0-06-018361-5Patricia BeardGrowing Up Republican: Christie Whitman: The Politics of Character
1995978-0-06-018362-2Mickey MantleLetters to Mickey: By the Friends & Family of Mickey Mantle
1996978-0-06-018363-9Merlyn Mantle · Mickey E. Mantle · David Mantle · Dan MantleA Hero All His Life: Merlyn, Mickey Jr., David, and Dan Mantle: A Memoir by the Mantle Family
1997978-0-06-018365-3Daniel PoolDickens' Fur Coat and Charlotte's Unanswered Letters: The Rows and Romances of England's Great Victorian Novelists
1996978-0-06-018366-0Faith WillingerRed, White, and Greens: The Italian Way with Vegetables
1997978-0-06-018368-4Stuart WoodsDead in the Water: A Novel
1998978-0-06-018369-1   ''Swimming to Catalina: A Novel
1997978-0-06-018370-7Phyllis RichmanThe Butter Did It: A Gastronomic Tale of Love and Murder
1999978-0-06-018371-4Michael Lee WestConsuming Passions: A Food-Obsessed Life
1997978-0-06-018372-1Jean CarperMiracle Cures: Dramatic New Scientific Discoveries Revealing the Healing Powers of Herbs, Vitamins, and Other Natural Remedies
1998978-0-06-018376-9Erica JongWhat Do Women Want? Bread, Roses, Sex, Power
1999978-0-06-018377-6Leon UrisA God in Ruins
1998978-0-06-018382-0Norman, PhD RosenthalSt. John's Wort
1999978-0-06-018383-7Joan RiversDon't Count the Candles: Just Keep the Fire Lit!
1998978-0-06-018385-1Stuart WoodsSwimming to Catalina
2001978-0-06-018389-9Phyllis RichmanWho's Afraid of Virginia Ham?
2000978-0-06-018391-2Jean CarperYour Miracle Brain: Dramatic New Scientific Evidence Reveals How You Can Use Food and Supplements To: Maximize Brain Power, Boost Your Memory, Lift ... Creativity, Prevent and Reverse Mental Aging
1999978-0-06-018393-6Richard SetloweSexual Occupation of Japan: A Novel
  ''978-0-06-018394-3Edmund PankauHide Your Assets and Disappear: A Step-by-Step Guide to Vanishing Without a Trace
1999978-0-06-018396-7Fred R. HarrisCoyote Revenge
2000978-0-06-018399-8Fred R. HarrisEasy Pickin's
2008978-0-06-018405-6Michael Lee WestMermaids in the Basement
2005978-0-06-018406-3   ''Mad Girls In Love
2002978-0-06-018407-0Brenda MaddoxRosalind Franklin: The Dark Lady of DNA
  ''978-0-06-018408-7Medical Development Management Inc. · Ronald KlatzInfection Protection: How to Fight the Germs That Make You Sick
2006978-0-06-018412-4Lawrence Otis GrahamThe Senator and the Socialite: The True Story of America's First Black Dynasty
2000978-0-06-018428-5Carolyne RoehmCarolyne Roehm's Seasonal Notebooks
2002978-0-06-018469-8Patricia WellsThe Paris Cookbook
2003978-0-06-018470-4Jason KerstenJournal of the Dead: A Story of Friendship and Murder in the New Mexico Desert
2000978-0-06-018471-1Richard F. Newcomb · Peter MaasAbandon Ship!: The Saga of the U.S.S. Indianapolis, the Navy's Greatest Sea Disaster
2002978-0-06-018472-8Michael S SandersFrom Here, You Can't See Paris: Seasons of a French Village and Its Restaurant
2001978-0-06-018473-5Margaret Kimura · Marianne DoughertyAsian Beauty
2002978-0-06-018474-2Elaine KaganLosing Mr. North: A Novel
2004978-0-06-018475-9Evelyn 'Slim' LambrightThe Sweethearts of Soul
2001978-0-06-018476-6Slim LambrightThe Justus Girls
  ''978-0-06-018481-0James RuncieThe Discovery of Chocolate
2000978-0-06-018482-7Aurora CuitoWorking at Home
2001978-0-06-018486-5Emily GraysonThe Fountain: A Novel
  ''978-0-06-018488-9Jose LatourOutcast
2002978-0-06-018490-2Thane RosenbaumThe Golems of Gotham: A Novel