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ISBN 978-0-06-010939-4 to 978-0-06-011298-1 < ISBN 978-0-06-011299-8 to 978-0-06-011708-5 > ISBN 978-0-06-011709-2 to 978-0-06-012245-4

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1979978-0-06-011299-8Nicolas FokkerThe Tamer
1980978-0-06-011301-8William H. ForbisFall of the Peacock Throne (A Cass Canfield book)
1978978-0-06-011302-5Dick FrancisRisk
1977978-0-06-011303-2Robert H. FowlerJim Mundy: A Novel of the American Civil War
1970978-0-06-011304-9Eric FonerAmerica's Black Past: A Reader in Afro American History
1977978-0-06-011306-3Hilary FordBride for Bedivere. 1977, C 1976
1976978-0-06-011307-0Dick FrancisHigh Stakes
1972978-0-06-011308-7Bryan ForbesThe distant laughter (A Cass Canfield book)
1975978-0-06-011311-7William H.Japan Today: People, Places, Power
1972978-0-06-011313-1John GuntherJohn Gunther's Inside Australia
1975978-0-06-011314-8Hilary FordCastle Malindine
2000978-0-06-011315-5C.S. Cs FordPatterns of Sexual Behavior
1972978-0-06-011316-2Peta FordhamThe villains; inside the London underworld
  ''978-0-06-011317-9Oscar Louis ForelHidden art in nature;: Synchromies
1975978-0-06-011318-6Dick FrancisAcross the Board: A Trilogy (Flying Finish, Blood Sport, Enquiry)
1971978-0-06-011319-3   ''Bonecrack
1972978-0-06-011321-6Michael W FoxBehaviour of Wolves, Dogs, and Related Canids
1971978-0-06-011322-3Dick FrancisRat Race
1969978-0-06-011328-5   ''Forfeit
  ''978-0-06-011329-2   ''The Sport of Queens: The Autobiography of Dick Francis
  ''978-0-06-011331-5   ''Three to Show: A Trilogy
1969978-0-06-011332-2Dick FrancisEnquiry
1973978-0-06-011334-6   ''Smokescreen
1974978-0-06-011336-0   ''Slayride
1975978-0-06-011337-7Gerold FrankJudy
  ''978-0-06-011339-1Dick FrancisKnockdown
1977978-0-06-011341-4   ''In the Frame
1973978-0-06-011342-1Kathleen FraserWhat I want
1974978-0-06-011344-5Kathleen FraserWhat I want
1971978-0-06-011349-0Nicolas FreelingThe Lovely Ladies
1972978-0-06-011351-3Nicolas FreelingAupres de ma blonde
1974978-0-06-011352-0   ''A dressing of diamond
1975978-0-06-011354-4Nicolas FreelingThe bugles blowing
1977978-0-06-011356-8   ''Sabine
1978978-0-06-011359-9Malcolm S. ForbesThe Sayings of Chairman Malcolm: The Capitalist's Handbook
1976978-0-06-011362-9Richard FordA Piece Of My Heart
1952978-0-06-011365-0Carl J. FriedrichAge of the Baroque, 1610-60
1974978-0-06-011367-4Carl J. FriedrichPathology of Politics
1977978-0-06-011371-1Arthur S. FreeseThe Miracle of Vision: The Workings and the Wonders of the Human Eye
1972978-0-06-011372-8Otto FriedrichBefore the Deluge: A Portrait of Berlin in the 1920's
1971978-0-06-011373-5Newton FrohlichMaking the Best of It: A Common-Sense Guide to Negotiating a Divorce
1956978-0-06-011375-9Erich FrommThe Art of Loving (World Perspectives, Vol. Nine)
1976978-0-06-011379-7Erich FrommTo Have or to Be? (World Perspectives, Vol. 50)
1978978-0-06-011380-3Kathleen FraserNew Shoes
1979978-0-06-011382-7Robert H FowlerJason McGee
  ''978-0-06-011383-4Dick FrancisTrial Run
  ''978-0-06-011384-1   ''Whip Hand
1976978-0-06-011386-5Steve FuttermanSoft house
1975978-0-06-011387-2Blair FullerZebina's mountain
1980978-0-06-011389-6Erich FrommGreatness and Limitations of Freud's Thought
1972978-0-06-011397-1Max GalloThe Night of Long Knives
1970978-0-06-011398-8Dick GallupWhere I Hang My Hat
1973978-0-06-011401-5Steven S. GainesMarjoe
1974978-0-06-011402-2Buell G GallagherCampus in crisis
1978978-0-06-011403-9Edwin GagePhoenix no more
1979978-0-06-011414-5Gabriel Garcia MarquezIn Evil Hour
1978978-0-06-011416-9Gabriel Garcia MarquezInnocent Erendira and Other Stories
1968978-0-06-011417-6   ''No One Writes to the Colonel and Other Stories
1970978-0-06-011418-3   ''One Hundred Years of Solitude
1976978-0-06-011419-0Gabriel Garcia MarquezThe Autumn of the Patriarch
1967978-0-06-011420-6John W. GardnerExcellence: Can We Be Equal and Execellent Too?
1981978-0-06-011423-7John A. GarratyThe New Guide to Study Abroad, 1981-1982
1964978-0-06-011425-1John William GardnerSelf Renewal
1968978-0-06-011426-8John W. GardnerNo Easy Victories
1930978-0-06-011430-5Hamlin GarlandMain-Travelled Roads
1987978-0-06-011432-9John A. and Gay, Peter - editors GarratyThe Columbia History Of The World
1968978-0-06-011437-4john garratyThe New Commonwealth, 1877-1890
1971978-0-06-011444-2Andrew GarveThe late Bill Smith
1972978-0-06-011454-1Andrew GarveThe case of Robert Quarry
1974978-0-06-011456-5   ''The Lester affair
1978978-0-06-011457-2John A. GarratyUnemployment in History, Economic Thought and Public Policy
1979978-0-06-011459-6Willard GaylinFeelings: Our Vital Signs
1981978-0-06-011461-9Patrick F. GilboThe American Red Cross: The First Century
1979978-0-06-011462-6Jonathan GashThe Grail Tree
  ''978-0-06-011463-3Jonathan GashGold By Gemini
1977978-0-06-011464-0   ''The Judas Pair
1971978-0-06-011467-1Bamber GascoigneThe great Moghuls
1968978-0-06-011468-8William H. GassIn the Heart of the Heart of the Country and Other Stories
1972978-0-06-011473-2Peter Gay · Gerald J. CavanaughHistorians at Work (4 Volumes Set)
1975978-0-06-011474-9Peter and Gerald Cavanaugh Gay · Peter Gay · Victor G. WexlerHistorians at Work (vol. 003)
  ''978-0-06-011476-3Pater Gay · Gerald CavanaughHistorians at Work, Vol. 4
1978978-0-06-011477-0Gary Paul GatesAir Time: The Inside Story of CBS News
1981978-0-06-011478-7William GlasserStations of the Mind: New Directions for Reality Therapy
1988978-0-06-011479-4Anes GesellYouth: Years 10 to 16
1972978-0-06-011482-4Lydia Maria Francis ChildThe American frugal housewife
1980978-0-06-011483-1Harold GelbKilling pain without prescription: A new and simple way to free yourself from headache, backache, and other sources of chronic pain
1973978-0-06-011484-8Arthur GelbO'Neill
1974978-0-06-011487-9Arthur GelbO'Neill
1969978-0-06-011489-3Frank GellThe Black Badge: Confessions of a Caseworker
1944978-0-06-011490-9Leo GershoyFrom Despotism to Revolution, 1763-89 (Rise of Modern Europe)
1976978-0-06-011492-3Grigori GerenstainThe Fall, And Other Stories
1979978-0-06-011493-0Stephen GellerGad
1980978-0-06-011494-7Michael Francis GilbertThe Killing of Katie Steelstock
1940978-0-06-011495-4yale university clinic of child developmentThe First Five Years of Life; a Guide to the Study of the Preschool Child, From the Yale Clinic of Child Development
1980978-0-06-011496-1Ken GlantzBlackbird Days
  ''978-0-06-011497-8George GilbertPhotography: The Early Years: A Historical Guide for Collectors
1979978-0-06-011498-5Barbara GibbonsLean Cuisine: Delicious Recipes for the Healthy Stay-Slender Life
1981978-0-06-011499-2Barbara GordonI'm Dancing As Fast As I Can
1977978-0-06-011501-2Arnold Lucius GesellThe Child from Five to Ten
1979978-0-06-011502-9Michael Francis GilbertThe Empty House
  ''978-0-06-011504-3Dudley GiehlVegetarianism: A Way of Life
1974978-0-06-011506-7Arnold Gesell · Frances L. Ilg · Louise Bates AmesInfant and Child in the Culture of Today; The Guidance of Development in Home and Nursery School
1978978-0-06-011507-4Barbara GibbonsThe International Slim Gourmet Cookbook
1978978-0-06-011508-1Barbara GibbonsDiet Watchers Cookbook
  ''978-0-06-011509-8   ''Diet Watchers Cookbook
1956978-0-06-011510-4Arnold GesellYouth the Years From Ten to Sixteen
1978978-0-06-011511-1Susan GriffinWoman and nature: The roaring inside her
1972978-0-06-011512-8Tamara GevaSplit Seconds: A Remembrance
1976978-0-06-011513-5Susan GriffinLike the iris of an eye
  ''978-0-06-011514-2Harriett GilbertGiven the ammunition
1958978-0-06-011515-9Althea GibsonI Always Wanted to Be Somebody
  ''978-0-06-011516-6   ''I Always Wanted to Be Somebody
1977978-0-06-011517-3Barbara GibbonsThe Slim Gourmet Cookbook
1974978-0-06-011518-0Michael Francis GilbertFlash point
1973978-0-06-011519-7Harriett GilbertHotels With Empty Rooms
1966978-0-06-011520-3Charles GibsonSpain in America
1972978-0-06-011521-0Rod GilbertPlaying Hockey the Professional Way,
  ''978-0-06-011522-7Harriett GilbertI know where I've been
1972978-0-06-011523-4Michael GilbertThe body of a girl
1979978-0-06-011527-2Isaac Asimov · Martin Harry Greenberg · Charles G WaughThe Science Fictional Solar System
1971978-0-06-011532-6Janet GillespieA Joyful Noise.
1973978-0-06-011533-3Michael Francis GilbertThe 92nd Tiger
1976978-0-06-011534-0Michael Francis GilbertThe night of the twelfth
  ''978-0-06-011537-1Janet GillespieWith a merry heart
1977978-0-06-011538-8Clark GillespieYour pregnancy month by month
  ''978-0-06-011539-5Michael Francis GilbertPetrella at Q
1966978-0-06-011540-1Hound-Dog Man
1949978-0-06-011541-8Fred GipsonHound-dog Man
1980978-0-06-011543-2Derek GillQuest: The Life of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
1956978-0-06-011545-6Fred Gipson · Steven PolsonOld Yeller
  ''978-0-06-011546-3Fred GipsonOld Yeller
1978978-0-06-011549-4Stan GoochThe paranormal
  ''978-0-06-011550-0Linda GoodmanLinda Goodman's Love Signs: A New Approach to the Human Heart
1979978-0-06-011552-4John M. RossGolf magazine's encyclopedia of golf
1979978-0-06-011554-8Albert Harry GoldmanGrass Roots: Marijuana in America Today
1978978-0-06-011555-5Aviezer GolanOperation Susannah (English and Hebrew Edition)
  ''978-0-06-011556-2Don GoldThe park: A novel
1976978-0-06-011558-6William GlasserPositive Addiction
1962978-0-06-011560-9Fred Gipson · Carl BurgerSavage Sam
  ''978-0-06-011561-6Fred GipsonSavage Sam
1975978-0-06-011563-0James Beard · Milton Glaser · Burton Wolf · Associates of the Good Cooking SchoolThe Cooks' Catalogue
1976978-0-06-011564-7Donald GoddardThe last days of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
1975978-0-06-011565-4William GlasserThe identity society
  ''978-0-06-011566-1Benjamin GrahamThe Interpretation of Financial Statements, Third Revised Edition
1974978-0-06-011570-8Donald GoddardJoey
1972978-0-06-011571-5Svetozar Gligoric · Robert Graham WadeThe World Chess Championship
  ''978-0-06-011572-2William GlasserThe Identity Society
1972978-0-06-011573-9Svetozar Gligoric · Robert Graham WadeThe World Chess Championship: 1948-1969
1974978-0-06-011574-6Golf MagazineEncyclopaedia of Golf
1954978-0-06-011575-3Lawrence H. GipsonThe Coming of the Revolution, 1763-1775
1974978-0-06-011576-0John GittingsThe world and China, 1922-1972
1971978-0-06-011578-4Robert (Editor) ScharffGolf magazine's handbook of golf strategy
1973978-0-06-011581-4Nikki GoldbeckThe supermarket handbook: access to whole foods
  ''978-0-06-011582-1Peter GoldmanDeath and Life of Malcolm X
1971978-0-06-011583-8Fred Jay GordonBenjamin grabbed his Glicken and ran
978-0-06-011586-9Bebe - Jazz Tonight
1975978-0-06-011588-3Don GoldBellevue: A documentary of a large metropolitan hospital
1974978-0-06-011589-0Rudolf F GrafHow it works, illustrated: everyday devices and mechanisms,
1978978-0-06-011591-3Benjamin GrahamThe intelligent investor;: A book of practical counsel
1971978-0-06-011599-9Dick GregoryNo More Lies; The Myth and the Reality of American History,
1972978-0-06-011601-9Dick GregoryDick Gregory's Political Primer
  ''978-0-06-011603-3Robin Lee Graham · Derek L. T. GillDove
1975978-0-06-011607-1Anthony GreenbankSurvival in the city
  ''978-0-06-011608-8Stephen GoodwinKin
1977978-0-06-011609-5Eugenie Harris GrossThe Soviet Union: A guide for travelers
1975978-0-06-011610-1John Steele GordonOverlanding: How to explore the world on four wheels
  ''978-0-06-011611-8John Steele GordonOverlanding: How to explore the world on four wheels
1975978-0-06-011612-5Anthony GreenbankSurvival In the City
1976978-0-06-011618-7Ruth GordonMy Side: The Autobiography of Ruth Gordon
  ''978-0-06-011621-7Phyllis Bloom GotliebO Master Caliban! (Dahlgren)
1977978-0-06-011622-4Diana GregoryOwning a horse: A practical guide
  ''978-0-06-011624-8Zane GreyThe Reef Girl: The last novel of one of the greatest storytellers of all time
1962978-0-06-011625-5Henry Anatole GrunwaldSalinger: A Critical and Personal Portrait
1978978-0-06-011626-2Patricia S. Warrick · Martin Harry Greenberg · Joseph D. OlanderScience Fiction: Contemporary Mythology, The SFWA-SFRA Anthology
  ''978-0-06-011627-9Vivian GornickEssays in feminism
1975978-0-06-011628-6James GunnNebula Award Stories 10
1979978-0-06-011629-3Robert GrossbachNever say die: An autonecrographical novel
1976978-0-06-011631-6France GuillainCall of the Sea
1975978-0-06-011632-3Elizabeth GundyNaked in a Public Place
1971978-0-06-011633-0John GuntherDeath Be Not Proud
1969978-0-06-011638-5   ''Twelve Cities.
1980978-0-06-011639-2Andre GlucksmannMaster Thinkers (English and French Edition)
1981978-0-06-011641-5Goodfield JuneAn Imagined World: A Story of Scientific Discovery
  ''978-0-06-011642-2Leonard GrossMirror: A Novel
1980978-0-06-011643-9Linda GoodmanLinda Goodman's Love Poems: Levels of Love Awareness
1952978-0-06-011645-3John, GuntherEisenhower: the Man and the Symbol
1980978-0-06-011646-0Naomi GlasserWhat are you doing?: How people are helped through reality therapy: Cases
1981978-0-06-011647-7Susan GriffinPornography and silence: Culture's revenge against nature
2000978-0-06-011650-7J. GuntherFragment of Autobiography Fun of Writing the Inside
1972978-0-06-011661-3John GuntherJohn Gunther's Inside Australia (A Cass Canfield book)
1968978-0-06-011670-5J. GuntherInside Europe Today
2000978-0-06-011685-9John GuntherInside Russia Today
1967978-0-06-011688-0   ''Inside South America
1982978-0-06-011698-9Richard J. S. GutmanAmerican Diner
1978978-0-06-011701-6Philip HallieLest Innocent Blood Be Shed (Story of the Village of Le Chambon)
1979978-0-06-011702-3T. W HardSum VII: A novel
1980978-0-06-011703-0Nor HallThe Moon and the Virgin: Reflections on the Archetypal Feminine
1978978-0-06-011704-7Donald HallKicking the Leaves: Poems
1977978-0-06-011707-8C. A. HaddadOperation Apricot
1977978-0-06-011708-5Charlie Haas · Tim HunterThe Soul Hit