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ISBN 978-0-06-011299-8 to 978-0-06-011708-5 < ISBN 978-0-06-011709-2 to 978-0-06-012245-4 > ISBN 978-0-06-012246-1 to 978-0-06-012713-8

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1976978-0-06-011709-2C. A. HaddadBloody September
  ''978-0-06-011711-5Nancy HallinanNight swimmers
1975978-0-06-011712-2C. A. HaddadThe Moroccan
1974978-0-06-011713-9D. S HalacyGenetic revolution: shaping life for tomorrow,
1973978-0-06-011714-6D. S. HalacyThe Coming Age of Solar Energy
1971978-0-06-011716-0Edwin O GuthmanWe Band of Brothers
1970978-0-06-011717-7Alan Frank GuttmacherUnderstanding Sex: A Young Person's Guide
1967978-0-06-011722-1Emmy HaasPride's Progress: The Story of a Family of Lions
1978978-0-06-011723-8Donald HallRemembering poets: Reminiscences and opinions: Dylan Thomas, Robert Frost, T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound
1971978-0-06-011726-9Donald HallThe Yellow Room: Love Poems
1970978-0-06-011728-3Jr. D. S. HalacyMan and Memory: Breakthroughs in the Science of the Human Mind
1969978-0-06-011731-3Daniel Stephen HalacyComputers: The Machines We Think With
1967978-0-06-011737-5Louis J. HalleThe Cold War As History
1972978-0-06-011743-6Jackson. HandComplete Book of Home Repairs and Maintenance.
1974978-0-06-011747-4W. R. HallidayAmerican Caves and Caving: Techniques, Pleasures and Safeguards of Modern Cave Exploration
1976978-0-06-011748-1W. R. HallidayDepths of the Earth: Caves and Cavers of the United States
1971978-0-06-011749-8Gerald HanleyWarriors and strangers
1973978-0-06-011751-1Joseph HansenDeath claims
1901978-0-06-011755-9Thomas HardyFar from the Madding Crowd
2006978-0-06-011756-6Mark-Anthony TurnageTwo Baudelaire Songs: Sopran und 7 Instrumente (Flöte, Klarinette in A, Klavier, 2 Violinen, Viola und Violoncello). Studienpartitur. (Hawkes Pocket Scores)
1973978-0-06-011757-3David HancocksMaster Builders of the Animal World
1975978-0-06-011758-0Joseph HansenTroublemaker
1978978-0-06-011759-7James Hancock · Hugh ElliottThe Herons of the World
2000978-0-06-011760-3Thomas HardyReturn of the Native
1975978-0-06-011761-0Charles HarrisOne man's medicine
1976978-0-06-011764-1Gordon R DicksonThe lifeship
1975978-0-06-011766-5Rhondda Evans HartmanExercises for True Natural Childbirth
  ''978-0-06-011768-9Nora HarlowSharing the children: Village child rearing within the city
1976978-0-06-011769-6DruckerHarvard Business Review on Management
  ''978-0-06-011772-6Jackson HandWalls, floors, and ceilings: How to repair, renovate, and decorate the interior surfaces of your home
1977978-0-06-011774-0A. J HandHome energy how-to
2000978-0-06-011775-7Gideon HausnerJustice in Jerusalem
1976978-0-06-011776-4Dorothy HartThou swell, thou witty: The life and lyrics of Lorenz Hart
1978978-0-06-011778-8Jackson HandHow to do your own Wood Finishing (Popular Science Book)
1976978-0-06-011779-5David Freeman HawkeFranklin
1974978-0-06-011781-8Walter HavighurstThe Heartland: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois (A Regions of America book)
1979978-0-06-011782-5Gustav HasfordThe Short-Timers
1972978-0-06-011783-2Bessie Jones · Bess Lomax HawesStep it down; games, plays, songs, and stories from the Afro-American heritage,
1974978-0-06-011784-9David Freeman HawkePaine
1973978-0-06-011786-3Gerald S HawkinsBeyond Stonehenge
1975978-0-06-011787-0Paul HawkenTHE MAGIC OF FINDHORN
1977978-0-06-011788-7Patricia HangenTell him that I heard
1979978-0-06-011789-4VariousHarvard Business Review: On Human Relations
  ''978-0-06-011791-7Samuel I. HayakawaThrough the Communication Barrier - On Speaking, Listening, and Understanding
1977978-0-06-011792-4Jackson HandHow to Do Your Own Wood Finishing
1977978-0-06-011793-1Jackson HandHow to Do Your Own Painting and Wallpapering
1979978-0-06-011794-8Charles HamiltonThe Signature of America: A Fresh Look at Famous Handwriting
1982978-0-06-011797-9Leon A. HarrisMerchant Princes: An Intimate History of Jewish Families Who Built Great Department Stores
1977978-0-06-011801-3August HeckscherOpen Spaces: The Life of American Cities
1975978-0-06-011803-7Patrick HealyThe Nation's cities, change and challenge
1978978-0-06-011804-4Mohamed Hassanein HeikalThe Sphinx and the Commissar: The Rise and Fall of Soviet Influence in the Middle East
1966978-0-06-011807-5Robert L. HeilbronerThe Limits of American Capitalism
1979978-0-06-011808-2John HawkesThe Passion Artist
1980978-0-06-011809-9John HaaseBig Red
1963978-0-06-011810-5Robert L. HeilbronerGreat Ascent
1980978-0-06-011811-2June HavocMore Havoc
1971978-0-06-011812-9Lucille E HeinEntertaining your child
1980978-0-06-011814-3C. A. HaddadThe Academic Factor
1977978-0-06-011818-1Ben J HeirsThe mind of the organization: On the relevance of the decision-thinking processes of the human mind to the decision-thinking processes of organizations
1980978-0-06-011819-8Christopher HeadingtonIllustrated Dictionary of Musical Terms
  ''978-0-06-011821-1Geri HarringtonFireplaces, Stoves, Hearths, and Inserts
1976978-0-06-011823-5William B HelmreichWake up, wake up, to do the work of the creator
1974978-0-06-011824-2Werner HeisenbergAcross the frontiers (World perspectives)
1971978-0-06-011828-0Ernst HerhausA citizen's novel
1972978-0-06-011834-1John HerlingRight to challenge;: People and power in the Steelworkers Union
1963978-0-06-011835-8J. Christopher Herold · Horizon Magazine EditorsHorizon Book of the Age of Napoleon
  ''978-0-06-011837-2J. Christopher. HeroldThe Age of Napoleon.
1970978-0-06-011838-9Louis HerenNo Hail, No Farewell.
1972978-0-06-011839-6William HermannsThe holocaust;: From a survivor of Verdun
1973978-0-06-011841-9Judith HermanThe cornucopia;: Being a kitchen entertainment and cookbook containing good reading and good cookery from more than 500 years of recipes, food lore ... New Worlds between the years 1390 and 1899
  ''978-0-06-011842-6John HermansenThe Waxman production
1983978-0-06-011843-3Hayden HerreraFrida: A Biography of Frida Kahlo
1979978-0-06-011873-0George V. HigginsA Year or So With Edgar
  ''978-0-06-011874-7Karl HessCommunity Technology
1978978-0-06-011876-1Reginald HillA pinch of snuff
1979978-0-06-011878-5Howard HibbardMasterpieces of Western Sculpture: From Medieval to Modern
1971978-0-06-011879-2Christopher HibbertThe Personal History of Samuel Johnson
1967978-0-06-011881-5Christopher HibbertThe Making of Charles Dickens
1974978-0-06-011884-6   ''George IV: Prince of Wales, 1762-1811 (A Cass Canfield book)
1960978-0-06-011885-3John Donald HicksRepublican Ascendancy, 1921-1933
1975978-0-06-011886-0Christopher HibbertGeorge IV, regent and king, 1811-1830
1980978-0-06-011887-7Howard HibbardThe Metropolitan Museum of Art
1977978-0-06-011888-4Reginald HillRuling Passion
1975978-0-06-011891-4Wallace HildickBracknell's Law
1973978-0-06-011893-8Hamlin Lewis HillMark Twain: God's Fool
1973978-0-06-011894-5Ralph Nading HillYankee kingdom: Vermont and New Hampshire (Regions of America)
1970978-0-06-011896-9Tony HillermanThe Blessing Way
1971978-0-06-011897-6Tony HillermanThe Fly on the Wall
1973978-0-06-011898-3   ''Dance Hall of the Dead
1978978-0-06-011901-0   ''Listening Woman
1979978-0-06-011902-7James HillmanThe Dream and the Underworld
1975978-0-06-011903-4Janet HitchmanSuch a Strange Lady: A Biography of Dorothy L. Sayers
1980978-0-06-011904-1Susan Tyler HitchcockGather Ye Wild Things: A Forager's Year
  ''978-0-06-011907-2Tony HillermanPeople of Darkness
1973978-0-06-011911-9Eric HofferReflections on the Human Condition
1979978-0-06-011914-0Eric HofferBefore the Sabbath (A Cass Canfield book)
1955978-0-06-011915-7   ''The Passionate State of Mind
1976978-0-06-011922-5Eric HofferIn Our Time
1971978-0-06-011924-9Anne HoldenThe Witnesses
1977978-0-06-011936-2Hugh Honour · John FlemingDictionary of the Decorative Arts
1980978-0-06-011937-9Fred Hoyle · N. C. WickramasingheDiseases from space
1982978-0-06-011952-2Ted HughesNew Selected Poems
1979978-0-06-011953-9Ted HughesRemains of Elmet
1978978-0-06-011954-6Fred HoyleLifecloud, the origin of life in the universe
  ''978-0-06-011955-3Kenneth HudsonDictionary of Diseased English
  ''978-0-06-011957-7Bette HowlandBlue in Chicago
1975978-0-06-011959-1Frank, HowellThe Craft of Pottery: A Problem-Solving Approach to the Fundamentals of Pottery Making
1964978-0-06-011960-7Roland Herbert, BaintonThe Horizon History of Christianity,
1973978-0-06-011962-1Israel HorovitzCappella
1974978-0-06-011963-8Israel HorovitzAlfred the great;: A play in three acts
1972978-0-06-011964-5A. E HotchnerKing of the hill
1974978-0-06-011965-2A. E. HotchnerLooking for Miracles: A Memoir About Loving
1975978-0-06-011966-9Frank · Woodward, Carol · Woodward, Robert H HowellThe Craft of Pottery: A Problem-Solving Approach to the Fundamentals of Pottery Making
1973978-0-06-011967-6Richard Alexander HoughA History of the World's Motorcycles
  ''978-0-06-011971-3Fred HoyleNicolaus Copernicus: An essay on his life and work
1971978-0-06-011974-4Fred Hoyle · Geoffrey HoyleThe Molecule Men
1970978-0-06-011976-8Fred Hoyle · Geoffrey HoyleSeven Steps to the Sun
1971978-0-06-011979-9Percy HugginsThe golfer's miscellany
2002978-0-06-011983-6Darrell. HuffComplete Book of Home Improvement
1974978-0-06-011984-3Fred Hoyle · Geoffrey HoyleInto Deepest Space
1961978-0-06-011985-0Richard Arthur Warren Hughes · Arthur WarrerThe Fox in the Attic
1973978-0-06-011986-7Richard Arthur Warren HughesThe Wooden Shepherdess (The Human Predicament II)
  ''978-0-06-011987-4Fred Hoyle · Geoffrey HoyleThe Inferno
1974978-0-06-011991-1Ted HughesSelected poems, 1957-1967
1967978-0-06-011992-8   ''Wodwo
1973978-0-06-011996-6James C. HumesInstant Eloquence; A Lazy Man's Guide to Public Speaking
1974978-0-06-011997-3Ivor Noel HumeAll the best rubbish
1975978-0-06-011998-0H. Stuart HughesThe sea change: The migration of social thought, 1930-1965
1975978-0-06-011999-7James C HumesPodium humor: A raconteur's treasury of witty and humorous stories
1976978-0-06-012001-6John HoweChoosing the right dog: A buyer's guide to all 121 breeds
  ''978-0-06-012002-3Darrell HuffHow to work with concrete and masonry (Popular science skill book)
  ''978-0-06-012003-0James C HumesRoles speakers play
1977978-0-06-012004-7Michael HudsonGlobal Fracture: The New International Economic Order
1979978-0-06-012006-1How to Audition
1981978-0-06-012008-5James C. HumesSpeaker's Treasury of Anecdotes About the Famous
1978978-0-06-012009-2Fred HoyleThe Westminster disaster
1974978-0-06-012012-2Evan Hunter · Ed McBainStreets of Gold
1976978-0-06-012013-9Evan HunterThe Chisholms: A Novel of the Journey West
1980978-0-06-012016-0Ted HughesMoortown
1995978-0-06-012035-1Aldous HuxleyBrave New World
1971978-0-06-012051-1Aldous HuxleyThe collected poetry of Aldous Huxley (A Cass Canfield book)
1979978-0-06-012090-0   ''Literature and Science
1977978-0-06-012091-7   ''The human situation: Lectures at Santa Barbara, 1959 (A Cass Canfield book)
1976978-0-06-012113-6Francis HuxleyThe Raven and the Writing Desk
1997978-0-06-012124-2Robert FulghumTrue Love
1970978-0-06-012132-7Julian HuxleyMemories, Vol. 2
1973978-0-06-012133-4J. HuxleyMemories Two
1979978-0-06-012134-1Norman Henry JohnsonThe complete kitten and cat book
1973978-0-06-012138-9Ivan IllichTools for Conviviality (World Perspectives, Vol. 47)
1971978-0-06-012139-6Ivan IllichDeschooling society (World perspectives, v. 44)
1976978-0-06-012141-9Salvatore J IaconeThe pleasures of book collecting
1978978-0-06-012146-4Frances L. IlgSchool Readiness; Behavior Tests Used at the Gesell Institute
1976978-0-06-012147-1Dorothy IvensGlorious stew
1975978-0-06-012149-5James IvoryAutobiography of a princess, also being the adventures of an American film director in the land of the Maharajas
1962978-0-06-012150-1Frances L. Ilg · Louise Bates AmesParents Ask
1975978-0-06-012151-8James IvoryAutobiography of a princess, also being the adventures of an American film director in the land of the Maharajas
  ''978-0-06-012152-5John IvimyThe Sphinx and the Megaliths
1974978-0-06-012154-9Frances L. Ilg · Louise Bates AmesSchool Readiness: Behaviour Tests Used at the Gesell Institute
1975978-0-06-012156-3Harvey JacobsSummer On a Mountain of Spices
1973978-0-06-012157-0Richard W BullietKicked to death by a camel
  ''978-0-06-012158-7Laura (Riding) JacksonThe telling
1982978-0-06-012170-9Henry JamesAmbassadors
1972978-0-06-012171-6Jeannette Jefferson JanskyPreventing reading failure;: Prediction, diagnosis, intervention
1975978-0-06-012172-3Theodore JamesThe Empire State Building
1973978-0-06-012173-0Storm JamesonThere Will Be A Short Interval
1971978-0-06-012176-1Storm JamesonParthian Words
1987978-0-06-012179-2Michael JacksonThe English Pub
1971978-0-06-012181-5Robert JastrowRed giants and white dwarfs;: Man's descent from the stars
1971978-0-06-012182-2Robert JastrowRed Giants and White Dwarfs; Man's Descent from the Stars.
1972978-0-06-012191-4Claudia JessupSupergirls; the autobiography of an outrageous business
  ''978-0-06-012192-1Arthur Robert JensenGenetics and education
1973978-0-06-012193-8Ruth Prawer JhabvalaTravelers
  ''978-0-06-012194-5Arthur Robert JensenEducability and group differences
1974978-0-06-012196-9G. Charlotte JayThe Voice of the Crab
1976978-0-06-012197-6Ruth Prawer JhabvalaHeat & Dust
1972978-0-06-012199-0Otto JohnTwice through the lines;: The autobiography of Otto John
1980978-0-06-012202-7G. H. JansenMilitant Islam
1977978-0-06-012204-1Arthur JonesMalcolm Forbes: Peripatetic millionaire
1957978-0-06-012205-8Burges JohnsonNew Rhyming Dictionary and Poets Handbook
1971978-0-06-012212-6E. Richard JohnsonThe Judas
  ''978-0-06-012213-3E. Richard JohnsonCase Load -- Maximum
1977978-0-06-012216-4Frederick JohnsonThe Tumbleweeds: Somersaulting Up and Out of the City Streets
1978978-0-06-012218-8Thomas H JonesHow to Build Greenhouses, Garden Shelters & Sheds
1977978-0-06-012219-5Tom Johnson · Tim MillerThe Sauna Book
  ''978-0-06-012221-8Tom Johnson · Tim MillerThe Sauna Book
1976978-0-06-012223-2Candy JonesCandy Jones' Complete book of beauty and fashion
1974978-0-06-012224-9Sam JultyHow Your Car Works
1973978-0-06-012227-0JOINT COMMISSION ON MENTAL HEALTH OF CHILDRENThe Mental health of children: services, research, and manpower;
1973978-0-06-012228-7Mental health: from infancy through adolescence: Reports of Task Forces I, II, and III and the Committees on Education and Religion
  ''978-0-06-012229-4Joint Commission on Mental Health of ChildrenThe Mental Health of Children: Services, Research, and Manpower;
1971978-0-06-012231-7Irene Milliken JosselynAdolescence;: A report published under the auspices of the Joint Commission on Mental Health of Children,
  ''978-0-06-012232-4Candy. JonesMore Than Beauty: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Modeling World.
1973978-0-06-012236-2Joint Commission on Mental Health of ChildrenSocial change and the mental health of children;: Report of Task Force VI and excerpts from the report of the Committee on Children of Minority Groups
1967978-0-06-012238-6Joan KahnThe Edge of the Chair: Anthology
1972978-0-06-012239-3Roger KahnThe Boys of Summer
1950978-0-06-012241-6Arthur MarokviaToyon, a Dog of the North and His People
1973978-0-06-012242-3E. J. Kahn Jr.Fraud: The United States Postal Inspection Service and Some of the Fools and Knaves It has Known
  ''978-0-06-012243-0Roger KahnHow the weather was
1979978-0-06-012244-7   ''But not to keep: A novel
1977978-0-06-012245-4Yoram KaniukRockinghorse