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ISBN 978-0-06-017202-2 to 978-0-06-017534-4 < ISBN 978-0-06-017535-1 to 978-0-06-017909-0 > ISBN 978-0-06-017910-6 to 978-0-06-018490-2

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-0-06-017535-1Tom BowerNazi Gold: The Full Story of the Fifty-Year Swiss-Nazi Conspiracy to Steal Billions from Europe's Jews and Holocaust Survivors
  ''978-0-06-017539-9Erica JongInventing Memory: A Novel of Mothers and Daughters
1998978-0-06-017540-5Barbara KingsolverThe Poisonwood Bible
1997978-0-06-017542-9Kathy Hogan TrocheckStrange Brew (Callahan Garrity Mysteries)
1998978-0-06-017543-6Kathy Hogan TrocheckMidnight Clear: A Callahan Garrity Mystery (Callahan Garrity Mysteries)
  ''978-0-06-017544-3Paulo CoelhoFifth Mountain
  ''978-0-06-017545-0Alexandra SellersHow to Speak Cat: The Essential Primer of Cat Language
  ''978-0-06-017547-4Virginia LanierBlind Bloodhound Justice
1999978-0-06-017548-1Virginia LanierTen Little Bloodhounds
1997978-0-06-017550-4Adam WerbachAct Now, Apologize Later
1998978-0-06-017551-1Janice DaughartyWhistle: A Novel
2001978-0-06-017552-8Olivia GoldsmithBad Boy
2000978-0-06-017553-5Olivia GoldsmithYoung Wives: A Novel
1997978-0-06-017560-3Robert FulghumWords I Wish I Wrote: A Collection of Writing That Inspired My Ideas
1999978-0-06-017562-7Robert BlyEating the Honey of Words: New and Selected Poems
1998978-0-06-017564-1Milan KunderaIdentity: A Novel
1999978-0-06-017565-8John GrayChildren Are From Heaven
1998978-0-06-017566-5Paulo CoelhoLa Quinta Montana (Spanish Edition)
1997978-0-06-017567-2Samuel P. ArnoldThe Fort Cookbook: New Foods of the Old West from the Famous Denver Restaurant
1998978-0-06-017568-9Olivia GoldsmithSwitcheroo: A Novel
2002978-0-06-017569-6Oscar HijuelosA Simple Habana Melody: (from when the world was good)
1999978-0-06-017570-2Oscar HijuelosEmpress of the Splendid Season
1997978-0-06-017576-4Laura DayPractical Intuition for Success: A Step-by-Step Program to Increase Your Wealth Today
1998978-0-06-017578-8Laura DayPractical Intuition in Love: Start a Journey Through Pleasure to the Love of Your Life
1998978-0-06-017579-5Barbara KingsolverThe Bean Trees Anniversary Edition: A Novel
  ''978-0-06-017581-8Tony HillermanThe First Eagle (A Leaphorn and Chee Novel)
  ''978-0-06-017582-5Bradley Gerstman · Christopher PizzoWhat Men Want: Three Professional Single Men Reveal to Women What It Takes to Make a Man Yours
1999978-0-06-017583-2Alice L. Waters · David Tanis · Fritz StreiffChez Panisse Café Cookbook
1998978-0-06-017584-9Carlos CastanedaMagical Passes: The Practical Wisdom of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico
2000978-0-06-017586-3Jacques BarzunFrom Dawn to Decadence: 1500 to the Present: 500 Years of Western Cultural Life
1999978-0-06-017587-0Barbara KeeslingGetting Close: A Lover's Guide to Embracing Fantasy and Heightening Sexual Connection
1998978-0-06-017589-4Vincent Roppatte · Sherry S. CohenBig City Look: How to Achieve That Metropolitan Chic
  ''978-0-06-017590-0Isabel AllendeAphrodite: A Memoir of the Senses
1997978-0-06-017591-7Isabel AllendeAfrodita: cuentos, recetas y otros afrodisíacos
1999978-0-06-017593-1Kenneth R. MillerFinding Darwin's God: A Scientist's Search for Common Ground Between God and Evolution
1998978-0-06-017595-5Mike MagnusonThe Fire Gospels: A Novel
  ''978-0-06-017596-2Simon WinchesterThe Professor and the Madman
1998978-0-06-017598-6John GrayMars and Venus Starting Over: A Practical Guide for Finding Love Again after a Painful Breakup, Divorce, or the Loss of a Loved One
1994978-0-06-017601-3Dan QuayleStanding Firm
  ''978-0-06-017602-0Anne Rivers SiddonsDowntown
  ''978-0-06-017603-7Clive BarkerEverville Limited Ed
1996978-0-06-017605-1Louise ErdrichTales of Burning Love
1969978-0-06-017606-8R SchullerPower Thoughts
1996978-0-06-017607-5Susan IsaacsLily White
1998978-0-06-017608-2Susan IsaacsRed, White, and Blue: A Novel
  ''978-0-06-017609-9Joan Brock · Derek L. GillMore Than Meets the Eye: The Story of a Remarkable Life and a Transcending Love
1994978-0-06-017611-2Olivia GoldsmithFashionably Late: A Novel
  ''978-0-06-017612-9Diane ChamberlainBrass Ring
2000978-0-06-017613-6Anne Rivers SiddonsNora, Nora: A Novel
1995978-0-06-017614-3   ''Fault Lines: A Novel
1997978-0-06-017615-0   ''Up Island
1998978-0-06-017616-7   ''Low Country
1994978-0-06-017617-4William Shatner · Chris KreskiStar Trek Movie Memories
1994978-0-06-017618-1Barbara DelinskyFor My Daughters
1995978-0-06-017619-8Alanna Nash · Billy Smith · Marty Lacker · Lamar FikeElvis Aaron Presley: Revelations from the Memphis Mafia
1997978-0-06-017620-4Les StandifordDeal on Ice: A Novel
1995978-0-06-017621-1Les StandifordDeal to Die for: A Novel
  ''978-0-06-017622-8Len DeightonFaith
1994978-0-06-017623-5Stuart WoodsHeat
  ''978-0-06-017624-2Wi ShatnerStar Trek Movie Memo 12 Disp
  ''978-0-06-017625-9Jeffrey Archer12 Red Herrings
  ''978-0-06-017626-6Barbara Taylor BradfordEverything to Gain
1997978-0-06-017629-7Michael RidpathTrading Reality
1995978-0-06-017630-3Michael RidpathFree to Trade: A Novel of Suspense
1994978-0-06-017631-0Dolly PartonDolly
1995978-0-06-017633-4Evan MaxwellAll the Winters That Have Been
1995978-0-06-017634-1Bernard CornwellBattle Flag (The Starbuck Chronicles, Book 3)
1994978-0-06-017635-8Victor OstrovskyThe Other Side of Deception: A Rogue Agent Exposes the Mossad's Secret Agenda
  ''978-0-06-017636-5Jeffrey ArcherThe First Miracle
1995978-0-06-017637-2Kathy Hogan TrocheckHappy Never After
1996978-0-06-017638-9   ''Heart Trouble: A Callahan Garrity Mystery
1995978-0-06-017639-6Philippa GregoryFallen Skies
  ''978-0-06-017640-2Michael GrantRetribution
1996978-0-06-017641-9Kathy Hogan TrocheckLickety-Split: A Truman Kicklighter Mystery
1997978-0-06-017642-6Kathy Hogan TrocheckCrash Course: A Truman Kicklighter Mystery
1996978-0-06-017643-3Chuck LoganHunter's Moon
1994978-0-06-017645-7Michael RidpathFree to Trade
1995978-0-06-017648-8Lynn S. HightowerFlashpoint
1996978-0-06-017649-5Lynn S. HightowerEyeshot
1997978-0-06-017651-8Diane ChamberlainEscape Artist
1996978-0-06-017652-5   ''Reflection
1995978-0-06-017653-2Whitley StrieberBreakthrough: The Next Step
1996978-0-06-017654-9Orson Scott CardTreasure Box
1998978-0-06-017655-6Orson Scott CardHomebody
1996978-0-06-017656-3Donald SpotoRebel: The Life and Legend of James Dean
1995978-0-06-017657-0Donald SpotoA Passion for Life: The Biography of Elizabeth Taylor
1996978-0-06-017658-7Lisa ScottolineLegal Tender
1995978-0-06-017659-4Lisa ScottolineRunning from the Law
  ''978-0-06-017660-0Nancy GoldstoneMommy and the Murder: A Novel
1997978-0-06-017662-4Camilla T. CrespiThe Trouble With a Hot Summer: A Simona Griffo Mystery (Simona Griffo Mysteries)
1995978-0-06-017663-1Philippa GregoryA Respectable Trade
  ''978-0-06-017664-8David RamusThief of Light
1996978-0-06-017665-5Steve DelsohnThe Fire Inside: Firefighters Talk About Their Lives
  ''978-0-06-017666-2Stuart WoodsDirt: A Novel
1995978-0-06-017667-9   ''Choke: A Novel
1996978-0-06-017670-9Philippa GregoryThe Little House: A Novel
1995978-0-06-017673-0Sue MillerThe Distinguished Guest
  ''978-0-06-017674-7Dannion Brinkley · Paul PerryAt Peace in the Light: The Further Adventures of a Reluctant Psychic Who Reveals the Secret of Your Spiritual Powers
1995978-0-06-017676-1Sue MillerDistinguished Guest
  ''978-0-06-017677-8Bernard CornwellSharpe's Battle: Richard Sharpe & the Battle of Fuentes De Onoro, May 1811 (Richard Sharpe's Adventure Series #12)
  ''978-0-06-017678-5Beth GutcheonSaying Grace: A Novel
1998978-0-06-017679-2Beth GutcheonFive Fortunes: A Novel
1995978-0-06-017680-8Barbara Taylor BradfordLove in Another Town
  ''978-0-06-017682-2Erm BombeckAll Know Animal Behav 18 Disp
  ''978-0-06-017683-9Anne Rivers SiddonsFault Lines
1995978-0-06-017684-6Ba BradfordLove in Another Town 15 Disp
1996978-0-06-017687-7Doris May LessingLove, Again
  ''978-0-06-017688-4Lyall WatsonDark Nature: A Natural History of Evil
1997978-0-06-017690-7Carl Sferrazza AnthonyAs We Remember Her: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in the Words of Her Family and Friends
1996978-0-06-017691-4Robert SternbergThe Sephardic Kitchen: The Healthy Food and Rich Culture of the Mediterranean Jews
  ''978-0-06-017693-8James GrippandoThe Informant
  ''978-0-06-017694-5Eric L. HarrySociety of the Mind: A Cyberthriller
1995978-0-06-017696-9Len DeightonHope: A Bernard Samson Novel- 2nd in the Faith, Hope and Charity Trilogy
1996978-0-06-017697-6Janet DaileyNotorious
1997978-0-06-017698-3Janet DaileyIllusions
1999978-0-06-017699-0   ''Calder Pride
1993978-0-06-017700-3Kerry TuckerDeath Echo: A Libby Kincaid Mystery
1992978-0-06-017701-0William Jeremiah CoughlinDeath Penalty: A Novel
1993978-0-06-017703-4Celestine SibleyDire Happenings at Scratch Ankle
1995978-0-06-017704-1Celestine SibleyA Plague of Kinfolks: A Kate Mulcay Mystery
1993978-0-06-017705-8Judith Van GiesonThe Lies That Bind: A Neil Hamel Mystery
1995978-0-06-017706-5Judith Van GiesonParrot Blues: A Neil Hamel Mystery
1997978-0-06-017707-2Roger L. SimonThe Lost Coast (Moses Wine Mystery)
1994978-0-06-017709-6Thomas J. FlemingLoyalties: A Novel of World War II
1993978-0-06-017710-2Kirby PuckettI Love This Game!: My Life and Baseball
  ''978-0-06-017712-6Diane ChamberlainFire and Rain
1993978-0-06-017713-3Bernard CornwellRebel (The Starbuck Chronicles, Vol. 1)
  ''978-0-06-017714-0Stuart WoodsL.A. Times
1994978-0-06-017715-7   ''Dead Eyes
  ''978-0-06-017716-4Clive Barker · Richard DominickEverville
1993978-0-06-017717-1Richard LourieHunting the Devil/Pursuit, Capture and Confession of the Most Savage Serial Killer in History
1994978-0-06-017720-1Dolly PartonDolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business
1996978-0-06-017721-8Barbara Taylor BradfordHer Own Rules
1995978-0-06-017722-5Barbara Taylor BradfordDangerous to Know
1994978-0-06-017723-2   ''Everything to Gain
1992978-0-06-017724-9Clive BarkerThe Thief of Always: A Fable
1994978-0-06-017726-3Camilla T. CrespiThe Trouble With Thin Ice (Simona Griffo Mysteries)
1993978-0-06-017727-0Sue MillerFor Love
1992978-0-06-017729-4Clive BarkerThe Thief of Always: A Fable
  ''978-0-06-017730-0   ''Thief of Always: A Fable
1993978-0-06-017731-7Les StandifordDone Deal: A Novel
1994978-0-06-017732-4   ''Raw Deal: A Novel
  ''978-0-06-017733-1Michael GannonSecret Missions
1993978-0-06-017734-8William Shatner · Chris KreskiStar Trek Memories
  ''978-0-06-017735-5   ''Star Trek Memories/Special Signed Limited Edition
1994978-0-06-017737-9Harris DulanyOne Kiss Led to Another
  ''978-0-06-017738-6Greg MatthewsThe Wisdom of Stones
1994978-0-06-017739-3Erica JongFear of Fifty: A Midlife Memoir
1993978-0-06-017740-9A. A. AttanasioThe Moon's Wife: A Hystery
1995978-0-06-017743-0Daniel EastermanNight of the Apocalypse
1993978-0-06-017746-1Anne Rivers SiddonsHill Towns-12 Copy Dump
1994978-0-06-017747-8Mickey Mantle · Mickey HerskowitzAll My Octobers: My Memories of Twelve World Series When the Yankees Ruled Baseball
1995978-0-06-017748-5Doug J. SwansonDreamboat
1994978-0-06-017749-2Doug J. SwansonBig Town
2003978-0-06-017750-8Terry PratchettSmall Gods: A Novel of Discworld
1993978-0-06-017757-7William Shatner · Chris KresStar Trek Memories-12 Copy Dump
1994978-0-06-017758-4Dan QuayleStanding Firm: Dan Quayle
  ''978-0-06-017759-1Bill BranonLet Us Prey
1995978-0-06-017760-7   ''Devil's Hole
1993978-0-06-017762-1Robert Harold SchullerPower Thoughts: Achieve Your True Potential Through Power Thinking
1995978-0-06-017763-8Barbara MichaelsStitches in Time
1997978-0-06-017764-5Barbara MichaelsThe Dancing Floor
1994978-0-06-017765-2Kathy Hogan TrocheckHomemade Sin (Callahan Garrity Mysteries)
  ''978-0-06-017766-9Bernard CornwellCopperhead (Starbuck Chronicles)
  ''978-0-06-017767-6Michael StewartCompulsion
  ''978-0-06-017768-3Daniel EastermanThe Judas Testament
1994978-0-06-017770-6Gerald SeymourThe Fighting Man
1993978-0-06-017771-3Jeffrey ArcherHonor Among Thieves
1995978-0-06-017772-0Tony HillermanFinding Moon
1996978-0-06-017773-7   ''The Fallen Man
1994978-0-06-017774-4Evelyn AnthonyExposure
1995978-0-06-017775-1Stuart WoodsImperfect Strangers
1994978-0-06-017776-8   ''Heat
1993978-0-06-017777-5Robert H. SchullerPower Thoughts: Positive Messages for Everyday Life
  ''978-0-06-017779-9Bil BrannonLet Us Prey
1995978-0-06-017780-5Barbara DelinskyTogether Alone
1996978-0-06-017781-2   ''Shades of Grace
1994978-0-06-017782-9James GrippandoThe Pardon: A Novel
1993978-0-06-017783-6Dennis Byrd · Michael D'OrsoRise and Walk: The Trial and Triumph of Dennis Byrd
  ''978-0-06-017784-3Denni ByrdRise and Walk
1994978-0-06-017785-0Tony HillermanThe Mysterious West: A Collection of Suspenseful Stories
1995978-0-06-017786-7Wayne W. Dyer · Wayne W. Dyer · by Dr. Wayne W. DyerYour Sacred Self
  ''978-0-06-017788-1Erma BombeckAll I Know About Animal Behavior I Learned in Loehmann's Dressing Room
1994978-0-06-017795-9Donna LeonDressed for Death: A Guido Brunetti Mystery
1995978-0-06-017796-6Donna LeonDeath and Judgment
1999978-0-06-017798-0Clive BarkerEverville
1994978-0-06-017799-7Mickey Mantle · Mickey HerskowitzAll My Octobers (Limited Edition)
1990978-0-06-017801-7Henry H., Jr. CollinsCollins German-English, English-German Dictionary
1997978-0-06-017814-7Cecile AndrewsThe Circle of Simplicity: Return to the Good Life
1998978-0-06-017815-4Howard Greene · Matthew W. GreeneThe Select: Realities of Life and Learning in America's Elite Colleges
1997978-0-06-017818-5Barbara EklofFor Every Season: The Complete Guide to African American Celebrations Traditional to Contemporary
1998978-0-06-017819-2Michael GannonBlack May: The Epic Story of the Allies' Defeat of the German U-Boats in May 1943
1997978-0-06-017821-5Joan RiversBouncing Back: I've Survived Everything...and I Mean Everything...and You Can Too!
1996978-0-06-017822-2Olivia GoldsmithThe Bestseller
1997978-0-06-017824-6Whitney OttoThe Passion Dream Book: A Novel
2001978-0-06-017830-7Cindy CrawfordAbout Face
1990978-0-06-017900-7Foresman ScottWords for New Readers
  ''978-0-06-017902-1Foresman ScottGood Morning, Words!
1991978-0-06-017907-6Diane ChamberlainSecret Lives
1991978-0-06-017909-0A. A AttanasioHunting The Ghost Dancer