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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-0-06-016342-6Woody Guthrie · Dave Marsh · Harold LeventhalPastures of Plenty: A Self-Portrait
1991978-0-06-016344-0Deborah Prothrow-Stith · Michaele WeissmanDeadly Consequences/How Violence Is Destroying Our Teenage Population and a Plan to Begin Solving the Problem
  ''978-0-06-016346-4Richard ShenkmanI Love Paul Revere, Whether He Rode or Not
1990978-0-06-016350-1Barbara KingsolverAnimal Dreams
  ''978-0-06-016351-8Harvey OxenhornTuning the Rig: A Journey to the Arctic
  ''978-0-06-016352-5Philomene GatesSuddenly Alone: A Woman's Guide to Widowhood
1991978-0-06-016356-3James WilcoxPolite Sex
1993978-0-06-016357-0John H. DavisMafia Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the Gambino Crime Family
1991978-0-06-016361-7Mary Sheedy KurcinkaRaising Your Spirited Child: A Guide for Parents Whose Child Is More Intense, Sensitive, Perceptive, Persistent, Energetic
1990978-0-06-016362-4Ellen AkinsLittle Woman
  ''978-0-06-016363-1American Society of Journalists & AuthorTools of the writer's trade: Writers tell all about the equipment and services they find the best
1990978-0-06-016365-5Claudia Bepko · Jo Ann KrestanToo Good for Her Own Good: Breaking Free from the Burden of Female Responsibility
1991978-0-06-016366-2Michael BurnsDreyfus: A Family Affair, 1789-1945
1990978-0-06-016368-6Jeffrey A. FisherThe Chromium Program
1991978-0-06-016369-3Stanley Fisher · James EllisonDiscovering the Power of Self-Hypnosis: A New Approach for Enabling Change and Promoting Healing
1990978-0-06-016370-9Tony HillermanCoyote Waits
  ''978-0-06-016373-0Barbara VictorMisplaced Lives
1992978-0-06-016374-7Marianne WilliamsonReturn to Love: Reflections on the Principles of a Course in Miracles
  ''978-0-06-016375-4Jerry DennisIts Raining Frogs and Fishes
1990978-0-06-016377-8Don MetzKing of the Mountain
1991978-0-06-016379-2James RestonCollision at Home Plate: The Lives of Pete Rose and Bart Giamatti
  ''978-0-06-016381-5Michael TalbotHolographic Universe
  ''978-0-06-016383-9Michael BrooksThe Power of Business Rapport: Use Nlp Technology to Make More Money, Sell Yourself and Your Product, and Move Ahead in Business
1990978-0-06-016384-6Gabriel Garcia MarquezCollected Novellas
1991978-0-06-016387-7Bruce ZimmermanThicker Than Water
1990978-0-06-016388-4Bernard CornwellCrackdown (The Thrillers #3)
1990978-0-06-016389-1Craig ThomasThe Last Raven
  ''978-0-06-016390-7John TrenhaileKrysalis
  ''978-0-06-016393-8Michael MacroneBrush Up Your Shakespeare!
  ''978-0-06-016397-6Sue MillerFamily Pictures: A Novel
  ''978-0-06-016398-3Craig ClaiborneThe New York Times International Cookbook
1991978-0-06-016400-3Tony Hillerman · Barney HillermanHillerman Country: A Journey Through the Southwest With Tony Hillerman
1991978-0-06-016402-7Mimi SheratonFrom My Mother's Kitchen: Recipes and Reminiscences
1992978-0-06-016403-4Sydney EddisonA Passion for Daylilies: The Flowers and the People
  ''978-0-06-016405-8Joann Ellison RodgersPsychosurgery: Damaging the Brain to Save the Mind
1990978-0-06-016411-9Zachary KleinStill Among the Living
  ''978-0-06-016418-8Michael R. BeschlossEisenhower: A Centennial Life
  ''978-0-06-016419-5Bob ColacelloHoly Terror: Andy Warhol Close Up
1991978-0-06-016420-1Zachary KleinTwo Way Toll: A Matt Jacob Novel of Suspense
1986978-0-06-016421-8Cheryl Sedaker365 Ways to Cook Chicken: Simply the Best Chicken Recipes You'll Find Anywere!
1990978-0-06-016422-5Tony HillermanCoyote Waits
  ''978-0-06-016423-2   ''Coyote Waits
1991978-0-06-016425-6Felipe Rojas-LombarArt of South American Cooking
1992978-0-06-016429-4Helene SiegelItalian Cooking for Beginners (The Ethnic Kitchen)
1990978-0-06-016430-0Frank Magill · John RothMasterpieces of World Philosophy
1993978-0-06-016432-4Helene SiegelMexican Cooking for Beginners: More Than 65 Recipes for the Eager Cook (The Ethnic Kitchen)
1990978-0-06-016433-1Armistead MaupinThe Complete Tales of the City: Tales of the City/More Tales of the City/Further Tales of the City/Babycakes/Significant Others/Sure of You
1990978-0-06-016434-8Jennifer BrennanCurries and Bugles: A Memoir and a Cookbook of the British Raj
1994978-0-06-016435-5Christine JeromeAn Adirondack Passage: The Cruise of the Canoe Sairy Gamp
1990978-0-06-016436-2Paul JohnsonCathedrals of England, Scotland, and Wales
1991978-0-06-016437-9Leonard M. Zunin · Hilary Stanton ZuninThe Art of Condolence: What to Write, What to Say, What to Do at a Time of Loss
1990978-0-06-016438-6Ronald HaymanProust: A Biography
  ''978-0-06-016440-9Donald SecreastThe Rat Becomes Light
1993978-0-06-016441-6   ''White Trash, Red Velvet: Stories
1991978-0-06-016442-3Norma Lorre GoodrichGuinevere
  ''978-0-06-016444-7Andrew Cockburn · Leslie CockburnDangerous Liaison: The Inside Story of the U.S.-Israeli Covert Relationship
1990978-0-06-016446-1Mary Ann HumphreyMy country, my right to serve: Experiences of gay men and women in the military, World War II to the present
  ''978-0-06-016447-8William K KlingamanThe first century: Emperors, gods, and everyman
1991978-0-06-016449-2Richard LourieRussia Speaks: An Oral History from the Revolution to the Present
  ''978-0-06-016451-5Richard Ellis · John E. McCoskerGreat White Shark
1991978-0-06-016452-2Lisa YockelsonFruit Desserts: Delectable Seasonal Sweets
  ''978-0-06-016454-6Michael R. BeschlossThe Crisis Years: Kennedy and Khrushchev, 1960-1963
1995978-0-06-016455-3Carlo D'EstePatton: A Genius for War
1990978-0-06-016456-0Eugene H EhrlichMene, Mene, Tekel
1996978-0-06-016457-7Allen GinsbergSelected Poems 1947-1995
1990978-0-06-016463-8Georg GersterAmber Waves of Grain: America's Farmland from Above
1991978-0-06-016464-5Jeanne K HansonOf Kinkajous, Capybaras, Horned Beetles, Seladangs, And The Oddest and Most Wonderful Mammals, Insects, Birds and Plants of Our World
1990978-0-06-016466-9Armistead Maupin28 Barbary Lane: A "Tales of the City" Omnibus
  ''978-0-06-016467-6Leslie NewmanFeasts: Menus for Home-Cooked Celebrations
  ''978-0-06-016468-3Albie SachsRunning to Maputo
  ''978-0-06-016470-6Jane Stern · Michael SternEncyclopedia of Bad Taste
1990978-0-06-016471-3John TrainJohn Train's Most Remarkable Occurrences
1991978-0-06-016472-0Christian von KrockowHour of the Women: A Young Mother's Survive at the Close of World War 2
1990978-0-06-016473-7Howard ZinnDeclarations of Independence
  ''978-0-06-016475-1John WelwoodJourney of the Heart: Intimate Relationship and the Path of Love
  ''978-0-06-016476-8Anne Moyer HalpinThe naming of flowers
1991978-0-06-016477-5Ray RobinsonThe Home Run Heard 'Round the World: The Dramatic Story of the 1951 Giants-Dodgers Pennant Race
1990978-0-06-016478-2Tony HillermanThe Jim Chee Mysteries: Three Classic Hillerman Mysteries Featuring Officer Jim Chee: The Dark
1991978-0-06-016479-9Michael O'Higgins · John DownesBeating the Dow: A High-Return, Low-Risk Method for Investing in the Dow-Jones Industrial Stocks With As Little As $5,000
1990978-0-06-016480-5Diane RavitchThe American Reader: Words That Moved a Nation
1995978-0-06-016481-2Richard B. MorrisEncyclopedia of American History
  ''978-0-06-016482-9Ivan MusicantDivided Waters: The Naval History of the Civil War
1991978-0-06-016483-6Rachel BillingtonTheo and Matilda: A Novel
1990978-0-06-016488-1James AndersonThe Harper Dictionary of Opera and Operetta
1991978-0-06-016489-8Polly Berrien BerendsGently Lead: Or How to Teach Your Children About God While Finding Out for Yourself
1990978-0-06-016490-4Kathryn K. Blue · Anthony Dias BlueThanksgiving Dinner
  ''978-0-06-016491-1Nick CaveAnd the ass saw the angel
1991978-0-06-016492-8Raymond DaumWalking With Garbo: Conversations and Recollections
1992978-0-06-016493-5Michael Franzese · Dary MateraQuitting the Mob: How the "Yuppie Don" Left the Mafia and Lived to Tell His Story
1990978-0-06-016494-2Nancy MairsCarnal acts: Essays
1992978-0-06-016495-9Mark Mathabane · Gail MathabaneLove in Black and White: The Triumph of Love over Prejudice and Taboo
1994978-0-06-016496-6Mark MathabaneAfrican Women: Three Generations
1991978-0-06-016497-3Steven R. PeikinGastrointestinal Health: A Self-Help Nutritional Program to Prevent, Cure, or Alleviate Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcers, Heartburn, Gas, Constipation
1993978-0-06-016503-1Joyce MiltonLoss of Eden: A Biography of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh
1991978-0-06-016504-8Carol BlyThe Tomcat's Wife and Other Stories
1992978-0-06-016505-5Robert Maheu · Richard HackNext to Hughes: Behind the Power and Tragic Downfall of Howard Hughes by His Closest Advisor
1992978-0-06-016506-2Steven VoienIn a High and Lonely Place
1990978-0-06-016507-9Peter F. DruckerManaging the Nonprofit Organization: Principles and Practices
1992978-0-06-016514-7Vince StatenOl' Diz: A Biography of Dizzy Dean
1990978-0-06-016517-8E. B WhiteWritings from the New Yorker: 1925-1976
1991978-0-06-016519-2Michael S MaloneGoing public: MIPS computer and the entrepreneurial dream
1992978-0-06-016520-8Herbert R. LottmanThe Fall of Paris: June 1940
1991978-0-06-016521-5Zhangng XianliangGetting Used to Dying: A Novel
  ''978-0-06-016522-2Rae AndréPositive solitude: A practical program for mastering loneliness and achieving self-fulfillment
  ''978-0-06-016523-9Deirdre McNamerRima in the Weeds: A Novel
1992978-0-06-016524-6Anna Del ConteA Casa: Seasonal Italian Home Cooking
1991978-0-06-016525-3Peter MillerInside the Real Estate Deal
1990978-0-06-016527-7Anna PavordFoliage: Planning and Planting (CLASSIC ENGLISH GARDENING GUIDES)
1991978-0-06-016528-4Stephen MitchellThe Enlightened Mind: An Anthology of Sacred Prose
  ''978-0-06-016529-1Kerry TuckerStill Waters: A Novel of Suspense
1992978-0-06-016530-7Kerry TuckerCold Feet: A Libby Kincaid Mystery
1991978-0-06-016531-4Wilfrid SheedBaseball and Lesser Sports
  ''978-0-06-016533-8Michael ModzelewskiInside Passage: Living With Killer Whales, Bald Eagles, and Kwakiutl Indians
1992978-0-06-016534-5Amy HerrickAt the Sign of the Naked Waiter: A Novel
1992978-0-06-016535-2Rick Rodgers365 Ways to Cook Hamburger and Other Ground Meats
  ''978-0-06-016536-9Lonnie Gandara · Peggy Fallon · Peggy Fallon on365 Snacks, Hors D'Oeuvres, and Appetizers (365 Ways)
1991978-0-06-016537-6Natalie Haughton365 Great Chocolate Desserts (365 Ways)
  ''978-0-06-016538-3Susan BaurThe Dinosaur Man: Tales of Madness and Enchantment from the Back Ward
1994978-0-06-016539-0James M. CannonTime and Chance: Gerald Ford's Appointment With History
1990978-0-06-016540-6Arno PetersPeters Atlas of the World
1991978-0-06-016541-3Pauline GedgeMirage: A Novel
1993978-0-06-016543-7Harry N. MacLeanOnce upon a Time: A True Story of Memory, Murder and the Law
1991978-0-06-016544-4Beryl BainbridgeAn Awfully Big Adventure: A Novel
1990978-0-06-016547-5Gail SheehyThe Man Who Changed the World: The Lives of Mikhail S. Gorbachev
1992978-0-06-016551-2Christopher FinchHighways to Heaven: The Auto Biography of America
  ''978-0-06-016552-9Armistead MaupinMaybe the Moon: A Novel
1991978-0-06-016553-6Marilyn YoungThe Vietnam Wars, 1945-1990
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1993978-0-06-016558-1Walt HarringtonCrossings: A White Man's Journey into Black America
1991978-0-06-016563-5Paula SharpThe Imposter: Stories About Netta and Stanley
1993978-0-06-016564-2Paula SharpLost in Jersey City: A Novel
1991978-0-06-016565-9Peter Ferdinand DruckerAdventures of a Bystander
1993978-0-06-016569-7Marvin J. Wolf · Larry AtteberyFamily Blood: The True Story of Yom Kippur Murders: One Family's Greed, Love, and Rage
1991978-0-06-016570-3Harris DienstfreyWhere the mind meets the body: Type A, the relaxation response, psychoneuroimmunology, biofeedback, neuropeptides, hypnosis, imagery, and the search for the mind's effect on physical health
1991978-0-06-016571-0Michelle GreenThe Dream at the End of the World: Paul Bowles and the Literary Renegades in Tangier
  ''978-0-06-016572-7Elaine HughesWriting from the Source: Exercises for Aspiring Writers
  ''978-0-06-016573-4Susan IsaacsMagic Hour
  ''978-0-06-016574-1Paul JohnsonThe Birth of the Modern: World Society, 1815-1830
1992978-0-06-016575-8D. Ariel Kerman · Richard TruboThe Hart Program: Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Drugs
1991978-0-06-016576-5Ralph KeyesTimelock: How Life Got So Hectic and What You Can Do About It
  ''978-0-06-016579-6Amy SaltzmanDownshifting: Reinventing Success on a Slower Track
1991978-0-06-016581-9Judith Van GiesonThe Other Side of Death/a Novel of Suspense
  ''978-0-06-016582-6Richard WheelerOn Fields of Fury: From the Wilderness to the Crater: An Eyewitness History
  ''978-0-06-016583-3David YeadonThe Back of Beyond: Travels to the Wild Places of the Earth
  ''978-0-06-016584-0Geri HarringtonThe Asthma Self-Care Book: How to Take Control of Your Asthma
1992978-0-06-016589-5Pauline CollinsLetter to Louise: A Loving Memoir to the Daughter I Gave Up for Adoption More Than Twenty-Five Years Ago
1994978-0-06-016590-1Frances Gies · Joseph GiesCathedral, Forge, and Waterwheel: Technology and Invention in the Middle Ages
  ''978-0-06-016592-5John BowersChickamauga and Chattanooga: The Battles That Doomed the Confederacy
1991978-0-06-016593-2Brian Wilson AldissDracula Unbound
1992978-0-06-016596-3Melanie Barnard · Brooke DojnyParties!: Menus for Easy Good Times
1992978-0-06-016597-0Thomas MooreCare of the Soul: A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life
  ''978-0-06-016598-7Michele SlungSlow Hand: Women Writing Erotica
1997978-0-06-016599-4A. CroninSamuel Beckett: Last Modernist, The
1991978-0-06-016600-7Eric BogosianSex, Drugs, Rock & Roll
  ''978-0-06-016602-1Peter AckroydDickens
1992978-0-06-016603-8William L. Rathje · Cullen MurphyRubbish!: The Archaeology of Garbage
1990978-0-06-016605-2Christopher AndrewKGB
1991978-0-06-016608-3Annie Leibovitz · Ingrid SischyAnnie Leibovitz: Photographs, 1970-1990
1992978-0-06-016609-0Laura ChesterThe Unmade Bed: Sensual Writing on Married Love
1993978-0-06-016610-6Samuel G. FreedmanUpon This Rock: The Miracles of a Black Church
1992978-0-06-016611-3Sam ToperoffQueen of Desire
1993978-0-06-016615-1Sandra BernhardLove, Love, and Love
1992978-0-06-016616-8Orson Welles · Peter BogdonavichThis Is Orson Welles
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1995978-0-06-016620-5James GormanOcean Enough and Time: Discovering the Waters Around Antarctica
1991978-0-06-016622-9Elizabeth JolleyCabin Fever: A Novel
1992978-0-06-016623-6Alvaro MutisMaqroll: Three Novellas: The Snow of the Admiral/Ilona Comes With the Rain/UN Bel Morir
  ''978-0-06-016625-0Renee Royak-Schaler · Beryl Lieff BenderlyChallenging the Breast Cancer Legacy: A Program of Emotional Support and Medical Care for Women at Risk
1994978-0-06-016627-4Trevor N. DupuyHitler's Last Gamble: The Battle of the Bulge, December 1944-January 1945
1992978-0-06-016628-1Thomas Crook · Cristine AllisonHow to Remember Names
1991978-0-06-016629-8Liva BakerThe Justice from Beacon Hill: The Life and Times of Oliver Wendell Holmes
  ''978-0-06-016632-8Guy KawasakiSelling the Dream: How to Promote Your Product, Company or Ideas and Make a Difference Using Everyday Evangelism
1991978-0-06-016633-5Michael CaderEat These Words: A Delicious Collection of Fat-Free Food for Thought
1992978-0-06-016635-9Richard NehrbassDark of Night
1991978-0-06-016636-6   ''A Perfect Death for Hollywood: A Mystery
1993978-0-06-016637-3Joseph GlenmullenThe Pornographer's Grief: And Other Tales of Human Sexuality
  ''978-0-06-016640-3Stephen MitchellA Book of Psalms: Selected & Adapted from the Hebrew
  ''978-0-06-016643-4Linda Drachman365 Ways to Wok
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1992978-0-06-016648-9Gena CoreaThe Invisible Epidemic: The Story of Women And AIDS
1991978-0-06-016649-6Armistead MaupinBack to Barbary Lane: The Final Tales of the City Omnibus
1992978-0-06-016650-2Richard WheelerLee's Terrible Swift Sword: From Antietam to Chancellorsville- An Eyewitness History
1994978-0-06-016651-9Paula WolfertThe Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean: 215 Healthy, Vibrant, and Inspired Recipes
1991978-0-06-016652-6Douglas PorchThe French Foreign Legion: A Complete History of the Legendary Fighting Force
  ''978-0-06-016653-3John SaylesLos Gusanos
1991978-0-06-016654-0Tania BayardA Medieval Home Companion: Housekeeping in the Fourteenth Century
1993978-0-06-016656-4David YeadonLost Worlds: Exploring the Earth's Remote Places
1991978-0-06-016659-5John StrawnDriving the Green: The Making of a Golf Course
1992978-0-06-016660-1Robert PlunketLove Junkie
1991978-0-06-016661-8Wendy MaltzThe Sexual Healing Journey: A Guide for Survivors of Sexual Abuse
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  ''978-0-06-016664-9Tony HillermanThe Best of the West: An Anthology of Classic Writing from the American West
  ''978-0-06-016665-6Susan IsaacsMagic Hour