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ISBN 978-0-06-040263-1 to 978-0-06-041028-5 < ISBN 978-0-06-041029-2 to 978-0-06-041601-0 > ISBN 978-0-06-041602-7 to 978-0-06-042262-2

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1972978-0-06-041029-2Don F. Blood · William C. BuddEducational Measurement and Evaluation
1981978-0-06-041032-2F BuecheTechnical physics
1977978-0-06-041033-9Frederick J. BuecheTechnical Physics
1985978-0-06-041036-0Frederick J. BuecheTechnical Physics
1972978-0-06-041038-4William R. Burch · etc.Social Behaviour, Natural Resources and the Environment
1971978-0-06-041039-1William R BurchDaydreams and nightmares;: A sociological essay on the American environment (Harper & Row monograph series in sociology)
1978978-0-06-041041-4M.David BurghardtEngineering Thermodynamics with Applications
1982978-0-06-041042-1M.David BurghardtEngineering Thermodynamics with Applications (The Harper & Row series in mechanical engineering)
1986978-0-06-041043-8M. David BurghardtEngineering Thermodynamics With Applications
1988978-0-06-041044-5Judee K. BurgoonNonverbal Communication: The Unspoken Dialogue
1992978-0-06-041046-9M. David BurghardtIntroduction to Engineering
1972978-0-06-041047-6Gerald R MillerNew techniques of persuasion
1991978-0-06-041048-3M. David BurghardtIntroduction to the Engineering Profession
1992978-0-06-041049-0M. David Burghardt · James A. HarbachEngineering Thermodynamics
1972978-0-06-041062-9Percy E BurrupThe teacher and the public school system
1971978-0-06-041069-8Marina K BurtFrom deep to surface structure;: An introduction to transformational syntax (Studies in language series)
1986978-0-06-041086-5Richard M. Burton · etc.Quantitative Approaches to Business Decision Making
1990978-0-06-041087-2Donald R. H ByrdWrite away: A course for writing English
1991978-0-06-041088-9Donald R H ByrdWrite away Book 2
1990978-0-06-041089-6Donald Byrd · Gloria GallinganeWrite Away Book 3: A Course for Writing English
1987978-0-06-041093-3Rudolph E. Busby · Randall E. MajorsBasic Speech Communication: Principles and Practices
  ''978-0-06-041094-0Lloyd L. ByarsStrategic Management: Planning and Implementation
1984978-0-06-041095-7Lloyd L. ByarsConcepts of Strategic Management
  ''978-0-06-041096-4   ''Strategic Management: Planning and Implementation Concepts and Cases
1976978-0-06-041097-1Karl W ButzerGeomorphology from the Earth (Harper & Row series in geography)
1991978-0-06-041098-8Lloyd L. ByarsStrategic Management: Formulation and Implementation: Concepts and Cases/Student Edition
1974978-0-06-041102-2David P ButtsThe teaching of science;: A self-directed planning guide
1976978-0-06-041106-0Edgar W. ButlerUrban Sociology: A Systematic Approach
1968978-0-06-041108-4J.Donald ButlerFour Philosophies and Their Practice in Education and Religion
1983978-0-06-041109-1Edward F. Byars · Robert D. Snyder · Helen L. PlantsEngineering Mechanics of Deformable Bodies
1975978-0-06-041111-4Donald BykerCommunication as Identification: An Introductory View
1973978-0-06-041113-8Henry C. ByerlyPrimer of Logic
1977978-0-06-041116-9Margaret C. ByrneIntroduction to Communicative Disorders
1971978-0-06-041117-6Donald W. CalhounSocial Science in an Age of Change
1974978-0-06-041119-0Lawrence ByrnesReligion and public education (Critical issues in education)
1971978-0-06-041141-1Steven M CahnA new introduction to philosophy
1970978-0-06-041143-5Steven M.CahnPhilosophy of Religion: Sources in Contemporary Philosophy
  ''978-0-06-041144-2Steven M. CahnPhilosophical Foundations of Education
1975978-0-06-041146-6Lynton Keith CaldwellMan and his environment: policy and administration (Man and his environment series)
1978978-0-06-041148-0Donald W. CalhounSocial Science in an Age of Change
1975978-0-06-041151-0Donald W CalhounPersons-in-groups: A humanistic social psychology
1997978-0-06-041156-5Clark S. Carlile · Arlie V. DanielsProject Text for Public Speaking (6th Edition)
  ''978-0-06-041157-2Dianna S. CampbellEasy Writer: A Process and Sentence Combining Approach to College Writing (3rd Edition)
1986978-0-06-041158-9Dianna S. CampbellEasy Writer II: Basic Sentence Combining and Comprehensive Skills
1980978-0-06-041163-3Dianna S CampbellEasy writer: Learning the skills
1984978-0-06-041164-0   ''Easy writer: Sentence combining and comprehensive skills
1987978-0-06-041167-1Stephen K. CampbellApplied Business Statistics: Text, Problems, and Cases
1992978-0-06-041168-8Alan S. CanigliaStatistics for Economics: An Intuitive Approach
1978978-0-06-041169-5Robert D CantorAmerican Government
1987978-0-06-041175-6Clark Stites CarlileProject text for public speaking
1991978-0-06-041178-7Leonard CarganMarriages and Families: Changing Relationships
1972978-0-06-041181-7Clark Stites CarlileProject text for public speaking
1981978-0-06-041182-4   ''Project text for public speaking
1984978-0-06-041198-5Robert Melvin Carter · Daniel Glaser · Leslie T. WilkinsCorrectional Institutions
978-0-06-041201-2Group Dynamics 3rd
1978978-0-06-041205-0Jean-Pierre Cauvin · Mary J BakerPanache Litteraire Pb (French Edition)
1981978-0-06-041206-7Ruth Shonle CavanJuvenile Delinquency
1989978-0-06-041207-4Mary J. Baker · Jean-Pierre CauvinPanache Litteraire
1976978-0-06-041209-8Charles J CazeauPhysical geology: Principles, processes, and problems
1972978-0-06-041213-5Jonathan D. CasperThe Politics of Civil Liberties
1971978-0-06-041214-2Alan CastyThe Dramatic Art of The Film
1979978-0-06-041219-7Lester Vernon ChandlerThe monetary-financial system
1977978-0-06-041234-0Lester V. Chandler · Stephen M. GoldfeldEconomics of Money and Banking
1971978-0-06-041235-7Neil Chalmers · Roberta Crawley · Steven P. R. RoseThe Biological Bases of Behaviour
1981978-0-06-041236-4Lester V. Chandler · Stephen M. GoldfeldEconomics of Money and Banking
1983978-0-06-041237-1John H ChambersAchievement of Education Pb 82
1985978-0-06-041255-5Gregory C ChowThe Chinese economy
1981978-0-06-041257-9Reo Millard ChristensonChallenge and Decision: Political Issues of Our Time
1983978-0-06-041258-6Paul D. CherulnikBehavioural Research: Assessing the Validity of Research Findings in Psychology
1980978-0-06-041259-3Reo Millard ChristensonAmerican politics: Understanding what counts
1978978-0-06-041265-4Sherman ChottinerMathematics for Modern Management
1980978-0-06-041266-1Paul M. ChirlianAnalysis and Design of Integrated Electronic Circuits
1976978-0-06-041267-8Reo Millard ChristensonChallenge and decision: Political issues of our time
1973978-0-06-041269-2   ''Challenge and decision: political issues of our time
1981978-0-06-041273-9Reo M. Christenson · Mostafa Rejai · Dan N. JacobsIdeologies and modern politics
1973978-0-06-041274-6Reo M. ChristensonHeresies Right and Left
1968978-0-06-041276-0Noam Chomsky & Morris HalleThe Sound Pattern of English
1972978-0-06-041283-8John B. ChristopherIslamic Tradition (Major traditions of world civilization)
1979978-0-06-041284-5R. J. ChristmanSensory Experience
1971978-0-06-041285-2Robert M ChuteEnvironmental insight;: Readings and comment on human and nonhuman nature
1973978-0-06-041286-9Ben T ClarkRussian for Americans
1977978-0-06-041292-0Dennis T ChristyEssentials of precalculus mathematics
1982978-0-06-041296-8Ben T. ClarkRussian (English and Russian Edition)
1978978-0-06-041297-5Dennis T. ChristyElementary Functions
1981978-0-06-041299-9H. Kae · etc.Organizational Behaviour: Developing Managerial Skills
1981978-0-06-041302-6George A ChristyFinance: Environment and decisions
  ''978-0-06-041303-3Dennis T ChristyEssentials Precalcusu Math 2 81
1983978-0-06-041304-0Harvey F. Clarizio · George F. McCoyBehavior Disorders in Children
1984978-0-06-041306-4Ruth Anne ClarkPersuasive messages
1973978-0-06-041307-1James ClotfelterMilitary in American Politics
1986978-0-06-041308-8Dennis T ChristyEssentials of precalculus mathematics
1985978-0-06-041310-1Peyton Foster Roden · George A. ChristyFinance: Environment and Decisions
1974978-0-06-041315-6Fabritio Caroso · Balthasar de Beaujoyeulx · Gottfried Taubert · John Weaver · Jean Georges Noverre · August Bournonville · Marius Peitipa · Michel FokineDance as a Theatre Art: Source Reading in Dance History from 1581 to the Present
1989978-0-06-041316-3James D. CockcroftNeighbors in Turmoil: Latin America
1990978-0-06-041318-7Gary K. Clabaugh · Edward G. RozyckiUnderstanding Schools: The Foundations of Education
1988978-0-06-041322-4Robert Alan SchwartzEquity Markets: Structure, Trading, and Performance
1980978-0-06-041326-2James William Coleman · Donald R. CresseySocial Problems
1984978-0-06-041327-9James William Coleman · Donald R. CresseySocial Problems
1982978-0-06-041329-3Courtland A. Collier · William B. LedbetterEngineering Cost Analysis
1987978-0-06-041332-3William E., Jr. ColesSeeing Through Writing
1988978-0-06-041333-0Courtland A. Collier · William B. LedbetterEngineering Economic and Cost Analysis
1990978-0-06-041334-7James William Coleman · Donald R. CresseySocial Problems
1998978-0-06-041335-4ColemanSg Social Problems
1990978-0-06-041336-1James William ColemanSocial Problems
1994978-0-06-041337-8Kathy Pike · Rita Compain · Jean MumperNew Connections: An Integrated Approach to Literacy
1972978-0-06-041338-5W Richard ComstockThe Study of Religion and Primitive Religions
1989978-0-06-041342-2Heritage and Challenge
1991978-0-06-041343-9John Janeway CongerAdolescence and Youth: Psychological Development in a Changing World
1976978-0-06-041346-0Arthur W CombsPerceptual psychology: A humanistic approach to the study of persons
1974978-0-06-041347-7Richard H CoopPsychological concepts in the classroom
1972978-0-06-041348-4Jerald A. CombsNationalist, Realist and Radical
1978978-0-06-041349-1Thomas K. ConnellanHow to Improve Human Performance: Behaviorism in Business and Industry.
1971978-0-06-041352-1Paul H ConnConflict & Decision Making: An Introduction to Political Science
1977978-0-06-041353-8David M CookThe small town in American literature
  ''978-0-06-041354-5David M. CookThe Small Town in American Literature
1970978-0-06-041355-2Leon N. CooperAn Introduction to the Meaning and Structure of Physics
1984978-0-06-041357-6John Janeway Conger · A.C. PetersonAdolescence and Youth: Psychological Development in a Changing World
1973978-0-06-041361-3John Janeway CongerAdolescence and youth;: Psychological development in a changing world
1977978-0-06-041362-0John Janeway CongerAdolescence and Youth: Psychological Development in a Changing World
1975978-0-06-041363-7   ''Contemporary Issues in Adolescent Development
1966978-0-06-041365-1Milton CovenskyThe Ancient Near Eastern Tradition
1976978-0-06-041367-5Herbert R CoursenShaping the Self: Style and Technique in the Narrative
1973978-0-06-041368-2Paul CooperPerspectives in Music Theory: An Historical-Analytical Approach
1993978-0-06-041369-9Carolyn P. Collette · Richard JohnsonCommon Ground: Personal Writing and Public Discourse
1980978-0-06-041370-5Robert Willoughby CorriganComedy Meaning and Form
  ''978-0-06-041371-2Robert Willoughby CorriganTragedy: Vision and Form
  ''978-0-06-041373-6Paul CooperPerspectives in Music Theory: An Historical-Analytical Approach
1981978-0-06-041374-3   ''Workbook for Perspectives in music theory
  ''978-0-06-041375-0   ''Workbook for Perspectives in music theory
1991978-0-06-041379-8Nicholas CordsMyth and the American Experience
  ''978-0-06-041380-4Nicholas Cords · Patrick GersterMyth and the American Experience Volume 2
1972978-0-06-041382-8Cecil V. CrabbAmerican Foreign Policy in the Nuclear Age
1987978-0-06-041383-5   ''American Foreign Policy in the Nuclear Age
1993978-0-06-041384-2Roger Dennis CherryA brief guide to basic writing
1983978-0-06-041391-0Cecil Van Meter CrabbAmerican foreign policy in the nuclear age
1981978-0-06-041395-8Richard E CrableOne to Another
1987978-0-06-041411-5Pat Currie · Ellen CrayStrictly Academic: A Reading and Writing Text
1969978-0-06-041414-6Donald R. Cressey · David A. WardDelinquency, Crime and Social Process
1990978-0-06-041418-4Lee J. CronbachEssentials of Psychological Testing
1984978-0-06-041419-1Cronbach/kaEssentials Psych Testng 4e
1969978-0-06-041424-5Thomas E. Cronin · S. D. GreenbergPresidential Advisory System
1973978-0-06-041428-3Arthur CronquistBasic Botany
1982978-0-06-041429-0Arthur CronquistBasic botany
1971978-0-06-041431-3Arthur CronquistIntroductory botany
1978978-0-06-041433-7George R. · Crosby, Harry H. BondThe Shape of thought: An analytical anthology
1975978-0-06-041439-9Harry H CrosbyCollege writing
1974978-0-06-041446-7Harry Crull · William J. KaufmannThe Science of Astronomy
  ''978-0-06-041448-1T. Patrick CulbertLost Civilization: Story of the Classic Maya (Harper's case studies in archaeology)
1983978-0-06-041451-1John D CunninghamHuman biology
1979978-0-06-041452-8Anthony J CurleyInvestment analysis and management
1988978-0-06-041455-9Walter R. Cunningham · John W. BrookbankGerontology: The Psychology, Biology, and Sociology of Aging
1978978-0-06-041459-7James editor CurtisProcesses and Disorders of Human Communication
  ''978-0-06-041462-7Michael CurtisComparative Government and Politics: An Introductory Essay in Political Science (Harper's comparative government series)
1985978-0-06-041463-4Michael CurtisIntroduction to comparative government
1998978-0-06-041468-9John A. TrickelTelecourse guide for The American Adventure: Beginnings to 1877
1986978-0-06-041471-9Philip Dacey · David JaussStrong Measures: Contemporary American Poetry In Traditional Form
1991978-0-06-041473-3Charles H. D'Augustine · C. Winston SmithTeaching Elementary School Mathematics
1979978-0-06-041475-7Donald A DaikerThe writer's options: College sentence combining
1982978-0-06-041476-4Donald A DaikerThe writer's options: Combining to composing
1985978-0-06-041477-1Donald A. Daiker · etc.Literature: Options for Reading and Writing
1986978-0-06-041478-8Donald A DaikerThe writer's options: Combining to composing
1987978-0-06-041479-5Richard A. Damon · Walter R. HarveyExperimental Design, Anova, and Regression
1982978-0-06-041481-8Frank DanceHuman Communication Theory
1986978-0-06-041482-5Frank E. X DancePublic speaking
1989978-0-06-041483-2Donald A. Daiker · Mary Fuller · Jack WallaceLiterature: Options for Reading and Writing/Student Edition
1990978-0-06-041485-6Donald A Daiker · Andrew Kerek · Max MorenbergWriters Options 4e Student Daiker
1998978-0-06-041486-3Donald A. DaikerTe Writers Options
1975978-0-06-041492-4Arthur Simpson Daniels · Evelyn A. DaviesAdapted Physical Education (Harper's Series in School and Public Health Education, Physical Education, and Recreation)
1978978-0-06-041497-9Wendell Johnson · etc.Diagnostic Methods in Speech Pathology
1974978-0-06-041499-3Regna DarnellReadings in the History of Anthropology
1973978-0-06-041501-3Zenia Sacks Da SilvaBeginning Spanish: A concept approach
1975978-0-06-041505-1Zenia Sacks Da SilvaTape manual and workbook for Spanish, a short course
1978978-0-06-041506-8   ''Beginning Spanish: A concept approach
1983978-0-06-041508-2Zenia S Da SilvaBeginning Spanish 5th
1998978-0-06-041514-3DaTp MN Wk Span Shor Cou 3e PB
1976978-0-06-041516-7Zenia Sacks Da SilvaSpanish: A short course
1977978-0-06-041522-8   ''On with Spanish: A concept approach
1982978-0-06-041525-9   ''On with Spanish
1920978-0-06-041526-6DasilvaOn W/Sp Tape Manl and
1991978-0-06-041527-3Zenia Sacks Da SilvaSpanish: A Short Course (English and Spanish Edition)
1987978-0-06-041528-0   ''A Concept Approach to Spanish (English and Spanish Edition)
1975978-0-06-041531-0Zenia Sacks Da SilvaA concept approach to Spanish
1972978-0-06-041534-1Zenia DasilvaMargenes: Historia Intima Del Pubelo Hispano
1987978-0-06-041535-8Zenia Sacks Da SilvaBeginning Spanish: A Concept Approach (English and Spanish Edition)
1998978-0-06-041536-5DaTape Manual and Workbook to accompany A Concept Approach to Spanish
  ''978-0-06-041537-2   ''Beginning Spanish:A Concept Approach, Sixth Edition (Tape Manual and Workbook)
1990978-0-06-041539-6Zenia Sacks Da SilvaExperiencias: Lectura y cultura (Spanish Edition)
1998978-0-06-041542-6DaLM Wk: Experiencias
1974978-0-06-041546-4Charles H. D'AugustineMultiple Methods of Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School
1982978-0-06-041547-1Roger D'AprixCommunicating for Productivity (Continuing management education series)
1968978-0-06-041548-8Rexford F., DaubenmirePlant Communities: A Textbook of Plant Synecology
1972978-0-06-041557-0Lance E. DavisAmerican Economic Growth
1987978-0-06-041558-7James W. DavisAmerican Presidency a New Perspective
1988978-0-06-041561-7Alfred H. R. Davis · George E. PinchesCanadian Financial Management
1991978-0-06-041563-1   ''Canadian Financial Management
1990978-0-06-041568-6Zenia Sacks Da SilvaSpanish: A Short Course
1971978-0-06-041594-5Clive B. DawsonFrom Bits to If'S: An Introduction to Computers and Fortran IV
1973978-0-06-041596-9Richard E DawsonPublic opinion and contemporary disarray
1990978-0-06-041601-0Richard A. DeanClassical Abstract Algebra