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ISBN 978-0-06-130086-8 to 978-0-06-131647-0 < ISBN 978-0-06-131649-4 to 978-0-06-131976-1 > ISBN 978-0-06-131977-8 to 978-0-06-134167-0

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1972978-0-06-131649-4Bruce M. RussettNo Clear and Present Danger; A Skeptical View of the United States Entry into World War II (Harper Torchbooks, Tb 1649)
  ''978-0-06-131650-0Georges. GurvitchThe Social Frameworks of Knowledge (Explorations in Interpretative Sociology)
1971978-0-06-131651-7Raymond V. SontagA Broken World, 1919-1939 (The Rise of Modern Europe, Torchbooks)
1972978-0-06-131652-4Gilman Marston OstranderAmerican Civilization in the First Machine Age: 1890-1940
  ''978-0-06-131653-1Richard B. MorrisThe Emerging Nations and the American Revolution (Torchbooks)
1970978-0-06-131655-5Stephen B. OatesTo Purge This Land With Blood: A Biography of John Brown (Torchbooks)
1972978-0-06-131656-2Taylor PDistant Magnet European Emigration to U. S. A.
  ''978-0-06-131659-3Edward ConzeBuddhist Wisdom Books: The Diamond Sutra & The Heart Sutra
  ''978-0-06-131660-9Geoffrey ParrinderUpanishads, Gita and Bible: Comparative Study of Hindu and Christian Scripture (Torchbooks)
1972978-0-06-131662-3J. Glenn GrayPromise of Wisdom
  ''978-0-06-131663-0Karl MarxThe Grundrisse.
2000978-0-06-131664-7Meszaros IMarx's Theory of Alienation
1972978-0-06-131666-1Christopher HillGod's Englishman Oliver Cromwell and the English Revolution
  ''978-0-06-131667-8William J. ChamblissBox-man: A Professional Thief's Journey (Torchbooks)
  ''978-0-06-131668-5Allen W. TreleaseReconstruction: The Great Experiment (Torchbooks)
  ''978-0-06-131669-2Anthony D. SmithTheories of Nationalism
1972978-0-06-131670-8Lawrence A. CreminAmerican Education: The Colonial Experience, 1607-1783
  ''978-0-06-131671-5Peter BurkeEconomy and Society in Early Modern Europe: Essays from 'Annales' (Torchbooks)
  ''978-0-06-131673-9John R. LukacsPassing of the Modern Age (Torchbooks)
  ''978-0-06-131674-6Geza RoheimThe panic of the gods and other essays (Harper torchbooks, TB1674)
  ''978-0-06-131676-0Roger PooleTowards deep subjectivity
1973978-0-06-131677-7Julia O'FaolainNot in God's Image: Women in History from the Greeks to the Victorians (Torchbooks)
1972978-0-06-131678-4Lawrence StoneThe Causes of the English Revolution: 1529-1642
1972978-0-06-131680-7Johan HuizingaAmerica: A Dutch Historian's Vision, from Afar and Near
1973978-0-06-131681-4Elias H. TumaPeacemaking and the Immoral War (Torchbooks)
1972978-0-06-131682-1Herbert FingaretteConfucius: The Secular As Sacred (Harper Torchbooks, TB 1682)
1973978-0-06-131683-8Nathan AdlerUnderground Stream: New Life and the Antinomian Personality (Torchbooks)
  ''978-0-06-131684-5Jeffrey H. ReimanIn Defence of Political Philosophy (Torchbooks)
  ''978-0-06-131685-2Paul Oskar KristellerRenaissance Concepts of Man and Other Essays (Torchbooks)
1972978-0-06-131686-9Ludwig WittgensteinOn Certainty (Harper Perennial Modern Thought) (English and German Edition)
1973978-0-06-131687-6CARL SCHORSKEGerman Social Democracy (Torchbooks)
1972978-0-06-131688-3George M. FredricksonThe Black Image in the White Mind: The Debate on Afro-American Character and Destiny, 1817-1914
  ''978-0-06-131691-3Thomas Childs CochranSocial change in America: The twentieth century (Harper torchbooks, TB 1691)
1973978-0-06-131693-7Harold R. IsaacsImages of Asia: American Views of China and India (Torchbooks)
  ''978-0-06-131694-4Ernest R. MayImperial Democracy: Emergence of America as a Great Power (Torchbooks)
1973978-0-06-131695-1Philip (ed) WhittingByzantium: An Introduction.
  ''978-0-06-131696-8Orest Ranum · Patricia M. RanumPopular Attitudes Toward Birth Control in Pre-industrial France and England (Torchbooks)
1974978-0-06-131697-5Bernard GertMoral Rules (Torchbooks)
  ''978-0-06-131698-2Zbigniew BrzezinskiFragile Blossom: Crisis and Change in Japan (Torchbooks)
1972978-0-06-131699-9David, HuntParents and Children in History: The Psychology of Family Life in Early Modern France.
1974978-0-06-131702-6George RudeDebate on Europe, 1815-50 (Torchbooks)
1972978-0-06-131705-7Roger BastideAfrican Civilisations In the New World
1978978-0-06-131706-4William X. KienzleThe Rosary Murders
1974978-0-06-131710-1H. HoetinkSlavery and Race Relations in the Americas: An Inquiry into Their Nature and Nexus (Crosscurrents in Latin America)
1973978-0-06-131714-9Benjamin WolmanPsychoanalytic Interpretation of History
1990978-0-06-131717-0Martin BuberKingship of God
1987978-0-06-131718-7Colin. MorrisThe Discovery of the Individual, 1050-1200
1973978-0-06-131719-4Bruce M. Russett · Alfred StepanMilitary Force and American Society (Torchbooks)
1963978-0-06-131721-7Martin HeideggerWhat is Called Thinking?
1976978-0-06-131722-4Donald Phillip VereneSexual Love and Western Morality: A Philosophical Anthology
1973978-0-06-131723-1Walter LippmannCold War (Torchbooks)
  ''978-0-06-131724-8E.A. RossSin and Society (Torchbooks)
  ''978-0-06-131725-5Paul BriansBawdy Tales From The Courts of Medieval France (Harper Torchbooks)
978-0-06-131726-2John NapierRoots of Mankind the Story of Man and His
1973978-0-06-131727-9Jean CazeneuveLucien Levy-Bruhl (Explorations in interpretative sociology)
1973978-0-06-131732-3Paul TillichWhat Is Religion?
1972978-0-06-131733-0John O'NeillSociology as a skin trade;: Essays towards a reflexive sociology (Harper torchbooks, TB 1733)
1973978-0-06-131734-7John Rigby HaleRenaissance Europe: Individual and Society, 1480-1520
1976978-0-06-131735-4Virgil J. VogelThis Country Was Ours: Documentary History of the American Indians (Torchbooks)
1972978-0-06-131736-1James A. BoonFrom Symbolism to Structuralism, LEvi-Strauss in a Literary Tradition
1974978-0-06-131737-8Harold R IsaacsIndia's ex-Untouchables (Studies / Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Center for International Studies)
1973978-0-06-131738-5Michael GelvenWinter, friendship, and guilt; the sources of self-inquiry (Harper torchbooks, TB 1738)
1970978-0-06-131740-8Harold John. ButcherHuman Intelligence: Its Nature and Assessment
1973978-0-06-131741-5Sallie TeselleThe Family, Communes, and Utopian Societies
  ''978-0-06-131743-9Gordon Rattray TaylorSex in history (Harper torchbooks ; TB 1743)
978-0-06-131744-6Seymour Martin · Earl Raab · Anti- LipsetThe Politics of Unreason: Right-Wing Extremism in America, 1790-1970
1975978-0-06-131746-0Marcus Cunliffe · Robin WinkPastmasters - Some Essays On American Historians
1974978-0-06-131749-1Bernard LewisIslam
1973978-0-06-131752-1Allen WheelisThe End of the Modern Age
  ''978-0-06-131754-5William BarrettTime of Need: Forms of Imagination In The Twentieth Century
1979978-0-06-131755-2Piaget JMain Trends in Interdisciplinary Research
1973978-0-06-131757-6Theodore K. Rabb · Robert I. RotbergThe Family in History; Interdisciplinary Essays (Harper Torchbooks, Tb 1757)
1974978-0-06-131758-3Roger BastideApplied Anthropology
1973978-0-06-131759-0S. RadhakrishnanThe Bhagavadgita
  ''978-0-06-131760-6F. M. KailWhat Washington Said: Administration Rhetoric and the Vietnam War, 1949-69 (Harper Torchbooks)
  ''978-0-06-131762-0Ervin LaszloIntroduction to Systems Philosophy: Toward a New Paradigm of Contemporary Thought
1973978-0-06-131763-7W.J. EcclesFrance in America (Torchbooks)
  ''978-0-06-131764-4Liam HudsonThe cult of the fact: A psychologist's autobiographical critique of his discipline (Harper torchbooks)
1974978-0-06-131765-1Gerald A. J.HodgettA social and economic history of medieval Europe (Harper torchbooks)
1973978-0-06-131768-2John · John McManners McMannersChurch and State in France, 1870-1914
1970978-0-06-131774-3Eric R. WolfPeasant Wars of the Twentieth Century
1974978-0-06-131775-0David S LovejoyThe glorious revolution in America
  ''978-0-06-131776-7Otto RankThe Trauma of Birth
1973978-0-06-131777-4Erich NeumannDepth Psychology and a New Ethic (Torchbooks)
  ''978-0-06-131778-1E F SchumacherSmall Is Beautiful
1974978-0-06-131780-4J. PiagetMain Trends in Psychology
1973978-0-06-131781-1PAUL F. LAZARSFELDMain Trends in Sociology
  ''978-0-06-131782-8John HighamHistory: Professional Scholarship in America (Harper Torchbooks)
1974978-0-06-131783-5St. Ignatius of LoyolaAutobiography of St. Ignatius Loyola With Related Documents
1974978-0-06-131784-2Lucien FebvreNew Kind of History: From the Writings of Febvre (Torchbooks)
1990978-0-06-131786-6F. C. CoplestonA History of Medieval Philosophy
1974978-0-06-131788-0Jay KinsbrunerChile: A Historical Interpretation (Torchbooks)
  ''978-0-06-131789-7Edward ShorterWork and Community in the West (Torchbooks)
  ''978-0-06-131792-7Robert Paul. WolffThe Autonomy of Reason: A Commentary on Kant's Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals.
1969978-0-06-131796-5Arthur C. DantoMysticism and Morality: Oriental Thought and Moral Philosophy
1974978-0-06-131797-2Joseph Klaits · Barrie KlaitsAnimals and Man in Historical Perspective (Torchbooks)
1977978-0-06-131801-6Michel FoucaultMental Illness & Psychology
1975978-0-06-131802-3Jan. DeleyneThe Chinese Economy.
1974978-0-06-131807-8Joseph S CatalanoA commentary on Jean-Paul Sartre's "Being and nothingness" (Harper torchbooks)
  ''978-0-06-131808-5Michael R. MarrusEmergence of Leisure (Torchbooks)
  ''978-0-06-131809-2Roman JakobsonMain Trends in the Science of Language (Main trends in the social sciences)
1912978-0-06-131812-2Ian R. TaylorNew Criminology for a Social Theory of Deviance
1974978-0-06-131813-9Richard H. PellsRadical Visions and American Dreams: Culture and Social Thought in the Depression Years
1973978-0-06-131815-3Claude Levi-StraussFrom Honey to Ashes: An Introduction to a Science of Mythology
978-0-06-131816-0April CarterDirect Action and Liberal Democracy
1974978-0-06-131817-7Géza RóheimThe riddle of the sphinx: Or, Human origins (Harper torchbooks)
1974978-0-06-131820-7Alfred RosenbergRace and Race History and Other Essays
  ''978-0-06-131822-1Pierre GoubertThe Ancien Regime: French Society, 1600-1750
1975978-0-06-131826-9Russel Blaine NyeSociety and Culture in America, 1830-60 (Torchbooks)
  ''978-0-06-131827-6Auguste ComteAuguste Comte and Positivism: The Essential Writings
1974978-0-06-131828-3Jay. LivingstonCompulsive Gamblers: Observations on Action and Abstinence
  ''978-0-06-131829-0Professor David SpringEcology and Religion in History (Harper Torchbooks)
  ''978-0-06-131830-6Eli SaganCannibalism: Human aggression and cultural form (Harper torchbooks ; TB 1830)
1977978-0-06-131831-3Georg W. HegelHegel: The Essential Writings
1974978-0-06-131832-0Jean PiagetThe place of the sciences of man in the system of sciences (Harper torchbooks)
1975978-0-06-131835-1Werner MaserHitler: Legend, Myth and Reality
1974978-0-06-131836-8Fernand BraudelCapitalism & Material Life, 1400-1800 (Harper Torchbooks,)
1974978-0-06-131839-9David McLellanThought of Karl Marx
  ''978-0-06-131841-2John O'NeillMaking sense together: An introduction to wild sociology (Harper torchbooks ; TB1841)
1975978-0-06-131842-9Frithjof, SchuonLogic and Transcendence
  ''978-0-06-131844-3Richard L. RubensteinMy Brother Paul
  ''978-0-06-131845-0Anthony GiddensThe class structure of the advanced societies (Harper torchbooks ; TB 1845)
  ''978-0-06-131846-7Gyorgy LukacsTactics and ethics: Political essays, 1919-1929 (Harper torchbooks ; TB 1846)
1975978-0-06-131847-4Martin HeideggerIdentity and Difference (Torchbooks)
  ''978-0-06-131848-1Lloyd DeMauseThe history of childhood (Harper Torchbooks ; TB 1848)
  ''978-0-06-131855-9Wilcomb E. WashburnIndian in America
  ''978-0-06-131856-6Carl N. DeglerThe Other South: Southern Dissenters in the Nineteenth Century (Torchbooks)
1974978-0-06-131857-3Kenneth Bancroft ClarkPathos of Power (Harper Torchbooks, Tb 1857)
1975978-0-06-131858-0Peter KropotkinFields, Factories and Workshops Tomorrow
  ''978-0-06-131859-7Werner HeisenbergAcross the Frontier (World Perspectives, Volume 48)
1976978-0-06-131860-3Maximilien RubelMarx Without Myth: A Chronological Study of His Life and Work
1976978-0-06-131861-0Hans ThirringEnergy for Man: From Windmills to Nuclear Power
1977978-0-06-131862-7MommsenAge of Bureaucracy
1975978-0-06-131863-4Robert ForsterEuropean diet from pre-industrial to modern times (Basic conditions of life)
1974978-0-06-131866-5Richard GrossingerBook Of The Cranberry Islands
1976978-0-06-131869-6G. W. F. HegelHegel on Tragedy (Harper torchbooks ; TB 1869) (English and German Edition)
1975978-0-06-131880-1G. William DomhoffBohemian Grove and Other Retreats: A Study in Ruling-Class Cohesiveness
  ''978-0-06-131884-9Adrian Lyttelton · Douglas ParmeeItalian fascisms from Pareto to Gentile (Roots of the Right)
  ''978-0-06-131889-4John A GarratyQuarrels That Have Shaped the Constituti (Harper torchbooks)
  ''978-0-06-131890-0Louis J. HalleThe Cold War as History
2000978-0-06-131895-5Cushing StroutNew Heavens and New Earth
1976978-0-06-131896-2Theodor W. AdornoThe Positivist dispute in German sociology (Harper torchbooks ; TB1896)
1970978-0-06-131898-6R. C. PaddenThe Hummingbird and the Hawk: Conquest and Sovereignty in the Valley of Mexico 1503-1541 (Torchbooks TB1898)
1971978-0-06-131900-6Ben BagdikianInformation Machines: Their Impact on Men and the Media
1976978-0-06-131901-3Michel FoucaultArchaeology of Knowledge
  ''978-0-06-131902-0Leonard W. LEVYAgainst the Law; The Nixon Court and Criminal Justice
1973978-0-06-131903-7Simone WeilWaiting For God
1977978-0-06-131905-1Marcel GranetReligion of the Chinese People
1976978-0-06-131906-8Geza RoheimChildren of the Desert: The Western Tribes of Central Australia
1964978-0-06-131907-5Kenneth BouldingMeaning of the Twentieth Century
1976978-0-06-131908-2George HolmesEurope, hierarchy and revolt, 1320-1450 (History of Europe)
1977978-0-06-131909-9Rene Descartes · John J. BlomRene Descartes: The Essential Writings (The Essential Writings of the Great Philosophers) (English and Latin Edition)
1969978-0-06-131910-5Pierre Teilhard de ChardinHymn of the Universe
1976978-0-06-131911-2Roger FisherInternational Conflict for Beginners
1976978-0-06-131912-9Abraham CahanRISE OF DAVID LEVINSKY
1970978-0-06-131913-6Clellan S. Ford · Frank A. BeachPatterns of Sexual Behavior
1977978-0-06-131914-3José Manuel R DelgadoPhysical control of the mind: Toward a psychocivilized society (Harper torchbooks)
1972978-0-06-131919-8David S. BroderThe Party's Over
1977978-0-06-131922-8Daniel SnowmanBritain and America: An Interpretation of Their Culture, 1945-1975 (Harper Torchbooks, Tb1922)
  ''978-0-06-131923-5Hobart SpaldingOrganized labor in Latin America: Historical case studies of workers in dependent societies (Crosscurrents in Latin America)
  ''978-0-06-131924-2Marjorie ReevesJoachim of Fiore and the Prophetic Future
  ''978-0-06-131926-6John Dewey · David SidorskyJohn Dewey: The Essential Writings (The Essential Writings of the Great Philosophers)
1971978-0-06-131927-3Allen WheelisThe Illusionless Man:Some Fantasies and Meditations on Disillusionment
1978978-0-06-131928-0Peter BurkePopular Culture in Early Modern Europe (Harper Torchbooks)
2011978-0-06-131929-7David M. PotterThe Impending Crisis, 1848-1861
1974978-0-06-131930-3James · Aya, Roderick (editor) O'ConnorThe Corporations and the State (State and Revolution Ser.)
1977978-0-06-131931-0Martin E MartyRighteous empire: The Protestant experience in America (Harper torchbooks ; TB 1931)
1978978-0-06-131932-7Titus Maccius PlautusThree Comedies: Braggart Soldier, The Brothers Menaechmus, The Haunted House (Torchbooks) (English and Latin Edition)
  ''978-0-06-131933-4Robin W. WinksThe Historian As Detective: Essays on Evidence
1978978-0-06-131938-9Michael NovakExperience of Nothingness (Tb1938)
  ''978-0-06-131939-6Richard B. MorrisSeven Who Shaped Our Destiny: The Founding Fathers As Revolutionaries
1975978-0-06-131940-2Christopher D. StoneWhere the Law Ends (Harper Torchbooks)
1977978-0-06-131941-9Martin HeideggerOn Time and Being (English and German Edition)
1975978-0-06-131943-3Mircea EliadeMyths, Dreams and Mysteries: The Encounter Between Contemporary Faiths and Archaic Realities
1974978-0-06-131944-0Murray BookchinThe Limits of the City (Harper Torchbooks; Tb1944)
  ''978-0-06-131945-7Denis De RougemontLove in the Western World
1979978-0-06-131946-4William Irwin ThompsonAt the Edge of History - Speculations on the Transformation of Culture
1975978-0-06-131948-8Andrew BergmanWe're in the Money
1980978-0-06-131951-8William Irwin ThompsonEvil and World Order/Tb1951
1976978-0-06-131953-2Miriam Siegler · Humphrey OsmondModels of Madness, Models of Medicine
  ''978-0-06-131955-6Mircea EliadeMyths, Rites, Symbols: A Mircea Eliade Reader
1979978-0-06-131958-7Karl HessCommunity Technology
  ''978-0-06-131959-4Raul HilbergDestruction of the European Jews
1981978-0-06-131960-0Christopher Jencks · Marshall Smith · Henry Acland · Mary Jo Bane · David Cohen · Herbert Gintis · Barbara Heyns · Stephanie MichelsonInequality: A Reassessment of the Effect of Family and Schooling in America
1977978-0-06-131963-1Hugh S. ThomasThe Cuban Revolution
1977978-0-06-131964-8Alfred Kahn · Sheila KamermanNot for the Poor Alone
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1968978-0-06-131968-6Chang Chung-yuanCreativity and Taoism
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1979978-0-06-131970-9Richard H. RovereSenator Joe McCarthy
1982978-0-06-131972-3Eli ZaretskyCapitalism, the Family and Personal Life (State and Revolution)
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1983978-0-06-131974-7James HillmanMyth of Analysis: Three Essays in Archetypal Psychology
1978978-0-06-131975-4James MacGregor BurnsLeadership
1979978-0-06-131976-1Konrad LorenzKing Solomon's Ring