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ISBN 978-0-06-137048-9 to 978-0-06-137518-7 < ISBN 978-0-06-137519-4 to 978-0-06-140822-9 > ISBN 978-0-06-140824-3 to 978-0-06-143079-4

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-0-06-137519-4Francine ProseTouch
2007978-0-06-137520-0Janet MullanyChronicles of Miss Wellesley-Clegg/ Secret Hist of Melanie Fraiser 12c MXD Flr
  ''978-0-06-137521-7Meg CabotBig Boned 12c Flr
  ''978-0-06-137522-4Meg CabotBig Boned 12c Mxd Flr
2008978-0-06-137533-0Lois McMaster BujoldThe Sharing Knife (Passage, Book 3)
2011978-0-06-137535-4Lois McMaster BujoldPassage (The Sharing Knife, Book 3)
2009978-0-06-137536-1   ''Horizon (The Sharing Knife, Book 4)
2011978-0-06-137537-8   ''The Sharing Knife, Volume Four: Horizon (The Sharing Knife series)
2008978-0-06-137538-5Jonathan BarnesThe Somnambulist
2009978-0-06-137539-2Jonathan BarnesThe Somnambulist: A Novel
2008978-0-06-137540-8Charlotte MosleyThe Mitfords: Letters Between Six Sisters
2009978-0-06-137541-5Sichan SivGolden Bones: An Extraordinary Journey from Hell in Cambodia to a New Life in America
2007978-0-06-137542-2Tim FarringtonMonk Upstairs
2008978-0-06-137543-9Donna FletcherReturn of the Rogue (A Sinclare Brothers Series)
  ''978-0-06-137544-6Donna FletcherUnder the Highlander's Spell (A Sinclare Brothers Series)
2007978-0-06-137546-0Kristin BillerbeckThe Trophy Wives Club (The Trophy Wives Club, Book 1)
  ''978-0-06-137547-7Studio IkariCollins Design Manga 12c MD Flr
2009978-0-06-137561-3Jay W. RichardsMoney, Greed, and God: Why Capitalism Is the Solution and Not the Problem
2008978-0-06-137566-8Bill FawcettHunters & Shooters: An Oral History of the U.S. Navy SEALs in Vietnam
2007978-0-06-137567-5VariousI Can Read Classroom in a Box Level 1 (I Can Read Book 1)
2007978-0-06-137568-2VariousI Can Read Classroom in a Box Level 2 (I Can Read Book 2)
  ''978-0-06-137570-5   ''I Can Read Classroom in a Box Level 3 (I Can Read Book 3)
  ''978-0-06-137572-9Jimmy PalmiottiThe Hills Have Eyes 12copy Floor Display
2009978-0-06-137573-6W. Ralph EubanksThe House at the End of the Road: The Story of Three Generations of an Interracial Family in the American South
2010978-0-06-137576-7W R EubanksThe House at the End of the Road:the Story of Three Generations O
2007978-0-06-137577-4Austin MurphySaturday Rules: A Season with Trojans and Domers (and Gators and Buckeyes and Wolverines)
2008978-0-06-137579-8Austin MurphySaturday Rules: Why College Football Outpasses, Outclasses, and Flat-Out Surpasses the NFL
2009978-0-06-137580-4Gillian ShieldsImmortal
  ''978-0-06-137582-8Gillian ShieldsMystic Sisters #1: Waters Dark and Deep
2010978-0-06-137583-5   ''Immortal (Immortal (Quality))
2010978-0-06-137584-2Gillian ShieldsBetrayal (Immortal)
2011978-0-06-137586-6   ''Betrayal (Immortal)
2008978-0-06-137587-3Sarah PrineasThe Magic Thief
  ''978-0-06-137588-0Sarah PrineasThe Magic Thief
2009978-0-06-137589-7   ''The Magic Thief: Lost
  ''978-0-06-137590-3   ''The Magic Thief
  ''978-0-06-137591-0   ''Magic Thief: Lost, The (The Magic Thief)
2010978-0-06-137592-7Sarah PrineasThe Magic Thief: Lost
  ''978-0-06-137593-4   ''The Magic Thief: Found
  ''978-0-06-137594-1   ''The Magic Thief: Found
2011978-0-06-137595-8   ''The Magic Thief: Found
2008978-0-06-137596-5Terri ClarkSleepless
  ''978-0-06-137597-2Patricia CumbieWhere People Like Us Live
  ''978-0-06-137598-9   ''Where People Like Us Live
2007978-0-06-137600-9Kristin BillerbeckThe Trophy Wives Club (The Trophy Wives Club, Book 1)
2008978-0-06-137601-6DiAnn MillsAwaken My Heart (Avon Inspire)
2008978-0-06-137603-0Selena MontgomeryReckless
2009978-0-06-137605-4Selena MontgomeryDeception
2008978-0-06-137607-8Cathy YardleyCrave (Avon Red)
  ''978-0-06-137608-5Cathy YardleyRavish (Avon Red)
2009978-0-06-137609-2Cathy YardleyEnslave
2007978-0-06-137611-5Matt GroeningSimpsons 13c MXD Flr
  ''978-0-06-137612-2Holly PetersonThe Manny CD
  ''978-0-06-137649-8J. R. R. TolkienEssential Tolkien CD: The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring
  ''978-0-06-137650-4Charles DickensEssential Dickens CD: Christmas Carol, A (Caedmon Essentials)
2008978-0-06-137693-1Dan WhiteThe Cactus Eaters: How I Lost My Mind- And Almost Found Myself-On the Pacific Crest Trail
2007978-0-06-137694-8Michael ChabonThe Yiddish Policemen's Union (Large Print)
2008978-0-06-137696-2Lisa ZwirnChristmas Cookies: 50 Recipes to Treasure for the Holiday Season
2007978-0-06-137735-8Peggy PostLos 100 Dilemas de los Buenos Modales: Como Manejar Situaciones Incomodas (Spanish Edition)
2008978-0-06-137877-5Kristin BillerbeckBack to Life (The Trophy Wives Club, Book 2)
2007978-0-06-137878-2Barbara Taylor BradfordPower of a Woman
  ''978-0-06-137879-9Barbara Taylor BradfordA Secret Affair
2006978-0-06-137881-2Janet EvanovichManhunt
2007978-0-06-137882-9Patricia GaffneyFlight Lessons
  ''978-0-06-137884-3David Jacobs24 Declassified: Storm Force
  ''978-0-06-137893-5Faye KellermanThe Forgotten (A Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus Novel)
  ''978-0-06-137905-5Lisa KleypasLady Sophia's Lover
  ''978-0-06-137907-9Lisa KleypasStranger in My Arms
2007978-0-06-137908-6Jenna BushAna's Story: A Journey of Hope
2008978-0-06-137909-3Jenna BushAna's Story: A Journey of Hope
2007978-0-06-137910-9   ''Ana's Story
  ''978-0-06-137913-0Zecharia SitchinTwelfth Planet: Book I of the Earth Chronicles (The Earth Chronicles)
  ''978-0-06-137920-8Zecharia SitchinThe Stairway to Heaven: Book II of the Earth Chronicles (The Earth Chronicles)
  ''978-0-06-137924-6   ''cosmic code: Book VI of the Earth Chronicles
  ''978-0-06-137925-3   ''The lost realms: Book IV of the Earth Chronicles (The Earth Chronicles)
2009978-0-06-137926-0Janet EvanovichThe Grand Finale
2007978-0-06-137927-7Zecharia SitchinThe Wars of Gods and Men (Earth Chronicles)
2007978-0-06-137928-4Zecharia SitchinWhen Time Began: Book V of the Earth Chronicles (The Earth Chronicles)
  ''978-0-06-137929-1Stephanie LaurensBeyond Seduction (Bastion Club)
  ''978-0-06-137930-7Stephanie LaurensA Lady of His Own
  ''978-0-06-137931-4Kinley MacGregorThe Warrior (Brotherhood of the Sword)
  ''978-0-06-137932-1DesconocidoHeart of a Warrior
2007978-0-06-137933-8phillip margolinThe Associate
  ''978-0-06-137934-5Phillip MargolinWild Justice
  ''978-0-06-137935-2Lisa ScottolineDevil's Corner
2000978-0-06-137936-9Lisa Scottolinemoment of Truth
2007978-0-06-137938-3Anne Rivers SiddonsUp Island
  ''978-0-06-137939-0Karin SlaughterIndelible
2008978-0-06-137940-6Jeffrey GitomerThe Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource, New Edition
1975978-0-06-137971-0Martha PayneChin Music
2007978-0-06-137972-7Janet EvanovichThanksgiving
  ''978-0-06-137973-4Dean LoreyNightmare Academy
2008978-0-06-137974-1Bernard CornwellSword Song: The Battle for London (Saxon Tales)
978-0-06-138009-9William BarrettPhilosophy In the Twentieth Century Volume 1
1962978-0-06-138011-2Philosophy in the Twentieth Century, Vol 3 (Contemporary European Thought)
1900978-0-06-138150-8Clarence Crane BrintonDecade of Revolution, 1789-99 (Torchbooks)
1972978-0-06-138219-2Albert Russell BuchananThe United States and World War II: military and diplomatic documents (Documentary history of the United States)
1974978-0-06-138417-2Stanley CohenReform, War and Reaction, 1912-32 (Documentary History of the U.S.)
1976978-0-06-138418-9Henry J. CohnGovernment in Reformation Europe, 1520-60 (Torchbooks)
1974978-0-06-138419-6Roberto Cortes CondeThe First Stages of Modernization in Spanish America (Crosscurrents in Latin America)
1972978-0-06-138437-0William J. CrottyAssassinations and the Political Order
1972978-0-06-138455-4Philip D. CurtinImperialism (Documentary History of W.Civilization)
1971978-0-06-138475-2Charles F DelzellMediterranean fascism, 1919-1945, (Documentary history of Western civilization)
1962978-0-06-138482-0Wilhelm DiltheyPattern and meaning in History: Thoughts on History and Society
1972978-0-06-138566-7Robert H. FerrellAmerica as a World Power, 1872-1945 (Documentary History of the U.S.)
1975978-0-06-138567-4Robert H. FerrellAmerica in a Divided World, 1945-72 (Documentary History of the U.S.)
1972978-0-06-138571-1Harper New York · Row [1972]Hn New YorkSocial Historians in Contemporary France: Essays from Annales.
  ''978-0-06-138572-8Louis FillerAbolition and social justice in the era of reform
  ''978-0-06-138629-9E. GavinPortraits from the Quattrocento
1968978-0-06-138630-5John Arthur, Comp. GarratyThe Transformation of American Society, 1870-1890,
1969978-0-06-138640-4Theodor Herze, GasterMyth, Legend and Custom in the Old Testament: A Comparative Study With Chapters from Sir James G. Frazer's Folklore in the Old Testament (Volume 1)
1970978-0-06-138641-1Theodore Herze GasterMyth, Legend and Custom in the Old Testament: A Comparative Study (Volume 2)
  ''978-0-06-138760-9Edgar J. GoodspeedA Life of Jesus
1969978-0-06-138788-3John B. HalstedRomanticism (Documentary History of W.Civilization)
2000978-0-06-138789-0Marcus Lee HansenImmigrant in American History (Torchbooks)
1974978-0-06-138790-6Robert T. HandyReligion in the American Experience: The Pluralistic Style (Documentary History of the U.S.)
  ''978-0-06-138791-3Theodore S. HamerowAge of Bismarck: Documents and Interpretations (Documentary history of Western civilization)
1966978-0-06-138823-1Abraham Joshua HeschelGod In Search Of Man: A Philosophy Of Judaism.
1979978-0-06-138840-8Hans Joachim HillerbrandThe Protestant Reformation (Torchbooks)
1972978-0-06-138878-1Pierre JeanninMerchants of the sixteenth century
1973978-0-06-138883-5Jere Clemens KingFirst World War (Torchbooks)
1974978-0-06-138885-9Ross Y KoenThe China lobby in American politics
1968978-0-06-138890-3Paul O. Kristeller · Philip P. WienerRenaissance Essays: Freom the Journal of the History of Ideas
1970978-0-06-138912-2William L. LangerPolitical and Social Upheaval, 1832-52 (Rise of Modern Europe)
1968978-0-06-138916-0William E. LeuchtenburgThe New Deal: A Documentary History
1960978-0-06-138921-4Louis FillerThe Crusade Against Slavery 1830-1860
978-0-06-138923-8P S LewisRecovery of France In the Fifteenth Cent
1974978-0-06-138924-5Bernard LewisIslam: From the Prophet Muhammad to the Capture of Constantinople, Vol. 1: Politics and War
1973978-0-06-138936-8Henry Cord MeyerLong Generation: Germany from Empire to Ruin, 1913-45 (Torchbooks)
2000978-0-06-138955-9George L. MosseInternational Fascism 1920-1945: New Thoughts and New Approaches
1961978-0-06-139232-0John Robinson, PierceSymbols, Signals, and Noise: The Nature and Process of Communication.
1972978-0-06-139244-3Professor David B. QuinnNorth American Discovery (Documentary history of the United States)
1972978-0-06-139342-6Robert Vincent ReminiThe age of Jackson, (Documentary history of the United States)
  ''978-0-06-139350-1Orest A RanumThe century of Louis XIV (Documentary history of Western civilization)
1973978-0-06-139365-5Bruce M RussettMilitary Force and American Society
1975978-0-06-139415-7Frithjof SchuonThe Transcendent Unity of Religions
1974978-0-06-139487-4Gerald StraussPre-Reformation Germany (Torchbooks)
1968978-0-06-139490-4Roland N. StrombergRealism, Naturalism and Symbolism: Modes of Thought and Expression in Europe, 1848-1914 (Documentary History of W.Civilization)
1974978-0-06-139500-0Geoffrey SymcoxWar, Diplomacy and Imperialism, 1618-1763 (Torchbooks)
1972978-0-06-139525-3David Thompson · Alan F. NagelThe Three Crowns of Florence: Humanist Assessments of Dante, Petrarca and Boccaccio (English and Italian Edition)
1974978-0-06-139533-8Ferdinand TonniesOn Social Ideas and Ideologies
2000978-0-06-139625-0Van Der Leeuw GReligion in Essence
1963978-0-06-139626-7G. Van der LeeuwReligion in Essence and Manifestation - A Study in Phenomenology (Volume Two)
1972978-0-06-139641-0Alden T. VaughanPuritan Tradition in America (Documentary history of the United States)
1968978-0-06-139710-3Mack WalkerMetternich's Europe, 1813-48 (Documentary History of W.Civilization)
1975978-0-06-139715-8Frederick G. WeissHegel: The Essential Writings
1951978-0-06-139750-9John B. WolfEmergence of the Great Powers, 1685-1715 (Torchbooks)
1974978-0-06-140040-7David I AbramsonVascular Disorders of the Extremities
1975978-0-06-140045-2D.Wilfred Abse · etc.Marital and Sexual Counselling in Medical Practice
  ''978-0-06-140056-8Raymond D. AdamsDiseases of Muscle: Study in Pathology
1985978-0-06-140057-5Raymond Delacy Adams · KakulasDiseases of Muscle: Pathological Foundations of Clinical Myology
1977978-0-06-140259-3Howard A. SchneiderNutritional Support of Medical Practice
  ''978-0-06-140265-4Jack S. AnnonBehavioural Treatment of Sexual Problems: Brief Therapy
1980978-0-06-140268-5Paul W. Armstrong · Ronald S. BaigrieHemodynamic monitoring in the critically ill
1973978-0-06-140269-2H.A. Azar · Michael PotterMultiple Myeloma and Related Disorders: v. 1
1983978-0-06-140311-8Murray Llewellyn BarrThe human nervous system: An anatomical viewpoint
1979978-0-06-140312-5Murray Llewellyn BarrThe human nervous system: An anatomic viewpoint
1972978-0-06-140314-9   ''The human nervous system;: An anatomical viewpoint
1980978-0-06-140410-8William Edmunds BensonRetinal Detachment: Diagnosis and Management
1970978-0-06-140424-5Arthur L. BentonBehavioural Change in Cerebrovascular Disease
1983978-0-06-140462-7John A. Bevan · Jeremy H. ThompsonEssentials of Pharmacology: Introduction to the Principles of Drug Action
1976978-0-06-140464-1John A. BevanEssentials of Pharmacology: Introduction to the Principles of Drug Action
1973978-0-06-140521-1Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy · Geraldine M. SparkInvisible Loyalties: Reciprocity in Intergenerational Family Therapy
1965978-0-06-140522-8Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy · James L. FramoIntensive Family Therapy: Theoretical and Practical Aspects
1974978-0-06-140544-0George A. Bray · John E. BethuneTreatment and Management of Obesity
1970978-0-06-140547-1Signe BrunnstromMovement Therapy in Hemiplegia: A Neurophysiologic Approach
1972978-0-06-140548-8William Buckingham · etc.Primer of Clinical Diagnosis
1979978-0-06-140550-1William Brice BuckinghamPrimer of Clinical Diagnosis
1977978-0-06-140595-2William Caird · John P. WinczeSex Therapy: A Behavioural Approach
1978978-0-06-140622-5Ronald CapeAging, Its Complex Management
1974978-0-06-140625-6Joseph A. CapriniBleeding Problems: Diagnosis and Treatment
1978978-0-06-140626-3D. Cavanagh · etc.Obstetric Emergencies
1982978-0-06-140632-4John B ChristensenSynopsis of gross anatomy
1978978-0-06-140633-1John B ChristensenSynopsis of gross anatomy: With clinical correlations
1971978-0-06-140636-2N. P ChristyThe human adrenal cortex
1974978-0-06-140637-9Edward K. ChungElectrocardiography: Practical Applications with Vectorial Principles
1972978-0-06-140638-6Edward K. Chung · Donald K. ChungElectrocardiogram Diagnosis: v. 1: A Self Assessment
1977978-0-06-140641-6Edward K. ChungECG diagnosis: Self Assessment, Vol. 2 (v. 2)
1980978-0-06-140642-3   ''Electrocardiography: Practical Applications with Vectorial Principles
1977978-0-06-140644-7Hyman L. Cohen · Joel BrumlikManual of Electroneuromyography
1975978-0-06-140646-1Maynard M. CohenBiochemistry of Neural Disease
1974978-0-06-140663-8Mary A CollinMedical terminology and the body systems
1973978-0-06-140667-6John J. CranleyVascular Surgery: Peripheral Arterial Diseases v. 1
1977978-0-06-140684-3David N. DanforthTextbook of Obstetrics and Gynecology
1976978-0-06-140686-7Adrian N.C. DelaatPrimer of Serology
1980978-0-06-140688-1Robert S DesowitzOva and parasites: Medical parasitology for the laboratory technologist
1976978-0-06-140689-8John H. DirckxLanguage of Medicine: Its Evolution, Structure and Dynamics
1989978-0-06-140691-1Bernard D, Renato Dulbecco & others. DavisMicrobiology
1979978-0-06-140692-8Russell N DejongThe Neurologic Examination: Incorporating the Fundamentals of Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology
1972978-0-06-140694-2C.M. DoughertyFemale Sex Anomalies
1981978-0-06-140695-9Maurice Dongier · Eric D. WittkowerDivergent Views in Psychiatry
1982978-0-06-140696-6David N. DanforthTextbook of Obstetrics and Gynecology
1980978-0-06-140725-3DulbeccoVirology Pb
1973978-0-06-140782-6Herman N. EisenImmunology
1976978-0-06-140783-3Gerald M. EnglishOtolaryngology: A Textbook
  ''978-0-06-140791-8Hugh E EvansPerinatal medicine
1973978-0-06-140796-3Calvin Ezrin · etc.Systematic Endocrinology
1980978-0-06-140818-2Noble O. FowlerCardiac Diagnosis and Treatment
1982978-0-06-140822-9Edmund A. FrankenGastrointestinal Imaging in Paediatrics