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ISBN 978-0-06-045339-8 to 978-0-06-046225-3 < ISBN 978-0-06-046229-1 to 978-0-06-046826-2 > ISBN 978-0-06-046827-9 to 978-0-06-050228-7

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1980978-0-06-046229-1Ferdinand Leon SingerStrength of materials
1975978-0-06-046231-4Engineering Mechanics: Statics and Dynamics [Hardcover] by Singer, Ferdinand L.
  ''978-0-06-046232-1Ferdinand Leon SingerEngineering mechanics
  ''978-0-06-046233-8Engineering Mechanics, Part II: Dynamics (Third Ed
1968978-0-06-046244-4Gideon Sjoberg · Roger NettMethodology for Social Research
1986978-0-06-046245-1Eric William SkopecSituational Interviewing (Speech communication series)
1987978-0-06-046292-5Sam SmileyTheatre, the Human Art
1997978-0-06-046298-7BullCollege Chemistry: Laboratory Manual, 6th Edition
1990978-0-06-046301-4F. Leslie SmithPerspectives on Radio and Television: Telecommunication in the United States
1972978-0-06-046303-8Fred M. SmithEducational Measurement for the Classroom Teacher
  ''978-0-06-046306-9Molefi K AsanteLanguage, communication, and rhetoric in Black America
1970978-0-06-046307-6David SmithLeft and right in twentieth-century Europe (Seminar studies in history)
1979978-0-06-046309-0F. Leslie SmithPerspectives on radio and television: An introduction to broadcasting in the United States
1975978-0-06-046311-3Richard H KlemerKlemer's marriage and family relationships
1979978-0-06-046312-0W. Allen SmithElementary numerical analysis
1985978-0-06-046316-8F. Leslie SmithPerspectives on radio and television: Telecommunication in the United States
1988978-0-06-046317-5J. C. SmithStructural Analysis
1987978-0-06-046322-9C. Ray SmithInterior Design in 20Th-Century America: A History
1991978-0-06-046323-6Kathryn R. Fitzgerald · Jamie McBeth SmithThe Student Writer
1986978-0-06-046327-4Robert Leo SmithElements of ecology
1992978-0-06-046328-1Robert Leo SmithElements of Ecology
1980978-0-06-046329-8   ''Ecology and field biology
1965978-0-06-046330-4Philip G. SmithPhilosophy of Education
1990978-0-06-046331-1Robert Leo SmithEcology and Field Biology
1969978-0-06-046332-8Donald K. SmithMan Speaking, a Rhetoric of Public Speech
1991978-0-06-046333-5Marilyn Smith LaytonIntercultural Journeys Through Reading & Writing
1974978-0-06-046334-2Robert Leo SmithEcology and Field Biology
1972978-0-06-046336-6   ''The ecology of man: An ecosystem approach
  ''978-0-06-046337-3James Morton SmithThe Constitution (Interpretations of American history)
1976978-0-06-046338-0Robert Leo SmithEcology of Man: An Ecosystem Approach
1988978-0-06-046339-7Robert D. SmitherThe Psychology of Work and Human Performance
1974978-0-06-046342-7Carl H. SnyderIntroduction to Modern Organic Chemistry (Harper's chemistry series)
1972978-0-06-046343-4H.W. Sobel · A.E. SalzRadical Papers: Readings in Education
1972978-0-06-046344-1Robert C. SolomonFrom Rationalism to Existentialism: The Existentialists and Their Nineteenth-Century Backgrounds
1968978-0-06-046345-8Philippa Foot · P. T. Geach · Alan Gewirth · John Rawls · G. E. M. Anschombe · Jonathan Harrison · J. J. Smart · Arnold Isenberg, et. al. Colin StrangEthics,
1983978-0-06-046348-9Lanny M SolomonAccounting principles
1985978-0-06-046359-5Lanny M. Solomon · etc.Financial Accounting
1998978-0-06-046362-5SolomonWorkg Paper Financl Acc(219
1966978-0-06-046365-6Wilberto CantonNosotros Somos Dios: Pieza en dos actos (Spanish and English Edition)
1985978-0-06-046367-0Ronald F. SoohooMicrowave Magnetics
1982978-0-06-046368-7Lawrence E SpenceFinite mathematics and calculus: With business, social, and behavioral science applications
1981978-0-06-046369-4Lawrence E SpenceFinite mathematics
1976978-0-06-046371-7Robert F. Spencer · Jesse D. JenningsThe Native Americans: Ethnology and Backgrounds of the North American Indians
1986978-0-06-046376-2Lanny M. Solomon · etc.Accounting Principles
1998978-0-06-046377-9Lanny M. SolomonWk Paprs V1 Acct Pri 2e(219
  ''978-0-06-046378-6SolomonWk Paprs V2 Acct Pri 2e(219
1970978-0-06-046381-6Herbert J. SpiroPolitics as the Master Science from Plato to Mao
1988978-0-06-046382-3Peter N. Stearns · Stephen S. Gosch · Jay Pascal Anglin · Erwin P. GrieshaberDocuments in World History: The Great Traditions, from Ancient Times to 1500
  ''978-0-06-046385-4Robert J SovchikTeaching mathematics to children
1990978-0-06-046386-1Peter N StearnsWorld History Pb 86
1976978-0-06-046387-8O. Glenn StahlPublic personnel administration
1975978-0-06-046389-2Gardner Wesley StacySolutions to problems and study aids for organic chemistry: A background for the life sciences
1976978-0-06-046391-5David A SprecherFinite mathematics
1974978-0-06-046394-6David A SprecherPrecalculus mathematics: An elementary functions approach
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1976978-0-06-046403-5James H. StamInquiries into the Origin of Language (Studies in language)
1983978-0-06-046404-2Oscar Glenn StahlPublic Personnel Administration
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1970978-0-06-046408-0   ''The Language Experience Approach to the Teaching of Reading
1980978-0-06-046409-7   ''The Language-Experience Approach to the Teaching of Reading
1971978-0-06-046411-0Philip StehlePhysics: the behavior of particles (Harper's physics series)
1977978-0-06-046412-7David A. StattPsychology: Making Sense
1973978-0-06-046413-4John Bryan StarrIdeology and Culture: Introduction to the Dialectic of Contemporary Chinese Politics (Harper's Comparative Government Series)
1975978-0-06-046414-1Russell G. StaufferDirecting the Reading-Thinking Process
1974978-0-06-046417-2Jeffrey I. SteinfeldMolecules and Radiation: Introduction to Modern Molecular Spectroscopy (Harper's chemistry series)
1978978-0-06-046418-9Russell G. Stauffer · etc.Diagnosis, Correction and Prevention of Reading Disabilities
1974978-0-06-046419-6Suzanne K. SteinmetzViolence in the Family
1988978-0-06-046421-9Suzanne K. SteinmetzMarriage and Family Realities: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
1979978-0-06-046422-6Lawrence L. SteinmetzHuman Relations: People and Work
1991978-0-06-046424-0Don W. Stacks · John E. HockingEssentials of Communication Research
1988978-0-06-046427-1Michael StecherLinear Algebra
1991978-0-06-046430-1D. Grier Stephenson · Robert J. Bresler · Robert J. Friedrich · KarleskyAmerican Government
1992978-0-06-046431-8Peter N. Stearns · Michael Adas · Stuart B. SchwartzWorld Civilizations: The Global Experience
1988978-0-06-046432-5Peter N. Stearns · Stephen S. Gosch · Jay Pascal Anglin · Erwin P. GrieshaberDocuments in World History: The Modern Centuries, from 1500 to the Present
1989978-0-06-046436-3Robert L. Solso · Homer H. JohnsonAn Introduction to Experimental Design in Psychology: A Case Approach
1991978-0-06-046437-0Marilyn Smith LaytonIntercultural Journeys Through Reading and Writing
1985978-0-06-046442-4William J. StevensonBusiness Statistics: Concepts and Applications
1978978-0-06-046445-5William J StevensonBusiness statistics: Concepts and applications
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1973978-0-06-046452-3Sheldon P. Stoff · Herbert SchwartzbergThe Human Encounter: Readings in Education
1990978-0-06-046455-4W.B. Stouffer · Cynthia Opheim · Susan Bland DayState and Local Politics: The Individual and the Governments
1988978-0-06-046456-1Barbara D. StoodtTeaching Language Arts
1992978-0-06-046457-8Gerald StoneNewswriting
1972978-0-06-046458-5Arthur N. StrahlerPlanet Earth: Data Resources (Harper's geoscience series)
1972978-0-06-046459-2Arthur N. StrahlerPlanet Earth: Its Physical Systems Through Geologic Time (Harper's geoscience series)
1973978-0-06-046461-5A. N. StrahlerEarth Science
1981978-0-06-046462-2Arthur Newell StrahlerPhysical geology
1982978-0-06-046466-0John StrohlPrep Chemistry
1989978-0-06-046467-7Barbara D. StoodtReading Instruction
1987978-0-06-046493-6Robert A. StebbinsSociology: The Study of Society
1989978-0-06-046494-3Robert A. StebbinsSociology: The Study of Society
1971978-0-06-046496-7Conrad B SuitsStories for Writing
1976978-0-06-046501-8Ronald J StupakAmerican foreign policy--assumptions, processes, and projections
1974978-0-06-046521-6Lulu E. SweigardHuman Movement Potential: Its Ideokinetic Facilitation
1973978-0-06-046523-0Fred G. Levy · Sidney C. SufrinBasic Economics: Analysis of Contemporary Problems and Policies
1975978-0-06-046526-1Richard M SuinnThe innovative psychological therapies: Critical and creative contributions
1990978-0-06-046568-1George M. Taoka · Don R. BeemanInternational Business: Environments, Institutions, and Operations
2000978-0-06-046570-4Swain JwPeoples of the Ancient World
1989978-0-06-046571-1Barbara G. Tabachnick · Linda S. FidellUsing Multivariate Statistics
1979978-0-06-046572-8Ken M SymesComposing the essay: Prewriting, shaping, and revising
1987978-0-06-046573-5Susan GaravagliaProlog: Programming Techniques and Applications (Computer Science and Technology Series)
1984978-0-06-046575-9Susan PerriconeComputer Hunting: A Ten-Step Guide for Selecting Your Small Business Computer System (Harper & Row hands on! computer books)
1993978-0-06-046577-3Karen C. TimberlakeStudy Guide to Accompany Chemistry: An Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry
978-0-06-046578-0Lab Manual Chemistry
1990978-0-06-046579-7TelfordIntroduction Func Histology
1982978-0-06-046582-7Sharon Lee TateThe complete book of fashion illustration
1984978-0-06-046583-4Sharon Lee TateInside fashion design
1986978-0-06-046584-1Allen Tate · C. Ray SmithInterior Design in the 20th Century
1969978-0-06-046586-5William N. TavolgaPrinciples of Animal Behaviour
1995978-0-06-046587-2Gay Talese · Barbara LounsberryWriting Creative Nonfiction: The Literature of Reality
1974978-0-06-046588-9Lester D TaylorProbability and mathematical statistics
1973978-0-06-046589-6Warren D TenHoutenScience and its mirror image: A theory of inquiry
1974978-0-06-046591-9Mark A. Tessler · William M. O'Barr · David H. SpainTradition and Identity in Changing Africa
  ''978-0-06-046592-6Charles A. TesconiEducation for Whom? the Question of Equal Educational Opportunity
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1975978-0-06-046604-6R F ThompsonIntroduction to Physiological Psychology
  ''978-0-06-046611-4Wayne N. ThompsonProcess of Persuasion: Principles and Readings
1976978-0-06-046614-5Richard S. ThornIntroduction to Money and Banking
1979978-0-06-046615-2Cases in marketing, including interviews with key executives
1986978-0-06-046617-6Alex ThioSociology: An Introduction
1987978-0-06-046618-3Nolan A. ThaxtonPathways to Fitness: Foundations, Motivation, Applications
1986978-0-06-046619-0Teresa L. ThompsonCommunication for Health Professionals (Speech communication series)
1990978-0-06-046622-0Sharon Lee Tate · Mona Shafer EdwardsFashion Handbook
1986978-0-06-046623-7Gerard J. TortoraPrinciples of Human Anatomy
1991978-0-06-046624-4Alex ThioSociology: A Brief Introduction
1971978-0-06-046625-1Solomon TillesPuntos de vista: voces de España e Hispano-américa
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1983978-0-06-046632-9Karen TimberlakeChemistry
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1975978-0-06-046638-1Helen Icken Safa · Gloria LevitasSocial Problems in Corporate America (A Transaction/Society textbook)
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1981978-0-06-046642-8Gerard J TortoraPrinciples of anatomy and physiology
1982978-0-06-046644-2Patricia J. Donnelly · George A. WistreichLaboratory Manual for Anatomy and Physiology: With Cat Dissections
1975978-0-06-046647-3Vincenzo TraversaParola e Pensiero: Introduzione alla Lingua Italiana Moderna (Italian and English Edition)
1981978-0-06-046653-4   ''Parola e pensiero: Introduzione alla lingua italiana moderna (Italian Edition)
1998978-0-06-046654-1TraversaWk Parola E Pensiero
1979978-0-06-046655-8John F. TraversEducational Psychology
1984978-0-06-046656-5Gerard J. Tortora · Nicholas P. AnagnostakosPrinciples of Anatomy and Physiolgy: Fourth Edition
1986978-0-06-046658-9Gerard J. Tortora · Ronald L. EvansPrinciples of Human Physiology
1988978-0-06-046659-6Karen C. TimberlakeChemistry
1998978-0-06-046661-9TimberlakeStudy Guide Chemistry
1991978-0-06-046662-6KATHRYN MALONEHuman Anatomy And Physiology Workbook: TRADITIONAL AND INNOVATIVE EXERCISES
1978978-0-06-046665-7William F TrenchAdvanced calculus
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1987978-0-06-046677-0Robert V. Thomann · John A. MuellerPrinciples of Surface Water Quality Modeling and Control
1989978-0-06-046678-7Sharon Lee TateInside Fashion Design
1987978-0-06-046679-4Sharon Lee Tate · Mona Shafer EdwardsComplete Book of Fashion Illustration
1987978-0-06-046682-4Gerard J. TortoraIntroduction to the Human Body
  ''978-0-06-046683-1Alex ThioDeviant Behaviour
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  ''978-0-06-046685-5Gerard J. TortoraPrinciples of Human Anatomy
1988978-0-06-046687-9Stephen K. TollefsonGrammar Grams
1998978-0-06-046689-3Karen TimberlakeLab Manual for Chemistry, 4th Edition
1989978-0-06-046692-3Alex ThioSociology: An introduction
1990978-0-06-046693-0Henry L. Tosi · etc.Managing Organizational Behaviour
  ''978-0-06-046694-7Gerard J. Tortora · Nicholas P. AnagnostakosPrinciples of Anatomy and Physiology
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1991978-0-06-046697-8Gerard J. TortoraIntroduction to the Human Body: The Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology
1998978-0-06-046698-5John A. TrickelTelecourse Guide for The American Adventure: Beginnings to 1877
1992978-0-06-046699-2Alex ThioSociology: An introduction
  ''978-0-06-046702-9Gerard J. TortoraPrinciples of Anatomy & Physiology
1990978-0-06-046704-3   ''Principles Anatomy & Physiology
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1972978-0-06-046709-8Albert TuckerA history of English civilization
1973978-0-06-046711-1Joseph S. TulchinProblems in Latin American History
1971978-0-06-046712-8Elias H TumaEuropean economic history: tenth century to the present;: Theory and history of economic change
1972978-0-06-046713-5Jonathan H TurnerAmerican society: problems of structure
1977978-0-06-046717-3   ''Social problems in America
1987978-0-06-046721-0Mark TwainAdventures of Huckleberry Finn
1990978-0-06-046722-7Mark TwainAdventures of Huckleberry Finn Centennial
1998978-0-06-046726-5Irwin UngerThe Movement: A History of the American New Left 1959 - 1972
1979978-0-06-046727-2Rhoda Kesler UngerFemale and Male: Sex and Gender
1991978-0-06-046729-6Alex Thio · Peter MorrillSocieties: A Cultural Reader to Accompany Alex Thios Sociology: A Brief Introduction
1987978-0-06-046733-3Saim Ural · Suzan UralIntroduction to Programming with Modula-2 (Harper & Row computer science and technology series)
1973978-0-06-046737-1William R UttalThe psychobiology of sensory coding (Physiological psychology series)
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1973978-0-06-046765-4Richard VangemeerschAccounting: Socially Responsible and Socially Relevant
1990978-0-06-046766-1Chris N. Vancil · Cliff SwaugerBrief Calculus With Applications
1974978-0-06-046775-3John P. GigchApplied General Systems Theory
1978978-0-06-046776-0John P. Van GigchApplied General Systems Theory
1984978-0-06-046791-3Roberta J. Vann · Vivian P. HefleyViewpoints U.S.A.
1976978-0-06-046811-8Vernon F AndersonIn the arena: The care and feeding of American politics
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1985978-0-06-046821-7Warren ViessmanWater supply and pollution control
1972978-0-06-046823-1Sidney VerbaParticipation in America: political democracy and social equality
1971978-0-06-046826-2douglas verneyBritish Government and Politics; Life Without a Declaration of Independence