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1988978-0-8342-0031-9Patricia A. M. Hodges · Hodges · Connie E. VickeryEffective Counseling Strategies for Dietary Management (Collected Papers of Bertrand)
1989978-0-8342-0075-3Saul D. LevitPennsylvania Domestic Relations Forms: Practice
1990978-0-8342-0090-6Michael Bruce WoodAtlas of Reconstructive Microsurgery
1989978-0-8342-0093-7Michelle H. BirosHandbook of Urgent Care Medicine
1990978-0-8342-0125-5Bruce H. BrundageComparative Cardiac Imaging: Function, Flow, Anatomy and Quantitation
  ''978-0-8342-0128-6Ann P. HunterPolicies and Procedures for Long-Term Care Dietetic Services
  ''978-0-8342-0132-3Abby S. BlochNutrition Management of the Cancer Patient
  ''978-0-8342-0168-2Penny Ashwanden · Anne E. BelcherOncology Nursing: Advances, Treatments and Trends into the 21st Century
  ''978-0-8342-0170-5Judy E. Perkin · Perkin JudyPod- Food Allergies & Adverse Reactions
1991978-0-8342-0183-5Trudy Sandler GoldsteinGeriatric Orthopedics: Rehabilitative Management of Common Problems (Aspen series in physical therapy)
1991978-0-8342-0188-0Steven G. Hillestad · Eric N. BerkowitzHealth Care Marketing Plans: From Strategy to Action
  ''978-0-8342-0191-0G.E. Alan DeverCommunity Health Analysis: Global Awareness At the Local Level
  ''978-0-8342-0214-6Patricia SchroederApproaches to Nursing Standards (Encyclopedia of Nursing Care Quality, Vol 2)
1995978-0-8342-0219-1Patricia SchroederEncyclopedia of Nursing Care Quality (Vol 1-3)
1991978-0-8342-0222-1Kathleen A. PuntilloPain in the Critically Ill: Assessment and Management (Aspen Series in Critical Care Nursing)
  ''978-0-8342-0229-0Pearl L. SeidenbergReading, Writing, and Studying Strategies: An Integrated Curriculum
  ''978-0-8342-0233-7Neil Baum · Gretchen HenkelMarketing Your Clinical Practice: Ethically, Effectively, Economically
1991978-0-8342-0237-5Kathlyn L. ReedQuick Reference to Occupational Therapy (Aspen series in occupational therapy)
  ''978-0-8342-0242-9Herbert VearChiropractic Standards Pract & Quality Care
  ''978-0-8342-0272-6Ellyn Lucas ArwoodSemantic and Pragmatic Language Disorders
1992978-0-8342-0289-4George D. PozgarLong-Term Care and the Law: A Legal Guide for Health Care Professionals
  ''978-0-8342-0341-9William O., Ph.D. CleverleyEssentials of Health Care Finance
1994978-0-8342-0376-1Leora Reiff CherneyClinical Management of Dysphagia in Adults and Children
  ''978-0-8342-0387-7Richard D., M.D. AndersenInfections in Children: A Sourcebook for Educators and Child Care Providers
1993978-0-8342-0388-4HaldemanGuidelines Chiropractic Quality
1995978-0-8342-0424-9Gail WalravenBusiness Thinking in Non-For-profit Organizations
1995978-0-8342-0442-3Not AvailableFund Raising for Board Members
1994978-0-8342-0501-7Ruth I. Hansten · Marilynn J. Washburn · Marilynn, Ph.D. JacksonThe Nurse Manager's Answer Book
1996978-0-8342-0538-3Martha J. GrimesInfection Control Management Forms, Checklists & Guidelines
1994978-0-8342-0541-3John P. Marren · Aspen Health Law & Compliance CenterManaged Care Law Manual
1995978-0-8342-0547-5ArgWomen's Health Patient Education Resource Manual
1994978-0-8342-0561-1Kathy King HelmSports Nutrition: Self-Study Course (Aspen Series for Continuing Education in Nutrition Specialities)
  ''978-0-8342-0563-5Judith A. LewisAddictions: Concepts and Strategies for Treatment
1997978-0-8342-0570-3Darlene M., Ph.D. Trandel-Korenchuk · Rhodes Ann M. · Keith M. Trandel-KorenchukNursing and the Law
1994978-0-8342-0578-9Peggy L. ChinnDeveloping Substance: Mid-Range Theory in Nursing (Advances in Nursing Science) (Vol 2)
1997978-0-8342-0581-9Cynthia SpryEssentials of Perioperative Nursing
1994978-0-8342-0591-8Kathy King Helm · Patricia Queen SamourPediatric Nutrition: Self-Study Course (Aspen Series for Continuing Education in Nutrition Specialities)
  ''978-0-8342-0603-8Ruth HanstenClinical Delegation Skills: A Handboof for Nurses
1995978-0-8342-0615-1Paul J. KenkelReport Cards: What Every Health Provider Needs to Know About Hedis and Other Performance Measures (Aspen Executive Reports)
1999978-0-8342-0618-2Moyses Szklo · M. Szklo · F. Javier NietoEpidemiology: Beyond the Basics
1996978-0-8342-0620-5Catherine LoveridgeNursing Management in the New Paradigm
1995978-0-8342-0625-0Nancy GrahamQuality in Health Care
1999978-0-8342-0630-4Warren I. HammerFunctional Soft Tissue Examination and Treatment by Manual Methods: New Perspectives
1997978-0-8342-0636-6SHARRON DALTONOverweight and Weight Management: the Health Professional's Guide to Understanding and Treatment
  ''978-0-8342-0637-3G E Alan Dever · Alan Dever · DeverImproving Outcomes in Public Health Practice: Strategy and Methods
  ''978-0-8342-0638-0Margaret H. BriggsBuilding Early Intervention Teams: Working Together for Children and Families
1995978-0-8342-0652-6James A. BlackmanThe Infants and Young Children (The Infants and Young Children Series)
1996978-0-8342-0687-8Eric N. BerkowitzEssentials of Health Care Marketing
1995978-0-8342-0688-5Elaine ZablockiChanging Physician Practice Patterns: Strategies for Success in a Capitated Health Care System (Aspen Executive Reports)
1995978-0-8342-0705-9Barbara Montgomery Dossey · Lynn Keegan · Cathie E. Guzzetta · Leslie Gooding KolkmeierInstructor's Manual for Holistic Nursing: Handbook for Practice
1997978-0-8342-0708-0Michael J. Dietz · Jamie WhaleySchool, Family, and Community: Techniques and Models for Successful Collaboration
1996978-0-8342-0709-7Carol A. Kochhar · Lynda L. West · Juliana M. TaymansHandbook for Successful Inclusion
1995978-0-8342-0716-5Annalynn SkipperNutrition Support Policies Procedures, Forms & Formulas
1996978-0-8342-0727-1Lawrence S. Nordhoff · Larry S. NordhoffMotor Vehicle Collision Injuries: Mechanisms, Diagnosis, and Management
1995978-0-8342-0729-5Tad McKeonHome Health Financial Management
1996978-0-8342-0740-0Richard F. Morton · Richard J. Hebel · McCarter Robert J.A Study Guide to Epidemiology and Biostatistics
1998978-0-8342-0751-6Jeffrey R., Ph.D. Cram · Glenn S. Kasman · Jonathan HoltzIntroduction to Surface Electromyography
1997978-0-8342-0752-3Glenn S. Kasman · Jeffrey R. Cram · Steven L. Wolf · Lisa BartonClinical Applications in Surface Electromyography: Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain
  ''978-0-8342-0755-4Linda G. SnetselaarNutrition Counseling Skills for Medical Nutrition Therapy
1996978-0-8342-0782-0Jo Manion · William Lorimer · William J. LeanderTeam-Based Health Care Organizations: Blueprint for Success
1997978-0-8342-0817-9Michael D. King · Linda HarrisonDeveloping School Programs and Policies: A Principal's Manual
1995978-0-8342-0820-9CummingsIm, Nursing Mgmt New Paradigm Pb
1996978-0-8342-0821-6Aspen Reference GroupSafety and Security Administration in School Facilities: Forms, Checklists & Guidelines
1997978-0-8342-0842-1Karen Lynn BrodskyPharmacy Benefit Management Directory and Resource Guide
1998978-0-8342-0846-9Thomas A. Souza · Thomas SouzaDifferential Diagnosis for the Chiropractor: Protocols and Algorithms
2000978-0-8342-0867-4Peter M. Carlson · Judith Simon GarrettPrison and Jail Administration: Practice and Theory
1997978-0-8342-0869-8David Ash · Caren J. WerlingerExercises for Health Promotion: A Prescriptive Approach
  ''978-0-8342-0870-4Barbara Montgomery DosseyCore Curriculum For Holistic Nursing
  ''978-0-8342-0874-2Sara Nell Di Lima · Dwayne E. Eutsey · Aspen Reference GroupCampus Safety & Security: Forms, Checklists & Guidelines
1995978-0-8342-0875-9Aspen Reference GroupHealth Care Billing & Collections: Forms, Checklists & Guidelines
1997978-0-8342-0899-5Christina W. FlepsHealth Care Fraud and Abuse Compliance Manual
  ''978-0-8342-0911-4John MonagleHealth Care Ethics: Critical Issues for the 21st Century
1997978-0-8342-0918-3Marilyn D. HarrisHandbook of Home Health Care Administration
1999978-0-8342-0919-0Cecil G. BetrosThe Speech-Language Pathologist in Home Health Care
1997978-0-8342-0926-8Howard RowlandNursing Administration Handbook (NURSING ADMINISTRATION HANDBOOK (ROWLAND))
1999978-0-8342-0933-6Sheryl DeutschThe Credentialing Handbook
1997978-0-8342-0935-0Barbara LevySuccessful Special Events (Aspen's Fund Raising Series for the 21st Century)
1996978-0-8342-0936-7Eugene ScanlanCorporate & Foundation Fund Raising (Aspen's Fund Raising Series for the 21st Century)
1997978-0-8342-0940-4Barbara Stover Gingerich · Deborah Anne OndeckHome Care Human Resources Manual
  ''978-0-8342-0963-3Peter R. KongstvedtReadings in Managed Health Care: A Companion to Essentials of Managed Health Care
  ''978-0-8342-0967-1Hanoch Livneh · Richard F. AntonakPsychosocial Adaptation to Chronic Illness and Disability
  ''978-0-8342-0973-2Jim Taylor · Shel TaylorPsychological Approaches to Sports Injury Rehabilitation: Distributed by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
  ''978-0-8342-0984-8Thomas D. Schneid · Michael S. SchumannLegal Liability: A Guide for Safety and Loss Prevention Professionals
1998978-0-8342-1005-9Aspen Reference GroupHolistic Health Promotion & Complementary Therapies Manual
1998978-0-8342-1009-7Mary CliffordEnvironmental Crime
1999978-0-8342-1011-0Steven A. Finkler · David M. WardEssentials of Cost Accounting for Health Care Organizations (2nd Edition)
1998978-0-8342-1013-4Richard IrvingBasic Legal Research For Criminal Justice And The Social Sciences
  ''978-0-8342-1017-2Carolyn HumphreyHome Care Nursing Handbook
  ''978-0-8342-1021-9Lisa MasteralexisPrinciples And Practice Of Sport Management
2000978-0-8342-1045-5Noreen FrischAHNA Standards Of Holistic Nursing Practice: Guidelines For Caring And Healing
1999978-0-8342-1051-6Aspen Reference GroupInfectious Disease Resource Manual
1989978-0-8342-1052-3   ''Home Health Care Forms, Checklists & Guidelines (2 Volume) Manual
1998978-0-8342-1057-8Mindy B. NaglerNational Health Directory 1998 (Serial)
  ''978-0-8342-1058-5Ann W. Lawson · Gary LawsonAlcoholism and the Family: A Guide to Treatment and Prevention
  ''978-0-8342-1071-4Michael, M.D. Siegel · Lynne DonerMarketing Public Health: Strategies to Promote Social Change
1998978-0-8342-1077-6Nancy GannOrthopaedic Case Studies
2010978-0-8342-1079-0Aspen Reference GroupPharmacy Practice Management: Forms, Checklists & Guidelines
2000978-0-8342-1083-7David C., Ph.D. Brody · James R. Acker · Wayne A. LoganCriminal Law
1998978-0-8342-1100-1Aspen Health Law & Compliance CenterMedical Group Practice: Legal and Administrative Guide
  ''978-0-8342-1144-5Richard RognehaughThe Managed Health Care Dictionary
  ''978-0-8342-1147-6Marilyn J. Rantz · Tari Vinz Miller · Lori L. Popejoy · Mary Zwygart-StauffacherOutcome-Based Quality Improvement for Long-Term Care: Using Mds, Process, and Outcome Measures
  ''978-0-8342-1163-6Barbara Stover Gingerich · Deborah Anne Ondeck · Babara Stover GingerichIntegrating Oasis for Home Health Organizations
1999978-0-8342-1171-1Kevin J. DarkenDefending and Preventing Health Care Fraud Cases: An Attorney's Guide
2000978-0-8342-1175-9Gil Bashe · Nancy J. Hicks · Amy ZiegenfussBranding Health Services: Defining Yourself in the Marketplace
1998978-0-8342-1209-1Anna V.A. ResurreccionConsumer Sensory Testing For Product Development (Chapman & Hall Food Science Book)
2000978-0-8342-1219-0Ellen OlshanskyIntegrated Women's Health
1999978-0-8342-1234-3John M. de ManPrinciples of Food Chemistry
  ''978-0-8342-1244-2Michael J. Stahl · Peter J. DeanThe Physician's Essential MBA: What Every Physician Leader Needs to Know
1999978-0-8342-1249-7Suzanne P. Smith · Dominick L. FlareyProcess-Centered Health Care Organizations
  ''978-0-8342-1251-0Gary L. Fischler · Nan BoothVocational Impact of Psychiatric Disorders: A Guide for Rehabilitation Professionals
  ''978-0-8342-1253-4Rusty McNewEmergency Department Compliance Manual (Ahlcc Compliance Series)
  ''978-0-8342-1256-5José Miguel Aguilera · David W. StanleyMicrostructural Principles of Food Processing and Engineering (Food Engineering Series)
2000978-0-8342-1259-6Michael J. Lewis · Neil J. HeppellContinuous Thermal Processing of Foods: Pasteurization and UHT Sterilization (Food Engineering Series)
  ''978-0-8342-1260-2Patrick F. Fox · Paul L. H. McSweeney · Timothy M. Cogan · Timothy P. GuineeFundamentals of Cheese Science
1999978-0-8342-1264-0M. A. "Andy" RaoRheology of Fluid and Semisolid Foods: Principles and Applications: Second Edition (Food Engineering Series)
1999978-0-8342-1265-7Norman N. Potter · Joseph H. HotchkissFood Science: Fifth Edition (Food Science Text Series)
1998978-0-8342-1270-1Roger B. Boulton · Vernon L. Singleton · Linda F. Bisson · Ralph E. KunkeePrinciples and Practices of Winemaking
1994978-0-8342-1287-9John C. Allen · R.J. HamiltonRancidity in Foods
1995978-0-8342-1297-8E.B. JacksonSugar Confectionery Manufacture
1998978-0-8342-1298-5Ceirwyn S. JamesAnalytical Chemistry Of Foods (Chapman & Hall Food Science Book)
1997978-0-8342-1299-2KeShun LiuSoybeans: Chemistry, Technology and Utilization
1999978-0-8342-1301-2Bernard W. MinifieChocolate, Cocoa, and Confectionery: Science and Technology (Chapman & Hall Food Science Book)
1997978-0-8342-1306-7SpringerFungi and Food Spoilage
1998978-0-8342-1307-4Gary ReinecciusSourcebook of Flavors
1999978-0-8342-1314-2Peter J. ButtaroStep-By-Step Guide to a Higher Score on the Nab Exam
  ''978-0-8342-1317-3Patricia T. Aalseth · AalsethCodebusters: Quick Guide to Coding and Billing Compliance for Medical Practices
  ''978-0-8342-1321-0Rosana G. Moreira · M. Elena Castell-Perez · Maria BarrufetDeep Fat Frying: Fundamentals and Applications (Food Engineering Series)
  ''978-0-8342-1323-4Barbara Lund · Anthony C. Baird-Parker · Grahame W. GouldMicrobiological Safety and Quality of Food, set of 2
  ''978-0-8342-1327-2A.M. Pearson · T.R. DutsonHACCP in Meat, Poultry and Fish Processing (Advances in Meat Research)
1999978-0-8342-1329-6Marilyn D. Harris · Elissa Della Monica · Pamela BoydHandbook of Hospice Policies and Procedures
1997978-0-8342-1333-3A. BoltonQuality Management Systems for the Food Industry: A guide to ISO 9001/2
1998978-0-8342-1337-1Kenneth T. FarrellSpices, Condiments and Seasonings
1999978-0-8342-1339-5Patrick F. FoxCheese: Chemistry, Physics and Microbiology: Volume 2 Major Cheese Groups
1993978-0-8342-1340-1N.D. FrameTechnology of Extrusion Cooking
1996978-0-8342-1342-5F.D. GunstoneFatty Acid and Lipid Chemistry
1988978-0-8342-1360-9Robert Jenness · Elmer H. Marth · Noble P. Wong · Mark KeeneyFundamentals of Dairy Chemistry
1999978-0-8342-1363-0Ken DychtwaldHealthy Aging: Challenges and Solutions
  ''978-0-8342-1364-7Juliann SebastianSpecial Populations In The Community: Advances In Reducing Health Disparities
  ''978-0-8342-1366-1Janet I. FeldmanA Step-By-Step Guide to Completing the MDS (An Aspen Publication)
  ''978-0-8342-1367-8Cathleen Krueger Wilson · Timothy Porter-O'GradyLeading the Revolution in Health Care: Advancing Systems, Igniting Performance
  ''978-0-8342-1368-5Denise Maldonado · Campion Quinn · Denise FattorussoA Case Manager's Study Guide: Preparing for Certification (With CD-ROM)
1999978-0-8342-1370-8Peter J. Buttaro · Emily L. H. ButtaroLegal Guide for Long-Term Care Administrators (LONG TERM CARE ADMINISTRATION)
  ''978-0-8342-1371-5Peter J. ButtaroPrinciples of Long-Term Health Care Administration
  ''978-0-8342-1376-0Robert MootzBest Practices In Clinical Chiropractic (Topics in Clinical Chiropractic Series)
1994978-0-8342-1378-4Patrick F. FoxCheese: Chemistry, Physics and Microbiology: Volume 1: General Aspects Volume 2: Major Cheese Groups
2001978-0-8342-1601-3Julie SmartDisability, Society, and the Individual
1999978-0-8342-1605-1Jane M. AndersonState-By-state Law and Regulations On Workers' Compensation Managed Care, 1999 Edition
  ''978-0-8342-1621-1Philip R. AshurstFood Flavorings
2000978-0-8342-1631-0Kathlyn L. ReedQuick Reference to Occupational Therapy
1999978-0-8342-1632-7S. David Gertz · Rina TadmorLiebman's Neuroanatomy Made Easy and Understandable
  ''978-0-8342-1633-4Ramon Aparicio · John HarwoodHandbook of Olive Oil: Analysis and Properties
2001978-0-8342-1646-4Raymond Calvel · Ronald L. WirtzThe Taste of Bread: A translation of Le Goût du Pain, comment le préserver, comment le retrouver
1999978-0-8342-1657-0Ernest R. VieiraElementary Food Science (Food Science Texts Series) 4th Edition
1999978-0-8342-1661-7Robert FerrariThe Whiplash Encyclopedia: The Facts and Myths of Whiplash
2000978-0-8342-1664-8Cathy Frye · Linda BrazenPerioperative Services: Administration, Resource Management, and Patient Care
1999978-0-8342-1666-2Ernst & YoungIndustry in Transition: 1999 Health Care Trends Analysis
2001978-0-8342-1669-3LeistnerHurdle Technology
2000978-0-8342-1672-3Maria Soledad Tapia · Aurelio Lopez-Malo · Stella AlzamoraMinimally Processed Fruits and Vegetables (Food Engineering Series)
  ''978-0-8342-1676-1Sidney SkinnerAn Introduction to Homeopathic Medicine in Primary Care
1982978-0-8342-1684-6J.S. Hough · D.E. Briggs · R. Stevens · Tom W. YoungMalting and Brewing Science Volume 2: Hopped Wort and Beer
1997978-0-8342-1687-7Vincent E. Rubatzky · Mas YamaguchiWorld Vegetables: Principles, Production and Nutritive Values
1994978-0-8342-1688-4Israel GoldbergFunctional Foods: Designer Foods, Pharmafoods, Nutraceuticals
1995978-0-8342-1701-0Bruce Zoecklein · Kenneth C. Fugelsang · Barry H. Gump · Fred S. NuryWine Analysis and Production
1998978-0-8342-1702-7HadjHypertension Management (Aspen Chronic Disease Management Series)
1999978-0-8342-1703-4Health and Administration Development Gr · Aspen · Aspen Health & Administration DevelopmenDiabetes Management: Clinical Pathways, Guidelines, and Patient Education (Aspen Chronic Disease Management Series)
1998978-0-8342-1704-1HadjCoronary Artery Disease & Related Conditions Mgmt (Aspen Chronic Disease Management Series)
1999978-0-8342-1705-8HADJAsthma Management: Clinical Pathways, Guidelines, and Patient Education (Aspen Chronic Disease Management Series)
2000978-0-8342-1715-7Abby S. BlochOncology Diet & Nutrition Patient Education Manual
2001978-0-8342-1717-1Shaheen N. AwanThe Voice Diagnostic Protocol: A Practical Guide to the Diagnosis of Voice Disorders (Book with CD-ROM for Windows 95 or Higher)
1999978-0-8342-1718-8Geoffrey M. LevyPackaging, Policy and the Environment
2001978-0-8342-1726-3Peter R. KongstvedtThe Managed Health Care Handbook
2000978-0-8342-1728-7Thomas A. Souza DC DACBSPDifferential Diagnosis and Management for the Chiropractor: Protocols and Algorithms (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-8342-1747-8Janet H. Carr · Roberta ShepherdMovement Science: Foundations for Physical Therapy in Rehabilitation
1999978-0-8342-1752-2Hildegarde Heymann · Harry T. LawlessSensory Evaluation of Food: Principles and Practices (Food Science Text Series)
2001978-0-8342-1758-4Richard F. Morton · J. Richard Hebel · Robert J. McCarterA Study Guide to Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  ''978-0-8342-1763-8Michelle Bowman · G. Frank LawlisComplementary and Alternative Medicine Management
2000978-0-8342-1768-3Naomi Rees · David WatsonInternational Standards for Food Safety
  ''978-0-8342-1770-6Gene LassPatient Account Manager's 2000 Sourcebook
2000978-0-8342-1772-0John F. ManzoPharmacy Department Compliance Manual (Aspen Health Law and Compliance Center Compliance Series.)
2001978-0-8342-1777-5Joseph K H TanHealth Management Information Systems: Methods and Practical Applications
2000978-0-8342-1782-9C.M.D. Man · Adrian A. JonesShelf Life Evaluation of Foods
  ''978-0-8342-1796-6Matthew Robinson · Mary Hums · R. Brian Crow · Dennis PhillipsProfiles of Sport Industry Professionals: The People Who Make the Games Happen
1999978-0-8342-1815-4P.R. Hayes · S.J. ForsytheFood Hygiene, Microbiology and HACCP
2001978-0-8342-1824-6Gary Lawson · Gary W. Lawson · Ann W. LawsonEssentials of Chemical Dependency Counseling
2003978-0-8342-1829-1Laura FredricksDeveloping Major Gifts: Turning Small Donors into Big Contributors (Aspen's Fundraising Series for the 21st Century)
2000978-0-8342-1832-1Dan McCormickNonprofit Mergers: The Power Of Successful Partnerships (Aspen's Nonprofit Management Series)
2001978-0-8342-1838-3Carol Wallace · Sara MortimoreHACCP Training Resource Pack
  ''978-0-8342-1842-0Lynda W. FreemanBest Practices in Complementary & Alernative Medicine Manual
2000978-0-8342-1865-9Lynn Antosz FantleNational Health Directory, 2000
2003978-0-8342-1874-1Jan HellerGuide to Professional Development in Compliance
2002978-0-8342-1878-9Alan MelnickIntroduction to Geographic Information Systems in Public Health
2001978-0-8342-1880-2Richard R. Abood · David B. BrushwoodPharmacy Practice and the Law
  ''978-0-8342-1898-7Simone JoyauxStrategic Fund Development: Building Profitable Relationships That Last (Aspen's Fund Raising Series for the 21st Century)
2003978-0-8342-1905-2Richard D. BarrettPlanned Giving Essentials, 2nd Edition: A Step-by-Step Guide to Success (Aspen's Fund Raising Series for the 21st Century.)
2002978-0-8342-1911-3George D. Pozgar · Nina M. · Jd SantucciLegal Aspects of Health Care Administration
2000978-0-8342-1915-1Barbara Stover Gingerich · Deborah Anne OndeckClinical Pathways for the Multidisciplinary Home Care Team Manual, 2E
  ''978-0-8342-1925-0Patricia Queen SamourDietician's Patient Education Resource Manual, 2e
2001978-0-8342-1929-8Eileen Barrett WynerWomens Health Patient Education Resource Manual 2E
2000978-0-8342-1932-8Carol Wallace · Sara MortimoreHACCP: A Practical Approach (Practical Approaches to Food Control and Food Quality Series)
2003978-0-8342-1937-3Philip JacobsThe Economics of Health and Medical Care, 5th Edition
2001978-0-8342-1939-7Marcia Silkroski · Peggi GuenterTube Feeding
2001978-0-8342-1941-0Eleftheria T. KarapasPain Management Patient Education Resource Manual, 2E (Patient Education Manual Series)
  ''978-0-8342-1942-7Theresa W. GillespieOncology Patient Education Resource Manual, 2E (Patient Education Manual Series)
  ''978-0-8342-1952-6Robert S. Igoe · Y.H. HuiDictionary of Food Ingredients, Fourth Edition
2003978-0-8342-1959-5Kay LautmanDirect Marketing for Nonprofits: Essential Techniques for the New Era (Aspen's Fundraising Series for the 21st Century)
2001978-0-8342-1962-5James Lapsley · Kirby MoultonSuccessful Wine Marketing
  ''978-0-8342-1968-7ACPE · Arnold RudolphOrthopaedic Patient Education Resource Manual (3-Ring Binder with CD-ROM)
  ''978-0-8342-1973-1Carrie Sussman DPT PT · Barbara Bates-JensenWound Care: A Collaborative Practice Manual for Physical Therapists and Nurses
2000978-0-8342-1981-6David R. StormWinery Utilities: Planning, Design and Operation
2002978-0-8342-1999-1Mollie Mudd Goddard · AspenSources of Operating Grants
2001978-0-8342-2003-4Aspen Nonprofit F & a Development GroupGrantscape: Electronic Fundraising Database Version 4.0
2002978-0-8342-2044-7Lisa M. BoyleHIPAA: A Guide to Healthcare Privacy and Security Law
2002978-0-8342-2046-1Jacqueline R. BerningSports & Nutrition Patient Education Resource Manual (Aspen Patient Education Manual Series)
2001978-0-8342-2071-3Lisa Hayden · Kara Kinney Cartwright · Patricia C. Messick · Elizabeth H. Mohre · Denise Casaubon · Rose Sparks · Jeff StrattonRadiology Department Compliance Manual (Aspen Health Law and Compliance Center Compliance Series.)
  ''978-0-8342-2073-7Phoenix GroupOsha Compliance Manual for Health Care Facilities
  ''978-0-8342-2079-9Sara Mortimore · Mortimore · Carol WallaceThe HACCP Training Resource Pack Trainer's Manual
2002978-0-8342-2095-9William O. Cleverley · Andrew E. CameronEssentials of Health Care Finance
2001978-0-8342-2117-8Director Lloyd F Novick · John S Marr · NovickPublic Health Issues Disaster Preparedness

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