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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-0-7355-9735-8Steven L Emanuel J.D.Bootcamp for the MBE (Emanuel Bar Review)
2010978-0-7355-9740-2Steven EmanuelMBE Bootcamp: Evidence (Emanuel Bar Review)
  ''978-0-7355-9746-4Steven EmanuelMBE Bootcamp: Simulated MBE: Questions & Answers (Bootcamp for the Mbe)
  ''978-0-7355-9762-4Daniel C.K. ChowInternational Trade Law: Documents Supplement 2010
  ''978-0-7355-9763-1Casenote Legal BriefsCasenote Legal Briefs: Civil Procedure Keyed to Hazard, Tait, Fletcher and Bundy, Tenth Edition
  ''978-0-7355-9764-8Meredith M Brown · Ralph C Ferrara · Paul S Bird · Gary W KubekTakeovers: A Strategic Guide To Mergers & Acquisitions 3e
2010978-0-7355-9768-6Antitrust: Keyed to Pitofsky, Goldschmid & Wood's Trade Regulation
  ''978-0-7355-9773-0CasenotesInsurance Law: Abraham 5e (Casenotes Legal Briefs)
2011978-0-7355-9775-4Gwendolyn Griffith LieuallenEmanuel Law Outlines: Basic Federal Income Tax 2011 (Emanual Law Outlines)
  ''978-0-7355-9776-1D. Kelly WeisbergEmanuel Law Outlines: Family Law 2011
  ''978-0-7355-9788-4James J. RigosMultistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) Review, 3rd Edition (Rigos Bar Review Series)
  ''978-0-7355-9789-1Joseph W. Glannon · Andrew M. Perlman · Peter Raven-HansenCivil Procedure: A Coursebook (Aspen Casebook)
2011978-0-7355-9791-4Timothy P. Glynn · Rachel Arnow-Richman · Charles A. SullivanEmployment Law: Private Ordering & Its Limitations 2e (Aspen Casebook)
2010978-0-7355-9794-5Darby DickersonALWD Citation Manual / Guide to Foreign and International Legal Citation
  ''978-0-7355-9795-2Ann MurphyPeople of the State of California V. Phillip Spector: Case File (Aspen Coursebook)
  ''978-0-7355-9797-6AraizaFriedman's Practice Series: Administrative Law
2011978-0-7355-9800-3Steven L. EmanuelLaw in a Flash Cards: Civil Procedure Part I
  ''978-0-7355-9801-0Steven L. EmanuelLaw in a Flash Cards: Civil Procedure II
  ''978-0-7355-9802-7   ''Law in a Flash Cards: Constitutional Law I
2011978-0-7355-9803-4Steven L. EmanuelLaw in a Flash Cards: Constitutional Law II
  ''978-0-7355-9804-1Steven L. Emanuel · Joel Wm. FriedmanEvidence (Law in a Flash)
2012978-0-7355-9806-5Margreth BarrettEmanuel Law Outlines: Intellectual Property
  ''978-0-7355-9807-2Margreth BarrettCrunchtime: Intellectual Property 2012 Edition (The Crunchtime)
2011978-0-7355-9810-2Barry E. Carter · Allen S. WeinerInternational Law, Sixth Edition (Aspen Casebook)
  ''978-0-7355-9814-0Hurst Hannum · S. James Anaya · Dinah SheltonInternational Human Rights (Aspen Casebook) (Aspen Casebook Series)
  ''978-0-7355-9819-5David Zarfes · Michael L. BloomContracts and Commercial Transactions (Aspen Casebook Series)
2010978-0-7355-9821-8Amy E. Sloan · Steven SchwinnBasic Legal Research Workbook, Revised Third Edition
2012978-0-7355-9822-5Charles L. Knapp · Nathan M. Crystal · Harry G. PrinceProblems in Contract Law: Cases and Materials, Seventh Edition (Aspen Casebook Series)
2010978-0-7355-9827-0Richard G. SingerExamples & Explanations: Criminal Law, 5th Ed., (Print + eBook Bonus Pack)
2010978-0-7355-9840-9Steven L. EmanuelCriminal Law & Procedure 2009-2010 (Mbe Audio)
  ''978-0-7355-9843-0Ronald H. Clark · William S. Bailey · George R. DekleCross-Examination Handbook: Persuasion, Strategies, and Techniques (Aspen Coursebook)
2011978-0-7355-9850-8Linda H. EdwardsLegal Writing & Analysis, 3rd Edition (Aspen Coursebook) (Aspen Coursebooks)
2010978-0-7355-9853-9Joel Wm. FriedmanBankruptcy (Friedman's Practice Series)
2011978-0-7355-9856-0Valerie Epps · Lorie GrahamExamples & Explanations: International Law
  ''978-0-7355-9859-1Robert N. Sayler · Molly ShadelTongue-Tied America: Reviving the Art of Verbal Persuasion
2010978-0-7355-9862-1Stephen Dycus · William C. Banks · Peter Raven-HansenNational Security Law & Counterterrorism Law 2010-2011 Supplement
2011978-0-7355-9865-2Deborah E. BouchouxLegal Research & Writing for Paralegals, 6th Edition (Aspen College Series)
  ''978-0-7355-9867-6Therese A. CannonEthics & Professional Responsibility for Paralegals, 6th Edition (Aspen College Series)
  ''978-0-7355-9869-0Marlene A. Maerowitz · Thomas A. MauetFundamentals of Litigation for Paralegals, Seventh Edition with CD (Aspen College Series)
2011978-0-7355-9875-1Katherine A. Currier · Thomas E. EimermannIntroduction to Law for Paralegals: Critical Thinking Approach, 5th Edition (Aspen College Series)
  ''978-0-7355-9879-9David L. Buchbinder · Robert J. CooperBasic Bankruptcy Law for Paralegals (Abridged), 2nd Edition (Aspen College)
  ''978-0-7355-9897-3Erwin ChemerinskyConstitutional Law: Principles and Policies (Aspen Student Treatise Series)
2010978-0-7355-9898-0David J Gottlieb · Phylis Skloot BambergerPractice Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, Fifth Edition
  ''978-0-7355-9901-7CasenotesCasenotes Legal Briefs Antitrust Law: Keyed to Sullivan & Hovencamp 6e (Casenote Legal Briefs)
  ''978-0-7355-9902-4   ''Casenote Legal Briefs: Business Organizations, Keyed to Hamilton Macey & Moll 11E
2010978-0-7355-9904-8CasenotesConflicts: Currie Kay Kramer & Roosevelt 8e (Casenote Legal Briefs)
  ''978-0-7355-9905-5   ''Casenotes Legal Briefs: Constitutional Law, Keyed to Gunther & Sullivan 17e (Casenote Legal Briefs)
  ''978-0-7355-9906-2   ''Casenote Legal Briefs: Copyright Patent & Trademark Law Keyed to Goldstein & Reese Revised 6e
2010978-0-7355-9909-3CasenotesCasenote Legal Briefs: Products Liability Keyed to Owen, Montgomery & Davis
  ''978-0-7355-9911-6   ''Casenotes Legal Briefs Torts: Keyed to Prosser Wade Schwartz Kelly & Partlett 12e
2011978-0-7355-9913-0   ''Casenotes Legal Briefs: Administrative Law, Keyed to Cass, Diver, & Beermann, 6th Edition (Casenote Legal Briefs)
2010978-0-7355-9932-1Steven EmanuelEmanuel Law Outlines: Constitutional Law 2010 (Print + eBook Bonus Pack)
  ''978-0-7355-9935-2Steven L. EmanuelEvidence 2010 Studydesk Bonus Pack (Emanuel Law Outlines)
  ''978-0-7355-9937-6GlannonCivil Procedure (Examples & Explanations)
  ''978-0-7355-9939-0BurkeProperty: Examples & Explanations 3rd Ed. (print + eBook Bonus Pack)
2010978-0-7355-9940-6GlannonThe Law of Torts: Examples & Explanations 4e (print + eBook Bonus Pack)
  ''978-0-7355-9941-3Steven EmanuelLaw in a Flash: Corporations 2010 Studydesk Bonus Pack (Flash Card and Access Card Bundle)
  ''978-0-7355-9942-0   ''Law in a Flash: Criminal Law 2010 Studydesk Bonus Pack (Flash Card and Access Card Bundle)
  ''978-0-7355-9944-4   ''Law in a Flash: Professional Responsibility 2010 (Print + eBook Bonus Pack)
2011978-0-7355-9955-0Joseph BankmanExamples & Explanations: Federal Income Tax, Sixth Edition
  ''978-0-7355-9956-7Michael L. Moffitt · Andrea Kupfer SchneiderExamples & Explanations: Dispute Resolution, 2nd Edition
2011978-0-7355-9957-4Alan R. PalmiterSecurities Regulation: Examples & Explanations, 5th Edition
  ''978-0-7355-9958-1Richard G. SingerCriminal Procedure ll: From Bail to Jail (Examples & Explanations), 3rd Edition
2010978-0-7355-9959-8W. Bradley WendelExamples & Explanations: Professional Responsibility 3rd Edition
  ''978-0-7355-9968-0Dwight Golann · Jay FolbergMediation: The Roles of Advocate and Neutral, Second Edition (Aspen Casebook Series)
  ''978-0-7355-9970-3Jay Folberg · Dwight GolannLawyer Negotiation: Theory Practice & Law Second Edition (Aspen Casebook)
2011978-0-7355-9974-1Richard P. MendelsonWine in America: Law and Policy (Aspen Elective)
2012978-0-7355-9992-5Richard A. Epstein · Catherine M. SharkeyCases and Materials on Torts (Aspen Casebook)
2011978-0-7355-9994-9Richard K. NeumannLegal Writing, 2nd Edition (Aspen Coursebook Series)
  ''978-0-7355-9996-3Stefan H. Krieger · Richard K. Neumann Jr.Essential Lawyering Skills, 4th Edition (Aspen Coursebooks) (Aspen Coursebook Series)