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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-0-205-51992-7Penguin Handbook Paper& Gram& DIC& McL2.0bb Pk
  ''978-0-205-51995-8Writng & Readg Across Curr& Card& Nav& MCL Pkg
  ''978-0-205-51996-5Amer Past & Pres Prim& Multi CD& Nav& 12mo Pkg
2019978-0-205-51997-2Patricia P. LynottFamilies and Aging: A Reader
2007978-0-205-51998-9Richard J. Gerrig · Philip G. ZimbardoPsychology and Life: International Edition
2006978-0-205-51999-6Anthropol Study Hum& Little Penguin Hdbk Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52000-8Mastering World of Psyc& Little Peng Hbk Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52002-2NAAmer Dem Rep Peng Acad Ser& Littl Peng Hb Pk
2006978-0-205-52003-9Coffee & Philosophy & Little Penguin Hbk Pk
  ''978-0-205-52004-6Amer Past& Pres Mosaic1 Stu& Littl Peng Hb Pk
  ''978-0-205-52005-3Amer Past& Pres Prim V2& Little Peng Hbk Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52006-0American Nation Vol2& Little Penguin Hbk Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52007-7Amer Peo Creatg Natn V2& Little Peng Hbk Pkg
2006978-0-205-52009-1Crimnl Just & Study Card& Little Peng Hbk Pk
  ''978-0-205-52010-7Sociol Down Earth Appr& Little Peng Hbk Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52011-4Lit Intro Fict Poetry& Peng Hb& MLL Web& CD Pk
  ''978-0-205-52012-1Coffee & Philosophy & New Cent Pocket GD Pk
  ''978-0-205-52013-8American People Creatg V1& New Cent Pockt Pk
2006978-0-205-52014-5Amer Past& Pres Mosaic Vl1& New Cent Pckt Pk
  ''978-0-205-52015-2America Past & Presnt Prim& New Cent Pckt Pk
  ''978-0-205-52016-9American Nation Vol1& New Cent Pocket Gde Pk
  ''978-0-205-52017-6Criminal Justice & New Cent Pocket Gde Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52018-3Anthropology & New Cent Pockt Guide Writ Pk
2006978-0-205-52019-0Struggle for Democ & Study Card& New Cent Pk
  ''978-0-205-52021-3Government in America SOS& New Cent Pckt Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52022-0Essntials of Sociolgy & New Cent Pckt GD Pk
  ''978-0-205-52023-7Mastering the World Psych& New Cent Pckt Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52025-1Learning Disabilities & What Every Teachr Pk
2006978-0-205-52026-8Literacy for Life & Studt Card English Pkg
2007978-0-205-52028-2Jean A. Gillet · Charles A. Temple · Alan N. CrawfordUnderstanding Reading Problems: Assessment and Instruction (7th Edition)
  ''978-0-205-52031-2Richard D. Robinson · Michael C. McKennaIssues and Trends in Literacy Education (4th Edition)
  ''978-0-205-52032-9Carol Lynch-Brown · Carl M. TomlinsonEssentials of Children's Literature (6th Edition)
  ''978-0-205-52036-7X. J. Kennedy · Dana GioiaMyLiteratureLab CourseCompass -- Valuepack Access Card -- for Kennedy/Gioia
  ''978-0-205-52037-4X. J. Kennedy · Dana GioiaMyLiteratureLab Resources Blackboard/WebCT -- Valuepack Access Card -- for Kennedy/Gioia
2007978-0-205-52038-1Tom McAninchStudy Guide for Juvenile Delinquency
2006978-0-205-52039-8Bioanthropology & Student Acc Card Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52040-4Anthropology Religion Magic& Witch& Sac Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52041-1World Full of Women& Student Acc Card Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52042-8Human Adaptv Strats& Student Access Card Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52043-5Barbara D. Miller · Bernard WoodAnthropology Study Humanity& Stud Acc Crd Pk
2006978-0-205-52044-2Archaeology Science Human Past& Stud Acc Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52045-9Seeing Anthropology Cult& Studt Acc Card Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52046-6Cultural Anthropology & Studt Acc Card Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52047-3Conformity & Conflict Read& Studt Acc Crd Pk
  ''978-0-205-52048-0Little Brown Handbook& Dict& MCL 2.0 48mo Pkg
2007978-0-205-52050-3Cheryl E. Martin · Mark WassermanLatin America and Its People, Volume 2 (1800 to Present) (2nd Edition)
2007978-0-205-52052-7Cheryl E. Martin · Mark WassermanLatin America and Its People, Volume 1 (to 1830) (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-205-52053-4   ''Latin America and Its People, Combined Volume (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-205-52055-8Faculty Teaching Guide to Accompany MyCompLab, Where Writing and Research Help is Just a Click Away!
2006978-0-205-52059-6Curious Reader Expl& Curious Researcher Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52060-2Robert A. DivineThe American Story Primary Source Document Supplement Volume I for American Story, The, Volume I
  ''978-0-205-52061-9Robert A. DivineThe American Story Primary Source Document Supplement Volume II for American Story, The, Volume II
2006978-0-205-52062-6Robert A. DivineThe American Story: Primary Source Document Supplement
2010978-0-205-52064-0Vicky L. Morgan · Douglas Hatch · Gary WeilbacherTeaching the Young Adolescent
2007978-0-205-52065-7Joshua R. Duntley · Lary C Shaffer · Matthew R. MerrensResearch Stories for Introductory Psychology (3rd Edition)
2014978-0-205-52071-8Robert YoudinClinical Practice with Older Adults
2007978-0-205-52072-5Roderick Nash · Gregory GravesFrom These Beginnings, Volume 2 (8th Edition)
2008978-0-205-52073-2Instructor's Manual to Accompany Writing for the Technical Professions
2007978-0-205-52078-7Paul. L. LynchInstructor's Manual to Accompany Technical Communication Today
2008978-0-205-52079-4Larry R. Juchartz · Elizabeth A. Stolarek · Christy RishoiAmerican Dreams (Longman Topics Reader)
  ''978-0-205-52081-7Henry D. · Dorling Kindersley -Test Bank for Writing for Life:Paragraph to Essay
2009978-0-205-52085-5William J. KellySimple, Clear, and Correct: Paragraphs
2011978-0-205-52086-2William J. KellySimple, Clear, and Correct: Sentences (Kelly Brief Rhetoric Series)
2006978-0-205-52087-9Auditory Brain Stem Evoked Potent& Elemen Pk
2007978-0-205-52096-1Philip R. Popple · Leslie LeighningerSocial Work, Social Welfare and American Society (7th Edition)
2010978-0-205-52097-8Joe M. SchriverHuman Behavior and the Social Environment: Shifting Paradigms in Essential Knowledge for Social Work Practice (5th Edition)
2007978-0-205-52098-5Joseph J. Mehr · Ronald KanwischerHuman Services: Concepts and Intervention Strategies (10th Edition)
2006978-0-205-52101-2Robert E. OwensTechnical Communictn Today& Mtcl Web S/AC Pk
2007978-0-205-52102-9Rachel H. AdlerYucatecans in Dallas, Texas: Breaching the Border, Bridging the Distance
  ''978-0-205-52103-6Pearson EducationAllyn & Bacon Transparencies for Introductory Sociology, 2008 (for Instructors)
978-0-205-52104-3Essentials of Sociology: Telecourse Study Guide: A Down-to-Earth Approach
2006978-0-205-52105-0American Past & Present& Mhl BB& Webct Sak Pk
2007978-0-205-52106-7MaryEllen Vogt · Jana Echevarria99 Ideas and Activities for Teaching English Learners with the SIOP Model
  ''978-0-205-52108-1Robert L. Solso · Otto H. MacLin · M. Kimberly MacLinCognitive Psychology (8th Edition)
2008978-0-205-52109-8Deborah J. Short · MaryEllen J. Vogt · Jana J. EchevarriaThe SIOP Model for Administrators
  ''978-0-205-52110-4John VivianMedia of Mass Communication, The (9th Edition)
2006978-0-205-52113-5Essntials of Sociolgy & Penguin Dict& S/G+ Pk
2007978-0-205-52114-2Linda BrannonGender: Psychological Perspectives (5th Edition)
2006978-0-205-52115-9Mona FieldCalifornia Government and Politics Today, 2006-2007 Election Update (11th Edition)
2006978-0-205-52120-3X. J. Kennedy · Dana GioiaMyLiteratureLab Resources Blackboard/WebCT -- Standalone Access Card -- for Kennedy/Gioia (10th Edition)
  ''978-0-205-52121-0   ''MyLiteratureLab CourseCompass -- Standalone Access Card -- for Kennedy/Gioia (10th Edition)
  ''978-0-205-52122-7   ''MyLiteratureLab -- Standalone Access Card -- for Kennedy/Gioia (10th Edition)
2007978-0-205-52127-2PearsonMyCommunicationLab with Pearson eText Student Access Code Card (for valuepacks)
978-0-205-52128-9MyCommunicationLab CourseCompass with Pearson eText - Valuepack Access Card
2007978-0-205-52135-7Barbara MillerStudy Guide for Cultural Anthropology
2008978-0-205-52144-9Lizbeth A. Bryant · Heather M. ClarkEssays on Writing (A Longman Topics Reader)
  ''978-0-205-52145-6Brian K. Williams · Stacey C. Sawyer · Carl M. WahlstromMarriages, Families, and Intimate Relationships: A Practical Introduction (2nd Edition)
2007978-0-205-52148-7Gene E. Hall · Linda F. Quinn · Donna M. GollnickThe Joy of Teaching: Making a Difference in Student Learning, MyLabSchool Edition
  ''978-0-205-52150-0James A. Johnson · Diann L. Musial · Gene E. Hall · Donna M. Gollnick · Victor L. DupuisFoundations of American Education, MyLabSchool Edition (14th Edition)
2006978-0-205-52152-4Robert A. Divine · T. H. Breen · George M. Fredrickson Deceased · R. Hal Williams · Ariela J. Gross · H. W. Brands · Randy J. RobertsVoices of America Past and Present, Volume 2
2007978-0-205-52154-8Marilyn FriendSpecial Education: Contemporary Perspectives for School Professionals, MyLabSchool Edition (2nd Edition)
2007978-0-205-52156-2Dana S. DunnShort Guide to Writing about Psychology (2nd Edition)
2006978-0-205-52159-3Psychology Core Concepts Paper& Intro Psy Pk
  ''978-0-205-52161-6Intro to Criminological Theory& Stdy Card Pk
  ''978-0-205-52162-3Smith DeborahInstructor's Resource Manual with Testbank (revised)
2007978-0-205-52163-0Sherry Cormier · Harold L. HackneyCounseling Strategies and Interventions (7th Edition)
  ''978-0-205-52166-1LongmanMyLab Political Science -- Valuepack Access Card -- for International Relations
2006978-0-205-52169-2Amer Past & Pres Brief Sve& Mhl BB& Webct Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52174-6American Story Peng Vol2& Mhl BB& Webct Pkg
2006978-0-205-52175-3American Story Peng Vol2& Mhl 1sem Pkg
2007978-0-205-52177-7Robert A. DivineDivine Brief Study Guide, Vol. 1: America Past and Present, 7th Edition
  ''978-0-205-52178-4   ''Study Guide, Volume II
2006978-0-205-52184-5History of Theatre& Eval Perform Types Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52186-9NALittle Brown Compact Hdbk& McL2.0web& Dict Pk
  ''978-0-205-52187-6Public Relations Study Ed& Careers Media Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52188-3Movies & Meaning & Careers in Media Pkg
2006978-0-205-52189-0Essen of Amer Gov& Mpl Web Acc& Cal St& Prs Pk
  ''978-0-205-52190-6World Civilizations Vol1& Ahmad Almansur Pkg
2007978-0-205-52193-7Steven M. CahnSeven Masterpieces of Philosophy
  ''978-0-205-52198-2Robin RackleyEducational Psychology Instructor's Resource Manual (revised) for Woolfork Tenth edition
  ''978-0-205-52199-9Christine A. Hult · Thomas N. HuckinThe Brief New Century Handbook with Exercises (4th Edition)
2006978-0-205-52201-9Morris P. Fiorina · Paul E. Peterson · Bertram Johnson · William G MayerNew American Democracy the Alternate
  ''978-0-205-52205-7Writing with Confidence & New Amer Dict Pkg
2006978-0-205-52206-4Academic Reading & Myreadinglab BB& Webct Pk
  ''978-0-205-52207-1Multivariate Statist & from Numb to Wrd Pk
  ''978-0-205-52208-8Public Speaking Handbook& Speech Prep Wbk Pk
2007978-0-205-52215-6June Axinn · Mark J. SternSocial Welfare: A History of the American Response to Need (7th Edition)
  ''978-0-205-52216-3Dennis R. Judd · Todd R. SwanstromCity Politics: The Political Economy of Urban America (6th Edition)
2006978-0-205-52217-0Literature Intro Fict Poet& Habdk& MML Web Pk
2008978-0-205-52218-7Richard T. ScarpaciResource Methods for Managing K-12 Instruction: A Case Study Approach
2007978-0-205-52219-4Mark RyanAsk The Teacher: A Practitioner's Guide to Teaching and Learning in the Diverse Classroom (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-205-52220-0Thomas G. GunningDeveloping Higher-Level Literacy in All Students: Building Reading, Reasoning, and Responding
2006978-0-205-52221-7Issues in Special Educatn& Mls3.0cc& Spec Pkg
2006978-0-205-52227-9Effective Reader Updated Ed& Devlp Vocab Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52241-5Lang Arts Balanced Appr Tchg& Stdy Card Pkg
2008978-0-205-52243-9PearsonMyPoliSciLab -- Valuepack Access Card -- for American Government
2006978-0-205-52244-6Curious Wri Unbound Brf& McL2.0 48mo Accss Pk
  ''978-0-205-52245-3Govt in America Peo Brf& 10things& Mpl CC Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52246-0World Hist Brief& Mhl1sem& LM& Study Card Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52247-7Educational Architecture & Research Nav Pkg
2006978-0-205-52248-4Crisis American Institutn& Soltn Soc Prob Pk
  ''978-0-205-52249-1India 1885-1947 & India Under Col Rule Pkg
2008978-0-205-52259-0Joseph A. DeVitoHuman Communication: The Basic Course (11th Edition)
2007978-0-205-52262-0Charles S. Carver · Michael F. ScheierPerspectives on Personality (6th Edition)
2006978-0-205-52267-5European Politics Today& Emerg& Nav& Atlas Pkg
2007978-0-205-52268-2Laura E. BerkExploring Lifespan Development
2006978-0-205-52275-0Bridging Gap& Study Card& Ttt Rdg2& Mrl Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52277-4Introduction to Poetry & Mylitlab CC Pkg
2008978-0-205-52283-5Instructor's Resource Manual for Vivian: The Media of Mass Communication, Eighth Edition, 2008 Update
  ''978-0-205-52284-2The Media of Mass Communication (Eighth Edition, 2008 Update) Test Bank for Vivian
2014978-0-205-52285-9Sunal Dennis W.Principles and Procedures for Teaching
2014978-0-205-52286-6Sunal Dennis W.Principles and Procedures for Science I
2006978-0-205-52287-3American Government Reading& Cases& Mpl CC Pk
  ''978-0-205-52291-0Social Psychology Unravel& Mpl CC Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52292-7Occupied America Hist Chicanos& Rsrch Nav Pk
  ''978-0-205-52293-4Amer Past & Present Vl2& Book T Washinton Pk
2014978-0-205-52299-6Sunal Dennis W.Principles and Procedures for Teaching
2006978-0-205-52300-9America Past & Present Brf V2& Prim Srce Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52301-6America Past & Present V2& Prim Srce Pkg
2006978-0-205-52302-3Speaking with a Purpose& Myspeechkit Sac Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52303-0Natural Speaker & Myspeechkit Sac Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52304-7American Story Sve & Prim Source Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52305-4World His Brief Sve& Mhl CC Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52306-1Exceptnl Learner Intro Se& Assmt& Mls3.0cc Pk
2006978-0-205-52307-8Essntls of Soc Down to Earth& Themes& Nav Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52308-5Comprehensive Classrm Mangement& Spec Ed Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52309-2All Child Read& Phonics They Use& MLS& A& B Pkg
2007978-0-205-52312-2Spencer A. Rathus · Jeffrey S. Nevid · Lois Fichner-RathusHuman Sexuality in a World of Diversity (paperbound) (7th Edition)
2006978-0-205-52314-6Reading Across Discipline& LM Txt& Rdr& Mrl Pk
  ''978-0-205-52316-0Instruction Models Approach& Mylabschool Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52318-4Intro to Criminological Theory& Brf Rdr Pkg
2006978-0-205-52331-3Research Methods Socl Wrkr& Wesska Rsrch Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52332-0Statistcl Methods Educ& Psyc& SPSS Win SBS Pk
2007978-0-205-52334-4Kelly J. WelchFamily Life Now: A Conversation About Marriages, Families, and Relationships (with Student Workbook)
2006978-0-205-52335-1Family Life Today& Child Developmt CDROM Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52336-8NAEssentials of Abnormal Psych& Mpl Web Sac Pk
2008978-0-205-52341-2Marjorie Y. Lipson · Karen K. WixsonAssessment & Instruction of Reading and Writing Difficulties: An Interactive Approach (4th Edition)
978-0-205-52342-9Mentoring Future Teachers
2006978-0-205-52343-6Reading Across Discipln& Wesska Studt SS Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52345-0Skilled Reader Updated& Wesska Std Study Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52346-7Effective Reader Updatd Stdy Card& Wesska Pk
2006978-0-205-52347-4Master Reader Updated& Wesska Studt Stdy Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52348-1Sentenc Resourc Writr& Rdg& Wesska Stud SS Pk
  ''978-0-205-52349-8Sentence Resource Writer& Wesska Std Stdy Pk
  ''978-0-205-52350-4Resources Writers with Readgs& Wesska SSS Pk
  ''978-0-205-52351-1College Writing Resource& Wesska Std Stdy Pk
2006978-0-205-52354-2Pathways Writng Scenario& Wesska Std Stdy Pk
  ''978-0-205-52355-9Strategies for College Writing& Mwl Web Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52358-0Valid Pract for Teach& Wesska Rsrch& Citg Src
  ''978-0-205-52360-3Marriage Family& Intimate& Prs $20 Rbt Card
  ''978-0-205-52362-7Family& Family in Transition& VW Sg& CD Marr&
2008978-0-205-52364-1Ellen S. AmateaBuilding Culturally Responsive Family-School Relationships
2007978-0-205-52365-8Jean Folkerts · Stephen Lacy · Ann LarabeeThe Media in Your Life: An Introduction to Mass Communication (4th Edition)
2007978-0-205-52366-5Thomas G. GunningCreating Literacy Instruction for All Students (6th Edition)
2006978-0-205-52367-2Society in Focus& Study Crd& Humn Exper Rdr
  ''978-0-205-52368-9Media of Mass Comm& Careers& Prs$20 Rbt& MMCL
  ''978-0-205-52369-6Sociology& Telecourse Studt GD& Msl Website
  ''978-0-205-52371-9Michael F. Graves · Connie Juel · Bonnie B. GravesTeaching Reading in the 21st Century (with Assessments and Lesson Plans Booklet) (4th Edition)
  ''978-0-205-52373-3Ess Childrn Lit& MLS& Elem Childrens Lit Pkg
2006978-0-205-52375-7Educ Psych& Blackbrd Acc Card Bundle Vers
  ''978-0-205-52376-4Pub Speakg Alc& Speech Prep WB& Msl CC Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52378-8Elem Statis Soc Rsrch& SPSS for Win Sbs13.0
  ''978-0-205-52383-2Social Work Macro& Social Welfr& Mhl Website
  ''978-0-205-52384-9Interperl Comm Book& Video Wkshp& Mhl Website
978-0-205-52386-3SPSS 14.0
2006978-0-205-52387-0Content Area Readg& Wrt Insight GD& Eng Tch&
2006978-0-205-52391-7Society Penguin Ed& Spirit of Soc Rdr Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52392-4Incl Studt with Spec Needs& MLS 3.0 CC Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52393-1Foundations of Educ& Mls3.0crse Compass Pkg
  ''978-0-205-52394-8Intro to Group Work Pract& Socl Wrk Mac Prac