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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-0-205-50284-4Stephen Michael Kosslyn · Clinical Psychologist Robin S RosenbergPsychology in Context
  ''978-0-205-50285-1Psych Sci of Behv& Mpl Web S/Acc Card Pk
  ''978-0-205-50287-5Forrest W. Parkay · Beverly Hardcastle StanfordBecoming a Teacher (with MyLabSchool) (7th Edition)
2005978-0-205-50290-5Socl Deviance & Rich Get Richer Poor Get Pk
2006978-0-205-50296-7Steven A. Beebe · Susan J. BeebePublic Speaking Handbook (2nd Edition)
2005978-0-205-50298-1Public Relatns Values& News Res Mass Comm Pk
2007978-0-205-50302-5Janice L. Nath · John M. RamseyPreparing to Teach Texas Content Areas: The TExES EC-4 Generalist and the ESL Supplement
2006978-0-205-50303-2Laura E. BerkGrade Aid for Berk Development Through the Lifespan;Fourth Edition
2005978-0-205-50307-0Classrm Assessmt What Tchrs& MLS 3.0 CC Pkg
2007978-0-205-50308-7Timothy V. Rasinski · Nancy D. PadakFrom Phonics to Fluency: Effective Teaching of Decoding and Reading Fluency in the Elementary School (2nd Edition)
2005978-0-205-50309-4Anthro Study Humanty& Glob Prob& Talkg Pts Pk
2007978-0-205-50312-4James M. HenslinSociology: A Down-To-Earth Approach with Other
2006978-0-205-50313-1James M. HenslinSociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach, Books a la Carte Plus MySocLab (8th Edition)
  ''978-0-205-50316-2Carroll C. ArnoldTruth, Lies, and Virtual Worlds
2005978-0-205-50322-3Abnormal Psychology SOS Edit& Tutor Ctr Pkg
2007978-0-205-50323-0Meg W. Karraker · Susan J. FergusonGlobal Families: Volume II in the "Families in the 21st Century" Series (v. 2)
  ''978-0-205-50326-1Cynthia Crosson-TowerUnderstanding Child Abuse and Neglect (7th Edition)
2005978-0-205-50327-8Lit Devel Early Yrs& Phonics They& MLS Pkg
2008978-0-205-50328-5Nina W. BrownBecoming a Group Leader
2005978-0-205-50329-2Educational Psych& Mylabsch& Ed Psy Casebk Pk
2005978-0-205-50332-2Policy Based Profession& Affectg Change Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50333-9Elem STATS Crim Just Res& Stu WB& Spss13.0pkg
  ''978-0-205-50337-7Lifespan Devel& Little Brwn Cmpct Hb& MCL Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50339-1Abnormal Psychology SOS & Research Nav Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50340-7Socl Welfare Pol& Pub& Mhl& Cont ISS& Themes Pk
2005978-0-205-50341-4Essen of Socio Down& Study Card& BB A/Crd Pkg
2006978-0-205-50344-5Abnormal Psychology SOS Edit& Grade Aid Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50345-2M. D. Gall · Joyce P. Gall · Walter R. BorgEducational Research: An Introduction: International Edition
2008978-0-205-50346-9Reginald O. YorkEvaluating Human Services: A Practical Approach for the Human Service Professional
2006978-0-205-50347-6Diana MDinitoSocial Welfare- Politics & Public Policy with Research Navigator 6th EDITION
  ''978-0-205-50348-3Psych& Life& Study Crd& Grade Aid& Mpl Web Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50349-0Infants& Child Prenat& Grd Aid WB& VID Ws Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50350-6Anita WoolfolkEducational Psychology
2006978-0-205-50353-7Interpersonal Comm& Hum Relat& CC Stu A/C Pkg
2007978-0-205-50354-4Nancy J. Hadley · Marilyn J. EisenwineInteractive Study Guide for the TExES Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities Tests
2006978-0-205-50355-1Teachg& Learng Elem Social Studies & MLS Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50356-8Comprehen Multicult Educ& Vws Mult Ed S/G Pk
  ''978-0-205-50357-5Essn Sociology Down Earth& Study Card& Rdr Pk
  ''978-0-205-50358-2Teachg Stu Who Are Excpt DIV& at Risk& Vws Pk
  ''978-0-205-50362-9Sociology Down to Earth Appr& Vidwrkshp Pkg
978-0-205-50363-6Instructor's Manual for Beebe and Beebe Public Speaking Handbook 2nd Edtion 2007
2006978-0-205-50369-8Psych Testing: Hist Prin& Exer Psyc Tstg Pkg
2007978-0-205-50370-4Steven G. BrandlCriminal Investigation (2nd Edition)
2007978-0-205-50371-1Earl Rubington · Martin WeinbergDeviance: The Interactionist Perspective
  ''978-0-205-50372-8Alex Thio · Thomas C. Calhoun · Addrain ConyersReadings in Deviant Behavior (5th Edition)
2006978-0-205-50374-2Bruce L. BergQualitative Research Methods for the Social Sciences: International Edition
2005978-0-205-50375-9Foundations Education& Mylabschool 3.0 CC Pkg
2007978-0-205-50376-6Brym BrymSociology as a Life or Death Issue
2009978-0-205-50377-3Karen Honeycutt25 Ideas About Society (MySearchLab Series)
2006978-0-205-50389-6Teachg Readg 21st Century& VW Rdg Mthd Sg Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50390-2Reading & Learn Read& VW Rdg Mthd Sg/CD Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50399-5Educational Psychology& Video Workshop Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50400-8Methds Effctv Teachng& VID Wkshp Gen Mthd Pkg
2007978-0-205-50405-3David ZarefskyPublic Speaking: Strategies for Success (5th Edition)
2005978-0-205-50406-0Childrns Books Childrns& Devils& Roll& 7& MLL
2005978-0-205-50407-7Publc Speakg: Audnce& Acc Code News Rsrch Pk
  ''978-0-205-50408-4Prin Public Speakg& Acc Code News Resrch Pk
  ''978-0-205-50409-1Converging Media: Intro& News Resourecs Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50413-8Prin of Classrm Managemt& Mylabsch3.0 CC Pkg
2006978-0-205-50414-5Diane H. NettlesToolkit for Teachers of Literacy
2005978-0-205-50415-2Affectg Change: Soc Wrkrs& Themes& Res Nav Pk
2011978-0-205-50416-9Dominic G Caristi · William R Davie · Michael CavanaughCommunication Law
2005978-0-205-50417-6Educ Psych Actv Learng& Mylabsch& Chld Dev CD
  ''978-0-205-50418-3Psy of Learng for Instr& Tchg& Lrng& Mylabsch
2005978-0-205-50421-3Excptnl Learnrs: Intro& Casebk& S/G& Mls3.0 CC
  ''978-0-205-50424-4Curric& Instr for Becomg Tchr& Mls3.0 CC Pk
  ''978-0-205-50428-2Elem STATS Socl Resrch& Wkbk& Spss13.0 Win Pk
  ''978-0-205-50431-2Assessmt Excptnl Studnts& Wetska: No Chld Pk
  ''978-0-205-50432-9Humn Sexuality World& Grade Aid& Vidwkshop Pk
2005978-0-205-50436-7Litrcy Dev Early& Actv Bk& Phonics& Mls3.0 CC
  ''978-0-205-50438-1Psy: Core Concp Pa& Grade Aid Wkbk& BB A/Card
  ''978-0-205-50439-8Essn Child Care& Mylabsch& Fndmtls Early Educ
2006978-0-205-50440-4James M. HenslinEssentials of Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach, 7th Edition (MySocLab Series)
  ''978-0-205-50441-1Becoming a Teacher & Mylabsch CC W/Ebk Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50442-8Educatnl Psy & Mylabsch& Blkbd A/Card Bunpk
2006978-0-205-50446-6Spec Educ: Contemp Idea04 Upd& Vidwrkshop Pk
  ''978-0-205-50447-3Intro to Special Educ & Videoworkshop Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50448-0Elem& Mid Sch Math& Field/G& Blocks& Mls3.0 CC
  ''978-0-205-50457-2Essn Socio: Down& Study Card& Mysoclab A/C Pk
  ''978-0-205-50459-6Voice& Voice Therapy& Diagnos& Eval Spch& What
2006978-0-205-50461-9In Conflict & Order: Und Socty& Vidwkshop Pkg
2009978-0-205-50463-3PearsonAll about Child Care&early& Trainees Mnl Pk
2006978-0-205-50464-0Content Area Readg& Litrcy & Vidwrkshop Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50465-7Devlpg Reader& Writer Content& Vidwrkshop Pk
  ''978-0-205-50466-4Robert J. GregoryPsychological Testing: History, Principles, and Applications: International Edition
  ''978-0-205-50467-1Larry B. ChristensenExperimental Methodology: International Edition
2005978-0-205-50469-5Learng Through Field: Devlp& Mhl Web Versn Pk
  ''978-0-205-50470-1Actor in You & Eval Perform Types Drama Pkg
2005978-0-205-50471-8Many Faces of Social Wrk Clients& Mhl CC Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50473-2Psych& Life SOS Edtn& Quizdom 20reb& Mpl CC Pk
  ''978-0-205-50474-9Essntl Elem of Publc Spkg& Acc Code News Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50478-7World of Theatre& Drama& I/A Theatre DVD& Pkg
2007978-0-205-50479-4Laura E. BerkDevelopment Through the Lifespan 4th Editon (Instructor's Classroom Kit Volume 2)
  ''978-0-205-50483-1Brenda L. DuBois · Karla Krogsrud MileySocial Work: An Empowering Profession (6th Edition)
2005978-0-205-50487-9Intro Group Work Practcs& Student Workbk Pkg
2005978-0-205-50488-6Teach Stu With& Idea04up& What Clss& Ed& MLS Pk
2007978-0-205-50489-3Fay H. Shin · Stephen D. KrashenSummer Reading: Program and Evidence
978-0-205-50493-0Assesment Package for Woolfolk Educational Psychology, 10th Edition
2005978-0-205-50494-7Socl Psych: Unravelg Mystry& S/Crd& Gr Aid Pk
  ''978-0-205-50496-1Sociology: Brief Intro& S/Card& Res Nav& Tc Pk
2006978-0-205-50498-5James A. FaginCriminal Justice, Books a la Carte Plus MyCrimeLab CourseCompass (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-205-50499-2James A. FaginCriminal Justice, Books a la Carte Plus MyCrimeLab (2nd Edition)
2005978-0-205-50503-6Multicultrl Counselg Schools& MLS 3.0 CC Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50504-3Sociology: Down Earth App& Life Society Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50505-0Teachg Exceptnl Diverse& VID Wrkshp& What Pkg
2007978-0-205-50508-1Allyn & BaconMylabschool: Online Access Card
2005978-0-205-50514-2Learng& Teachg K-8 Math MLS& VID Wkshp Sg Pkg
2006978-0-205-50515-9Sociology: Down to Earth Apprch& Life Soc Pk
2005978-0-205-50517-3Elem& Middle Sch& Tchg Sci& Field Exp& Manip Pk
2005978-0-205-50518-0Abnormal Psych SOS Edtn& Mpl Web Acc Card Pk
2006978-0-205-50519-7Und Close Relatnshps& Grief& Coll& Thnk Abt Pk
978-0-205-50520-3Auditory Disorders
2006978-0-205-50523-4Elem& Middle Sch Math& Manipulatv Blocks Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50528-9Family& Videowrk: Study GD& CD Marriage& Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50529-6Family in Transitn& Vidwrk: Sg& CD Marriage& Pk
  ''978-0-205-50530-2Readgs on Drugs& Society& Res Nav GD Psych Pk
2007978-0-205-50531-9Marilyn FriendSpecial Education: Contemporary Perspectives for School Professionals (2nd Edition)
2006978-0-205-50532-6Socl Studies Elem& Mid Gr Msl& Because We Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50533-3Psych& Life& Study Crd& A& B Mind2.0cd& GD& CC Pk
2006978-0-205-50538-8Teachg Readg Comprehensn Process& MLS VP Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50539-5Diagnosis & Correction Readg Ins& MLS VP Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50540-1John VivianMedia of Mass Communication, The, Books a la Carte Plus MyMassCommLab CourseCompass (8th Edition)
  ''978-0-205-50542-5Publc Speakg Handbk& S/Card& Myspeechlab Pkg
2007978-0-205-50543-2What Every Student Should Know About Reading Charts, Maps, and Graphs
2006978-0-205-50544-9Mastering Public Speakg& S/Card& Mspchlab Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50545-6Martin R. CoxWhat Every Student Should Know About Preparing Effective Oral Presentations
2006978-0-205-50546-3Basics of Biopsychology& VID Wkshp S/CD Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50547-0Grice George · Skinner JohnInstructor's Classroom Kit CD-ROM
  ''978-0-205-50548-7Health Psychology & Build Yr Own CC Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50549-4Basics of Socl Resrch: Quan& Exprncg Socl Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50551-7Masterg the World of Psych& Majoring Psy Pkg
2006978-0-205-50556-2Joseph A. DeVito · Kristal Lewis MenchacaStudy Guide
  ''978-0-205-50557-9In Conflict& Order: Und& Solutn Soc Prob Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50558-6Solutns to Socl Prob: Lessns& Sols Top Dwn Pk
  ''978-0-205-50559-3Socio: Down to Earth App Core& Msl Card Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50560-9Becoming a Teachr& Studnt W/MLS& VID Wkshp Pk
2006978-0-205-50561-6You Never Asked Me to Read& MLS VP Versn Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50562-3Soc Welfare Pol& Soc W/Mhl& Hlpg Pro Jrnl Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50563-0Becomg Teacher& Stu Ed Kit& How To& Wetska Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50564-7Effective Reader Updated& ANS Key& Mrl Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50565-4Efficient& Flex Readg& LM Txtbk W/O& Mrl Pkg
2006978-0-205-50567-8Amer Past& Present V1& Narr Life Douglass Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50568-5Myrna MandlawitzWhat Every Teacher Should Know About IDEA 2004 Laws & Regulations
2008978-0-205-50571-5Instructor's Manual and Test Bank for Albanese Criminal Justice Fourt Editionh
2006978-0-205-50572-2Much ADO about Nothing
2006978-0-205-50574-6Mastrg World Psy Bks Alc+mpl CC& Reb Card Pk
  ''978-0-205-50575-3Lit: Intro Fict Poet Drama& Port& CD& Gloss Pk
  ''978-0-205-50576-0Essen Readg Skills& Dev Vocab& Mrl Acc Crd Pk
  ''978-0-205-50577-7Scramble for Africa& Conrad& Kipling Emp Pkg
2006978-0-205-50578-4Teachg Stu Who Are Exceptl DIV& I/A& MLS Pkg
2008978-0-205-50581-4Lester B. FaigleyPenguin Handbook (Clothbound), The (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-205-50582-1Lester FaigleyBrief Penguin Handbook, The (3rd Edition) (Faigley Series)
1963978-0-205-50589-0James D. MonroeCrisis Intervention: The Basics of Rapid Mental Health Assessment and Crisis Intervention
2007978-0-205-50599-9Assessment Planng for CLD Stu& What Every Pk
  ''978-0-205-50600-2Effective Groups & Wesska Oral Speech Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50601-9Civil in West Vol 1 to 1715& Srces& Mhl CC Pk
  ''978-0-205-50602-6Kathleen M. German · Bruce E. Gronbeck · Douglas Ehninger · Alan H. MonroePrinciples of Public Speaking, Books a la Carte Plus MySpeechLab Value Package (includes What Every Student Should Know About Researching Online)
2007978-0-205-50603-3Technical Editing & Longman Edit Exer Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50604-0Technical Editing & Wesska Plagiarism Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50607-1Robert A. Divine · T. H. Breen · George M. FredricksonThe American Story, Volume I: To 1877 [With Access Code]
  ''978-0-205-50610-1Mastering Social Psychology& BB Acc Card Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50611-8Human Aging & Death Society & Hum Exper Pkg
2007978-0-205-50612-5World History Brief V2& Doc V2& Map WB V2 Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50614-9Cross Cultrl Psychology & Explorations Pkg
2009978-0-205-50634-7PearsonClin Socl Work Prac&ess Abnorm&csebk&mhl Pk
  ''978-0-205-50636-1   ''Intro to Behaviorl Res Meth & Res Nav Pkg
2007978-0-205-50651-4Anthony M. Graziano · Michael L. RaulinResearch Methods: A Process of Inquiry Value Pack (includes SPSS for Windows Step-by-Step: A Simple Guide and Reference, 15.0 Update & SPSS 15.0 CD)
2009978-0-205-50668-2M. Neil Browne · Stuart M. KeeleyAsking the Right Questions: A Guide to Critical Thinking, 9th Edition
  ''978-0-205-50669-9BondsListen to This (Examination Copy)
2008978-0-205-50680-4Bruce BallengerMyCompLab NEW with Pearson eText Student Access Code Card for The Curious Writer (standalone) (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-205-50684-2H. Ramsey Fowler · Jane E. AaronMyCompLab NEW with Pearson eText Student Access Code Card for The Little, Brown Handbook (standalone) (10th Edition) (MyCompLab (Access Codes))
2008978-0-205-50689-7Anthony Esler Professor EmeritusHuman Venture: A Global History, Combined Volume (From Prehistory to the Present) Value Package (includes Prentice Hall Atlas of World History) (5th Edition)
2010978-0-205-50696-5Michael OsbornPublic Speaking (Books a la Carte Plus!)
2008978-0-205-50698-9James M. HenslinSociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach Value Pack (includes MySocLab with E-Book Student Access& Study Guide Plus for Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach)
  ''978-0-205-50699-6Steven A. Beebe · Susan J. BeebePublic Speaking: An Audience-Centered Approach Value Pack (includes Contemporary Classic Speeches DVD & MySpeechLab with E-Book Student Access)
  ''978-0-205-50703-0James M. HenslinSociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach, Core Concepts Value Package (includes Sociological Classics: A Prentice Hall Pocket Reader)
  ''978-0-205-50705-4Karen J. O'Connor · Larry J. SabatoAmerican Government: Continuity and Change, 2008 Edition Value Pack (includes MyPoliSciLab Student Access for American Government & Georgia State Politics (Longman State Politics Series))
  ''978-0-205-50706-1BerkChild Development (8th Edition)
2008978-0-205-50707-8Roderick Nash · Gregory GravesFrom These Beginnings, Volume 1 Value Pack (includes MyHistoryLab with E-Book Student Access Code for Amer Hist - LONGMAN (1-sem for Vol. I & II) & ... Present, Brief Edition, Volume I, Unbound)
  ''978-0-205-50708-5Ronald W. Rivas, Robert F. ToselandIntroduction to Group Work Practice, An: International Edition
2009978-0-205-50711-5PearsonSocial Problems & State of Us Atlas Pk
2008978-0-205-50713-9Barbara ClouseProgressions, with Readings (with MyWritingLab) Value Pack (includes Pearson Student Planner & Thinking Through the Test: A Study Guide for the Florida College Basic Skills Exit Tests: Writing)
  ''978-0-205-50714-6Kathleen T. McWhorterGuide to College Reading (with MyReadingLab) Value Pack (includes MyCompLab NEW with E-Book Student Access& Little, Brown Compact Handbook with Exercises)
2009978-0-205-50716-0PearsonScott Foresman Compact & Mycomplab Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50719-1   ''Sociology Brief Intro&mysockit&study GD Pkg
2006978-0-205-50722-1Lorene WalesComplete Guide to Making a Movie
2009978-0-205-50724-5Michael E. MartinezLearning and Cognition: The Design of the Mind
2006978-0-205-50725-2Sociology& Blackbrd Acc Card Bundle Vers.
  ''978-0-205-50726-9Abnormal Psych SOS Edit& Telecrs S/G Abn Pkg
2006978-0-205-50728-3Dennis L. Wilcox · Vincent BenigniPractice Test Solutions Manual with Tutor Center Access Card: Valuepack Item: Strategies and Tactics
  ''978-0-205-50729-0Essn Soc& Study Crd& Msl CC Version Pkg
  ''978-0-205-50730-6Communicatg in Small Groups& Bld Your Own CC
  ''978-0-205-50731-3World of Psych& Study Crd& Gr Aid WB& Mpl Web
  ''978-0-205-50732-0Comm& Study Card& Speech Writg Cd2.& BB A/Crd
2006978-0-205-50734-4Psycho SOS Edition& Grade Aid& Mpl CC Pkg
978-0-205-50743-6Activities for the K-8 Experiential Social Studies Classroom
2006978-0-205-50744-3Society in Focus& Vidwrkshp Intro Soc W/CD
  ''978-0-205-50745-0Sociol Core Concepts& Vidwrkkshp Intro W/CD
  ''978-0-205-50746-7Sociol Brief Intro& Vidwkshp Intro Soc W/CD