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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-0-205-41061-3Mary Konya Weishaar · Victoria G. ScottCase Studies in Assessment of Students with Disabilities
2009978-0-205-41062-0Flint L Simonsen · Marion E. Tso · Nancy Marchand-Martella · Ronald W. MartellaIEP's That Work
2005978-0-205-41063-7Jeffrey A. KottlerNuts and Bolts of Helping
  ''978-0-205-41064-4Nancy Halmhuber · Kathleen BeauvaisCase Studies About Exceptional Children and Adolescents
2004978-0-205-41065-1Harold L. Hackney · Sherry CormierThe Professional Counselor: A Process Guide to Helping (5th Edition)
2007978-0-205-41066-8Jo Webber · Cynthia A. PlottsEmotional and Behavioral Disorders: Theory and Practice (5th Edition)
2004978-0-205-41067-5David Capuzzi · Douglas R. GrossIntroduction to the Counseling Profession (4th Edition)
2003978-0-205-41068-2NALifespn Dev Study Ed& Chld CD& Sg& Prac Tst Pk
  ''978-0-205-41069-9NAEssntls Psych with Ia Pin& S/G Plus Essn Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41072-9   ''Intro to Educatnl Resrch& What Every Tchr Pk
  ''978-0-205-41073-6Essntl of Soc: Down Erth& Exp Soc& Prem CD Pk
2003978-0-205-41074-3NAEduc Psych& Praxis GD Educ& Videowrkshp Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41075-0   ''Essn of Socio: Down Erth& Prem Res CD& Nav Pk
  ''978-0-205-41076-7   ''Resrch Meth Socl Wrkrs& STATS& Resrch Nav Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41077-4   ''Doing Survey Research& Res Nav GD Psych Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41079-8Psycholgy: Core Concpts& Gr Aid& My Psylab Pk
2003978-0-205-41080-4Prin& Types Publc Spkg& Spch Prep WB& Video Pk
  ''978-0-205-41082-8NAFeature Writing & Elements of Style Pkg
2003978-0-205-41088-0NATechnlgy for Inclusn: Meetg& What Every Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41091-0   ''Educ Psych: Theory& Grade Aid& Vidwrkshop Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41092-7   ''Intro Spec Educ & Study GD & Vidwrkshop Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41094-1   ''Edu Psy& What Evry: Edu Assessmt& Multicul Pk
  ''978-0-205-41095-8   ''How Devlp Prof Portfol& What Every Tchr Pkg
2003978-0-205-41096-5NASeeing Anthroplgy: Cultrl& Nuer Jrnys& VID Pk
2003978-0-205-41097-2NAClassrm Managmt SEC Tchrs& Listng to Stu Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41098-9   ''Child Developmt& Study GD& Observ VID& GD Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41104-7   ''Educatnl Psy& Teachg Stndrds& CC Card& VW Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41105-4   ''Classrm Managmt Elem & What Every Tchr Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41106-1   ''Fund Clincl Suprvisn& Clin Supvsn Worktxt Pk
2003978-0-205-41107-8Marcia J. McKinleyPsych: Brain Person& Grade Aid& Mypsychlab Pk
  ''978-0-205-41108-5NAPsych: Brain Person& Webct Card& Mypsylab Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41111-5Teachg Childrn Sci& Whizbangrs Samplr Sci Pk
  ''978-0-205-41112-2NATeachg Childrn Sci& Math Contnt Elem& Mid Pkg
2003978-0-205-41113-9NATeachg Childrn Sci& Whizbangrs Samplr Sci Pk
  ''978-0-205-41114-6   ''Teachg Childrn Sci& Whizbangrs Samplr Sci Pk
  ''978-0-205-41115-3   ''Teachg Childrn Sci& Math Contnt Elem& Mid Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41116-0   ''Teachg Childrn Sci& Math Contnt Elem& Mid Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41117-7   ''Teachg Childrn Sci& Whizbangrs& Math Cntnt Pk
2003978-0-205-41118-4NATeachg Childrn Sci& Whizbangrs& Math Cntnt Pk
2003978-0-205-41119-1NATeachg Childrn Sci& Whizbangrs& Math Cntnt Pk
  ''978-0-205-41120-7   ''Teachg Childrn Sci& Acc Card C& I Suprsite Pk
  ''978-0-205-41125-2   ''Models of Teachg & Resrch Nav Spec Educ Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41127-6   ''Teachg Strats Ethnic& Applyg Multicul& VW Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41128-3   ''Criminology & Build Your Own Crscompass Pkg
2003978-0-205-41131-3NAGeneral Methds Socl Work Pract& Res Nav Pkg
2003978-0-205-41140-5NAIntro to Social Problems & Sept 11 2001 Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41142-9   ''Childrens Lit: Invit& CD& Phonics& 7 Blind Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41143-6   ''Child Dev& Pract Tsts& Res Nav& Prem Resrc CD
  ''978-0-205-41145-0   ''Student Assessmt That Works& What Every Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41146-7   ''Mastrg Publ Speakg& CDROM& Outlining Wrkbk Pk
2003978-0-205-41150-4NAAssessmt& Instr Readg& Writg& What Every Pk
2003978-0-205-41151-1NACriminal Justice with I/A Pin & Blkbd Bunpk
  ''978-0-205-41153-5   ''Resrch Stories for Life Dev& Chld Dev CDROM
  ''978-0-205-41154-2   ''Intro Spec Educ& Lrng Disabil& Life& Vidwkshop
  ''978-0-205-41155-9   ''Psychlgy: Core Concpts& Upd Telecrse S/G Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41160-3   ''Fundmtls Crimnl Justice& Calif Crim Just Pkg
2003978-0-205-41161-0NADevlpmt Thru Lifespan& Webct Card& Res Nav Pk
2003978-0-205-41163-4NAComprehnsv Classrm Managmt& Celebrate Day Pk
  ''978-0-205-41164-1   ''Coursecompass Acc Card& Vidwkshop: Fndtns Edu
2004978-0-205-41165-8   ''Socio: Down Earth& S/G& Prem Resrc/G& Prac Tst
2003978-0-205-41166-5   ''Assistv Tech for Peo W/Disabil& Rsrch Nav Pk
  ''978-0-205-41170-2   ''Essntls Socio: Down Earth& Webct Card Bunpk
2003978-0-205-41173-3NATeach& Learn Elem Soc Stdies& Buildg Bridges
  ''978-0-205-41178-8   ''Assessmt Childrn& Youth Spec Needs& Vidwkshp
2005978-0-205-41179-5Duane Brown · Walter B. Pryzwansky · Ann C. SchultePsychological Consultation and Collaboration: Introduction to Theory and Practice (6th Edition)
2003978-0-205-41182-5NAEducational Computng & What Every Tchr Pkg
2004978-0-205-41186-3Harry W. Gardiner · Corinne KosmitzkiLives Across Cultures: Cross-Cultural Human Development, Third Edition
2003978-0-205-41189-4NAIntro to Native North Amer & Res Nav GD Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41196-2   ''Intro to Counselg: Art& Sci& Microsk& Theo Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41198-6Samuel E. Wood · Ellen Green WoodMyPsychLab -- Standalone Access Card
2004978-0-205-41199-3David FordeWorkbook for Elementary Statistics in Social Research: The Essentials
  ''978-0-205-41201-3Susan A. WheelanGroup Processes: A Developmental Perspective (2nd Edition)
2004978-0-205-41204-4Instructor's Manual with Test Items for Teaching Children Science
  ''978-0-205-41205-1Nathan L. EssexSchool Law and the Public Schools: A Practical Guide for Educational Leaders (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-205-41206-8Donald R. Gallagher · Don Bagin · Edward H. MooreSchool and Community Relations, The (8th Edition)
  ''978-0-205-41208-2Theodore J. KowalskiCase Studies on Educational Administration (4th Edition)
2005978-0-205-41209-9Catherine Marshall · Maricela OlivaLeadership for Social Justice: Making Revolutions in Education
2003978-0-205-41212-9NAIncl Stu W/Spec Needs& What& VW& Case Std Pkg
2007978-0-205-41214-3William B. Martin · Julie Kulstad · Ramona NAssessment in Counseling and Helping Professions
2003978-0-205-41216-7NASee Anthroplgy& Nuer Jrny Nuer Lives& CD Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41221-1   ''Communictng Today Ess& VID Wkshp Pub Spk Pkg
2003978-0-205-41222-8NAMastering Public Speaking& Sg W/Ppt Slide Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41226-6   ''Cultural Diversity& Educ& Acc Card& I Super Pkg
2004978-0-205-41228-0Laura E. BerkCHILD DEVELOPMENT&STDNT LRNG W/CD VW PKG
2003978-0-205-41229-7Pearson EducationAllyn & Bacon Blackboard for Public Speaking, Version 2.0 -- Access Code Card
  ''978-0-205-41230-3Pearson EducationAllyn & Bacon Blackboard for Intro to Communicaton, Version 2.0 -- Access Code Card
2003978-0-205-41231-0Pearson EducationAllyn & Bacon WebCT for Public Speaking, Version 2.0 -- Access Code Card
  ''978-0-205-41241-9James M. HenslinSociology: Down to Earth Approach
2008978-0-205-41243-3Scott O. Lilienfeld · Steven J Lynn · Laura L. Namy · Nancy J. WoolfPsychology: From Inquiry to Understanding
978-0-205-41247-1Essentials of Human Sexuality, Second Canadian Edition
2003978-0-205-41248-8NAIncl Stud Spec Needs& GD Wrtg Qual IEP& Nav Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41249-5   ''Humankind Emerging& Sg& Res Nav Anthro Pkg
2004978-0-205-41253-2Andrew P. JohnsonA Short Guide to Action Research
  ''978-0-205-41255-6Eugene F. Provenzo Jr.The Internet and Online Research for Teachers (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-205-41256-3W. James PophamClassroom Assessment: What Teachers Need to Know (4th Edition)
2004978-0-205-41257-0Carol M. Charles · Gail W. SenterBuilding Classroom Discipline (8th Edition)
  ''978-0-205-41258-7Cynthia Szymanski Sunal · Mary Elizabeth HaasSocial Studies for the Elementary and Middle Grades: A Constructivist Approach (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-205-41259-4Peter F. OlivaDeveloping the Curriculum (6th Edition)
  ''978-0-205-41260-0Ralph Martin · Colleen Sexton · Teresa Franklin · Jack GerlovichTeaching Science for All Children: An Inquiry Approach (with "Video Explorations" VideoWorkshop CD-ROM) (4th Edition)
  ''978-0-205-41261-7H. Jerome Freiberg · Amy DriscollUniversal Teaching Strategies (4th Edition)
2004978-0-205-41262-4Amy Driscoll · Nancy G. NagelEarly Childhood Education, Birth-8: The World of Children, Families, and Educators (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-205-41263-1Daniel J. BrahierTeaching Secondary and Middle School Mathematics (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-205-41264-8Lynn T. Hill · Andrew J. Stremmel · Victoria R. FuTeaching as Inquiry: Rethinking Curriculum in Early Childhood Education with a Foreword by Jeanne Goldhaber
  ''978-0-205-41266-2Carol M. Charles · Gail W. SenterElementary Classroom Management (4th Edition)
  ''978-0-205-41269-3Juliet C. RothmanFrom the Front Lines: Student Cases in Social Work Ethics (2nd Edition)
2003978-0-205-41273-0Interpersonal Comm Book& BB& VW S/G W/CD Pkg
2004978-0-205-41274-7Walter Dick · Lou Carey · James O. CareySystematic Design of Instruction, The (6th Edition)
2004978-0-205-41276-1John T. SeyfarthHuman Resources Management for Effective Schools (4th Edition)
2005978-0-205-41277-8Leah MermelsteinReading/Writing Connections in the K-2 Classroom: Find the Clarity and Then Blur the Lines
  ''978-0-205-41278-5Ellen L. KronowitzFirst Year Teacher's Guide to Success
  ''978-0-205-41283-9William J. StrongWrite For Insight: Empowering Content Area Learning, Grades 6-12
2003978-0-205-41290-7NACriminal Justice & Research Navigator GD Pk
  ''978-0-205-41293-8   ''Development Thru Lifespan& Webct Acc Card Pk
2004978-0-205-41295-2Laura E. BerkVideoworkshop for Child Development: Student Learning Guide with CD-ROM
2005978-0-205-41297-6Leroy ClarkWriting for the Stage: A Practical Playwriting Guide
2004978-0-205-41298-3Alex ThioSociology: A Brief Introduction
2003978-0-205-41301-0NALifespan Developmnt Study Ed& Videowrkshp Pk
  ''978-0-205-41303-4   ''Readg & Learng Read& What Every& VID& Celeb Pk
2003978-0-205-41306-5NAProfessnl Counselor& Pract& Prac ISS& Rsrch Pk
  ''978-0-205-41308-9   ''Culturally Competent Pract& Resrch Nav GD Pk
2003978-0-205-41331-7NAIntroduction Specl Educ& Blkbd Acc Card Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41333-1   ''Being& Becomg Principal& Res Nav GD Educ Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41334-8   ''Elem STATS Soc Resrch& SPSS Win11.0 CD& WB Pk
  ''978-0-205-41335-5   ''Physio Behvr with Neurosci& CD& Colorful Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41338-6   ''Teaching in America& Courscmpss Card& VW Pkg
2003978-0-205-41340-9NAUndrstdg Humn Behvr& A& B Mind Mat2.0& Res Pkg
2003978-0-205-41342-3NAVision of Vygotsky & Resrch Nav GD Educ Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41344-7   ''Exploring Human Sexuality& Res Nav GD Hum Pk
978-0-205-41345-4Author S Choice Reading Women S Lives
2003978-0-205-41347-8NAEvolutionary Psych: New Science& Evol Psy Pk
  ''978-0-205-41353-9   ''Cult Anthro Study Ed& Confrm& New Pioneers Pk
  ''978-0-205-41355-3   ''Essntls of Sociology: Down Erth& Rdr& Res Pkg
2005978-0-205-41358-4Instructor's Manual and Test Bank for Miller Cultural Anthropology Third Edition
2004978-0-205-41365-2William E. Thompson · Joseph V. HickeySociety in Focus: An Introduction to Sociology (5th Edition)
2003978-0-205-41369-0Explrg Humn Sexuality: Makg& Gr Aid& Resrch Pk
  ''978-0-205-41371-3NAChild Development & Study GD& Res Nav& Tc Pk
2003978-0-205-41373-7NALit Develop: Early Years& Actv Supp& What Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41374-4   ''Teachg Lang Arts W/Actv REV& What Every Pkg
2004978-0-205-41378-2DICKThe Blackboard Student Access Code Card for Systematic Design of Instruction
2003978-0-205-41379-9NACult Anthropology Study Ed& Anthro Res Hb Pk
2003978-0-205-41380-5NACult Anthropology& Anthro Career Res Hb Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41381-2   ''Cult Anthropology& Anthro Career Res Hb Pkg
2007978-0-205-41401-7Sheri BaumanEssential Topics for the Helping Professional
2004978-0-205-41406-2Daniel R. Boone · Stephen C. McFarlane · Shelley L. Von BergBoone:DVD for the Voice and Voice_7
  ''978-0-205-41407-9Daniel R. Boone · Stephen C. McFarlane · Shelley L. Von BergVoice and Voice Therapy (with Free DVD), The (7th Edition)
2003978-0-205-41408-6NAAssessing Academic Achievement& Res Nav Pkg
2004978-0-205-41409-3Alexander M. ErvinApplied Anthropology: Tools and Perspectives for Contemporary Practice (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-205-41412-3Craig A. Mertler · Carol M. CharlesIntroduction to Educational Research (with Research Navigator) (5th Edition)
  ''978-0-205-41414-7John R Ray · Walter G. Hack · I. Carl CandoliSchool Business Administration: A Planning Approach (8th Edition)
2003978-0-205-41419-2MillerPractice Test Solutions Manual (with Tutor Center Access Card) for Cultural Anthropology, Study Edition
2003978-0-205-41420-8Vern Jones · Louise JonesComprehensive Classroom Management: Creating Communities of Support and Solving Problems: International Edition
  ''978-0-205-41421-5Bruce L. BergQualitative Research Methods for the Social Sciences: International Edition
  ''978-0-205-41422-2Larry ChristensenExperimental Methodology (International Edition) (Pie)
  ''978-0-205-41423-9Charles Carver · Michael ScheierPerspectives on Personality: International Edition
2012978-0-205-41425-3Audrey L. Heining-Boynton · Jean W. LeLoup · Glynis S. CowellSAM Answer Key for ¡Anda! Curso intermedio
  ''978-0-205-41427-7Audrey L. Heining-Boynton · Jean W. LeLoup · Glynis S. CowellVideo DVD (Laberinto Peligroso) Video for ¡Anda! Curso intermedio
2012978-0-205-41428-4Audrey L. Heining-Boynton · Jean W. LeLoup · Glynis S. CowellText Audio CDs for Anda! Curso intermedio
  ''978-0-205-41429-1   ''Student Activities Manual for ¡Anda! Curso intermedio
  ''978-0-205-41430-7   ''SAM Audio CDs for ¡Anda! Curso intermedio
2003978-0-205-41438-3NATeaching& Learng the Mid Grds& Resrch Nav Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41443-7   ''Teachng Studnts with Spec& Sg CDROM& Case Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41451-2Criminl Procedure& Ia CD Crim Procedure Pkg
2003978-0-205-41455-0NAEducational Psy & Blackbrd Acc& Ed Sg& CD Pkg
2003978-0-205-41456-7NACommunication Law Amer& Rsrch Nav GD Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41457-4   ''Public Speaking & Element of Style& Rsrch Pk
978-0-205-41461-1Author S Choice Intersections Reade
2004978-0-205-41462-8Allyn and Bacon and Longman Coursecompass Quickstart Guide
2003978-0-205-41466-6NASociology & Prac Test W/Lec Outln& Career Pk
  ''978-0-205-41467-3   ''Helping Relationship & Research Nav Gde Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41468-0   ''Essent Sociol & Explorg Socl Life& CC Crd Pk
  ''978-0-205-41470-3   ''Culturl Anthropl Study Ed& Conformity& Nav Pk
2003978-0-205-41476-5Diana MitchellMitchell:Ally Baco Chil Lite Libr (
  ''978-0-205-41477-2Vincent N. ParrilloStrangers to These Shores with Research Navigator (7th Edition)
  ''978-0-205-41479-6NAEssn Amer Educ& VID Wkshp& What Every& What Pk
2003978-0-205-41480-2NAPsychology & Grade Aid & Blkbd Pkg
2004978-0-205-41482-6Vincent N. ParrilloUnderstanding Race and Ethnic Relations (2nd Edition)
2019978-0-205-41484-0Forrest W. ParkayIntroduction to Educational Leadership
2004978-0-205-41487-1David ZarefskyPublic Speaking: Strategies for Success (4th Edition)
  ''978-0-205-41488-8Joseph A. DeVitoEssentials of Human Communication (5th Edition)
  ''978-0-205-41489-5Joseph A. DeVitoMessages: Building Interpersonal Communication Skills (6th Edition)
  ''978-0-205-41490-1Joseph P. Folger · Marshall Scott Poole · Randall K. StutmanWorking Through Conflict: Strategies for Relationships, Groups, and Organizations (5th Edition)
  ''978-0-205-41491-8Thomas E. Harris · John C. SherblomSmall Group and Team Communication (3rd Edition)
2004978-0-205-41492-5James A. HerrickThe History and Theory of Rhetoric: An Introduction (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-205-41493-2Mark L. Knapp · Anita L. VangelistiInterpersonal Communication and Human Relationships (5th Edition)
2003978-0-205-41495-6NADeviant Behavior & Reading & Res Nav GD Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41496-3   ''Guide Aid Educationl Psych& Praxis GD Ed Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41498-7Psychology & Webct Acc Card Bndles& Gr Pkg
2004978-0-205-41501-4Robert W. WeinbachEvaluating Social Work Services and Programs
2003978-0-205-41504-5Nancy L. Hadaway · Sylvia M. VardellWhat Every Teacher Should Know About English Language Learners
2004978-0-205-41505-2Stephen M. Kosslyn · Robin S. RosenbergFundamentals of Psychology: The Brain, The Person, The World (2nd Edition)
2005978-0-205-41507-6Andrew F. HayesHAYES:QUANT METHS COMM SCI
2003978-0-205-41511-3NAAbnormal Psy& Modern Life& Webct Acc Card Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41512-0   ''Mass Comm Resrch& Thry& from Num to Word Pkg
2003978-0-205-41513-7NAFrom Number to Words& SPSS Win10.0 CD& Nav Pkg
  ''978-0-205-41519-9   ''Development Thru Lifespn& BB Access Card Pkg
2004978-0-205-41520-5   ''Research Methods Educ& Res Nav GD Pkg
2003978-0-205-41525-0Robert GregoryPsychological Testing: History, Principles, and Applications: International Edition
  ''978-0-205-41528-1NAApply Multicult& Global& Brdg Mult Wrlds Pkg
978-0-205-41529-8Lifespan Development, Study Edition, Canadian Edition
2003978-0-205-41531-1NAEduc Psych& VID Wkshop& Res Nav& Grd Aid Pkg