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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-0-205-32592-4Janet F. Carlson · Betsy B. WatermanSocial and Personality Assessment of School-Aged Children: Developing Interventions for Educational and Clinical Use
2002978-0-205-32594-8Interactive Edition Users Guide
2001978-0-205-32596-2Margaret JohnsonInstructor's Manual for Gage: The Shape of Reason, 3rd Edition
  ''978-0-205-32598-6June JohnsonInstructors Manual
2000978-0-205-32599-3James M. HenslinTelecourse Study Guide
  ''978-0-205-32600-6James M. HenslinStudy Guide Plus
2001978-0-205-32601-3James HenslinPractice Tests (Valuepack Item Only)
  ''978-0-205-32603-7HENSLINAllyn & Bacon Interactive Video for Introductory Sociology, 2001 Edition [VHS]
978-0-205-32604-4Elements of Web Style
2001978-0-205-32605-1Bob A. Bertolino · Bill O'HanlonCollaborative, Competency-Based Counseling and Therapy
  ''978-0-205-32606-8James HenslinInstructors Manual for Sociology A Down to Earth Approach
978-0-205-32607-5Instructors Manual
2001978-0-205-32609-9Test Bank
2002978-0-205-32610-5SCHIKEDANZUnderstanding Children and Adolescents Practise Tests
2000978-0-205-32612-9David Schickedanz · Judith A. SchickedanzUnderstanding Children and Adolescents STUDY GUIDE
2001978-0-205-32614-3Jackie FellowsTest Bank for Henslin: Sociology a Down-to-Earth Approach
2001978-0-205-32615-0Alternate Test Bank
2002978-0-205-32616-7ALLYN & BACONAllyn & Bacon Transparencies for Introductory Sociology, III
2001978-0-205-32620-4Test Bank
  ''978-0-205-32624-2CudahyBecoming a Teacher, INSTRUCTOR'S RESOURCE MANUAL, 5th edition, pb, 2001
  ''978-0-205-32628-0Test Bank
2000978-0-205-32630-3Anita E. WoolfolkEducational Psychology
  ''978-0-205-32631-0Robert P. PangraziLesson Plans for Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children (13th Edition)
978-0-205-32632-7Instructors Manual
2001978-0-205-32633-4Jean Berko GleasonInstructors Manual
  ''978-0-205-32635-8Polloway, Patton, Dowdy SmithTeaching Students with Special Needs In Inclusive Settings Third Edition Instructor's Resource Manual
2001978-0-205-32639-6Kathleen A. TiemannSociology Problems in a Diverse Society-Instructor's Manual and Test Bank
  ''978-0-205-32640-2Diana KendallSocial Problems in a Diverse Society
  ''978-0-205-32641-9Diana KendallSocial Problems in a Diverse Society
2002978-0-205-32642-6GIELENHandbook of Culture, Therapy, and Healing
2001978-0-205-32643-3Betsy Levonian Morgan · Ann KorschgenMajoring in Psych?: Career Options for Psychology Undergraduates (2nd Edition)
2005978-0-205-32644-0Timothy Z. KeithMultiple Regression and Beyond
2001978-0-205-32645-7Stuart HirschbergInstructors Manual
  ''978-0-205-32646-4Anthony Winkler Jo Ray McCuenInstructors Manual
  ''978-0-205-32648-8Nancy CloseListening to Children: Talking With Children About Difficult Issues
2000978-0-205-32649-5DeckersMotivation Biological Psychology Environment
2001978-0-205-32651-8Anita E. WoolfolkEducational Psychology
2001978-0-205-32652-5Stephen PrinceMovies and Meaning: An Introduction to Film
2000978-0-205-32656-3Diana KendallSocial Problems in a Diverse Society Online
  ''978-0-205-32658-7Karen D. WoodLiteracy Strategies Across the Subject Areas
2003978-0-205-32659-4Patricia Love · Jon Kabat-Zinn · Myla Kabat-Zinn · Jon CarlsonMindful Parenting/Stress Reduction [VHS]
978-0-205-32660-0Family Togetherness with John Covey: Parenting with the Experts
2001978-0-205-32662-4Lester Faigley · Jack SelzerInstructors Manual
2003978-0-205-32664-8Jon Carlson · Patricia Love · Jane NelsenPositive Discipline with Jane Nelsen [VHS]
  ''978-0-205-32665-5Jon Carlson · Patricia LoveHow to Talk to Kids About Difficult Things with John and Linda Friel [VHS]
  ''978-0-205-32666-2   ''Communication with Ron Taffel [VHS]
  ''978-0-205-32667-9   ''Boundaries and Discipline with James Bray [VHS]
2007978-0-205-32668-6Madden · RoyAIDS in America
2000978-0-205-32669-3Kathleen Hall JamiesonCarroll C. Arnold Distinguished Lecture 1999: Incivility and Its Discontents: Lessons Learned from Studying Civility in the U.S. House of ... lecture / National Communication Association)
2004978-0-205-32670-9Jean Berko-GleasonBERKO:ACAD TENURE
2003978-0-205-32671-6Jon Carlson · Patricia LoveCompassionate Parenting with Steven Stosny [VHS]
2001978-0-205-32675-4Gregg Lee CarterSolutions Manual
2001978-0-205-32676-1Lawrence A. TomeiThe Technology Facade: Overcoming Barriers to Effective Instructional Technology in Schools
2002978-0-205-32677-8Mary Ellen Butler-Pascoe · Karin M. WiburgTechnology and Teaching English Language Learners
2003978-0-205-32678-5Jon Carlson · Patricia LoveTaking Back Your Children with Bill Doherty [VHS]
  ''978-0-205-32679-2   ''Self-esteem with Hanoch Mccarty [VHS]
  ''978-0-205-32680-8   ''Self-esteem, Motivation, Encouragement with Thomas Phelen [VHS]
  ''978-0-205-32681-5Jon Carlson · LoveParenting with the Experts Demo Video [VHS]
  ''978-0-205-32682-2Jon Carlson · Patricia LoveCreating Cooperation with John Gray [VHS]
2003978-0-205-32683-9Jon Carlson · Patricia LoveRaising Boys [VHS]
2003978-0-205-32684-6Jon Carlson · Patricia LoveRaising Girls with Sylvia Rimm [VHS]
2001978-0-205-32685-3Jack A. Vernon · Barbara Tabachnick SandersTinnitus: Questions and Answers
2002978-0-205-32686-0Morley D. Glicken · Dale SechrestThe Role of the Helping Professions in Treating the Victims and Perpetrators of Violence
2001978-0-205-32687-7Arthur KochInstructors Manual
  ''978-0-205-32689-1Richard Johnson-Sheehan · Sam DraggaWriting Proposals: Rhetoric for Managing Change
2002978-0-205-32691-4Thomas M. HaladynaEssentials of Standardized Achievement Testing: Validity and Accountablilty
2001978-0-205-32692-1James McMillanInstructors Manual
978-0-205-32698-3Instructors Manual
978-0-205-32701-0Canadian social welfare
2002978-0-205-32702-7Chester A. WintonChildren as Caregivers: Parental and Parentified Children
978-0-205-32704-1Instructors Manual
978-0-205-32706-5Instructors Manual
2002978-0-205-32707-2David TannerInstructors Manual
2000978-0-205-32708-9DaedalusDaedalus:Daed Onli Core Subs Ca GSP
2001978-0-205-32710-2Stephen WilhoitInstructors Manual
2000978-0-205-32711-9"Baron"Allyn and Bacon Interactive Video for Psychology [VHS]
  ''978-0-205-32713-3Jay S. AlbaneseCompanion Website with Online Practice Tests (Now Part of SuperSite)
2002978-0-205-32714-0J. Vincent Peterson · Bernard Nisenholz · Gary T. RobinsonA Nation Under the Influence: America's Addiction to Alcohol
  ''978-0-205-32715-7Diane P. Bryant · Brian R. BryantAssistive Technology for People with Disabilities
2001978-0-205-32716-4Robert · Parle, William · Greer,Kimberly EnglandInstructor's Manual and Test Bank for Criminal Justice
2000978-0-205-32719-5Larry B. ChristensenDeveloping Research Skills: A Laboratory Manual
2001978-0-205-32721-8EitzenIn Conflict and Order (Study Guide)
2000978-0-205-32722-5D. Stanley Eitzen · Maxine Baca ZinnEitzen:Pract Tests (Valu Optio On_9
2001978-0-205-32724-9ALLYN & BACONAllyn & Bacon Interactive Video for Gender II, 2001 [VHS]
  ''978-0-205-32726-3bradford w. sheafor and armando t. moralessocial work a profession of many faces (instuctor's manual and test bank for)
2006978-0-205-32727-0Robert J. Miller · Richard C. Lombard · Stephanie A. CorbeyTransition Assessment: Planning Transition and IEP Development for Youth with Mild to Moderate Disabilities
2001978-0-205-32733-1Lester MarkInstructors Manual
2009978-0-205-32734-8John DeckerLanguage Arts K-8
2001978-0-205-32737-9Wendy DomjanTest Bank for Kosslyn and Rosenberg Psychology: The Brain, The Person, the World
2002978-0-205-32738-6William R. Davie · James R. UpshawPrinciples of Electronic Media
2005978-0-205-32739-3ShieldUnderstanding Organizational Communication
2001978-0-205-32742-3Donna E. Alvermann · Stephen F. PhelpsContent Reading and Literacy: Succeeding in Today's Diverse Classrooms (3rd Edition)
2001978-0-205-32743-0Robert BenedettiFrom Concept to Screen: An Overview of Film and Television Production
2013978-0-205-32744-7Edward Schiappa · John P. NordinArgumentation: Keeping Faith with Reason
2000978-0-205-32747-8Stephen Michael Kosslyn · Robin RosenbergStudent Study Guide with Practice Tests
2001978-0-205-32750-8Linda BrannonGender: Psychological Perspectives (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-205-32751-5LibhartEssentials of Human Sexuality
2000978-0-205-32752-2Hilda A. FronskeTeaching Cues for Sport Skills (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-205-32753-9Neil CarlsonPowerpoint CD-Rom
2001978-0-205-32754-6thomas joinerInstructors Resource Manual
  ''978-0-205-32762-1David H. Johnson · Roger T. JohnsonMeaningful Assessment: A Manageable and Cooperative Process
2003978-0-205-32763-8Gregory L. Robinson-Riegler · Bridget Robinson-RieglerCognitive Psychology: Applying the Science of the Mind
2002978-0-205-32765-2Martin LawrenceInstructors Manual
978-0-205-32766-9WoolfolkEducational Psychology with a Companion CDROM
2000978-0-205-32768-3Daniel G. BatesHuman Adaptive Strategies: Ecology, Culture, and Politics (2nd Edition)
2001978-0-205-32769-0David W. Johnson · Roger T. JohnsonMulticultural Education and Human Relations: Valuing Diversity
2003978-0-205-32770-6Howard S. Harris · David C. Maloney · Franklyn M. RotherHuman Services: Contemporary Issues and Trends (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-205-32771-3Bernard C. BeinsResearch Methods: A Tool for Life with Research Navigator
2001978-0-205-32772-0Robert DiYanni · Pat HoyInstructors Manual
2001978-0-205-32774-4Diagnostic Test Bank/Test Bank for Allyn & Bacon 2001 Handbooks
1974978-0-205-32775-1Shrodes/Finestone/ShugrueThe Conscious Reader
2001978-0-205-32776-8Tara GrayExploring Corrections: A Book of Readings
  ''978-0-205-32777-5Steven BeebeInstructors Resource Manual
2000978-0-205-32778-2Steven A. Beebe · Susan J. BeebeCommunication Principles for a Lifetime, Study Guide
2001978-0-205-32780-5Susanna PorterA Guide for New Teachers of Introduction to Communication
  ''978-0-205-32782-9Grant and Hammers, Corie FarrGlobal Societies To Accompany Bryjak And Soroka Sociology: Changing Societies In A Diverse World
978-0-205-32783-6Instructors Manual
2001978-0-205-32784-3S J Tabachnick, B G OsterlindSPSS Workbook
2000978-0-205-32785-0Barbara G. TabachnickSAS Workbook
  ''978-0-205-32786-7Christine A. HultThe New Century Handbook
  ''978-0-205-32787-4George L. Grice · John F. SkinnerStudy Guide
2001978-0-205-32789-8Larry Shaffer & Mathew R. MerrensInstructor's Manual and Test Bank for Introductory Psychology
2000978-0-205-32790-4Robert A. BaronPsychology (with Mind Matters CD-ROM) (5th Edition)
2000978-0-205-32792-8HolmesAbnormal Psychology
2001978-0-205-32794-2ALLYN & BACONAllyn & Bacon Transparencies for Abnormal Psychology Courses, 2001
2002978-0-205-32797-3GiffordEnvironmental Psychology: Principles and Practice
2001978-0-205-32798-0Joe Jacoby · GotthofSociology On the Net 2001
978-0-205-32800-0Amanda Palmer - Pop Art Print (Comic Effect; Red Background) 50 x 50 x 2 cm Large Square Deep Box Canvas
2000978-0-205-32801-7Nanci A. ScheetzOrientation to Deafness (2nd Edition)
2001978-0-205-32803-1Emery · KierzekAnswer Key
  ''978-0-205-32805-5Michael Graves · Connie JuelAssessment Book (Value-Package Option Only)
  ''978-0-205-32811-6Cathy Collins BlockExam Copy
978-0-205-32813-0Exam Copy
978-0-205-32814-7Jeffrey ReimanExam Copy
2003978-0-205-32815-4Paula B. PoormanMicroskills and Theoretical Foundations for Professional Helpers
2000978-0-205-32829-1David Austin · Michael E. CrawfordTherapeutic Recreation: An Introduction (3rd Edition)
2001978-0-205-32830-7Robert A. Baron · Donn ByrneSocial Psychology: Text and Study Guide
1999978-0-205-32836-9Samuel E. WoodThe World of Psychology
2000978-0-205-32850-5Larry L. Barker · Kathy J. Wahlers · Kittie W. WatsonGroups in Process: An Introduction to Small Group Communication (6th Edition)
2001978-0-205-32851-2LaguardiaAccess Handbook
978-0-205-32863-5Instructors Manual
2000978-0-205-32868-0David Zarefsky · DoylePublic Speaking: Strategies for Success
978-0-205-32871-0Richard VeitInstructors Manual
2000978-0-205-32876-5William J. Kelly · Deborah L. LawtonOdyssey Interactive Companion
2001978-0-205-32877-2Gotholder RoatMass Communication On the Net, 2001.
978-0-205-32879-6PetersonAppraisal and Diagnosis of Speech and Language Disorders
2000978-0-205-32881-9Jon Carlson · Diane Kjos · James F.T. BugentalExistential-Humanistic Therapy with Dr. James Bugental [VHS]
  ''978-0-205-32882-6CarlsonCognitive Behaviour Therapy [VHS]
2001978-0-205-32884-0Jon CarlsonAdlerian Therapy with Dr. Jon Carlson [VHS]
  ''978-0-205-32885-7Jon Carlson · Diane Kjos · Natalie RogersPerson-Centered Therapy with Dr. Natalie Rogers [VHS]
2000978-0-205-32886-4CarlsonReality Therapy with Dr. Robert Wubbolding (Reprint):Psychotherapy with the Experts Video [VHS]
2000978-0-205-32887-1Jon Carlson · Diane Kjos · Insoo Kim BergSolution Focused Therapy with Insoo Kim Berg [VHS]
1999978-0-205-32898-7John D. RamageAllyn and Bacon Guide to Writing
2000978-0-205-32906-9Edward A. Dornan · Charles W. DaweLongwood Reader with Internet Guide 2001 Value Pack
2001978-0-205-32908-3Keith J. Karren · Brent Q. Hafen · N. Lee Smith · Kathryn J. Frandsen · Brent Q HafenMind/Body Health: The Effects of Attitudes, Emotions and Relationships (2nd Edition)
2000978-0-205-32909-0Jon Carlson · Diane Kjos · Lenore E.A. WalkerCognitive-Behavioral Feminist Therapy with Dr. Lenore Walker [VHS]
2001978-0-205-32910-6Jon Carlson · Diane Kjos · Allen E. IveyIntegrative Therapy with Dr. Allen E. Ivey [VHS]
2000978-0-205-32911-3Jon Carlson · Diane Kjos · Ernest Lawrence RossiMind-Body Therapy with Hypnosis with Dr. Ernest Rossi [VHS]
  ''978-0-205-32912-0Jon Carlson · Diane Kjos · Arnold A. LazarusMultimodal Therapy [VHS]
  ''978-0-205-32913-7CarlsonObject Relations Therapy with Dr. Jill Savege Scharff (Reprint):Psychotherapy with the Experts Video [VHS]
  ''978-0-205-32914-4Thomas N. Huckin & Phillip Sbaratta Christine A. HultExercise Book for the New Century Handbook
  ''978-0-205-32931-1CarlsonFamily Systems Therapy [VHS]
978-0-205-32932-8Interactive Companion with CD-ROM Users Guide
2000978-0-205-32934-2Harold L. Hackney · Sherry Cormier · Harold Hackney · Sherilyn CormierThe Professional Counselor: A Process Guide to Helping (4th Edition)
2001978-0-205-32936-6Richard VeitInstructors Manual
2001978-0-205-32937-3Anna Ingalls · Dan MoodyExpectations: A Reader for Developing Writers
2000978-0-205-32938-0James M. HenslinEssentials of Sociology: A Down to Earth Approuach
  ''978-0-205-32948-9Barbara Marliene ScottSociology: Makg Sense of Soc Wrld& Sg Valpk
  ''978-0-205-32954-0William J. SeilerCommunication: Making Connections
2001978-0-205-32956-4Sheena Gillespie · Robert SingletonAcross Cultures: A Reader for Writers (5th Edition)
  ''978-0-205-32965-6Fred Whitford · Doug GotthofferPsychology on the Net, 2001 Edition (Value-Package Option Only)
  ''978-0-205-32966-3Kitty Chen DeanInstructor's Manual for English Grammar in Context
2000978-0-205-32967-0Living Socio Interactv Companion& S/G Valpk
2000978-0-205-32969-4Joe M. SchriverHuman Behavior and the Social Environment: Shifting Paradigms in Essential Knowledge for Social Work Practice (3rd Edition)
2001978-0-205-32970-0Christine A. Hult · Thomas N. HuckinThe New Century Handbook (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-205-32972-4Donald W. Emery · John M. Kierzek · Peter LindblomEnglish Fundamentals: Form B (12th Edition)
  ''978-0-205-32973-1Maurice Scharton · Janice NeuleibThings Your Grammar Never Told You: A Pocket Handbook (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-205-32974-8Psycho Educational ResourcesCe Quiz for Solution-Focused Therapy with Berg: Psychotherapy with the Experts
  ''978-0-205-32975-5   ''Ce Quiz for Person-Centered Therapy with Rogers: Psychotherapy with Theexperts
2001978-0-205-32976-2Psycho Educational ResourcesCe Quiz for Feminist Therapy with Wubbolding: Psychotherapy with the Experts
2000978-0-205-32983-0Daniel P. HallahanExceptional Learners: Introduction to Special Education
2001978-0-205-32984-7Psycho Educational ResourcesCe Quiz for Existential-Humanistic Therapy with Bugental: Psychotherapywith the Experts
978-0-205-32986-1Eisenberg And WienerQuestioning Reader-Instructor's Manual
2000978-0-205-32988-5Donatelle · OlpinAccess Health
  ''978-0-205-32989-2Crim Just Resrch Mthds & Curious Resrchr Pk
2001978-0-205-32993-9Psycho Educational ResourcesCe Quiz for Cognitive Therapy for Addictions with Liese: Brief Therapy for Addictions
2002978-0-205-32995-3CORMIERCounselling Strategy and Intervention and Internet Guide 2001 Package
2001978-0-205-32996-0Psycho Educational ResourcesCe Quiz
  ''978-0-205-32997-7   ''Ce Quiz for Adlerian Therapy with Carlson: Psychotherapy with the Experts
  ''978-0-205-32998-4   ''Ce Quiz for Cogitive-Behavior Therapy with Krumboltz: Psychotherapy with the Experts
2000978-0-205-33002-7Joseph AbruscatoTeaching Children Science: Discovery Activities and Demonstrations for the Elementary and Middle Grades (NSE K-8 Contant Standards)
  ''978-0-205-33005-8Physical Fitness: Way of Life& Int01 Valpk
2000978-0-205-33008-9Supplement: Orientation to Counseling with Internet Guide 2001 VP - Orientation to Counseling 4/E
  ''978-0-205-33009-6Michael S. NystulIntro to Counseling: An Art and Science with Internet Guide 2001 Vp
  ''978-0-205-33012-6Lawrence M. Brammer · PachisHelping Relationship Process and Skills
978-0-205-33016-4George Clooney - Pop Art Print (Comic Effect; Red Background) 50 x 50 x 2 cm Large Square Deep Box Canvas
2001978-0-205-33020-1CarterAnalyzing Contemporary Social Issues: Workbook Disk
2000978-0-205-33021-8Joseph AbruscatoTeaching Children Science: Discovery Methods for the Elementary and Middle Grades