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2010978-0-335-01160-5Richard Wiseman59 Seconds
1975978-0-335-05555-5Open UniversityComplex Analysis: Laplace Transforms Unit 14 (Course M332)
  ''978-0-335-06054-2Open UniversitySystems Modelling: Models and the Decision Maker Unit 11 (Course T341)
1976978-0-335-06200-3Simon NicholsonArt and Environment: The Empty Box Unit 1 (Course TAD292)
  ''978-0-335-06201-0Christopher CornfordArt and Environment: Our Conversation with Things and Places Unit 2 (Course TAD292)
  ''978-0-335-06202-7Richard OrtonArt and Environment: Natural Sound Unit 3 (Course TAD292)
  ''978-0-335-06203-4Christopher Lindsey CrickmayArt and Environment: Art and Everyday Life Unit 4 (Course TAD292)
1976978-0-335-06204-1Kristina HooperArt and Environment: Imaging and Visual Thinking Unit 5 (Course TAD292)
  ''978-0-335-06205-8Open UniversityArt and Environment: Great Divide Unit 6 (Course TAD292)
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  ''978-0-335-06207-2Katherine DunnArt and Environment: The Moving Image Unit 8 (Course TAD292)
  ''978-0-335-06208-9Susan TriesmanVerballistics ([Technology/arts/social sciences], a second level interdisciplinary course. art and environment)
1977978-0-335-06209-6Simon NicholsonArt and Environment: Interactive Art and Play Unit 10 (Course TAD292)
1988978-0-335-09019-8Erik SvarnyMen of 1914: T.S.Eliot and Early Modernism
1990978-0-335-09212-3Milo ShottFoundation Mathematics For Non-Mathematicians
1992978-0-335-09294-9Gill Jones · Claire WallaceYouth, Family and Citizenship
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  ''978-0-335-09715-9Michael Banks · etc. · Inge Bates · Glynis Breakwell · John Bynner · Nicholas Emler · Lyn Jamieson · Kenneth RobertsCareers and Identities
1992978-0-335-09787-6Professor Allan F. MooreRock: The Primary Text - Developing a Musicology of Rock (Popular Music in Britain)
1988978-0-335-09827-9John Rowan · Windy DrydenInnovative Therapy in Britain (Psychotherapy in Britain Series)
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