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2012978-0-335-24479-9Wightman, Helen Aslam, Robina WightmanThe Midwifery Testbook
  ''978-0-335-24483-6Marian TraynorNurses! Test Yourself In Clinical Skills
  ''978-0-335-24484-3   ''Nurses! Test Yourself in Clinical Skills
2014978-0-335-24491-1Katherine RogersNurses! Test Yourself In Pharmacology
2013978-0-335-24499-7Noel HarrisNurses! Test yourself in non-medical prescribing
2012978-0-335-24507-9Barcham, Claire BarchamThe Pocketbook Guide To Mental Health Act Assessments
  ''978-0-335-24509-3Corby, Brian Shemmings, David CorbyChild Abuse: An Evidence Base For Confident Practice
  ''978-0-335-24513-0BoggReport writing (Social Work Pocketbooks)
2012978-0-335-24516-1Daisy BoggApplying a Personalised Approach to Eligibility Criteria
  ''978-0-335-24520-8Kim Heanue · Chris LawtonWorking with People Who Use Substances
  ''978-0-335-24527-7NicolasConducting The Home Visit In Child Protection (Social Work Pocketbooks)
2014978-0-335-24533-8Murna DownsExcellence In Dementia Care: Research Into Practice (UK Higher Education OUP Humanities & Social Sciences Health)
2012978-0-335-24536-9Shelda DebowskiThe New Academic
  ''978-0-335-24547-5Brown, Paul Brown, Virginia BrownNeuropsychology For Coaches: Understanding The Basics (Coaching in Practice (Paperback))
  ''978-0-335-24548-2Paul Brown · Virginia BrownNeuropsychology for Coaches
2012978-0-335-24559-8RogersCoaching skills: a handbook: A Handbook
  ''978-0-335-24560-4Jenny RogersCoaching Skills
2013978-0-335-24561-1Ian Norman · Iain RyrieThe Art and Science of Mental Health Nursing:: Principles And Practice
2012978-0-335-24565-9BarberEssentials of pharmacology for nurses
2011978-0-335-24568-0Bernd Rechel · Philipa Mladovsky · Walter Devillé · Barbara Rijks · Roumyana Petrova-Benedict · Martin MckeeMigration and Health in Europe
2013978-0-335-24573-4Elizabeth Curtis · Jonathan DrennanQuantitative Health Research:: Issues And Methods
2012978-0-335-24577-2De haanSupervision in action: a relational approach to coaching and consulting supervision: A relational approach to coaching and consulting supervision (Supervision in Context)
2013978-0-335-24598-7Mike Pedler · Christine AbbottFacilitating Action Learning
2012978-0-335-24601-4Adey, Philip Dillon, Justin AdeyBad Education: Debunking Myths In Education
  ''978-0-335-24602-1Philip Adey · Justin DillonBad Education: Debunking Myths in Education
2013978-0-335-24605-2Ruben MartinTeamworking Skills for Social Workers
2012978-0-335-24615-1TummonsDoing Your Research Project in the Lifelong Learning Sector
  ''978-0-335-24617-5Ilona Boniwell · Lucy RyanPersonal Well-Being Lessons for Secondary Schools
  ''978-0-335-24624-3Mcdowall Clark, Rory Murray, Janet Mcdowall ClarkReconceptualizing Leadership In The Early Years
2012978-0-335-24625-0Rory Mcdowall Clark · Janet MurrayReconceptualizing Leadership in the Early Years
  ''978-0-335-24626-7Lloyd, Marjorie LloydPractical Care Planning For Personalised Mental Health Care
  ''978-0-335-24627-4Marjorie LloydPractical Care Planning for Personalised Mental Health Care
  ''978-0-335-24628-1ArmitageTeaching and training in lifelong learning
  ''978-0-335-24629-8Andy Armitage · Jane Evershed · Dennis Hayes · Alan Hudson · Janis Kent · Shirley Lawes · Sabrina Poma · Mandy RenwickTeaching and Training in Lifelong Learning
2012978-0-335-24632-8Brooks, Valerie Abbott, Ian BrooksPreparing To Teach In Secondary Schools: A Student Teacher's Guide To Professional Issues In Secondary Education
  ''978-0-335-24633-5Valerie Brooks · Ian Abbott · Prue HuddlestonPreparing to Teach in Secondary Schools
  ''978-0-335-24634-2Buse, Kent Mays, Nicholas BuseMaking Health Policy (Understanding Public Health)
  ''978-0-335-24635-9Kent Buse · Nicholas Mays · Gill WaltMaking Health Policy
  ''978-0-335-24638-0Janet MoylesA-Z Of Play In Early Childhood
2012978-0-335-24643-4Deborah Harcourt · Jonathon SargeantDoing Ethical Research with Children
  ''978-0-335-24645-8Sue GascoyneTreasure Baskets & Beyond: Realizing the Potential of Sensory-rich Play
  ''978-0-335-24646-5Rita CheminaisChildren and Young People as Action Researchers: A Practical Guide to Supporting Pupil Voice in Schools (Book & CD)
  ''978-0-335-24653-3Peter ScalesTeaching In The Lifelong Learning Sector
2013978-0-335-24664-9Prithvi PerepaUnderstanding Autism In The Early Years
  ''978-0-335-24666-3Kathleen TaylorValues And Vision In Primary Education
2013978-0-335-24670-0Kathy BrodieObservation, Assessment and Planning in The Early Years - Bringing it all together
2014978-0-335-24674-8Sheila Reading · Brian WebsterAchieving Competencies for Nursing Practice: A Handbook for Student Nurses
2013978-0-335-24680-9Jillian RoddLeadership in Early Childhood
  ''978-0-335-24682-3Graham Griffiths · Rachel StoneTeaching Adult Numeracy:: Principles & Practice (Developing Adult Skills)
2012978-0-335-24696-0Peter J BentleyThe Phd Application Handbook, Revised Edition: Revised Edition (Open Up Study Skills)
2013978-0-335-24702-8Caroline RickardEssential Primary Mathematics
  ''978-0-335-24706-6Steven PopperRethinking Superhero And Weapon Play
  ''978-0-335-24714-1Peter HawkinsCoaching, Mentoring and Organizational Consultancy 2E
2015978-0-335-24716-5Joanna NicolasCommunicating with Children
2012978-0-335-24718-9Michael JacobsThe Presenting Past: The Core Of Psychodynamic Counselling And Therapy
  ''978-0-335-24720-2Boniwell, Ilona BoniwellPositive Psychology In A Nutshell: The Science Of Happiness
2013978-0-335-24722-6John McleodAn Introduction to Counselling, Fifth Edition
2013978-0-335-24726-4Irene Papanicolas · Peter SmithHealth System Performance Comparison:: An Agenda For Policy, Information And Research (European Observatory on Health Care Systems)
  ''978-0-335-24759-2Carey, Malcolm CareyThe Social Work Dissertation: Using Small-Scale Qualitative Methodology
2014978-0-335-24763-9Barbra TeaterAn Introduction To Applying Social Work Theories And Methods
2015978-0-335-24769-1Paul BennettClinical Psychology: Psychopathology through the Lifespan
2018978-0-335-24800-1Helen AveyardDoing a Literature Review in Health and Social Care: A practical guide, Fourth Edition
2020978-0-335-24836-0Brian LittlechildBK Conflict Resolution
2017978-0-335-26138-3Sue SoanTHE SENCO ESSENTIAL MANUAL
  ''978-0-335-26142-0Fairley-MurdochRevalidation: a journey for nurses and midwives (UK Higher Education OUP Humanities & Social Sciences Health)
  ''978-0-335-26194-9Ann BowlingMeasuring Health, 4th Edition (UK Higher Education Humanities & Social Sciences Health & So)
2015978-0-335-26196-3Paul BarberEssentials Of Pharmacology For Nurses
  ''978-0-335-26204-5Janice WearmouthThe Effective Senco: Meeting The Challenge (UK Higher Education Humanities & Social Sciences Education)
2016978-0-335-26216-8Amanda Blaber · Graham HarrisASSESSMENT SKILLS FOR PARAMEDICS
2015978-0-335-26236-6Amanda BlaberThe Student Paramedic Survival Guide: Your Journey from Student to Paramedic
2017978-0-335-26246-5Brahm NorwichEXPERIENCING SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS AND DISABILITY: LESSONS FOR PRACTICE (UK Higher Education Humanities & Social Sciences Education)
2016978-0-335-26256-4Julie FisherInteracting Or Interfering? Improving Interactions In The Early Years (UK Higher Education Humanities & Social Sciences Education)
2013978-0-335-26258-8Julie PallantSPSS survival manual: a step by step guide to data analysis using IBM SPSS
2014978-0-335-26274-8Ann BowlingResearch Methods In Health: Investigating Health And Health Services (UK Higher Education OUP Humanities & Social Sciences Health)
2014978-0-335-26276-2Anne RogersA Sociology Of Mental Health And Illness
  ''978-0-335-26280-9Mary GottwaldClinical Governance: Improving The Quality Of Healthcare For Patients And Service Users (UK Higher Education OUP Humanities & Social Sciences Health)
2015978-0-335-26290-8Norah FredericksonSpecial Educational Needs, Inclusion And Diversity (UK Higher Education OUP Humanities & Social Sciences Educati)
2013978-0-335-26302-8Rowena MurrayWriting for Academic Journals, Third Edition (Open Up Study Skills)
2014978-0-335-26307-3Helen AveyardDoing A Literature Review In Health And Social Care: A Practical Guide
  ''978-0-335-26309-7Miriam TaylorTrauma Therapy And Clinical Practice: Neuroscience, Gestalt And The Body
  ''978-0-335-26312-7Amanda BlaberClinical Leadership For Paramedics
  ''978-0-335-26318-9Danny WalshThe Nurse Mentor's Handbook: Supporting Students In Clinical Practice
2014978-0-335-26326-4Helen MoylettCharacteristics Of Effective Early Learning: Helping Young Children Become Learners For Life
2016978-0-335-26340-0CorbettTalk for Writing in the Early Years: How to teach story and rhyme, involving families 2-5 years, with DVD
  ''978-0-335-26368-4Helen Aveyard · Sheila Payne · Nancy PrestonA Postgraduate's Guide To Doing A Literature Review In Health And Social Care (UK Higher Education Humanities & Social Sciences Higher Educ)
2015978-0-335-26376-9WebsterTeaching The Primary Foundation Subjects
2015978-0-335-26412-4Estelle Phillips · Derek.S. PughHow To Get A Phd: A Handbook For Students And Their Supervisors
2017978-0-335-26432-2JacksonNormalizing Challenging or Complex Childbirth
2015978-0-335-26434-6Helen AveyardA Beginner's Guide To Critical Thinking And Writing In Health And Social Care
  ''978-0-335-26442-1Clare McGregorCoaching Behind Bars: Facing Challenges and Creating Hope in a Womens Prison
2014978-0-335-26444-5Jessica JohnsonBecoming An Early Years Teacher: From Birth To Five Years (UK Higher Education OUP Humanities & Social Sciences Educati)
  ''978-0-335-26446-9Judith BellDoing Your Research Project: A Guide For First-Time Researchers (UK Higher Education OUP Humanities & Social Sciences Study S)
  ''978-0-335-26448-3John BiggamSucceeding With Your Master's Dissertation: A Step-By-Step Handbook (UK Higher Education OUP Humanities & Social Sciences Study S)
2015978-0-335-26454-4Rudi DallosAn Introduction To Family Therapy: Systemic Theory And Practice
2014978-0-335-26470-4Martyn DenscombeThe Good Research Guide: For Small-Scale Social Research Projects (UK Higher Education OUP Humanities & Social Sciences Study S)