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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-176-00544-0John S AmeryDevon & Cornwall notes & queries
2010978-1-176-00809-0Kate R StilesZephyrs: with an introduction
2011978-1-176-01464-0Leslie DewartDevelopment of Karl Pearson's scientific philosophy
  ''978-1-176-01486-2Katherine Camp Mayhew · Anna Camp EdwardsThe Dewey School The Laboratory School Of The University Of Chicago 1896-1903
  ''978-1-176-01689-7Lion FeuchtwangerThe Devil In France My Encounter With Him In The Summer Of 1940
  ''978-1-176-02054-2AnonymousDissertations (French Edition)
  ''978-1-176-03062-6Leopold AmbronnHandbuch der astronomischen Instrumentenkunde. Eine Beschreibung der bei astronomischen Beobachtungen benutzten Intrumente sowie Erläuterung der ibrem ... Grunde liegenden Principien (German Edition)
2011978-1-176-03861-5Francois Andre Adrien Pluquet · J. -P (Jacques-Paul) 1800-1875 MigneDictionnaire des hérésies, des erreurs et des schismes. Suivi d'un Dictionnaire des jansénistes Volume 1 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-176-04582-8Paul RouaixDictionnaire-manuel illustré des idées suggérées par les mots, contenant tous les mots de la langue française groupés d'après le sens (French Edition)
  ''978-1-176-04973-4François Xavier de Feller · François Marie PérennèsDictionnaire de biographie chrétienne ... (French Edition)
  ''978-1-176-05149-2Clarence DarrowResist Not Evil
  ''978-1-176-05440-0Jacob WernischekGenera Plantarum Ad Facilius Consequendam Earum Notitiam Secund. Numerum Laciniarum Corolla Disposita (Latin Edition)
2011978-1-176-05441-7United States. Bureau of the Census · United States. Census Office. Returns ofHeads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790 ..
  ''978-1-176-05442-4Alexander CampbellA Debate Between Rev A. Campbell And Rev. N. L. Rice: On The Action, Subject, Design And Administrator Of Christian Baptism
  ''978-1-176-05443-1Thomas RuddimanRudiments Of The Latin Tongue: Or, A Plain And Easy Introduction To Latin Grammar
  ''978-1-176-05445-5Carl Wilhelm Erich ZimmerDie Cumaceen Der Deutschen Tiefsee-Expedition (German Edition)
  ''978-1-176-05448-6Hermann LangeGerman Composition: A Theoretical And Practical Guide To The Art Of Translating English Prose Into German
2011978-1-176-05534-6Thomas Williams · James CalvertFiji And The Fijians
  ''978-1-176-06125-5Joseph AddisonThe Works Of The Right Honorable Joseph Addison, Volume 2
2010978-1-176-06205-4AnonymousCamp Kineowatha, Wilton, Maine
  ''978-1-176-06206-1William Spohn 1824-1897. [from o BakerThe camp by the old Gulph mill
  ''978-1-176-06207-8AnonymousCalvin, Coolidge, a man of vision--not a visionary
  ''978-1-176-06208-5Lindsey BarbeeThe call of the colors, a patriotic play in two acts, for four men and ten women
2010978-1-176-07087-5Robert Francis SeyboltThe evening schools of colonial New York City
  ''978-1-176-07242-8James D BellChronological list of the laws of New York relating to the war of the rebellion and veterans of that war, 1861-1910, by James D. Bell judge-advocate, ... of New York, G.A.R. and W. Burt Cook, jr
  ''978-1-176-07295-4Peter ClayBig Sandy poems
  ''978-1-176-09087-3David RamsayOration delivered before the Cincinnati and the '76 association, on the 4th of July, 1854
  ''978-1-176-09367-6Paul-Henri-Ben Estournelles de Constant · George A. [from old catalog] tr RaperAmerica and her problems
2010978-1-176-10104-3Margaret Linton (Paterson) Mrs.] [AdamSir Walter Scott
  ''978-1-176-10261-3George d. 1893. [from old cat ThompsonPrison life and reflections;
2011978-1-176-10544-7Harvard University. Dept. of City and ReHigh tech for downtown Boston?
2010978-1-176-11259-9Central New England railway company. [frSummer homes among the mountains on the Philadelphia, Reading & New England P.R. ..
2011978-1-176-11433-3Songwan ChengDing chao ci ji: 10 juan (Chinese Edition)
  ''978-1-176-12590-2Georges LonghayeHistoire de la littérature française au dix-septième siècle (French Edition)
  ''978-1-176-12592-6Ezra Stiles Ely · Abel Charles ThomasA discussion of the conjoint question: is the doctrine of endless punishment taught in the Bible? or does the Bible teach the doctrine of the final holiness and happiness of all mankind?
2011978-1-176-12595-7Person JoannesDisquisitiones Sterilitatis Muliebris (Latin Edition)
  ''978-1-176-12598-8Ernest HamelHistoire de Robespierre; d'après des papiers de famille, les sources originales et des documents entièrement inédits (French Edition)
  ''978-1-176-12599-5Etienne-Denis PasquierHistoire de mon temps, mémoires; (French Edition)
  ''978-1-176-13054-8Achille Tenaille de VaulabelleHistoire des deux restaurations jusqu'à l'avénement de Louis-Philippe (de janvier 1813 à octobre 1830) (French Edition)
  ''978-1-176-14336-4Pietro CollettaHistoire du royaume de Naples, depuis Charles VII jusqu'à Ferdinand IV, 1734 à 1825 (French Edition)
2011978-1-176-14595-5André Fontainas · Louis Vauxcelles · Georges GromortHistoire générale de l'art français de la Révolution à nos jours (French Edition)
  ''978-1-176-14641-9William Whitaker · William FitzgeraldA disputation on Holy Scripture, against the papists, especially Bellarmine and Stapleton. By Willíam Whitaker ... Translated and edited for the Parker society
  ''978-1-176-14807-9Léon GuérinHistoire maritime de France, comprenant l'histoire des provinces et villes maritimes (French Edition)
2010978-1-176-15875-7Henry Baerlein · Abu al-AlaAbul Ala, The Syrian
  ''978-1-176-16254-9California California · Thomas W. 1883-1965 Streeter · J WinchesterAn act to regulate the settlement of the estates of deceased persons: approved April 22, 1850
  ''978-1-176-16510-6Samuel Gardner Drake · H L WilliamsThe aboriginal races of North America: comprising biographical sketches of eminent individuals, and an historical account of the different tribes, ... with a dissertation on their origin, antiq
2010978-1-176-16813-8William Edward Frye · Salomon ReinachAfter Waterloo;
  ''978-1-176-17125-1George ClausenAims and ideals in art;
  ''978-1-176-18046-8T Addison 1820-1900 RichardsAmerican scenery, illustrated
  ''978-1-176-18186-1Wm Paul 1854-1927 GerhardThe American practice of gas piping and gas lighting in buildings
  ''978-1-176-18646-0Ebenezer Prout · Louis Beethoven ProutAnalysis of J.S. Bach's forty-eight fugues (Das wohltemperirte clavier)
2010978-1-176-20525-3Robert Smith Surtees · John Leech"Ask mamma", or, The richest commoner in England
  ''978-1-176-20529-1Charles Arthur MercierAstrology in medicine: the Fitzpatrick lectures delivered before the Royal College of Physicians on November 6 and 11, 1913: with addendum on saints and signs
  ''978-1-176-20544-4AnonymousAstronomical and physical researches made at Mr. Wilson's observatory, Daramona, Westmeath
  ''978-1-176-20620-5   ''The Atlanti, Volume 104
  ''978-1-176-21024-0Archibald McKendrickBack injuries and their significance under the Workmen's compensation and other acts
2010978-1-176-21259-6Nelson W. 1841-1915 AldrichBanking reform in the United States
  ''978-1-176-21939-7Real Academia De La HistoriaBoletín - Real Academia de la Histori, Volume 75 (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-176-21949-6Real Academia De La HistoriaBoletín - Real Academia de la Histori, Volume 48 (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-176-22016-4   ''Boletín - Real Academia de la Histori, Volume 74 (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-176-22094-2Edgar WallaceBones in London
2010978-1-176-22135-2Real Academia De La HistoriaBoletín - Real Academia de la Histori, Volume 3-4 (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-176-22191-8James Boswell · Augustine BirrellBoswell's Life of Johnson Volume 5
  ''978-1-176-22193-2Hyman MarksBotanical companion to the British pharmacopoeia
  ''978-1-176-22944-0Edward L. Bernays · Samuel Hoffenstein · Walter J KingsleyThe Broadway anthology
  ''978-1-176-23400-0Andrew Lang · H J. 1860-1941 FordThe brown fairy book
2010978-1-176-25328-5James O. b. 1859 FaganThe cheapening of religion
  ''978-1-176-25376-6John Heyl Vincent · Lewis MillerThe Chautauqua movement
  ''978-1-176-25504-3John Edward Purvis · Thomas Reginald HodgsonThe chemical examination of water, sewage, foods, and other substances, by J. E. Purvis and T. R. Hodgson
  ''978-1-176-25506-7Jean seigneur de Saint-Remy Le FèvreChronique de Jean Fèvre, seigneur de Saint-Remy Volume 2 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-176-27112-8Henry Chandler CowlesThe plant societies of Chicago and its vicinity
2010978-1-176-27644-4Barbara DrakeWomen in trade unions
  ''978-1-176-27724-3J Gaylor BlairPoultry diseases and their remedies; the cause, symptoms, and treatment of all diseases known to poultry
  ''978-1-176-27924-7Ottawa 1918 Dominion Dairy ConferenceReport of the proceedings of a Dominion Dairy Conference held at Ottawa, Nov. 25, 26, 27, 28, 1918
  ''978-1-176-28342-8Harvey Gates TownsendThe principle of individuality in the philosophy of Thomas Hill Gree
  ''978-1-176-28360-2Hubert von HerkomerThe Herkomers
2010978-1-176-28481-4Emil Kraepelin · Thomas JohnstoneLectures on clinical psychiatry
  ''978-1-176-28745-7Digby Mackworth Dolben · Robert Seymour Bridges · Ian Young Collection. fmoThe poems of Digby Mackworth Dolben
  ''978-1-176-29833-0Charles A. SiringoTwo evil isms, Pinkertonism and anarchism
  ''978-1-176-29868-2William Malone Baskervill · Cynewulf CynewulfAndreas: a legend of St. Andrew
  ''978-1-176-30620-2Harold Alvah NourseChicks, hatching and rearing; a manual of dependable instruction in incubating, brooding, feeding ..
2010978-1-176-30933-3Clarence Augustine MartinAn address given at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, on May 31, 1912
  ''978-1-176-31259-3Isaac Smith HomansMerchant's and banker's register for 1858 ...
  ''978-1-176-31277-7C J. 1845-1929 MaynardManual of taxidermy; a complete guide in collecting and preserving birds and mammals
  ''978-1-176-32955-3Gertrude Jekyll · Lawrence WeaverGardens for small country houses
  ''978-1-176-34835-6Oliver A. 1815-1870 Morse · Luther R. 1813-1902 Marsh · Alexander McWhorter BallA vindication of the claim of Alexander M. W. Ball, of Elizabeth, N.J., to the authorship of the poem, Rock me to sleep, mother
2010978-1-176-36916-0S M PerlmannThe history of the Jews in China
  ''978-1-176-37093-7E Backhouse · J O. P. 1863-1945 BlandAnnals & memoirs of the court of Peking: (from the 16th to the 20th century)
  ''978-1-176-37097-5Hector C BywaterSea-power in the Pacific: a study of the American-Japanese naval problem
  ''978-1-176-37265-8John Bishop of Norwich SheepshanksMy life in Mongolia and Siberia, from the Great Wall of China to the Ural Mountains
  ''978-1-176-38979-3Fyodor Dostoyevsky · Alexander Eliasberg · Ethel Colburn MayneLetters of Fyodor Michailovitch Dostoevsky to his family and friends
2010978-1-176-39010-2Fyodor Dostoyevsky · Alexander Eliasberg · Ethel Colburn MayneLetters of Fyodor Michailovitch Dostoevsky to his family and friends
  ''978-1-176-39125-3Francis Trevelyan Miller · Robert S. 1880- Lanier · James Verner. fmo ScaifeThe photographic history of the civil war ..
  ''978-1-176-39484-1Friedrich Naumann · Christabel M. b. 1876 Meredith · W J. AshleyCentral Europe
  ''978-1-176-39659-3William Malone Baskervill · James Albert Harrison · J Lesslie 1856- joint ed HallAnglo-Saxon reader (both poetry and prose) for beginners in Old English;
  ''978-1-176-39794-1Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra · Emma ThompsonWit and wisdom of Don Quixote
2010978-1-176-40462-5Finley Peter DunneDissertations by Mr. Dooley
  ''978-1-176-40544-8Thomas Jefferson · Paul Leicester FordThe writings of Thomas Jefferson
  ''978-1-176-40861-6J Holden MacmichaelThe story of Charing Cross and its immediate neighbourhood
  ''978-1-176-41259-0W A. 1842-1905 MacKay · George W. RossPioneer life in Zorra
  ''978-1-176-43366-3Tom Kelly · Samuel Kelson Stothert · William SimpsonFrom the fleet in the fifties; a history of the Crimean war
2010978-1-176-43539-1Charles Elliott · Leroy M VernonSouth-western Methodism; a history of the M.E. Church in the South-west, from 1844 to 1864
  ''978-1-176-45711-9John George BourinotParliamentary procedure and practice; with a review of the origin, growth and operation of parliamentary institution in the Dominion of Canada, and an ... North America act of 1867 and amending acts
  ''978-1-176-45895-6Alva C RoachThe prisoner of war, and how treated. Containing a history of Colonel Streight's expedition to the rear of Bragg's army, in the spring of 1863, and a ... prisoners of war ... and history of Andersonv
  ''978-1-176-46054-6James K. 1838-1873 MedberyMen and mysteries of Wall street
  ''978-1-176-46904-4Charles Arthur MercierThe principles of rational education
2010978-1-176-46990-7Charles Arthur MercierHuman temperaments: studies in character
  ''978-1-176-47062-0Jules VerneAround the World in Eighty Days
  ''978-1-176-47743-8Waterman Thomas HewettThe Frisian language and literature: a historical study
  ''978-1-176-48609-6Joseph Palmer BlessingtonThe campaigns of Walker's Texas division: containing a complete record of the campaigns in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas ...
  ''978-1-176-48783-3Hans Gross · Horace Meyer KallenCriminal psychology: a manual for judges, practitioners, and students
2010978-1-176-48809-0Frank H. 1885-1972 Knight · Frank H. 1885-1972. ins Knight · Walter Francis WillcoxRisk, uncertainty and profit
  ''978-1-176-49325-4Charles Albert HallHow to use the microscope; a guide for the novice
  ''978-1-176-49329-2Abel Joel GroutMosses with a hand-lens; a non-technical handbook of the more common and more easily recognized mosses of the north-eastern United States
  ''978-1-176-49433-6John AshtonThe history of bread from pre-historic to modern times
  ''978-1-176-49581-4Francis GaltonHereditary genius: an inquiry into its laws and consequences
2010978-1-176-49935-5Joseph Addison · Richard Hurd · Henry G. 1796-1884 BohnWorks
  ''978-1-176-50044-0Arthur C MillerHow to keep bees
  ''978-1-176-50125-6William Black[Works.]
  ''978-1-176-50544-5Walter Scott · Andrew LangWaverley Novels;
  ''978-1-176-50708-1Kebun Raya IndonesiaFlore de Buitenzorg
2010978-1-176-50750-0Alice BradleyFor luncheon and supper guests; ten menus, more than one hundred recipes, suitable for company luncheons, Sunday night suppers, afternoon parties, ... lunch rooms, coffee shops, and motor inns
  ''978-1-176-50761-6Henry A DreerDreer's vegetables under glass: a little handbook telling how to till the soil during twelve months of the year
  ''978-1-176-50819-4Robert L ArdreyAmerican agricultural implements: a review of invention and development in the agricultural implement industry of the United States
  ''978-1-176-51890-2Julius Caesar · Arthur Tappan Walker · Cornelius Marshal LoweCaesar's Gallic war
  ''978-1-176-53845-0Geological SurveyThe channeled scablands of Eastern Washington: the geologic story of the Spokane flood
2010978-1-176-54050-7H A. 1872-1948 CodyThe chief of the ranges: a tale of the Yukon
  ''978-1-176-55009-4Arthur Lee Janes · Julius Caesar · Cornelius NeposSecond year Latin for sight reading; selections from Caesar and Nepos
  ''978-1-176-55282-1Anthony TrollopeThe clavering, Volume 3
  ''978-1-176-56072-7Edmond Hedouin · Jean-Jacques RousseauThe confessions of Jean Jacques Rousseau, now for the first time completely translated into English without expurgation. Illustrated with a series of etchings by Ed. Hedouin Volume 2
  ''978-1-176-56348-3Ernest Thompson SetonThe biography of a grizzly
2010978-1-176-57054-2David PhilipsonCentenary papers and others, by David Philipson
  ''978-1-176-57408-3Le Grand KerrThe care and training of children
  ''978-1-176-58000-8Richard LaurenceThe Book of Enoch the prophet
  ''978-1-176-58062-6Alexander DarrochEducation and the new utilitarianism and other educational addresses
  ''978-1-176-59957-4Mary Catherine HughesEverywomans canning book; the A B C of safe home canning and preserving
2010978-1-176-60324-0F. H. Lawton · J. C. McArthur · Dempsey W. AField Quartermaster's Handbook: Complete from a Company to a Division
  ''978-1-176-60484-1Grace Mary Ellison · Edward Granville BrowneAn Englishwoman in a Turkish harem.
  ''978-1-176-61031-6H A. 1872-1948 CodyThe fourth watch
  ''978-1-176-61133-7Archibald Joseph DunnFrederic Ozanam and the establishment of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul
  ''978-1-176-61259-4C 1856- ThurwangerFrench musical diction: an orthologic method for acquiring a perfect pronuciation in the speaking and especially in the singing of the French language, for the special use of English-speaking people
2010978-1-176-61859-6Fridtjof Nansen · Hubert Majendie GeppThe first crossing of Greenland
  ''978-1-176-62315-6T 1843-1913 MunsonFoundations of American grape culture
  ''978-1-176-62502-0Ronald Aylmer FisherThe genetical theory of natural selection
  ''978-1-176-62536-5William Sidney Tangier SmithThe geology of Santa Catalina island
  ''978-1-176-62574-7Alexander ChalmersThe general biographical dictionary: containing an historical account of the lives and writings of the most eminent persons in every nation; ... the earliest to the present time Volume 4
2010978-1-176-62597-6Hans Claude Hamilton · W 1801-1885 FalconerThe geography of Strabo Volume 2
  ''978-1-176-63405-3H A. 1872-1948 CodyGlen of the high north
  ''978-1-176-63894-5Alexander ChalmersThe General biographical dictionary: containing an historical and critical account of the lives and writings of the most eminent persons in every ... to the present time. New ed., rev. and
  ''978-1-176-64096-2Georges Frédéric BurguyGrammaire de la langue d'oil, ou Grammaire des dialectes français aux 12e et 13e siecles; suivie d'un glossaire contenant tous les mots de l'ancienne ... dans l'ouvrage Volume 3 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-176-64290-4   ''Grammaire de la langue d'oil, ou Grammaire des dialectes français aux 12e et 13e siecles; suivie d'un glossaire contenant tous les mots de l'ancienne ... dans l'ouvrage Volume 1 (French Edition)
2010978-1-176-64692-6Paul Carus · Friedrich SchillerGoethe and Schiller's Xenions
  ''978-1-176-65259-0Ernst BuschorGreek vase-painting; ..
  ''978-1-176-65928-5Euripides Euripides · C LeprévostHécube. [Expliquée littéralement, traduite en français et annotée par M.C. Leprévost] (French Edition)
  ''978-1-176-66684-9Samuel OrnitzHaunch, paunch and jowl; an anonymous autobiography
  ''978-1-176-67050-1Friedrich Karl GinzelHandbuch der mathematischen und technischen Chronologie; das Zeitrechnungswesen der Völker Volume 3 (German Edition)
2010978-1-176-68054-8Bernard W. 1872- KellyHistorical notes on English Catholic missions
  ''978-1-176-68505-5Lionel J. Trotter · William Holden HuttonHistory of India from the earliest times to the present day
  ''978-1-176-68809-4Robert ChristieA history of the late province of Lower Canada: parliamentary and political, from the commencement to the close of its existence as a separate province Volume 6
  ''978-1-176-68831-5Robert ChristieA history of the late province of Lower Canada: parliamentary and political, from the commencement to the close of its existence as a separate province Volume 2
  ''978-1-176-69050-9Andrew J BlackbirdHistory of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan;
2010978-1-176-69662-4Émile Jaques-Dalcroze · H F. 1891- RubinsteinRhythm, music and education
  ''978-1-176-71644-5Paul Griswold HowesInsect behavior
  ''978-1-176-71811-1Joanna P. MooreIn Christ's stead; autobiographical sketches
  ''978-1-176-73190-5Bertrand RussellIntroduction to mathematical philosophy
  ''978-1-176-73519-4Jesuits Jesuits · Reuben Gold ThwaitesThe Jesuit relations and allied documents: travels and explorations of the Jesuit missionaries in New France, 1610-1791 Volume 12
2010978-1-176-74175-1Michael F. J McDonnellIreland and the Home Rule Movement
  ''978-1-176-74414-1Jesuits Jesuits · Reuben Gold ThwaitesThe Jesuit relations and allied documents: travels and explorations of the Jesuit missionaries in New France, 1610-1791 Volume 5-6
  ''978-1-176-75446-1Robert Warren Fuller · Raymond Bedell Brownlee · Henry S. 1844-1920 CarhartLaboratory exercises to accompany Carhart and Chute's First principles of physics
  ''978-1-176-75556-7Immanuel Kant · Karl VorländerKritik der praktischen Vernunft (German Edition)
  ''978-1-176-75986-2Immanuel Kant · Karl VorländerKritik der Urteilskraft (German Edition)
2010978-1-176-76588-7John Herman Merivale · Edward H.A KochLeaves from the diary of a literary amateur: John Herman Merivale, 1819-1844
  ''978-1-176-78222-8Ludwig Ramshorn · Jean Baptiste Gardin-DumesnilLateinischen Synonymik: nach Gardin-Dumesnil's Synonymes latins neu bearbeitet und vermehrt Volume 1 (German Edition)
  ''978-1-176-78279-2Fyodor Dostoyevsky · Alexander Eliasberg · Ethel Colburn MayneLetters of Fyodor Michailovitch Dostoevsky to his family and friends
  ''978-1-176-78705-6Andrew Lang · H J. 1860-1941 FordThe lilac fairy book
  ''978-1-176-80062-5Du BarriMadame Du Barri Volume 2
2010978-1-176-80214-8Rachel CrothersA man's world; a play in four acts
  ''978-1-176-80386-2John CollierA manual of oil painting
  ''978-1-176-80401-2Franz Xavier Jos. Koch · Anna Maud Buchanan · Charles Paul BruehlA manual of apologetics
  ''978-1-176-80723-5Charles John Cutcliffe Wright HyneThe marriage of Captain Kettle
  ''978-1-176-80803-4George Washington TryonManual of conchology; structural and systematic. With illustrations of the species. Second series: Pulmonata Volume 6
2010978-1-176-81000-6Cosmo Charles Gordon-Lennox · Fred de Gresac · Francis de CroissetThe marriage of Kitty: adapted from the French of "La passerelle" [by] Madame F. de Grésac and Monsieur F. de Croisset [pseud.]
  ''978-1-176-81259-8Allen E. Broussard · Carl B Metoyer · Gabrielle S MorrisA California Supreme Court justice looks at law and society, 1964-1996: oral history transcript / 199
  ''978-1-176-81298-7H A. 1872-1948 CodyThe long patrol: a tale of the Mounted Police
  ''978-1-176-82240-5P G. 1881-1975 WodehouseMeet Mr. Mulliner
  ''978-1-176-82452-2George W. 1824-1906 Hill · Brenton HalliburtonMemoir of Sir Brenton Halliburton, late Chief Justice of the Province of Nova Scotia
2010978-1-176-83047-9Owen Thornton Reeves · James Stevenson Ewing · Richard Price MorganAbraham Lincoln, by some men who knew him; being personal recollections of Judge Owen T. Reeves, Hon. James S. Ewing, Col. Richard P. Morgan, Judge Franklin Blades, John W. Bunn
  ''978-1-176-83125-4ca 410-485 Proclus · Thomas M JohnsonMetaphysical elements
  ''978-1-176-83418-7William Henry Harrison · Logan Esarey · John GibsonMessages and letters of William Henry Harrison Volume 1
  ''978-1-176-84605-0William Alexander HarveyThe model village and its cottages: Bournville; illustrated by fifty-seven plates of plans, views & details
  ''978-1-176-84839-9Walter Shaw Sparrow · William Henry Bidlake · Halsey RicardoThe modern home: a book of British domestic architectvre for moderate incomes: a companion volume to "The British home of to-day"
2010978-1-176-84899-3George EllisModern technical drawing, a handbook describing in detail the preparation of working drawings, with special attention to oblique and circle-on-circle ... perspective, freehand drawing and "sett
  ''978-1-176-86232-6John Nash OttMy ivory cellar; [the story of time-lapse photography]
  ''978-1-176-87329-2Anna Katharina Emmerich · George RichardsonThe nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ
  ''978-1-176-87799-3American Jewish Historical SocietyAmerican Jewish historical quarterly
  ''978-1-176-89189-0Nikolaus PevsnerNottinghamshire
2010978-1-176-90054-7Ira Seymour DoddOne young soldier;
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