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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-177-00561-6Ellen Gould Harmon WhiteSteps to Christ
  ''978-1-177-00620-0AnonymousStories for the little ones. Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4
  ''978-1-177-00727-6Edmund Spenser · Thomas James Wise · Walter CraneSpenser's Faerie queene. A poem in six books; with the fragment Mutabilitie. Ed. by Thomas J. Wise, pictured by Walter Crane Volume 3
  ''978-1-177-02072-5Allan MenziesThe religions of India: Brahmanism and Buddhism
  ''978-1-177-03203-2Eugen Korschelt · Karl Heider · Martin Fountain WoodwardText-book of the embryology of invertebrates
2010978-1-177-03871-3Frank WinchThrilling lives of Buffalo Bill, Col. Wm. F. Cody, last of the great scouts and Pawnee Bill, Major Gordon W. Lillie (Pawnee Bill) white chief of Pawnees
  ''978-1-177-04151-5D J. 1861-1953 Medley · William Holden HuttonThe Church and the Empire; being an outline of the history of the Church from A.D. 1003 to A.D. 1304
  ''978-1-177-04467-7L Frank 1856-1919 Baum · John R. ill NeillTik-Tok of Oz
  ''978-1-177-04702-9Rachel CrothersThe rector, a play in one act
  ''978-1-177-05054-8Theosophical SocietyThe Theosophical quarterl, Volume 5
2010978-1-177-05442-3John StainerA treatise on harmony and the classification of chords, with questions and exercises for the use of students
  ''978-1-177-05443-0Frank Preston Stearns · Alexander Hamilton · Abraham LincolnTrue republicanism; or, The real and ideal in politics
  ''978-1-177-06201-5Wilhelm Grimm · Jacob Grimm · Walter RippmannTwenty stories from Grimm (German Edition)
  ''978-1-177-06563-4H A. 1872-1948 CodyUnder sealed orders
  ''978-1-177-07087-4University of TorontoThe University of Toronto song book
2010978-1-177-08036-1Bancroft Library. Regional Oral HistoryEarl Warren: the Governor's family: oral history transcript / and related material, 1970-198
  ''978-1-177-08782-7Edmund Burke · William WillisThe works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Volume 7
  ''978-1-177-09125-1William Jones · John Shore Teignmouth · Anna Maria lady JonesWorks, with the life of the author Volume 13
  ''978-1-177-09509-9Adolf von HarnackWhat is Christianity?
  ''978-1-177-09579-2Jasper MaskelyneWhite magic: the story of Maskelynes
2010978-1-177-09979-0R M. 1825-1894 Ballantyne · Warne Routledge · printer Cox and WymanThe wild man of the West.: A tale of the Rocky Mountains.
  ''978-1-177-11588-9Jo van Ammers-Kueller · Carel Thieme · Louis RaemakersA young lion of Flanders: a tale of the terror of war
  ''978-1-177-11886-6Robert ChristieA history of the late province of Lower Canada: parliamentary and political, from the commencement to the close of its existence as a separate province Volume 2
  ''978-1-177-12360-0Robert Smith Surtees · Henry Thomas AlkenThe analysis of the hunting field: being a series of sketches of the principal characters that compose one. The whole forming a slight souvenir of the season, 1845-6
  ''978-1-177-12590-1Cynewulf Cynewulf · George Philip KrappAndreas and The fates of the apostles; two Anglo-Saxon narrative poems;
2010978-1-177-12593-2G H. 1869-1933 BoxThe Apocalypse of Ezra (II Esdras III-XIV)
  ''978-1-177-12594-9William Lindsay AlexanderAnglo-Catholicism not apostolical: being an inquiry into the scriptural authority of the leading doctrines advocated in the 'Tracts for the times,' and other publications of the Anglo-Catholic school
  ''978-1-177-12595-6George Charles Williamson · Jacopo Morelli · Marcantonio MichielThe Anonimo; notes on pictures and works of art in Italy made by an anonymous writer in the sixteenth century;
  ''978-1-177-12596-3George Horatio DerbyPhoenixiana, or, Sketches and burlesques
  ''978-1-177-12597-0Margery HollisAnthony Fairfax: a novel Volume 3
2010978-1-177-12598-7John Linton Myres · Gilbert Murray · Andrew LangAnthropology and the classics; six lectures delivered before the University of Oxford
  ''978-1-177-12814-8William Edward Frye · Salomon ReinachAfter Waterloo; reminiscences of European travel, 1815-1819
  ''978-1-177-13667-9Louise Ropes LoomisThe book of the popes (Liber pontificalis)
  ''978-1-177-13679-2Henry Van Dyke · Alfred Noyes · Maxwell Struthers BurtA Book of Princeton verse, 1916-1919
  ''978-1-177-14336-3S 1834-1924 Baring-GouldThe Broom-squire
2010978-1-177-14637-1John George BourinotA Canadian manual on the procedure at meetings of municipal councils, shareholders and directors of companies, synods, conventions, societies and ... and usages of Parliament that govern public
  ''978-1-177-14641-8Robert C WebbThe real Mormonism; a candid analysis of an interesting but much misunderstood subject in history, life and thought
  ''978-1-177-14681-4Isabelle baronne de Montolieu · Thomas HolcroftCaroline of Lichtfield, a novel. Translated from the French by Thomas Holcroft
  ''978-1-177-14909-9Laurence GronlundThe co-operative commonwealth in its outlines, an exposition of modern socialism
  ''978-1-177-15464-2John H Becker · Friedrich von HellwaldDie hunderjahrige republik. Sociale und politische zustande in Veriningten Staaten Nordamerika's (German Edition)
2010978-1-177-15582-3Eliza P. Donner HoughtonThe expedition of the Donner party and its tragic fate
  ''978-1-177-16822-9John Hamilton GrayConfederation; or, The political and parliamentary history of Canada, from the conference at Quebec, in October, 1864, to the admission of British ... 1871... By the Hon. John Hamilton Gray... v.1
  ''978-1-177-17567-8Arthur James Lyon FremantleThree months in the southern states: April-June, 1863
  ''978-1-177-18214-0Andreas Franz Wilhelm SchimperPlant-geography upon a physiological basis. Translated by W.R. Fisher; rev. and edited by Percy Groom and I.B. Balfour
  ''978-1-177-18487-8James YoungPublic men and public life in Canada: being recollections of Parliament and the press, and embracing a succinct account of the stirring events which ... North America into the Dominion of Canada
2010978-1-177-18808-1Roger FryVision and design
  ''978-1-177-19069-5John D. 1844-1917 CrimminsSt. Patrick's Day: its celebration in New York and other American places, 1737-1845: how the anniversary was observed by representative Irish organizations, and the toasts proposed
  ''978-1-177-19607-9AnonymousPersonnel of the Senate and House of Commons, eighth Parliament of Canada, elected June 23, 1896
  ''978-1-177-19626-0Robert Smith Surtees · George TattersallHillingdon Hall or The cockney squire
  ''978-1-177-20088-2Elizabeth Bisland Wetmore · Anne HoytSeekers in Sicily; being a quest for Persephone by Jane and Peripatetica
2010978-1-177-20125-4Hakluyt SocietyWorks Volume 64, ser.1
  ''978-1-177-20156-8Jean de la Bruyère · Alfred Rébelliau · Gustave Marie Joseph ServoisBiblioteca Italiana, O Sia Giornale Di Letteratura, Scienze Ed Arti ..., Volume 49 (Italian Edition)
  ''978-1-177-20195-7C T. 1873-1965 OnionsA Shakespeare glossary
  ''978-1-177-20205-3William T. 1819-1897 BairdSeventy years of New Brunswick life; autobiographical sketches
  ''978-1-177-20708-9Samuel Jr. SmilesGeorge Moore, Merchant and Philanthropist
2010978-1-177-20754-6Ian D. 1877- ColvinThe Germans in England, 1066-1598: With map of Hanseatic League
  ''978-1-177-20976-2Ernest Mason SatowA guide to diplomatic practice Volume 1
  ''978-1-177-21259-5John M GreshamHistorical and biographical record of Douglas County, Illinois
  ''978-1-177-21442-1John MiltonIl penseroso; edited, with notes
  ''978-1-177-22912-8Finley Peter DunneMr. Dooley says
2010978-1-177-23485-61763-1825 Jean Paul · Edward Henry NoelFlower, fruit and thorn pieces: or the Married life, death, and wedding of the advocate of the poor, Firmian Stanislaus Siebenkäs Volume 2
  ''978-1-177-23952-3Diamond Jenness · Andrew BallantyneThe northern D'Entrecasteaux
  ''978-1-177-24763-4H G. 1866-1946 Wells · J F. 1884-1962 HorrabinThe outline of history: being a plain history of life and mankind Volume 2
  ''978-1-177-25497-7Charles Proteus SteinmetzTheory and calculations of electrical circuits
  ''978-1-177-28362-5Eden Paul · Cedar Paul · Sigmund FreudA young girl's diary
2010978-1-177-28926-9William Fredric MyliusThe poetical class-book; or, Reading lessons for every day in the year, selected from the most popular English poets, ancient and modern for the use of the schools
  ''978-1-177-29658-8Richard Cobden · John Bright · James E. Thorold 1823-1890 RogersSpeeches on questions of public policy; Volume 1
  ''978-1-177-30209-8Henri BergsonEssai sur les données immédiates de la conscience (French Edition)
  ''978-1-177-31115-1Louis ThomasL'esprit de M. de Talleyrand: anecdotes et bons mots (French Edition)
  ''978-1-177-31125-0Thomas Allibone JanvierLegends of the City of Mexico;
2010978-1-177-31268-4J Rawson 1831-1895 Lumby · George Harley McKnightKing Horn ; Floriz and Blauncheflur ; The assumption of our Lady
  ''978-1-177-32337-6Janet E Lane-ClayponMilk and its hygienic relations
  ''978-1-177-32534-9François Chéron · Ferdinand Jacques Hervé-BazinMémoires et récits de François Chéron ... publiés avec lettres inédites des principaux écrivains de la Restauration par F. Hervé-Bazin (French Edition)
  ''978-1-177-33253-8Washington Matthews · Jacob Lawson Wortman · John S. 1838-1913 BillingsThe human bones of the Hemenway collection in the United States Army Medical Museum at Washington
  ''978-1-177-34060-1Henry Marshall · Edward WarrenOn the enlisting, discharging and pensioning of soldiers, with the official documents of these branches of military duty; from the second London ... in the army and navy of the United States
2010978-1-177-34528-6Baynard Rush Hall · James Albert WoodburnThe new purchase: or, seven and a half years in the Far West
  ''978-1-177-34555-2Great Britain. Foreign Office. HistoricaPeace handbooks Volume 3
  ''978-1-177-34638-2Harriet Barnett HastingsPebbles from the path of a pilgrim
  ''978-1-177-35139-3Eugene Field · Maxfield ParrishPoems of childhood
  ''978-1-177-35299-4Francesco Saverio NittiPopulation and the social system; translated
2010978-1-177-35975-7Laura C. b. 1848 HollowayAdelaide Neilson; a souvenir
  ''978-1-177-36985-5Śaṅkarācārya Śaṅkarācārya · Alladi Mahadeva SastriThe Bhagavad-Gita, with the commentary of Sri Sankaracharya
  ''978-1-177-37071-4Francis Baily · Thomas Henderson · John F. W. HerschelA catalogue of 9766 stars in the southern hemisphere, for the beginning of the year 1750, from the observations of the Abbe de Lacaille made at the Cape of Good Hope in the years 1751 and 1752
  ''978-1-177-39458-1George W. M. 1814-1879 Reynolds · William Randolph HearstAlfred; or, The adventures of a french gentleman. Illus. with fourteen steel engravings
  ''978-1-177-39575-5Hetty HolyokeBlanche and her friends
2010978-1-177-39631-8Eugen von Philippovich · Christabel M. b. 1876 Meredith · H S. 1849-1936 FoxwellHistory of the Bank of England and its financial services to the state
  ''978-1-177-39848-0James Boswell · Augustine BirrellBoswell's Life of Johnson Volume 1
  ''978-1-177-40544-7Marie Adelaide Brown ShipleyThe Icelandic discoverers of America; or, Honour to whom honour is due
  ''978-1-177-40620-8Elizabeth Robins Pennell · JOSEPH PENNELLThe life of James McNeill Whistler Volume 2
  ''978-1-177-41177-6Stanley Isaac LevyThe rare earths; their occurrence, chemistry, and technology
2010978-1-177-41259-9Robert Grant · Baden Powell · William FairbairnBiographies of distinguished scientific men Volume 2
  ''978-1-177-41433-3K S Diwan Bahadur Ramaswami SastriSir Rabindranath Tagore: his life, personality and genius
  ''978-1-177-41462-3Frank Wild · Alexander Hepburn MacklinShackleton's last voyage. The story of the Quest. By Commander Frank Wild, C.B.E
  ''978-1-177-41601-6James Boswell · Augustine BirrellBoswell's Life of Johnson Volume 3
  ''978-1-177-41855-3Owen Rowe O'NeilAdventures in Swaziland;
2010978-1-177-42027-3Samuel Gardner Drake · J W O'Neill · Charles DesilverThe aboriginal races of North America; comprising biographical sketches of eminent individuals, and an historical account of the different tribes, ... period, and a copious analytical index
  ''978-1-177-42173-7Karl Theodor ZingelerDas Wappen des fürstlichen Hauses Hohenzollern in seiner Entwicklung von der ältesten Zeit bis zur Gegenwart historisch dargestellt, nebst Anhang: Hohenzollern'sche Allianz-Wappen (German Edition)
  ''978-1-177-42635-0Thomas Wodehouse Legh Newton · Josephine Mary WardLord Lyons: a record of British diplomacy Volume 1
  ''978-1-177-42852-1Dean Sage · Hugh McCormick Smith · William Charles HarrisSalmon and trout
  ''978-1-177-43327-3Anna Katharina EmmerichThe Lowly life and bitter Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother Volume 3
2010978-1-177-43673-1Ezra D KinneyHave me excused; or, A practical exposition of the parable of the great supper
  ''978-1-177-44493-4Daniel A. 1862-1934 MurrayA first course in infinitesimal calculus
  ''978-1-177-45838-2Stewart Edward White · Phillips & Co. pbl McClure · Philip R GoodwinThe silent places
  ''978-1-177-45842-9Wm Paul 1854-1927 GerhardSanitary engineering of buildings
  ''978-1-177-46334-8Indiana. State Board Of EducationReport of the Indianapolis survey for vocational education .. Volume 2
2010978-1-177-46954-8Robert ChristieA history of the late province of Lower Canada: parliamentary and political, from the commencement to the close of its existence as a separate province Volume 5
  ''978-1-177-47019-3Charles Grandison Parsons · Harriet Beecher StoweAn inside view of slavery or, A tour among the planters
  ''978-1-177-47434-4Pliny Earle Goddard · Bill RayKato texts
  ''978-1-177-47448-1Pliny Earle Goddard · Bill RayKato texts
  ''978-1-177-47735-2Richard Francis Burton · William Randolph Hearst · Isabel BurtonThe Kasîdah (couplets) of Hâjî Abdû al-Yazdi [pseud.] a Lay of the higher law translated and annotated by his friend and pupil, F. B
2010978-1-177-48239-4A 1873- Millar · Edward Silver MaclinDescriptive geometry
  ''978-1-177-48683-5Ludwig Ramshorn · Jean Baptiste Gardin-DumesnilLateinischen Synonymik: nach Gardin-Dumesnil's Synonymes latins neu bearbeitet und vermehrt (German Edition)
  ''978-1-177-49054-2AnonymousKing Darius, an hitherto, 1906, unknown ed
  ''978-1-177-49235-5Longaro degli Oddi · John George MacLeodLife of the blessed master John of Avila: secular priest, called the Apostle of Andulusia
  ''978-1-177-49944-6Pierre Loti · Caroline F. SmithThe story of a child;
2010978-1-177-50062-3Alexis François Artaud de MontorThe lives and times of the popes: including the complete gallery of the portraits of the pontiffs reproduced from "Effigies pontificum romanorum ... the world during the Christian era, retransl
  ''978-1-177-51237-4Frederic E. 1874-1945 Clements · Edith Gertrude joint author ClementsRocky mountain flowers; an illustrated guide for plantlovers and plant-users;
  ''978-1-177-51259-6Nicholas MichellSibyl of Cornwall, a poetical tale. The land's end, St. Michael's Mount, and other poems
  ''978-1-177-51302-9William HazlittThe Spirit of the Age or, Contemporary Portraits
  ''978-1-177-52442-1Hendrik Conscience · Adriaan Schade van Westrum · Louis CouperusThe lion of Flanders Volume 2
2010978-1-177-52714-9Washington IrvingBracebridge hall
  ''978-1-177-53125-2John TimbsStories of inventors and discoverers in science and the useful arts A book for old and young
  ''978-1-177-55220-2Robert HareStandish the Puritan [microform]: a tale of the American revolution
  ''978-1-177-55335-3Henry Head · W H. R. 1864-1922 RiversStudies in neurology Volume 1
  ''978-1-177-55931-7Agnes ChaseFirst book of grasses; the structure of grasses explained for beginners
2010978-1-177-56228-7James Octavius FaganLabor and railroads
  ''978-1-177-56301-7Alphonso Wood · Oliver R. 1815-1902 WillisLessons in the structure, life, and growth of plants, for schools and academies
  ''978-1-177-56318-5Philip Henry Lawrence · Bernhard von CottaLithology; or, Classification of rocks, with their English, French, and German names, and the most important minerals
  ''978-1-177-57322-1Sam Blowsnake · Paul RadinThe autobiography of a Winnebago Indian
  ''978-1-177-57445-7MacKenzie MacBride · J Lawton WingateArran of the bens, the glens & the brave
2010978-1-177-57640-6Charles Vincent Bellamy · A J. 1851-1914 Jukes-BrowneThe geology of Cyprus
  ''978-1-177-57936-0E Ferdinand LemaireIndian clubs and how to use them: a new and complete method for learning to wield light and heavy clubs, graduated from the simplest to the most complicated exercises
  ''978-1-177-59158-4Sidney Jabez CookDirectory of the chemical industries in Canada as of date January 1, 1919
  ''978-1-177-59288-8Henry Thomas Herbert PiaggioAn elementary treatise on differential equations and their applications
  ''978-1-177-60173-3Robert Louis Stevenson · William Ernest Henley · Lloyd OsbourneThe novels and tales of Robert Louis Stevenson Volume 21
2010978-1-177-60544-1AnonymousWinter, or, The comforts of a fire-side: embellished with fine wood engravings
  ''978-1-177-60583-0Raphael SemmesMemoirs of service afloat during the war between the states
  ''978-1-177-60870-1Lassar-Cohn · J Bishop 1866-1918 TingleApplication of some general reactions to investigations in organic chemistry
  ''978-1-177-62204-2Westminster AssemblyThe Westminster Confession of Faith
  ''978-1-177-62216-5Thomas William CowanWax craft, all about beeswax; its history, production, adulteration, and commercial value
2010978-1-177-62309-4Sam Blowsnake · Paul RadinThe autobiography of a Winnebago Indian
  ''978-1-177-62456-5Oswald Bölcke · Robert Reynold HirschAn aviators field book, being the field reports of Oswald Bölcke, from August 1, 1914 to October 28, 1916;
  ''978-1-177-64125-8Henry Offley WakemanThe Church and the Puritans, 1570-1660
  ''978-1-177-64182-1William Cowan · James LoveThe music of the Church hymnary and the Psalter in metre: its sources and composers
  ''978-1-177-64636-9Fyodor Dostoyevsky · Ethel Colburn Mayne · Alexander EliasbergLetters of Fyodor Michailovitch Dostoyevsky to his family and friends
2010978-1-177-64826-4Aubin Louis Millin · James MillingenMedallic history of Napoleon. A collection of all the medals, coins, and jettons, relating to his actions and reign. From the year 1796-1815
  ''978-1-177-65162-2Ivan Aleksandrovich GoncharovOblomov
  ''978-1-177-65165-3Robert Louis Stevenson · William Ernest Henley · Lloyd OsbourneThe novels and tales of Robert Louis Stevenson Volume 7
  ''978-1-177-65421-0Mary Mills PatrickSextus Empiricus and Greek scepticism ..
  ''978-1-177-65734-1Arnold Joseph Toynbee · James Bryce BryceArmenian atrocities, the murder of a nation
2010978-1-177-66447-9H C. 1879-1967 Gwynne-VaughanFungi, Ascomycetes, Ustilaginales, Uredinales
  ''978-1-177-66620-6A Lacarrière LatourHistorical memoir of the war in West Florida and Louisiana in 1814-15: with an atlas
  ''978-1-177-66710-4Walter HarrisMorocco that was
  ''978-1-177-67520-8Julius Weisbach · Gustav Herrmann · Karl P DahlstromThe mechanics of pumping machinery; a text-book for technical schools and a guide for practical engineers
  ''978-1-177-67586-4William Malone Baskervill · James Albert HarrisonAnglo-Saxon prose reader, for beginners, in oldest English
2010978-1-177-67593-2Thomas Inman · John NewtonAncient pagan and modern Christian symbolism
  ''978-1-177-67658-8E F. MorisonSt. Basil and his rule: a study in early monasticism
  ''978-1-177-67731-8Norman Underwood · Thomas SullivanThe chemistry and technology of printing inks;
  ''978-1-177-67893-3Clarence Augustine MartinDetails of building construction
  ''978-1-177-68219-0George W. 1845-1924 Carey · Inez Eudora PerryGod-man: the word made flesh
2010978-1-177-68367-8W B. 1865-1939 YeatsThe king's threshold; and On Baile's strand
  ''978-1-177-68814-7Paul Nooncree HasluckRustic carpentry
  ''978-1-177-69445-2F Ll. 1862-1934 GriffithThe inscriptions of Siut and Dêr Rîfeh
  ''978-1-177-69453-7J G. 1865-1937 O'KeeffeA handbook of Irish dances: with an essay on their origin and history
  ''978-1-177-69687-6William BowenThe old tobacco shop: a true account of what befell a little boy in search of adventure
2010978-1-177-70432-8Julius Weisbach · Gustav Herrmann · Karl P DahlstromThe mechanics of hoisting machinery, including accumulators, excavators, and pile-drivers; a text-book for technical schools and a guide for practical engineers
  ''978-1-177-70525-7Everett Ellsworth TruetteOrgan registration; a comprehensive treatise on the distinctive quality of tone of organ stops, the acoustical and musical effect of combining ... various phrases of organ compositions; tog
  ''978-1-177-70620-9William Thomas Roberts Saffell · Charles Lee · Nathanael GreeneRecords of the revolutionary war: containing the military and financial correspondence of distinguished officers; names of the officers and privates ... and enlistments; general orders of
  ''978-1-177-70743-5Brainerd Kellogg · Alonzo ReedWord-building. Fifty lessons, combining Latin, Greek, and Anglo-Saxon roots, prefixes, and suffixes, into about fifty-five hundred common derivative ... with a brief history of the English language
  ''978-1-177-70798-5Adrian FortescueThe lesser eastern churches
2010978-1-177-70882-1Evg A. 1884-1952 Znosko-BorovskiiThe middle game in chess
  ''978-1-177-70900-2Real Academia De La Historia · Castile StatutesLas siete partidas del rey Don Alfonso el Sabio Volume 1 (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-177-71259-0Lafcadio HearnKarma
  ''978-1-177-71366-5Great Britain. Foreign Office. HistoricaCape Verde Islands
  ''978-1-177-71692-5William Shakespeare · Edmond Malone · James BoswellPlays and poems. With the corrections and illus. by various commentators: comprehending a life of the poet, and an enlarged history of the stage
2010978-1-177-71979-7John Hamilton GrayConfederation; or, The political and parliamentary history of Canada, from the conference at Quebec, in October, 1864, to the admission of British Columbia, in July, 1871 ..
  ''978-1-177-72084-7James De MilleThe American baron
  ''978-1-177-72542-2Robert Montgomery BirdThe hawks of Hawk-hollow. A tradition of Pennsylvania Volume 01
  ''978-1-177-72615-3Robert ChristieA history of the late province of Lower Canada, parliamentary and political: from the commencement to the close of its existence as a separate province Volume 4
  ''978-1-177-73145-4Russell Thacher TrallThe human voice: its anatomy, physiology, pathology, therapeutics, and training;
2010978-1-177-73862-0Frank H. 1885-1972 KnightRisk, uncertainty and profit
  ''978-1-177-74103-3John E KingsburyThe telephone and telephone exchanges; their invention and development
  ''978-1-177-74237-5George Le Grand Jacob · Kies KiesWestern India before and during the mutinies: pictures drawn from life
  ''978-1-177-74325-9Edward JohnstonWriting & illuminating, & lettering
  ''978-1-177-75247-3Edward Lewes CuttsA dictionary of the Church of England
2010978-1-177-75510-8AnonymousThe Canadian Parliament; biographical sketches and photo-engravures of the senators and members of the House of Commons of Canada. Being the tenth Parliament, elected November 3, 1904
  ''978-1-177-75545-0Austin C. 1891- LescarbouraBehind the motion-picture screen, how the scenario writer, director, cameraman, scene painter and carpenter, laboratory man, art director, property ... share of work toward the realization of th
  ''978-1-177-75738-6Charles NiggA Tagalog English and English Tagalog dictionary
  ''978-1-177-75758-4Matilda Coxe StevensonThe Zuni Indians: their mythology, esoteric fraternities, and ceremonies
  ''978-1-177-75962-5C G. 1875-1961 Jung · Beatrice M HinklePsychology of the unconscious: a study of the transformations and symbolisms of the libido: a contribution to the history of the evolution of thought
2010978-1-177-76028-7Pedro Pérez Zeledón · Chandler P. 1866-1936 AndersonDocuments annexed to the Argument of Costa Rica
  ''978-1-177-76290-8Paul Carus · Charles Albert Browne · W S. b. 1847 AndrewsMagic squares and cubes
  ''978-1-177-76364-6William Lorenzo MorrisSteam power plant piping system; their design, installation and maintenance
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