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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2013978-1-295-00544-4Donald Earl DunbarThe Tin-Plate Industry: A Comparative Study Ot Its Growth in the United States and in Wales - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-295-00604-5Charles Frederick PrenticeOphthalmic Lenses and Prisms: An Essay Contributed to "The American Encyclopedia of Ophthalmology," - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-295-00801-8John Ramsay McCulloch · Daniel HaskelM'culloch's Universal Gazetteer: A Dictionary, Geographical, Statistical, and Historical, of the Various Countries, Places, and Principal Natural ... the World, Volume 1 - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-295-01259-6Frank Chapman Sharp · James Hayden Tufts · Frederick James Eugene WoodbridgeStudies in Philosophy and Psychology - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-295-02336-3U. S. Government Printing OfficeS. Hrg. 110-915: Consolidation of NASD and the Regulatory Functions of the NYSE: Working Towards Improved Regulation
2013978-1-295-02781-1U. S. Government Printing OfficeS. Hrg. 110-582: Consolidation in the Pennsylvania Health Insurance Industry: The Right Prescription
  ''978-1-295-03607-3Hilary FordFelix Walking
  ''978-1-295-04462-7AnonymousAmerican Business And Accounting Encyclopedia, Volume 1
  ''978-1-295-05440-4Beaume Georges 1861-1940Perrette. Illus. De A. Calbet - Primary Source Edition (French Edition)
  ''978-1-295-05441-1William TruranThe Iron Manufacture Of Great Britain: Theoretically And Practically Considered - Primary Source Edition
2013978-1-295-05443-5Luther Eugene MackallThe Principles Of Surety Under-writing: With Annotations Giving The Law Of The Several States On Important Points - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-295-05444-2Jammes Francis 1868-1938Pensée Des Jardins (French Edition)
  ''978-1-295-05445-9Isabella Lucy BirdKorea And Her Neighbours: A Narrative Of Travel, With An Account Of The Vicissitudes And Position Of The Country, Volume 1 - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-295-05447-3John JohnsonAn Abridgment Of Johnson's Typographia: Or The Printer's Instructor - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-295-05448-0Vivian Trow ThayerA Critique Of The Ethical Philosophy Of Benedict De Spinoza ...
2013978-1-295-05449-7George UrdangPharmacopoeias as witness of world history - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-295-05727-6George FosterProcess innovation in petroleum refining - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-295-06200-3AnonymousRecueil De Voyages Au Nord: Contenant Divers Mémoires Très Utiles Au Commerce & À La Navigation, Volume 4 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-295-06201-0F W Giessner · B A WintersWater wells and springs in the western part of the Upper Santa Margarita River watershed, Riverside and San Diego counties, California - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-295-06203-4Henry G WrayRutherford County, Tennessee, deed abstracts - Primary Source Edition
2013978-1-295-06204-1William JayPrayers For The Use Of Families
  ''978-1-295-06207-2Alfred ChattertonRural Economics In India - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-295-06208-9William Browne · Percy SocietyBritannia's Pastorals: A Third Book, Now First Edited From The Original Manuscript Preserved In The Library Of Salisbury Cathedral
  ''978-1-295-06209-6Dutch East Indies. Departement Van LandbBulletin De Départment De L'agriculture Aux Indies Néerlandaises, Issues 1-10 - Primary Source Edition (French Edition)
  ''978-1-295-07295-8Coldwater Public SchoolsCatalogue Of The Coldwater Public Schools For The Academic Year 1876-7... - Primary Source Edition
2013978-1-295-08036-6Nicholas WoodA Practical Treatise On Rail-roads: And Interior Communication In General ... With Tables Of The Comparative Value Of Canals And Rail-roads, And The Power Of The Present Locomotive Engines
  ''978-1-295-08466-1John William BallantyneGreen's Encyclopedia And Dictionary Of Medicine And Surgery, Volume 3...
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  ''978-1-295-09125-6Marcus Tullius CiceroCicero's Three Books of Offices: Or Moral Duties... - Primary Source Edition
2013978-1-295-09194-2AnonymousEncyclopedia Metòdica: Fàbricas, Artes Y Oficios, Traducidos Del Francés Al Castellano (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-295-09711-1   ''Americanized Encyclopedia Britannica, Revised And Amended: A Dictionary Of Arts, Sciences And Literature
  ''978-1-295-09808-8   ''Dictionary Of National Geographic... - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-295-10620-2Reginald Alfred PryorNotes On A Proposed Re-issue Of The Flora Of Hertfordshire: With Supplementary Remarks On The Botany Of The Watford District...
  ''978-1-295-11670-6U. S. Government Printing OfficeHouse Hearing, 109th Congress: Ethiopia Consolidation Act of 2005, and Condemning the Escalating Levels of Religious Persecution in the People's Repu
2013978-1-295-12590-6Jean Baptiste François LandriotLa Femme Pieuse Pour Faire Suite À La Femme Forte: Conférences Destinées Aux Femmes Du Monde... (French Edition)
  ''978-1-295-12591-3Charles Asbury StephensA Great Year of Our Lives at the Old Squire's - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-295-12593-7Henry Morrow Hyde · Bert KnightThe Buccaneers: A Story of the Black Flag in Business - Primary Source Edition
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  ''978-1-295-12595-1Albert Benjamin Prescott · Otis Coe JohnsonQualitative Chemical Analysis: A Guide in Qualitative Work, with Data for Analytical Operations and Laboratory Methods in Inorganic Chemistry - Primary Source Edition
2013978-1-295-12598-2Pierre-Joseph Proudhon · Marc Lucien BouttevilleContradictions Politiques: Théorie Du Mouvement Constitutionnel Au Xixe Siècle (L'empire Parlementaire Et L'opposition Légale) Lettre À Monsieur Rouy, ... En Faveur De L'abstention (French Edition)
  ''978-1-295-12599-9AnonymousMyths of Northern Lands: Narrated with Special Reference to Literature and Art - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-295-12804-4Robert Lambert PlayfairHandbook for Travellers in Algeria and Tunis: Algiers, Oran, Tlemcen, Bougie, Constantine, Tebessa, Biskra, Tunis, Carthage, Etc
  ''978-1-295-12911-9Victor FournelDictionnaire Encyclopédique D'anecdotes Modernes, Anciennes, Françaises Et Étrangères, Volume 1 - Primary Source Edition (French Edition)
  ''978-1-295-12963-8Adolphe Chauveau · Faustin HélieThéorie Du Code Pénal, Volumes 1-2 - Primary Source Edition (French Edition)
2013978-1-295-14336-8Susan RichardsPoetry: Wayside Thoughts: A Collection of Poems On Various Subjects, Sacred, Special and Tributary, with Some Few Thoughts in Prose
  ''978-1-295-14641-3Osmund Philip FisherOutlines of English Church History - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-295-14807-3Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshir · Record SocietyRecord Society for the Publication of Original Documents Relating to Lancashire and Cheshire: Publications, Volume 35 - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-295-16331-1AnonymousAmerican Rifleman's Encyclopedia: Being a Collection of Words and Terms Used by Riflemen of the United States, with Definitions and Explanations, and ... for Rifle Shooting - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-295-16384-7Howard Louis ConardEncyclopedia of the History of Missouri: A Compendium of History and Biography for Ready Reference
2013978-1-295-16502-5Elliott Anthony · Julius WadsworthA Treatise On the Law of Consolidation of Railroad Companies: Being an Argument in the Case of Julius Wadsworth of New York, Et Al., Versus Chicago & ... United States Circuit Court for the Norther
  ''978-1-295-18895-6Harry Franklin PorterSuccessful Industrial Management...
  ''978-1-295-19423-0AnonymousThe Catholic Encyclopedia...
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  ''978-1-295-20155-6   ''The Catholic Encyclopedia: An International Work Of Reference On The Constitution, Doctrine, Discipline, And History Of The Catholic Church, Volume 1... - Primary Source Edition
2013978-1-295-23439-4Benjamin E. 1857-1913 SmithThe Century cyclopedia of names; a pronouncing and etymological dictionary of names in geography, biography, mythology, history, ethnology, art, ... E. Smith Volume 9 - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-295-23877-4George MilliganSt. Paul's Epistles to the Thessalonians - Primary Source Edition
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  ''978-1-295-27054-5U. S. Government Printing OfficeS. Hrg. 109-251: State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2006
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2013978-1-295-29817-4Ezra SampsonThe Youth's Companion: Or an Historical Dictionary; Consisting of Articles Selected Chiefly from Natural and Civil History, Geography, Astronomy, ... Mineralogy; Arranged in Alphabetical Order
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2013978-1-295-36811-2Jakob Bohme · Saint-Martin · Perisse FreresL'Aurore Naissante, Ou La Racine de La Philosophie, de L'Astrologie Et de La Theologie ... - Primary Source Edition (French Edition)
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2013978-1-295-40620-3Bertrand RussellWhy men fight: a method of abolishing the international duel
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2014978-1-295-51259-1pub [from old catalo Wittemann brothersMt. Auburn cemetery
  ''978-1-295-52415-0Max HeindelSimplified Scientific Astrology: A Complete Textbook On the Art of Erecting a Horoscope, with Philosophic Encyclopedia and Tables of Planetary Hours
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2014978-1-295-59975-2Paul Pradier-Fodéré · Amédée Jean Le FaureCommentaire Sur Le Code of Justice Militaire: Precede D'une Introduction Historique ... Suivi D'une Table Analytique Des Matieres - Primary Source Edition (French Edition)
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2014978-1-295-72643-1Thorelle J. J.?Traité Des Dégénérescences Physiques, Intellectuelles Et Morales De L'espèce Humaine Et Des Causes Qui Produisent Ces Variétés Maladives: Atlas De Xii Planches (French Edition)
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  ''978-1-295-74019-2William HughesBible maps, or, A historical and descriptive atlas of scripture geography ... - Primary Source Edition
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2014978-1-295-76742-7Thomas Kelly Cheyne · John Sutherland BlackEncyclopædia Biblica: A Critical Dictionary of the Literary, Political and Religious History, the Archæology, Geography, and Natural History of the Bible, Volume 2 - Primary Source Edition
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2014978-1-295-83783-0Lionel StracheyThe World's Wit and Humor: An Encyclopedia of the Classic Wit and Humor of All Ages and Nations, Volume 14 - Primary Source Edition (Multilingual Edition)
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  ''978-1-295-83936-0Lionel StracheyThe World's Wit and Humor: An Encyclopedia of the Classic Wit and Humor of All Ages and Nations, Volume 6 - Primary Source Edition (Multilingual Edition)
2014978-1-295-85250-5Lionel StracheyThe World's Wit and Humor: An Encyclopedia of the Classic Wit and Humor of All Ages and Nations, Volume 15 - Primary Source Edition (Multilingual Edition)
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2014978-1-295-87741-6Lionel StracheyThe World's Wit and Humor: An Encyclopedia of the Classic Wit and Humor of All Ages and Nations, Volume 9 - Primary Source Edition
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  ''978-1-295-88522-0John Mras DowsonA Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology and Religion, Geography, History, and Literature - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-295-88789-7Karl BaedekerThe Mediterranean; seaports and sea routes, including Madeira, the Canary Islands, the coast of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia; handbook for travellers - Primary Source Edition
2015978-1-295-94062-2Thomas ReidAn Inquiry Into the Human Mind ... - Scholar's Choice Edition
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2015978-1-295-95254-0Adolf NeubauerThe Book of Tobit: A Chaldee Text from a Unique Ms. in the Bodleian Library, with Other Rabbinical Texts, English Translations and the Itala, - Scholar's Choice Edition
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