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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-172-00417-1M. (Louis Nicolas) 1802-18 BescherelleLes grands guerriers des crusades, 1095-1268: Saint Louis, Godefroi de Bouillon, Richard Coeur-de-Lion, Maleck-Adel, Saladin, Tancrède, etc (French Edition)
  ''978-1-172-00544-4Calvin Jean 1509-1564 · Beveridge Henry 1799-1863Tracts relating to the reformation Volume v.3
  ''978-1-172-00620-5Woodward Henry 1832-1921Geological magazine Volume n.s. decade 6, v. 2 (1915)
  ''978-1-172-01054-7Charles A. (Charles Augustus) 1 BriggsBiblical history: a lecture delivered at the opening of the term of the Union Theological Seminary, New York, September 19, 1889: with an appendix ..
  ''978-1-172-01259-6James MacGregorExodus: With Introduction, Commentary, and Special Notes, Etc. Volume 2
2010978-1-172-01620-4Alvar 16th cent Núñez Cabeza de VacaSpanish explorers in the southern United States, 1528-1543: The narrative of Alvar Nuñez Cabeça de Vaca
  ''978-1-172-02062-1Museum Fur Natur- Und Heimatkunde (MagdAbhandlungen und Berichte Volume bd. 1 (1906-08) (German Edition)
  ''978-1-172-04007-0Real Academia De La HistoriaMemorial histórico espãnol (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-172-05125-0California Academy of SciencesMemoirs of the California Academy of Sciences Volume no. 24 1998
  ''978-1-172-05441-1Sweet Robert 1783-1835Sweet's Hortus britannicus: or a catalogue of plants cultivated in the gardens of Great Britain, arranged in natural orders Volume pt. 1 Bot. H-C (1826)
2010978-1-172-05442-8Allan Octavian 1829-1912 HumeStray feathers. Journal of ornithology for India and its dependencies Volume Index v. 1-11 (1873-99)
  ''978-1-172-05443-5British Museum (Natural History). Dept.A synonymic catalogue of Homoptera Volume pt. I
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  ''978-1-172-05446-6Hner Jacob 1761-1826 · Geyer CarlSammlung europscher Schmetterlinge, errichtet von Jacob Hner in Augsburg Volume plates v.4 (German Edition)
  ''978-1-172-05447-3Universidad Nacional de La PlataRevista del Museo de La Plata Volume t. 5 1894 (Spanish Edition)
2010978-1-172-05448-0Willkomm Moritz 1821-1895Sertum florae hispanicae, sive, Enumeratio systematica omnium plantarum, quae in itinere anno 1850 per Hispaniae provincias boreali-orientales et ... systematica omnium plantarum (Latin Edition)
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  ''978-1-172-06200-3Shackleton Alice M · Royal Dublin SocietyReports on the zoological collections made in Torres Straits by professor A.C. Haddon, 1888-1889
  ''978-1-172-06202-7Deutsche Zoologische GesellschaftZoologischer Anzeiger Volume Bd. 54 1922 (German Edition)
  ''978-1-172-06203-4François P. L. d. 1886 PollenRecherches sur la faune de Madagascar et de ses dépendances Volume ptie 1 (French Edition)
2010978-1-172-06204-1Deutsche Zoologische GesellschaftZoologischer Anzeiger Volume Bd. 53 1921 (German Edition)
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  ''978-1-172-06207-2Lang Arnold 1855-1914Über Vorversuche Zu Untersuchungen Über Die Vareitätenbildung Von Helix Hortensis Müller Und Helix Nemoralis L. (German Edition)
  ''978-1-172-06208-9J. H. (Joseph Henry) 1859-1925 MaidenA critical revision of the genus Eucalyptus Volume v.3
2010978-1-172-06209-6California Academy of SciencesMemoirs of the California Academy of Sciences Volume no. 28 (2004)
  ''978-1-172-06562-2Radin Paul 1883-1959Literary aspects of North American mythology
  ''978-1-172-06574-5Germain Louis · Carié PaulFaune malacologique terrestre et fluviatile des Iles Mascareignes (French Edition)
  ''978-1-172-07087-9Cameron Helen Gordon · Massachusetts Bible SocietyThe American Bible: the books of the Bible in Modern English Volume v. 3
  ''978-1-172-07295-8Massachusetts. Board of Commissioners ofAnnual report Volume 1881
2010978-1-172-08036-6John Russell Earl 1792-1878 RussellThe foreign policy of England, 1570: 1870, an historical essay
  ''978-1-172-08521-7Russell Bertrand 1872-1970Introduction to mathematical philosophy
  ''978-1-172-09399-1Peter G. Cincinnati Publisher ThomsonCincinnati Society Blue Book and family directory
  ''978-1-172-10544-1Marvin Charles 1854-1890The Russians at the gates of Herat
  ''978-1-172-12054-3National Conference on Vocational GuidanProceedings of the second National conference on vocational guidance. New York, October 23 to 26, 1912
2010978-1-172-12592-0Maine. State Dept. Of HealthAnnual report of the State Department of Health of Maine Volume 2nd-3rd
  ''978-1-172-12593-7New York (N.Y.). Board Of HealthAnnual report of the Board of Health of the Health Department of the City of New York Volume 1905: v.2
  ''978-1-172-12595-1J. Hood Wright Memorial HospitalAnnual report of the J. Hood Wright Memorial Hospital Volume 40th-45th
  ''978-1-172-12597-5Preiswerk GustavAtlas and text-book of dentistry, including diseases of the mouth
  ''978-1-172-12598-2José María 1860-1933 Vargas VilaEl alma de los lirios (Spanish Edition)
2010978-1-172-12599-9Seegen JosefDie Zuckerbildung Im Thierkorper, Ihr Umfang Und Ihre Bedeutung (German Edition)
  ''978-1-172-13062-7Cummings Preston 1800-1875A dictionary of Congregational usages and principles according to ancient and modern authors: to which are added brief notices of some of the ... referred to in the compilation Volume 9th ed.
  ''978-1-172-14333-7Jules PaquierL'humanisme & la réforme: Jérôme Aléandre de sa naissance à la de son séjour à Brindes (1480 ... (French Edition)
  ''978-1-172-14807-3Pinkney William 1810-1883The nation's truest shield. A sermon preached at Bladensburg, Maryland, on Thanksgiving-day, Thursday, 28 Nov., 1850
  ''978-1-172-14952-0William M. (William Marinus) 1 WillettA new life of Summerfield. By William M. Willett ..
2010978-1-172-15558-3Nisbet John 1853-1914Studies in forestry; being a short course of lectures on the principles of sylviculture delivered at the Botanic garden, Oxford ..
  ''978-1-172-17423-2William Charles Henry WoodSelect British documents of the Canadian war of 1812 Volume 13
  ''978-1-172-20620-9Charles Joseph 1875-1950 BushnellThe social problem at the Chicago stock yards [microform]
  ''978-1-172-21123-4Thomas Hale 1847- StreetsThe Stout family of Delaware: with the story of Penelope Stout
  ''978-1-172-21308-5George William Clarkson. [from old KayeTables of physical and chemical constants and some mathematical functions
2010978-1-172-21433-4Plon Eugène 1836-1895Thorvaldsen: his life and works
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  ''978-1-172-25251-0Ferguson Marshall 1866- [from o JowettThe complete story of the Airedale terrier
2010978-1-172-25681-5Herbert b. 1860 MyrickThe hop; its culture and cure, marketing and manufacture; a practical handbook on the most approved methods in growing, harvesting, curing, and selling hops, and on the use and manufacture of hops
  ''978-1-172-25817-8R. de comp BlanchaudProgressive French idioms
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2010978-1-172-27604-2Gerald Stanley LeeCrowds, a study of the genius of democracy and of the fears, desires, and expectations of the people
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2010978-1-172-29514-2Albert RossTheir marriage bond: by Albert Ross
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2010978-1-172-34260-012th cent Menahem ben Solomon ben IsaacMidrash sekhel tov (Hebrew Edition)
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  ''978-1-172-37859-3Edward JohnstonWriting & illuminating & lettering
2010978-1-172-37885-2Franz Xavier Jos. Koch · Anna Maud Buchanan · Charles Paul BruehlA manual of apologetics
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  ''978-1-172-38125-8Janet B. Montgomery McGovernAmong the head-hunters of Formosa
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2010978-1-172-41259-4Savigny-Stiftung für RechtsgeschichteZeitschrift. Germanistische Abteilung. 1.- Bd.; 1880- (German Edition)
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2010978-1-172-42496-2John Dos PassosThree soldiers
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2010978-1-172-48620-5statutes etc. [f Haiti (Republic) LawsCode de procédure civile annoté avec commentaires, jurisprudence et formules (French Edition)
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2010978-1-172-57990-7S. S. [from old catalog] GordonThe "standard" work on cutting ladies' tailor-made garments;
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  ''978-1-172-72942-5   ''The history of Protestantism Volume 3
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