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2010978-1-143-99261-2William Suddards Franklin · Edward Leamington NicholsA Pamphlet Supplementary to the Second Volume of Nichols and Franklin's Elements of Physics: Containing a Revision of the Chapters On Electrostatics and Self-Induction ...
  ''978-1-143-99275-9Francis Newton ThorpeThe Constitutional History of the United States
  ''978-1-143-99289-6A S.I ETVERRILL AND SMITHThe Invertebrate Animals
  ''978-1-143-99292-6Edward John RouthAn Elementary Treatise On the Dynamics of a System of Rigid Bodies
  ''978-1-143-99308-4Ellwood Patterson CubberleyA Brief History of Education: A History of the Practice and Progress and Organization of Education
2010978-1-143-99311-4Charles Félix Hyacinthe GouhierDjemschid Et Quetzalcohuatl, L'histoire Légendaire De La Nouvelle Espagne Rapprochée De La Source Indo-Européenne [By C.F.H. Gouhier]. (French Edition)
  ''978-1-143-99325-1Georg CurtiusPrinciples of Greek Etymology, Volume 2
  ''978-1-143-99339-8Antoine Louis Auguste PironneauLes Conventions Africaines Et Les Compagnies De Colonisation (French Edition)
  ''978-1-143-99342-8AnonymousLa Civiltà Cattolica, Issues 3337-3342 (Italian Edition)
  ''978-1-143-99356-5Georges PicotHistoire Des États Généraux, Volume 1 (French Edition)
2010978-1-143-99373-2France. Commission Des Annales Des MinesAnnales Des Mines: Ou Recueil De Mémoires Sur L'exploitation Des Mines Et Sur Les Sciences Et Les Arts Qui S'y Rattachent (French Edition)
  ''978-1-143-99387-9Joseph Henry Allen · James Bradstreet Greenough · George Lyman KittredgeAllen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar for Schools and Colleges: Founded On Comparative Grammar
  ''978-1-143-99390-9Geological Survey Of CanadaContributions to Canadian Micropalaeontology ..., Parts 1-4
  ''978-1-143-99406-7AnonymousCollection Des Ordonnances Des Rois De France: Supplément, 1527-1547 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-143-99423-4John KeeseThe Poets of America: Illustrated by One of Her Painters
2010978-1-143-99437-1Rosa Nouchette CareyBarbara Heathcote's Trial, by the Author of 'nellie's Memories.' 3 Vols
  ''978-1-143-99440-1John Rogers CommonsTrade Unionism and Labor Problems
  ''978-1-143-99454-8S WaringThe Minstrelsy of the Woods; Or, Sketches and Songs Connected with the Natural History of Some of the Most Interesting British and Foreign Birds
  ''978-1-143-99468-5George Wharton EdwardsHolland of To-Day
  ''978-1-143-99471-5Eduard WetzelDie Deutsche Sprache: Eine Nach Methodischen Grundsätzen Bearbeitet Grammatik... (German Edition)
2010978-1-143-99485-2Malcolm Horace LauchheimerThe Labor Law of Maryland
  ''978-1-143-99499-9AnonymousReport, State Entomologist of Minnesota to the Governor, Volume 10
  ''978-1-143-99504-0Paul-Louis CourierŒuvres De P.L. Courier: Pamphlets Et Lettres Politiques (French Edition)
  ''978-1-143-99518-7Wellington AdamsElectricity, Its Application in Medicine and Surgery, Volume 1
  ''978-1-143-99521-7Charles Robert MaturinWomen
2010978-1-143-99535-4New York Constitutional ConventionDocuments and Reports of the Constitutional Convention of the State of New York, 1894
  ''978-1-143-99549-1John Kirk TownsendSporting Excursions in the Rocky Mountains: Including a Journey to the Columbia River, and a Visit to the Sandwich Islands, Chili, &c, Volume 2
  ''978-1-143-99552-1Pierre-Marie QuitardDictionnaire Étymologique, Historique, Et Anecdotique Des Proverbes Et Des Locutions Proverbiales De La Langue Française, En Rapport Avec Des ... Des Autres Langues (French Edition)
  ''978-1-143-99566-8Ludwig Mendelssohn · Ludwig LangeRomische Alterthumer, Volume 3 (German Edition)
  ''978-1-143-99574-3Frederic William Maitland · Frederick PollockThe History of English Law Before the Time of Edward I, Volume 2
2010978-1-143-99583-5Horace Hooker · Thomas Hopkins GallaudetThe Practical Spelling-Book, with Reading Lessons
  ''978-1-143-99597-2John LendrumHistory of the American Revolution: With a Summary Review of the State and Character of the British Colonies of North America
  ''978-1-143-99602-3Bartolomeo BorghesiŒuvres Complètes De Bartolomeo Borghesi, Volume 1 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-143-99616-0Sarah Hammond PalfreyHerman: Or, Young Knighthood, Volume 1
  ''978-1-143-99633-7Carl GegenbaurLehrbuch Der Anatomie Des Menschen, Volume 1 (German Edition)
2010978-1-143-99647-4Richard BithellA Half-Yearly Course of Reading Lessons ... in English History
  ''978-1-143-99650-4Marcel PoëteLes Primitifs Parisiens: Étude Sur La Peinture Et La Miniature À Paris Du Xive Siècle À La Renaissance. Lecons D'un Cours D'introduction À L'histoire ... La Bibliothèque De La Ville (French Edition)
  ''978-1-143-99664-1BostonExtracts from the Public Statutes Relating to the City of Boston: Special Statutes, Passed Prior to Jan. 1, 1888. Being the Second Part of the Collection, Part 2
  ''978-1-143-99678-8Entomological Society of Ontario · Entomological Society Of Canada (1863-18 · Entomological Society OfThe Canadian Entomologist, Volumes 19-20
  ''978-1-143-99681-8George JohnsonPulpe De Bois Et Bois De Pulpe Au Canada (French Edition)
2010978-1-143-99695-5John BurgessPleasant Recollections of Characters and Works of Noble Men: With Old Scenes and Merry Times of Long, Long Ago
  ''978-1-143-99700-6Thomas Dyer TuttlePrinciples of Public Health ...
  ''978-1-143-99714-3AnonymousLibrary of the Fine Arts: Or Repertory of Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, and Engraving, Volume 3
  ''978-1-143-99728-0SANTIAGOLos Precursores (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-143-99731-0Jean MolinetChroniques De Jean Molinet: Publiées Pour La Premiere Fois, D'après Les Manuscrits De La Bibliothèque Du Roi (Middle French Edition)
2010978-1-143-99745-7Société Des Sciences Historiques Et NaBulletin, Volume 31 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-143-99759-4Brander Matthews · Henry Cuyler BunnerThe Poems of H. C. Bunner...
  ''978-1-143-99762-4Maxime LeroyLes Transformations De La Puissance Publique: Les Syndicats De Fonctionnaires (French Edition)
  ''978-1-143-99776-1AnonymousThe House of Commons, February 1901: With Biographical Notices of Its Members, Recorded Polls ... and Statistical Analysis
  ''978-1-143-99793-8United StatesStatutes of the United States of America
2010978-1-143-99809-6Achille DelboulleGlossaire De La Vallée D'yères Pour Servir a L'intelligence Du Dialecte Haut-Normand Et a L'histoire De La Vieille Langue Française (French Edition)
  ''978-1-143-99812-6R J. WoodsStrength and Elasticity of Structural Members
  ''978-1-143-99826-3Robert DruittThe Surgeon's Vade Mecum
  ''978-1-143-99843-0Charles Coote · William RussellThe History of Modern Europe: With an Account of the Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire; and a View of the Progress of Society, from the Rise of the ... Letters from a Nobleman to His Son, Volume 2
  ''978-1-143-99857-7Allen Tibbals BurnsAmericanization Studies, Volume 3
2010978-1-143-99860-7PETER CUNNIGHAMThe Letters of Horace Walpole, Early of Orford.
  ''978-1-143-99869-0Charles Albert BrackettThe Care of the Teeth
  ''978-1-143-99874-4Charles P. AlvordPractical Spelling Lessons
  ''978-1-143-99888-1TerencePublii Terentii, Afri, Comoediae Sex: Ad Fidem Editionis Westerhovianae Concinnatae (Latin Edition)
  ''978-1-143-99891-1Richard Monckton Milnes HoughtonPoems of Many Years
2010978-1-143-99907-9Charles Dickens · William Harrison Ainsworth · Albert SmithBentley's Miscellany, Volume 11
  ''978-1-143-99910-9William Kelley WrightA Student's Philosophy of Religion
  ''978-1-143-99924-6Frank Headley SpragueSpiritual Consciousness
  ''978-1-143-99938-3Marie Rabutin-Chantal De Svign · Pierre Marie Gault De Saint-GermainLettres de Madame de Svign, de Sa Famille, Et de Ses Amis, Volume 12 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-143-99941-3Mosely Educational Commission To The UniReports of the Mosely Educational Commission to the United States of America, October-December, 1903
2010978-1-143-99955-0Albert LadenburgHandwörten Der Chemie, Volume 10 (German Edition)
  ''978-1-143-99969-7Karl Alexander HügelTravels in Kashmir and the Panjab: Containing a Particular Account of the Government and Character of the Sikhs
  ''978-1-143-99972-7Mexico. Comisión MonetariaDatos Para El Estudio De La Cuestion Monetaria En México (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-143-99986-4James Selwin TaitEmigration by Colony for the Middle Classes