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Amitabha: A Story of Buddhist Theology 978-0-403-07255-21977
Bride of Christ A Study in Christian Legend Lore 978-0-7661-3051-72003
Buddha 978-1-4699-5950-42012
Buddha, The Gospel 978-1-59547-941-92007
Buddhism and Its Christian Critics: 978-1-112-04876-02009
Chinese Philosophy: An Exposition of the Main Characteristic Features of Chinese Thought 978-1-146-76913-62010
Chinese Philosophy: An Exposition Of The Main Characteristic Features Of Chinese Thought 978-1-4304-4650-72007
Das Evangelium des Buddha: Nach alten Quellen nacherzählt von Paul Carus
978-3-9807847-9-52008Konrad Dietzfelbinger · Olga Kopetzky
Die Geschichte des Teufels: Von den Anfängen der Zivilisation bis zur Neuzeit
Die Religionslehre der Buddhisten
Edward's Dream, the Philosophy of a Humorist 978-1-115-89620-72009Wilhelm Busch
Eros and Psyche: A Fairy-Tale of Ancient Greece, Retold After Apuleius 978-1-112-06619-12009
Fundamental Problems: The Method of Philosophy as a Systematic Arrangement of Knowledge 978-1-112-15737-02009
God: An Enquiry Into the Nature of Man's Highest Ideal and a Solution of the Problem from the Standpoint of Science 978-1-60206-390-72007
Goethe and Schiller's Xenions 978-1-176-64692-62010Friedrich Schiller
Goethe: With Special Consideration of His Philosophy 978-1-112-06281-02009
History of the Devil and the Idea of Evil 978-0-517-15064-11996
Karma a Story of Buddhist Ethics 978-0-7661-9172-32004
Magic squares and cubes 978-1-177-76290-82010Charles Albert Browne · W S. b. 1847 Andrews
Nietzsche And Other Exponents Of Individualism 978-1-4325-2343-52007
Nirvana: A Story Of Buddhist Psychology 978-1-4286-0304-22006
Nirvana: A Story of Buddhist Psychology 978-0-317-40415-91913
Our Children: Hints From Practical Experience For Parents And Teachers 978-1-4304-5119-82007
Our Children: Hints from Practical Exprience for Parents and Teachers 978-1-141-37935-42010
Philosophy As a Science: A Synopsis of Writings of Dr. Paul Carus, Containing an Introduction Written by Himself, Summaries of His Books, and a List of Articles to Date 978-1-112-04724-42009
Pleroma: An Essay on the Origin of Christianity 978-0-317-40408-11921
Primer of Philosophy: -1893 978-1-112-15738-72009
Primer of Philosophy 978-1-146-88995-72010
Story of Samson and Its Place in the Religious Development of Mankind 978-0-7661-3877-32003
Tammuz, Pan and Christ: Notes On a Typical Case of Myth-Transference and Development 978-1-141-54749-42010Wilfred Harvey Schoff
Teh Gospel of Buddha 978-1-142-91397-72010
The Buddha A Drama in Five Acts and Four Interludes
The Dawn of a New Era and Other Essays: -1899 978-1-112-16276-32009
The Dharma, Or the Religion of Enlightenment: An Exposition of Buddhism ... 978-1-141-05275-22010
The Dharma Or The Religion Of Enlightenment: An Exposition Of Buddhism 978-1-4286-4301-72006
The Ethical Problem 978-1-4212-7343-32005
The Ethical Problem: Three Lectures on Ethics as a Science 978-1-112-15371-62009
The Foundations of Mathematics 978-1-59605-006-82004
The Gospel of Buddha 978-0-87548-228-61999
The Gospel of Buddha: According to Old Records 978-1-112-44690-02009
The History of the Devil and the Idea of Evil: From the Earliest Times to the Present Day 978-0-87548-307-81991
The History of the Devil: With 350 Illustrations 978-0-486-46603-32008
The Mechanistic Principle and the Non-Mechanical: An Inquiry Into Fundamentals, With Extracts From Representatives of Either Side 978-1-112-16092-92009
The Mechanistic Principle and the Non-Mechanical: An Inquiry into Fundamentals With Extracts from Representatives of Either Side 978-0-912050-69-01913
The Open Court 978-1-153-07087-42010
The Open Court Volume 20 978-1-155-09447-22012
The Philosophy Of Form 978-1-4304-9402-72007
The Point Of View: An Anthology Of Religion And Philosophy Selected From The Works Of Paul Carus 978-1-4325-9938-62007
The Principle of Relativity in the Light of the Philosophy of Science 978-0-7661-9185-32004
The Religion Of Science 978-1-4304-4286-82007
The Religion of Science: Paul Carus 978-1-112-15718-92009
The Rise Of Man: A Sketch Of The Origin Of The Human Race 978-1-4179-5157-42004
The Soul Of Man: An Investigation Of The Facts Of Physiological And Experimental Psychology 978-1-4286-1359-12006
Whence and Whither: An Inquiry Into the Nature of the Soul, Its Origin and Its Destiny 978-1-112-47501-62009

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