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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2013978-1-294-00140-9Edward Augustus KendallPocket Encyclopedia: Or, a Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Polite Literature, Volume 4
  ''978-1-294-00750-0Jean Henri Merle D'Aubigne · Heinrich Joseph Wetzer · Benedikt WelteDictionnaire Encyclopedique de La Theologie Catholique: Redige Par Les Plus Savants Professeurs Et Docteurs En Theologie de L'Allemagne Catholique Mod (French Edition)
  ''978-1-294-00809-5New York Academy Of SciencesAnnals of the Lyceum of Natural History of New York, Volume 2
  ''978-1-294-01464-5Carl FortlageGenetische Geschichte der Philosophie seit Kant - Primary Source Edition (German Edition)
  ''978-1-294-02054-7U. S. Government Printing OfficeS. Hrg. 110: Financial Services and General Government Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2008, May 2, 2007
2013978-1-294-03062-1Charles Judson DuttonThe Underwood Mystery - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-294-04224-2AnonymousThe American Business Encyclopedia And Legal Adviser, Volume 2
  ''978-1-294-04804-6AnonymousThe New Funk And Wagnalls Encyclopedia Year Book 1955
  ''978-1-294-04894-7John Christopher WillisA Manual And Dictionary Of The Flowering Plants And Ferns: Outlines Of The Morphology, Natural History, Classification, Geographical Distribution And Economic Uses Of The Phanerogams And Ferns
  ''978-1-294-05440-5Rudolf Emil 1867-1916 MartinBerlin-bagdad; Das Deutsche Weltreich Im Zeitalter Der Luftschiffahrt, 1910-1931 - Primary Source Edition (German Edition)
2013978-1-294-05441-2Douglas William JerroldOther Times, Being Liberal Leaders Contributed To Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper, By D. And B. Jerrold - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-294-05442-9Robert Benjamin LewisLight And Truth: Collected From The Bible And Ancient And Modern History, Containing The Universal History Of The Colored And The Indian Race, From ... To The Present Time - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-294-05443-6William Robertson SmithLectures On The Religion Of The Semites: First Series, The Fundamental Institutions - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-294-05445-0Charles Frederick KroehThe French Verb: Or, How To Study The Regular And The Irregular Verbs In Order To Facilitate Reading And Conversation - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-294-05446-7Victor Herbert · George Gard De SylvaOrange blossoms: a comedy with music in three acts
2013978-1-294-05447-4Erik Naumann · Historiska handlingarHandlingar Rörande Skandinaviens Historia. Kronologiskt Register Öfver De Första 20 Delarne, Upprättade Af B.e. Hildebrand. Alphabetiskt Register ... Redigeradt Af E. Naumann (Swedish Edition)
  ''978-1-294-05448-1Samuel Frederick RacineGuide To The Study Of Auditing
  ''978-1-294-05449-8George Sale · George Psalmanazar · Archibald BowerAn Universal History, From The Earliest Account Of Time, Volume 2 - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-294-05809-0C L. SulzbergerThe Test De Gaulle And Algeria - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-294-05957-8AnonymousThe American Business Encyclopedia And Legal Adviser, Volume 3 - Primary Source Edition
2013978-1-294-06092-5Samuel LewisA topographical dictionary of Scotland, comprising the several counties, islands, cities, burgh and market towns, parishes, and principal villages
  ''978-1-294-06125-0Carl Friedrich KeilBiblischer Commentar über das alte Testament. - Primary Source Edition (German Edition)
  ''978-1-294-06201-1Stephen BorsodyThe Triumph Of Tyranny The Nazi And Soviet Conquest Of Central Europe - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-294-06202-8Sandwich (Mass.) · Pratt Ambrose ETwo Hundred And Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration Of Sandwich And Bourne, At Sandwich, Massachusetts, September 3, 1889
  ''978-1-294-06205-9Charlotte EdwardsThe Right Place For Love - Primary Source Edition
2013978-1-294-06207-3Wm F. BuckleyRumbles Left And Right A Book About Troublesome People And Ideas - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-294-06209-7France. Armée. InfanterieRèglement concernant l'exercice et les manouvres de l'infanterie: du premier aout 1791 Volume v.1-2 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-294-06347-6William Charles Henry WoodSelect British documents of the Canadian War of 1812; - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-294-07016-0Frederik MullerEssai D'une Bibliographie Neerlando-russe: Catalogue D'une Collection Remarquable De Livres, Atlas, Cartes, Portraits, Planches, Manuscrits, ... - Primary Source Edition (French Edition)
  ''978-1-294-07087-0Jaeckh Gustav 1866-1907Internatsional - Primary Source Edition (Russian Edition)
2013978-1-294-07185-3John Clark KennedyAlgeria And Tunis In 1845, Volume 1... - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-294-07295-9J. NeudörferHandbuch Der Kriegschirurgie: Ein Vademecum Für Feldärzte Nach Eigenen Erfahrungen Bearbeitet. Allgemeiner Theil - Primary Source Edition (German Edition)
  ''978-1-294-09520-0Joshua RoseThe Complete Practical Machinist: Embracing Lathe Work, Vise Work, Drills And Drilling, Taps And Dies, Hardening And Tempering, The Making And Use Of ... By 356 Engravings - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-294-10620-3Theodor MommsenInscriptiones Confoederationis Helveticae Latinae... - Primary Source Edition (Latin Edition)
  ''978-1-294-11259-4U.S. Environmental Protection AgencyScrap Tire Consumption in New England and New Jersey
2013978-1-294-12117-6Andrew LangMyth, Ritual And Religion, Volume 2... - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-294-12590-7AnonymousLes Sentences De Publius Syrus... (French Edition)
  ''978-1-294-12592-1Dion Cassius · Gros · BoisséeHistoire Romaine De Dion Cassius... (French Edition)
  ''978-1-294-12593-8Jean Baptiste Anatole Antoine de BarthéNouveau Manuel Complet De Numismatique Ancienne... - Primary Source Edition (French Edition)
  ''978-1-294-12594-5Ambroise VollardPaul Cézanne... (German Edition)
2013978-1-294-12595-2Académie des inscriptions et belles-let · Imprimerie RoyaleMedailles Sur Les Principaux Evenements De Regne De Louis Le Grand, Avec Des Explications Historiques... - Primary Source Edition (French Edition)
  ''978-1-294-12597-6Carlo FormichiGl'indiani E La Loro Scienza Politica, Volume 1... - Primary Source Edition (Italian Edition)
  ''978-1-294-12599-0AnonymousNotions And Fancy Goods, Volume 52, Issues 1-3... - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-294-13202-8Alexandre BrunoCode Administratif De Belgique, Volume 3 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-294-13428-2John DowsonA Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology and Religion, Geography, History, and Literature
2013978-1-294-14062-7Charles Fuhr JemmettA Treatise On the Law Relating to Pleasure Yachts: Being a 2D Ed. of "Yachting Under Statute." the Principal Provisions of the Maritime Law Applicable ... As a Handbook for the Use of Yacht Owners
  ''978-1-294-14333-8Episcopal Church. Diocese Of New York. SHistory of Old Testament Times: The Story of the Hebrew People in Outline. One Year Course, Part 2 - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-294-14641-4AnonymousAmerican Journal of Science, Volume 75 - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-294-14781-7   ''Bibliotheca Classica: Or, a Dictionary of All the Principal Names and Terms Relating to the Geography, Topography, History, Literature, and Mythology ... Chronological Table - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-294-14807-4Anna NicholasThe Making of Thomas Barton - Primary Source Edition
2013978-1-294-17125-6Johann Michael ZeyherVerzeichniss Der Gewaechse in Dem Grossherzoglichen Garten Zu Schwetzingen - Primary Source Edition (German Edition)
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  ''978-1-294-18854-4AnonymousThe Encyclopedia Britannica: A Dictionary Of Arts, Sciences And General Literature, Volume 6... - Primary Source Edition
2013978-1-294-19397-5Claude Sébastien Bourguignon-DumolardManuel D'instruction Criminelle, Contenant Le Code D'instruction Criminelle, Le Code Pénal, Les Lois Et Réglemens Sur L'organisation Judiciaire, ... Et Tribunaux, Volume 2... (French Edition)
  ''978-1-294-19867-3AnonymousThe Encyclopedia Americana: A Library Of Universal Knowledge, Volume 2... - Primary Source Edition
2000978-1-294-21178-5JIAO SHI ZI GE KAO SHI JIAO CAI BIAN XIE ZU . ZHONG REN JIAO YU JIAO SHI ZI GE KAO SHI JIAO YAN Z...2014 Inner Teacher Education and Human dedicated teaching qualification examination: Educational Psychology (with CD-ROM disc one)
2013978-1-294-23246-9Charles E. b. 1873 ChadmanA treatise on criminal law and criminal procedure: including criminal evidence and criminal pleading: also a treatise on the law of evidence
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2013978-1-294-27087-4U.S. Government Printing OfficeHouse Hearing, 108th Congress: Federal Information Systems Integration and Consolidation: Maximizing Technology Investment Across Agency Boundaries
  ''978-1-294-27154-3   ''S. Hrg. 109-872: McKinney-Vento Reauthorization and Consolidation of HUD'S Homeless Programs
  ''978-1-294-27821-4U. S. Environmental Protection AgencyStudy of Selected Petroleum Refining Residuals: Industry Study
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2013978-1-294-30095-3Thomas ThomsonThe Popular Encyclopedia: Being a General Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature, Biography, History, and Political Economy, Reprinted from the ... On the Rise and Progress of Literature
  ''978-1-294-30308-4AnonymousThe Globe Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World: Descriptive and Statistical, with Etymological Notices, Being a Geographical Dictionary for Popular Use, with Thirty-Two Maps - Primary Source Edition
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2013978-1-294-30620-7George DobsonRussia's Railway Advance Into Central Asia
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  ''978-1-294-35355-3William K. (William Kissam) VanderbiltA trip through Italy, Sicily, Tunisia, Algeria and southern France
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  ''978-1-294-37707-8Josiah ConderDictionary Of Geography, Ancient And Modern ... With A Brief Notice Of ... Principal Towns ... And Glossary Of Geographical Terms...
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2013978-1-294-39125-8Francesco Malaguzzi ValeriPittori Lombardi del Quattrocento - Primary Source Edition (Italian Edition)
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2014978-1-294-44710-8AnonymousThe Encyclopedic Digest of Texas Reports (Criminal Cases): Being a Complete Encyclopedia and Digest of All the Texas Case Law (Criminal) Up to and Inc
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2014978-1-294-50125-1Strzygowski Josef 1862-1941 · Berchem Max van · Berchem Max vonAmida: Materiaux Pour Lépigraphie Et Lhistoire Musulmanes Du Diyar-bekr (German Edition)
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2014978-1-294-53150-0Edmund Heusinger Von WaldeggHandbuch Fur Specielle Eisenbahn-Technik: Bd. Der Eisenbahn-Wagenbau in Seinem Ganzen Umfange. Bearbeitet Von Heusinger Von Waldegg, C. Hladik, H. Kli (German Edition)
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  ''978-1-294-60544-7Percy GoetschiusThe Larger Forms of Musical Composition: An Exhaustive Explanation of the Variations, Rondos, and Sonata Designs, for the General Student of Musical ... the Special Student of Structural Composition
  ''978-1-294-60586-7William WestphalTen Years in South Africa: Only Complete and Authentic History of the British German Legion in South Africa and the East Indies
  ''978-1-294-60620-8Edward John RussellSoil Conditions and Plant Growth
2014978-1-294-61125-7Pierre Victor Jean Bert De BournisseauxAn Historical Sketch of the Civil War in the Vendees: From Its Origin to the Peace Concluded at La Jaunaie - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-294-61259-9Alexandra De HolsteinSerf Life in Russia: The Childhood of a Russian Grandmother - Primary Source Edition
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  ''978-1-294-63390-7Allan H. GilbertA geographical dictionary of Milton
2014978-1-294-63907-7Percy FitzpatrickThe Outspan; Tales of South Africa - Primary Source Edition
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  ''978-1-294-75948-5Philippe PinelA Treatise On Insanity: In Which Are Contained The Principles Of A New And More Practical Nosology Of Maniacal Disorders Than Has Yet Been Offered To The Public ......
  ''978-1-294-78770-9John George BourinotParliamentary Procedure and Practice, with an Introductory Account of the Origin and Growth of Parliamentary Institutions in the Dominion of Canada -
  ''978-1-294-78880-5John Thomson · William CullenThe Works of William Cullen: Containing His Physiology, Nosology, and First Lines of the Practice of Physic; With Numerous Extracts from His Manusc
2014978-1-294-79054-9William Theodore Brannt · Carl DeiteA Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Perfumery: Comprising Directions for Making All Kinds of Perfumes, Sachet Powders, Fumigating Materials,
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2014978-1-294-80437-6Grenville KleiserFifteen Thousand Useful Phrases
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  ''978-1-294-80803-9John HicksWanderings by the Lochs and Streams of Assynt: And the North Highlands of Scotland
  ''978-1-294-81259-3Margaret SlatteryThe charm of the impossible
  ''978-1-294-82779-5Constantine StephanoveComplete Bulgarian-English dictionary (including a lexicon of geographical, historical, proper, etc., names, a list of the English irregular verbs, weights and measures, etc.)
2014978-1-294-85231-5AnonymousThe World's Wit and Humor: An Encyclopedia of the Classic Wit and Humor of All Ages and Nations, Volume 8 - Primary Source Edition (Multilingual Edition)
  ''978-1-294-85307-7Lionel StracheyThe World's Wit and Humor: An Encyclopedia of the Classic Wit and Humor of All Ages and Nations, Volume 3
  ''978-1-294-85456-2Allen Francis GardinerNarrative of a Journey to the Zoolu Country: In South Africa - Primary Source Edition
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2014978-1-294-86482-0Charles BurnettThe 18th Hussars In South Africa: The Records Of A Cavalry Regiment During The Boer War, 1899-1902 - Primary Source Edition
  ''978-1-294-86485-1John MilneCeltic place-names in Aberdeenshire: with a vocabulary of Gaelic words not in dictionaries ; the meaning and etymology of the Gaelic names of places ... for the Committee of the Carnegie Trust
  ''978-1-294-86686-2Great Britain Concentration Camps CommiReport on the Concentration Camps in South Africa... - Primary Source Edition
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2014978-1-294-88703-4Frederick W BellThe South African native problem, a suggested solution; being a paper read before the Union Club of South Africa, and the Native Affairs Society of the Transvaal, on 14th October, 1909
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