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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2013978-1-289-00620-4U. S. Government Accountability Office (Justice and Law Enforcement: Long-Term Impact of Law Enforcement Assistance Grants Can Be Improved: Ggd-75-1
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  ''978-1-289-05125-9   ''Acquisition Reform: Obstacles to Implementing the Federal Acquisition Computer Network: Nsiad-97-26
  ''978-1-289-05440-3   ''Transportation Infrastructure: Preserving the Nation's Investment in the Interstate Highway System: Rced-91-147
2013978-1-289-05441-0Dale a. QuattrochiUrban Sustainability and Public Health: Throwing the Bath Water Out and Not the Baby
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  ''978-1-289-05443-4   ''Ilegal Aliens: Despite Data Limitations, Current Methods Provide Better Population Estimates: Pemd-93-25
2013978-1-289-05445-8U. S. Government Accountability Office (Government Operations: Inadequacy of Protection Provided and Extent of Damages to Government-Owned Property at Miller Army Airfield, New York
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2013978-1-289-06201-9U. S. Government Printing OfficeDepartment of Interior Inspector General Reports: Final Audit Report on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Federal Grants Administered by the Commonwe
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  ''978-1-289-07087-8   ''Counterdrug Technology Assessment Center: Clarifying Rationale for the Research and Development Funding Decisions Would Increase Accountability: Gao-0
  ''978-1-289-07295-7   ''Justice and Law Enforcement: The Corps of Engineers Should Revise Its Policy for Identifying Unneeded Land: Rced-85-41
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2013978-1-289-10544-0U. S. Government Accountability Office (Government Vehicles: Officials Now Rarely Receive Unauthorized Home-To-Work Transportation: Ggd-91-27
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2013978-1-289-11259-2U. S. Government Accountability Office (Environmental Protection Agency: Major Management Challenges: Gao-11-422t
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2013978-1-289-12593-6U. S. Government Accountability Office (Procurement: National Institute of Education's Procurement Practices: Hrd-86-1
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2013978-1-289-12598-1U. S. Government Accountability Office (Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board: Many Responsibilities and Investment Policies Set by Congress: Gao-07-611
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2013978-1-289-13062-6U. S. Government Accountability Office (Health and Safety: Doe's Implementation of a Comprehensive Health Surveillance Program Is Slow: Rced-94-47
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2013978-1-289-16125-5U. S. Government Accountability Office (Defense Infrastructure: Changes in Funding Priorities and Management Processes Needed to Improve Condition and Reduce Costs of Guard and Reser
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2013978-1-289-20620-8U. S. Environmental Protection AgencyMolecular Sieve Tests for Control of Sulfuric Acid Plant Emissions
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