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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-171-46416-7Ignace Gaston PardiesShort, but yet plain elements of geometry and plain trigonometry. ... Written in French by F. Ignatius Gaston Pardies. And now rendred into English ... last edition. By John Harris M.A. and F.R.S.
  ''978-1-171-46417-4S. P.A letter written in the year 1697. to Dr. Lancaster: wherein the resistance of the people under the conduct of the Prince of Orange, and the placing King William on the throne, are vindicated
  ''978-1-171-46418-1Peter WilliamsonA brief account of the war in N. America: shewing, the principal causes of our former miscarriages: as also, the necessity and advantage of keeping ... a friendly correspondence with the Indians
  ''978-1-171-46419-8Charles Nicolas CochinObservations upon the antiquities of the town of Herculaneum, discovered at the foot of Mount Vesuvius. With some reflections on the painting and ... Cochin the younger, and Mr. Bellicard, ed 2
  ''978-1-171-47708-2Mademoiselle de LeiurichThe travels and surprising adventures of Mademoiselle de Leurich. Who travelled over Europe, dressed in man's apparel, attended by her maid-servant as her valet de chambre. Volume 1 of 2
2010978-1-171-47822-5Mademoiselle de LeiurichThe travels and surprising adventures of Mademoiselle de Leurich. Who travelled over Europe, dressed in man's apparel, attended by her maid-servant as her valet de chambre. Volume 2 of 2
  ''978-1-171-48070-9James RobsonA catalogue of upwards of twenty thousand volumes, of the most valuable books which will begin to be sold this day, 1780, by James Robson,
  ''978-1-171-48071-6Francis ForbesThe extensive practice of the new husbandry Exemplified on various sorts of land, for a course of years: and the importance on that husbandry to ... long experience of several eminent husbandmen
  ''978-1-171-48072-3Noel Antoine PlucheSpectacle de La Nature: Or, Nature Display'd Being Discourses on Such Particulars of Natural History as Were Thought Most Proper to Excite the
  ''978-1-171-48073-0P. B. Du-BoisUseful reflections on several subjects, suited to the present times: each chapter beginning with a diverting fable: to which is added a proper moral: ... from the best histories.The second edition.
2010978-1-171-48074-7Peter LonguevilleThe hermit, or, the unparalleled sufferings and surprising adventures of Mr Philip Quarll, an Englishman: who was lately discovered by Mr Dorrington, ... an uninhabited island in the South Sea: 7ed
  ''978-1-171-48075-4John Horne TookeThe speeches of John Horne Tooke, during the Westminster election, 1796: with his two addresses to the electors of Westminster Also, the speech of the ... of the election The only corrected published
  ''978-1-171-48076-1MaximianusThe impotent lover describ'd in six elegies on old-age. In imitation of Cornelius Gallus. With a satyr on our modern letchers: shewing the many new ... have to raise their lust, viz. flogging, .
  ''978-1-171-48077-8Thomas AshtonSome observations on a book intitled An essay, . In the course of which the Lord Bishop of London's comparison of the more sure word of prophecy, . is ... it by the Reverend Messieurs Ashton and Cooke
  ''978-1-171-48078-5William RusherThe second part of a catalogue of books, for 1798, in various languages now selling cheap, by William Rusher, Banbury. Catalogues may be had gratis, ... at Mr. Slatter's and at Mr. James Wallis
2010978-1-171-48079-2Samuel PatersonA catalogue of the genuine library, manuscripts, and prints, of the Rev.edward Thomas, A.M. Fellow of the Royal and Antiquary Societies, late of ... of books which will be sold by auction
  ''978-1-171-49598-7Luella Angelina Palmer · Seth Thayer StewartPlay life in the first eight years
  ''978-1-171-49669-4Real Academia De La HistoriaBoletín - Real Academia de la Histori, Volume 8-9 (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-171-49820-9William Harrison PolkPolk family and kinsmen
  ''978-1-171-50620-1Blanche Winder · Harry G TheakerOnce upon a time: children's stories from the classics
2010978-1-171-50900-4Charles Grandison Parsons · Harriet Beecher StoweAn inside view of slavery; or, A tour among the planters
  ''978-1-171-50933-2Adolph Francis Alphonse BandelierThe Indians and aboriginal ruins near Chachapoyas in northern Peru
  ''978-1-171-51228-8James Anthony FroudeThe reign of Mary Tudor
  ''978-1-171-51258-5Jack LondonThe road
  ''978-1-171-51259-2James N. 1844-1927 ArnoldVital record of Rhode Island: 1636-1850: first series: births, marriages and deaths: a family register for the people Volume 17
2010978-1-171-51433-6F W. 1872-1924 WaughIroquis [sic] foods and food preparation
  ''978-1-171-51669-9Alfred MarshallPrinciples of economics
  ''978-1-171-51937-9Jacob AbbottCyrus, the Great
  ''978-1-171-52367-3Mark TwainThe innocents abroad, or, The new Pilgrims' progress: being some account of the steamship Quaker City's pleasure excursion to Europe and the Holy Land Volume 1
  ''978-1-171-53352-8Real Academia De La HistoriaBoletín - Real Academia de la Histori, Volume 29 (Spanish Edition)
2010978-1-171-53677-2M Foster · W H. R. 1864-1922 RiversA text book of physiology Volume 3
  ''978-1-171-54056-4Pennsylvania. Gettysburg Battle-field CoPennsylvania at Gettysburg. Ceremonies at the dedication of the monuments erected by the commonwealth of Pennsylvania to Major-General George G. ... and to mark the positions of the Penn
  ''978-1-171-55045-7L Frank 1856-1919 Baum · John R. ill NeillThe road to Oz; in which is related how Dorothy Gale of Kansas, the Shaggy Man, Button Bright, and Polychrome the Rainbow's daughter met on an ... it all the way to the marvelous land of Oz
  ''978-1-171-55099-0Modern Language Association Of AmericaPublication, Volume 23
  ''978-1-171-55152-2Modern Language Association Of AmericaPublication, Volume 31
2010978-1-171-56203-0L M. 1874-1942 MontgomeryChronicles of Avonlea, in which Anne Shirley of Green gables and Avonlea plays some part ..
  ''978-1-171-56788-2G W. 1859-1926 Lamplugh · Finlay Lorimer KitchinOn the mesozoic rocks in some of the coal explorations in Kent
  ''978-1-171-56800-1John Starkie GardnerForeign armour in England
  ''978-1-171-57125-4Edward Bulwer Lytton LyttonSpeeches of Edward, lord Lytton
  ''978-1-171-57193-3John BurroughsWays of nature
2010978-1-171-57420-0L 1858-1919 OppenheimThe League of Nations and its problems; three lectures
  ''978-1-171-57686-0of Assisi Saint 1182-1226. Le FrancisThe little flowers of Saint Francis of Assisi
  ''978-1-171-57843-7Rudyard KiplingPoems and ballads. With original illus. by Victor A. Searles
  ''978-1-171-57980-9Petr Alekseevich KropotkinThe conquest of bread
  ''978-1-171-58893-1Gerald Stanley LeeThe lost art of reading
2010978-1-171-58962-4Maria Willett Howard · Walter M. LowneyLowney's cook book, illustrated in colors; a new guide for the housekeeper, especially intended as a full record of delicious dishes sufficient for ... and complete enough for ambitious providers
  ''978-1-171-59160-3Willard M. 1893- PorterfieldBamboo and its uses in China
  ''978-1-171-60049-7Arnold Harris MathewThe life and times of Rodrigo Borgia, Pope Alexander VI
  ''978-1-171-60573-7Real Academia De La HistoriaColección de documentos ineditos relativos al descubrimiento, conquista y organización de las antiguas posesiones españolas de ultramar. 2. ser. Microform Volume 07 (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-171-60815-8William Brackett Snow · Charles P. LebonEasy French; a reader for beginners, with word-lists, questionnaires, exercises and vocabulary
2010978-1-171-61259-9Flavius Josephus · William Whiston · Syvert HavercampComplete works of Josephus. Antiquities of the Jews; The wars of the Jews against Apion, etc., .. Volume 3
  ''978-1-171-61705-1G H. Hardy · Marcel RieszThe general theory of Dirichlet's series
  ''978-1-171-61707-5Alexander MacFarlaneVector analysis and quaternions
  ''978-1-171-61787-7Virgil Snyder · John Irwin HutchinsonElementary textbook on the calculus
  ''978-1-171-61871-3Julian S. 1888-1963 Hatcher · Glenn P. Wilhelm · Harry J. MalonyMachine guns. pt. I. Mechanism
2010978-1-171-62400-4Samuel Pepys · Mynors Bright · Richard Griffin BraybrookeThe diary of Samuel Pepys
  ''978-1-171-62495-0Henry Benjamin Wheatley · Samuel Pepys · Mynors BrightThe diary of Samuel Pepys
  ''978-1-171-63359-4Theodore Ayrault DodgeAlexander; a history of the origin and growth of the art of war from earliest times to the battle of Ipsus, B. C. 301 ..
  ''978-1-171-64035-6Albert Huck · Ross Lee FinneyHuck's Synopsis of the first three Gospels
  ''978-1-171-64182-7Charles Perrault · Chanoine ChanoineLes contes de Perrault (French Edition)
2010978-1-171-64216-9Julius Caesar · John Carew Rolfe · Arthur Wellington RobertsCaesar's Gallic war, books I-IV and selections from V-VII
  ''978-1-171-64502-3William A. 1832-1898 Rogers · Purnell Frederick Harrington · Albert RossThe coefficient of safety in navigation
  ''978-1-171-65062-1California. Dept. Of EngineeringProgram of conditions and instructions to govern a competition to be held for the purpose of selecting an architect for the library and courts ... erecrted in the city of Sacramento, Californi
  ''978-1-171-65874-0Sandford FlemingAn appeal to the Canadian institute on the rectification of Parliament
  ''978-1-171-66734-6Richard Wilhelm · Frederick Herman MartensThe Chinese fairy book
2010978-1-171-67417-7Wm Paul 1854-1927 GerhardGuide to sanitary inspections
  ''978-1-171-67981-3Le Grand PowersFarmer Hayseed in town; or The closing days of Coin's financial school
  ''978-1-171-67997-4A 1873- Millar · Edward S. joint author Maclin · Lorraine J. joint author MarkwardtDescriptive geometry
  ''978-1-171-68218-9Orville Wright · Wilbur WrightThe early history of the airplane
  ''978-1-171-68599-9James Octavius FaganConfessions of a railroad signalman
2010978-1-171-69533-2Harvey CushingTumors of the nervus acusticus and the syndrome of the cerebellopontile angle
  ''978-1-171-69581-3Bertrand RussellProposed roads to freedom; socialism, anarchism, and syndicalism
  ''978-1-171-69826-5W H HigginsThe life and times of Joseph Gould. Struggles of the early Canadian settlers, settlement of Uxbridge, sketch of the history of the county of Ontario, ... of sixty years of active political
  ''978-1-171-70419-5Seumas MacManusThe story of the Irish race; a popular history of Ireland
  ''978-1-171-70491-1Pierre GilliardThirteen years at the Russian court. (A personal record of the last years and death of the Czar Nicholas II. and his family)
2010978-1-171-70620-5Clara Erskine Clement WatersNaples, the city of Parthenope and its environs;
  ''978-1-171-70772-1Charles Arthur MercierConduct and its disorders, biologically considered
  ''978-1-171-71480-4F Vernon AlerAler's history of Martinsburg and Berkeley County, West Virginia: from the origins of the Indians, embracing their settlements, wars, and depredations, to the first white settlement of the valley ...
  ''978-1-171-71518-4William Ralph La PorteA handbook of games and programs for church, school, and home
  ''978-1-171-71896-3Henry White WarrenAmong the forces
2010978-1-171-71903-8Seymour R. Church · HS & Co. bkp Crocker CU-BANCAnalyses of pig iron
  ''978-1-171-72895-5Julius Caesar Hannibal · John William OrrBlack diamonds, or, Humor, satire, and sentiment, treated scientifically by professor Julius Cæsar Hannibal: in a series of burlesque lectures, darkly colored
  ''978-1-171-73305-8Henry JamesThe other house
  ''978-1-171-73832-9Oliver Ellsworth WoodFrom the Yalu to Port Arthur: an epitome of the first period of the Russo-Japanese war
  ''978-1-171-74161-9William Laird MansonThe Highland bagpipe; its history, literature, and music, with some account of the traditions, superstitions, and anecdotes relating to the instrument and its tunes
2010978-1-171-74795-6Man-jung Kim · James Scarth GaleThe cloud dream of the nine, a Korean novel: a story of the times of the Tangs of China about 840 A.D
  ''978-1-171-75008-6Richard Wilhelm · Frederick Herman MartensThe Chinese fairy book
  ''978-1-171-75107-6J-P 1754-1793 Brissot de Warville · François Jean Chastellux · S A. d. 1844 FerrallNew travels in the United States of America
  ''978-1-171-76062-7Julia Ellen RogersThe shell book; a popular guide to a knowledge of the families of living mollusks, and an aid to the identification of shells native and foreign
  ''978-1-171-76497-7Earl L Stendahl · Los Angeles Stendahl Art Galleries · Guy RoseGuy Rose / by Earl L. Stendahl ; paintings photographed by L. E. Wyman
2010978-1-171-76717-6Leo WienerAfrica and the discovery of America Volume 2
  ''978-1-171-77580-5George Wharton EdwardsAlsace-Lorraine
  ''978-1-171-78399-2J Hanno 1849-1909 DeilerThe settlement of the German coast of Louisiana and the Creoles of German descent
  ''978-1-171-78465-4Richard A. 1837-1888 ProctorMyths and marvels of astronom
  ''978-1-171-79125-6London Religious Tract SocietyMexico: the country, history and people
2010978-1-171-79273-4Rida Johnson YoungCaptain Kidd jr.; a farcical adventure in three acts
  ''978-1-171-79696-1Andrew Curtis White · Harry CaplanNotes on the meaning and use of some Latin adverbs and conjunctions as exemplified in Cicero's De senectute
  ''978-1-171-79985-6John Rome BattleLubricating engineer's handbook; a reference book of data, tables and general information for the use of lubricating engineers, oil salesmen, ... superintendents and machinery designers, etc.
  ''978-1-171-80544-1M G. de 1944- BruinBovine obstetrics
  ''978-1-171-80620-2Edward SheldonRomance
2010978-1-171-80955-5Gerald Stanley LeeAbout an old New England church; an address on "The good old days" published as a souvenir of the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the Congregational church of Sharon, Connecticut
  ''978-1-171-80978-4   ''The house of twenty seven gardens
  ''978-1-171-81196-1Hugh Arnold · Lawrence Bradford SaintStained glass of the middle ages in England and France
  ''978-1-171-81344-6Samuel ScovilleAbraham Lincoln: his story
  ''978-1-171-81449-8Wm Paul 1854-1927 GerhardGas-lighting and gas-fitting: a pocket book for gas companies, gas engineers ... and sanitary inspectors
2010978-1-171-82817-4Maude Radford WarrenKing Arthur and his knights
  ''978-1-171-82896-9Henry S RosenthalBuilding, loan and savings association, how to organize and sucessfully conduct them ..
  ''978-1-171-83027-6Walter Shaw Sparrow · William Henry Bidlake · Halsey RicardoThe modern home; a book of British domestic architectvre for moderate incomes; a companion volvme to "The British home of to-day";
  ''978-1-171-83519-6Richard Wagner · Theodor Uhlig · Ferdinand HeineRichard Wagner's letters to his Dresden friends, Theodor Uhlig, Wilhelm Fischer, and Ferdinand Hein
  ''978-1-171-83829-6Bouck WhiteLetters from prison; socialism a spiritual sunrise
2010978-1-171-83890-6Kate GreenawayMarigold garden; pictures and rhymes
  ''978-1-171-84308-5Wilhelm Busch · Charles Timothy BrooksMax and Maurice, a juvenile history in seven tricks
  ''978-1-171-84535-5Frederick L BatesThe social and psychological consequences of a natural disaster;
  ''978-1-171-84623-9Stetson KennedySouthern exposure
  ''978-1-171-84736-6George Taylor · Robert Surtees · James RaineA memoir of Robert Surtees, esq., M. A., F. S. A., author of the History of the county palatine of Durham
2010978-1-171-84786-1Elizabeth Kirkpatrick DillingThe red network; a "who's who" and handbook of radicalism for patriots
  ''978-1-171-85957-4Leno Ceno MichelonHow to build and operate a mobile-home park
  ''978-1-171-85970-3D S LivingstonA good life: dairy farming in the Olema Valley: a history of the dairy and beef ranches of the Olema Valley and Lagunitas Canyon, Golden Gate ... National Seashore, Marin County, California
  ''978-1-171-86090-7J Fred 1892-1977 Rippy · Lynn Irwin PerrigoLatin America, its history and culture
  ''978-1-171-86102-7Arthur L Murray · E P. WilesA first book in English for high schools
2010978-1-171-86150-8Henry James Forman · Carrie Chapman CattOur movie made children
  ''978-1-171-87354-9Alexander EliasbergJudisches Theater; Eine Dramatische Anthologie Ostj(c)Discher Dichter. Ausgew(c) Hlt, (C)Bertragen Und Eingeleitet Von Alexander Eliasberg (German Edition)
  ''978-1-171-88250-3Edmund Spenser · Thomas James Wise · Walter CraneSpenser's Faerie queene. A poem in six books; with the fragment Mutabilitie. Ed. by Thomas J. Wise, pictured by Walter Crane Volume 4
  ''978-1-171-88254-1Edmund Spenser · Thomas James Wise · Walter CraneSpenser's Faerie queene. A poem in six books; with the fragment Mutabilitie. Ed. by Thomas J. Wise, pictured by Walter Crane
  ''978-1-171-88332-6Frédéric Eugene Godefroy · P GodefroyDictionnaire de l'ancienne langue française et de tous ses dialectes du 9e au 15e siècle Volume 10 (French Edition)
2010978-1-171-88398-2Edmund Spenser · Thomas James Wise · Walter CraneSpenser's Faerie queene. A poem in six books; with the fragment Mutabilitie. Ed. by Thomas J. Wise, pictured by Walter Crane
  ''978-1-171-88480-4   ''Spenser's Faerie queene. A poem in six books; with the fragment Mutabilitie. Ed. by Thomas J. Wise, pictured by Walter Crane Volume 1
  ''978-1-171-88794-2James Cresson Parrish · printer De Vinne Press · Theodore Low De VinneSome account of the travels of myself and my son in the summer of nineteen hundred and two
  ''978-1-171-89279-3George William HornerThe Coptic version of the New Testament in the Southern dialect: otherwise called Sahidic and Thebaic ; with critical apparatus, literal English ... of the version Volume 3 (Coptic Edition)
  ''978-1-171-90351-2Dominion Bank · Oscar D. 1878-1941 SkeltonFifty years of banking service, 1871-1921
2010978-1-171-90544-8AnonymousJournal of Botany, British and Foreign
  ''978-1-171-90620-9Hans DrieschThe science and philosophy of the organism: Gifford lectures delivered at Aberdeen University, 1907-[1908] Volume 2
  ''978-1-171-90708-4Christopher WordsworthThe New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in the original Greek
  ''978-1-171-90921-7Francis Xavier LasanceVisits to Jesus in the tabernacle: hours and half-hours of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, with a novena to the Holy Ghost, and devotions for Mass, Holy Communion, etc
  ''978-1-171-91213-2Jesuits Jesuits · Reuben Gold ThwaitesThe Jesuit relations and allied documents: travels and explorations of the Jesuit missionaries in New France, 1610-1791 Volume 39
2010978-1-171-91259-0William Morris Davis · William Henry SnyderPhysical geography
  ''978-1-171-93656-5Th. (Théodore) b. 1819 MannequinLe problème démocratique; ou, La politique du sens commun (French Edition)
  ''978-1-171-94592-5L. (Louis) 1843-1922 DuchesneEarly history of the Christian church: from its foundation to the end of the fifth century Volume 1
  ''978-1-171-95523-8G. Campbell (George Campbell) 1 MorganThe teaching of Christ
  ''978-1-171-95879-6W. H. (William Henry) 1841-1922 HudsonBirds and man
2010978-1-171-97251-8Rouaix Paul 1850-Dictionnaire des arts décoratifs Volume 1 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-171-99256-1W. H. (William Henry) RosserThe law of storms considered practically
  ''978-1-171-99303-2Th. (Théodore) b. 1850 MortreuilLa Bibliothèque Nationale: Son Origine Et Ses Accroissements Jusqu'à Nos Jours (French Edition)
  ''978-1-171-99739-9M. (Louis Nicolas) 1802-18 BescherelleHistoire des ballons et des locomotives aériennes depuis Dédale jusqu'à Petin (French Edition)