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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-146-98216-0Oliver Wendell HolmesThe Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table: Every Man His Own Boswell
  ''978-1-146-98233-7Richard Louis Dugdale"The Jukes": A Study in Crime, Pauperism, Disease and Heredity ; Also Further Studies of Criminals
  ''978-1-146-98247-4Charles NeatSermons
  ''978-1-146-98250-4Georg Friedrich Knapp · Adolf HeldZwei Bücher Zur Socialen Geschichte Englands, Volumes 1-2 (German Edition)
  ''978-1-146-98264-1Harold CoxThe United Kingdom and Its Trade
2010978-1-146-98278-8Arthur Tannatt Woods · Albert W. StahlElementary Mechanism: A Text-Book for Students of Mechanical Engineering
  ''978-1-146-98281-8Georges Touchard-LafosseHistoire De Paris: Composée Sur Un Plan Nouveau, Volume 3 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-146-98295-5Charles LacretelleHistoire De La Révolution Française, Volume 2 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-146-98300-6Marcellin Berthelot · Leuthre Lie Nicolas Mascart · Joseph Louis Gay-LussacAnnales de Chimie Et de Physique (French Edition)
  ''978-1-146-98314-3Clare SheridanMayfair to Moscow: Clare Sheridan's Diary
2010978-1-146-98328-0Joseph Fitzgerald MolloyThe Russian Court in the Eighteenth Century, Volume 1
  ''978-1-146-98331-0Mary Mapes DodgeThe Land of Pluck: Stories and Sketches for Young Folk
  ''978-1-146-98345-7Charles DickensBarnaby Rudge: A Tale of the Riots of 'eighty, Volume 3 (German Edition)
  ''978-1-146-98359-4James MiddletonA Celestial Atlas. a Companion to the Celestial Atlas
  ''978-1-146-98362-4Michael BreiteneicherNinive Und Nahum: Mit Beiziehung Der Refultate Der Neuesten Entdeckungen Historisch Exegetisch Bearbeitet (German Edition)
2010978-1-146-98376-1Walter Raleigh · Thomas Birch · William OldysThe Works of Sir Walter Ralegh, Kt
  ''978-1-146-98393-8Edward FossMemories of Westminster Hall: A Collection of Interesting Incidents, Anecdotes and Historical Sketches: Relating to Westminster Hall, Its Famous ... Great Trials, with an Historical Introduction
  ''978-1-146-98409-6AnonymousEssays, Speeches, and Memoirs of Field-Marshal Count Helmuth Von Moltke, Volume 2 (German Edition)
  ''978-1-146-98412-6Edward Constant SeguinLectures On the Localization of Spinal and Cerbral Diseases: Delivered at the College of Physicians and Surgeons During the Months of December, 1877, and January 1878
  ''978-1-146-98426-3Charles Henry RamsdenApostolic Times and Their Lessons: Or, Plain ... Readings from the Acts of the Apostles
2010978-1-146-98443-0Charles Medyett GoodridgeNarrative of a Voyage to the South Seas and the Shipwreck of the "Princess of Wales" Cutter: With an Account of a Two Years Residence On an Uninhabited Island ....
  ''978-1-146-98457-7Levi Rodgers ReeseFuneral Oration Delivered at the Capitol in Washington Over the Body of Hon. Jonathan Cilley: With a Full Account of the Late Duel, Comprising Many Facts Never Before Published
  ''978-1-146-98460-7John ConneryThe New Speaker: With an Essay On Elocution
  ''978-1-146-98474-4William AndersonTreatise On Regeneration
  ''978-1-146-98488-1ManualThe Manual of Orthoepy
2010978-1-146-98491-1Gabriel Antoine J. HécartDictionnaire Rouchi-Français, Précédé De Notions Sur Les Altérations Qu'éprouve La Langue Francaise En Passant Par Ce Patois, Par G.a.J. H***. Par G.a.J. Hécart (French Edition)
  ''978-1-146-98492-8Eduard ZellerA History of Eclecticism in Greek Philosophy
  ''978-1-146-98507-9Robert Blakey · George CruikshankOld Faces in New Masks
  ''978-1-146-98524-6Anatole FranceL'ile Des Pingouins (French Edition)
  ''978-1-146-98538-3Robert Williams BuchananDavid Gray, and Other Essays: Chiefly On Poetry
2010978-1-146-98541-3Arthur Messinger ComeyA Dictionary of Chemical Solubilities, Inorganic
  ''978-1-146-98555-0Winslow UptonAn Investigation of Cyclonic Phenomena in New England
  ''978-1-146-98569-7John Appleton SwettA Treatise On the Diseases of the Chest
  ''978-1-146-98572-7L N. ComynEllice
  ''978-1-146-98586-4James Grant RaymondThe Life of Thomas Dermody
2010978-1-146-98605-2Henry G. DaltonThe History of British Guiana: Comprising a General Description of the Colony ; a Narrative of Some of the Principal Events from the Earliest Period ... of Its Climate, Geology, Staple Products,
  ''978-1-146-98619-9Samuel Mosheim Smucker · Samuel Mosheim ConnecticutThe Blue Laws of Connecticut:: A Collection of the Earliest Statutes and Judicial Proceedings of That Colony; Being an Exhibition of the Rigorous Morals and Legislation of the Puritans
  ''978-1-146-98622-9William Makepeace ThackerayThe Works of William Makepeace Thackeray, Volume 6
  ''978-1-146-98636-6Alfred Holmes WhiteTechnical Gas and Fuel Analysis
  ''978-1-146-98653-3Henry ConstableDelia
2010978-1-146-98667-0James Leigh JoynesThe Adventures of a Tourist in Ireland
  ''978-1-146-98670-0AnonymousRecherches Critiques Sur Les Relations Politiques De La France Avec L'allemagne De 1292 À 1378 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-146-98684-7Edward Sylvester EllisLow Twelve: "By Their Deeds Ye Shall Know Them." a Series of Striking and Truthful Incidents Illustrative of the Fidelity of Free Masons to One Another in Times of Distress and Danger
  ''978-1-146-98698-4CH HITCHCOCKThe Geology of New Hampshire
  ''978-1-146-98703-5Michel ChevalierCours D'économie Politique Fait Au Collège De France, Volume 2 (French Edition)
2010978-1-146-98717-2James Edward WinstonEnglish Towns in the Wars of the Roses
  ''978-1-146-98720-2Herman Friedrich GrimmLeben Michelangelo's, Zweite Auflage (German Edition)
  ''978-1-146-98734-9Thomas Ignatius M. ForsterPhilozoia: Or, Moral Reflections On the Actual Condition of the Animal Kingdom, and On the Means of Improving the Same
  ''978-1-146-98748-6Elzéar Jean J.L. BlazeLa Vie Militaire Sous L'empire (French Edition)
  ''978-1-146-98751-6Clements Robert Markham · William BaffinThe Voyages of William Baffin, 1612-1622
2010978-1-146-98765-3Robert SabineThe Electric Telegraph
  ''978-1-146-98779-0United States. Navy DeptExploration of the Valley of the Amazon
  ''978-1-146-98782-0Johann Jakob LeitzmannAbriss Einer Geschichte Der Gesammten M Nzkunde (German Edition)
  ''978-1-146-98796-7William Paul GerhardThe Water Supply, Sewerage and Plumbing of Modern City Buildings
  ''978-1-146-98801-8Indiana. Dept. of Geology and Natural Re · Indiana. State Geologist · Indiana. Dept. Of Statistics AndReport, Volume 2
2010978-1-146-98815-5Friedrich Christoph DahlmannGeschichte Der Franz Sischen Revolution Bis Auf Die Stiftung Der Republik (German Edition)
  ''978-1-146-98829-2AnonymousJournal of Accountancy, Volume 15
  ''978-1-146-98832-2Thomas PaineThe Writings of Thomas Paine, Volume 1
  ''978-1-146-98846-9Samuel Rhea GammonThe Presidential Campaign of 1832, Volume 40
  ''978-1-146-98863-6Great Britain. Customs And Excise Dept.Annual Statement of the Overseas Trade of the United Kingdom, Volume 1
2010978-1-146-98877-3AnonymousFestus, a Poem
  ''978-1-146-98880-3Karl Friedrich BachmannÜber Hegel's System Und Die Nothwendigkeit: Einer Nochmaligen Umgestaltung Der Philosophie (German Edition)
  ''978-1-146-98894-0Georges Perrot · Charles ChipiezA History of Art in Chaldæa & Assyria
  ''978-1-146-98913-8Arthur Henry BullenLyrics from the Dramatists of the Elizabethan Age
  ''978-1-146-98927-5Alfred Ewen FletcherThomas Gainsborough, R.a.
2010978-1-146-98930-5SG GoodrichHistory of All Nations, from the Earliest Periods to the Present Time; Or, Universal History: In Which the History of Every Nation, Ancient and Modern, Is Seperately Given
  ''978-1-146-98944-2John MasefieldThe Locked Chest and the Sweeps of Ninety-Eight: Two One Act Plays
  ''978-1-146-98958-9Angela Mary KeyesWhen Mother Lets Us Play
  ''978-1-146-98961-9Gino CapponiAntologia: Giornale Di Scienze, Lettere E Arti, Volume 27 (Italian Edition)
  ''978-1-146-98975-6AnonymousThe Magazine of History with Notes and Queries, Volume 15
2010978-1-146-98989-3Francis Newton Thorpe · Guy Carleton LeeThe History of North America: The Revolution, by C.W.a. Veditz and B.B. James
  ''978-1-146-98992-3Archives Départementales De L'YonneInventaire-Sommaire Des Archives Départementales Antérieures À 1790: Yonne, Volume 2 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-146-99009-7Stefano TicozziStoria Dei Letterati E Degli Artisti Del Dipartimento Della Piave (Italian Edition)
  ''978-1-146-99012-7Timothy Shay ArthurTales of Married Life: Containing Lovers and Husbands, Married and Single, Sweethearts and Wives
  ''978-1-146-99026-4Lewis Jerome JohnsonStatistics by Algebraic and Graphic Methods: Intended Primarily for Students of Engineering and Architecture
2010978-1-146-99043-1AnonymousKres: Leposloven in Znanstven List, Volume 3 (Slovene Edition)
  ''978-1-146-99057-8Association Of Trustees And SuperintendeProceedings of the ... Annual Convention of the Association of Trustees and Superintendents of County Asylums for the Insane of Wisconsin
  ''978-1-146-99060-8Raymond Stanton PattonUnited States Coast Pilot: Alaska. Part Ii. Yakutat Bay to Arctic Ocean
  ''978-1-146-99074-5William RussellRussell On Scientific Horseshoeing: For Leveling and Balancing the Action and Gait of Horses and Remedying and Curing the Different Diseases of the Foot
  ''978-1-146-99088-2AnonymousBibliotheque Des Mémoires Relatifs a L'histoire De France, Volume 19 (French Edition)
2010978-1-146-99091-2Henry AldrichArtis Logicæ Rudimenta, with Illustrative Observations [And a Transl. by J. Hill].
  ''978-1-146-99107-0Louis Leon ThurstoneThe Learning Curve Equation ...
  ''978-1-146-99110-0Nathaniel HawthorneHawthorne's Works, Volume 14
  ''978-1-146-99124-7AnonymousThe Letters of Charles Dickens, Volume 1
  ''978-1-146-99138-4Robert Louis Stevenson · William Ernest Henley · Sidney ColvinThe Novels and Tales of Robert Louis Stevenson, Volume 22
2010978-1-146-99141-4AnonymousThe Romance of Modern Electricity: Describing in Non-Technical Language What Is Known About Electricity and Many of Its Interesting Applications
  ''978-1-146-99155-1   ''The Dublin Review, Volume 34
  ''978-1-146-99169-8Akademie Der Wissenschaften In Wien. HisArchiv Für Österreichische Geschichte, Volume 46 (German Edition)
  ''978-1-146-99172-8Ellen M. CyrFifth Reader
  ''978-1-146-99186-5Harry Manley GoodwinElements of the Precision of Measurements and Graphical Methods
2010978-1-146-99205-3Augustin Pyramus De CandolleFlore Française, Ou, Descriptions Succinctes De Toutes Les Plantes Qui Croissent Naturellement En France: Disposées Selon Une Nouvelle Méthode ... De La Botanique, Volume 6 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-146-99219-0Société De Statistique D'histoire Et DRépertoire Des Travaux, Volume 11 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-146-99222-0Frederic Henry HedgeWays of the Spirit: And Other Essays
  ''978-1-146-99236-7Michel MathieuRapports Judiciaires Revisés De La Province De Québec, Volume 9 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-146-99253-4Charles Nelson SinnettRichard Pinkham of Old Dover, New Hampshire: And His Descendants, East and West
2010978-1-146-99267-1Walter Gray De Birch · Afonso De AlbuquerqueThe Commentaries of the Great Afonso Dalboquerque, Second Viceroy of India, Issue 53
  ''978-1-146-99270-1Horace Mather LippincottGeorge Washington and the University of Pennsylvania
  ''978-1-146-99284-8AnonymousFoul Burn Agitation!: Statement Explaining the Nature and History of the Agricultural Irrigation Near Edinburgh ; Containing a Refutation of the ... Pamphlet Published in Name of a Committee of
  ''978-1-146-99298-5Charles Phelps CushingIf You Don't Write Fiction
  ''978-1-146-99303-6Johann Kaspar Von Orelli · Wilhelm Henzen · Io Casparus HagenbuchiusInscriptionum Latinarum Selectarum Amplissima Collectio: Ad Illustrandam Romanae Antiquitatis Disciplinam Accommodata Ac Magnarum Collectionum ... Emendationesque Exhibens (Latin Edition)
2010978-1-146-99317-3William SawyerTen Miles from Town: With Poems
  ''978-1-146-99320-3Rollin Edson SmithWheat Fields and Markets of the World
  ''978-1-146-99334-0Gertrude Franklin Horn AthertonRulers of Kings
  ''978-1-146-99348-7Henry David GrayEmerson: A Statement of New England Transcendentalism As Expressed in the Philosophy of Its Chief Exponent
  ''978-1-146-99351-7HomerHomer, Volume 1
2010978-1-146-99365-4Bob BrownWhat Happened to Mary: A Novelization from the Play and the Stories Appearing in the Ladies' World
  ''978-1-146-99379-1Charles Hitchcock SherrillClass of '89 Decennial
  ''978-1-146-99382-1James RennieInsect Transformations, Part 1
  ''978-1-146-99396-8Albert Bushnell HartSalmon Portland Chase
  ''978-1-146-99401-9Geological SurveyBulletin - United States Geological Survey, Issue 282
2010978-1-146-99415-6François Arago · Éleuthère Élie Nicolas Mascart · Marcellin BerthelotAnnales De Chimie Et De Physique (French Edition)
  ''978-1-146-99429-3C TaberCauses Which Produce Great Prevailing Winds and Ocean Currents: And Their Effects On Climate
  ''978-1-146-99432-3Joseph FonssagrivesSaint Gildas De Ruis Et La Société Bretonne Au Vie Siècle (493-570) (French Edition)
  ''978-1-146-99446-0Henry CurlingGeraldine Maynard: Or, the Abduction
  ''978-1-146-99461-3Great Britain. Royal Commission on HistoReport On Manuscripts in the Welsh Language, Volume 2, part 3
2010978-1-146-99463-7Portugal. Procuradoria Geral Da Corôa EMemoria-Consulta Dirigida Ao Governo Portuguez Sobre a Questão Relativa Ao Caminho De Ferro De Lourenço Marques Suscitada Entre Os Governos Da ... Por Outra Parte, Subm... (Portuguese Edition)
  ''978-1-146-99477-4American Railway Bridge And Building AssProceedings of the ... Annual Convention of the American Railway, Bridge and Building Association ..., Volumes 8-10
  ''978-1-146-99480-4Constance LippincottMaryland As a Palatinate
  ''978-1-146-99494-1Chansonnier · Pierre ClairambaultRecueil Clairambault-Maurepas. Chansonnier Historique Du Xviiie Siècle, Publ. Avec Intr., Comm., Notes Et Index Par E. Raunié (French Edition)
  ''978-1-146-99513-9AnonymousAnnales De Chimie Et De Physique (French Edition)
2010978-1-146-99527-6William BrightChapters of Early English Church History
  ''978-1-146-99530-6Jean Froissart · Auguste SchelerŒuvres De Froissart: Publiées Avec Les Variantes Des Divers Manuscrits (French Edition)
  ''978-1-146-99544-3Charles Frederick PartingtonA Popular and Descriptive Account of the Steam Engine: Comprising a General View of the Various Modes of Employing Elastic Vapour As a Prime Mover in ... and Parliamentary Papers Connected with T
  ''978-1-146-99558-0Faculté De Droit D'Aix · Faculté Des Lettres D'AixAnnales Des Facultés De Droit Et Des Lettres D'aix, Volume 2 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-146-99561-0Henry AlfordPoems and Poetical Fragments [By H. Alford].
2010978-1-146-99575-7Viktor RydbergRoman Days
  ''978-1-146-99589-4Andreas M. IdrōmenosTo Syntagma Tes Hellados
  ''978-1-146-99592-4James Lauren FordForty-Odd Years in the Literary Shop
  ''978-1-146-99608-2Vict Parliament ProcAnalysis of the Evidence Given Before the Select Committees Upon the Slave Trade, by a Barrister
  ''978-1-146-99611-2Harriet Martineau · Charles KnightA History of the Thirty Years' Peace, A.D. 1816-1846, Volume 2
2010978-1-146-99625-9Angelus Francis Xavier MaffeiA Konkani Grammar
  ''978-1-146-99639-6AnonymousAnnual Report of the Commissioner of the Michigan Department of Health for the Fiscal Year Ending ... 1889
  ''978-1-146-99642-6Peter Hately WaddellAn Old Kirk Chronicle: Being a History of Auldhame, Tyninghame, and Whitekirk in East Lothian, from Session Records, 1615-1850
  ''978-1-146-99656-3Achille MuratBrieven Over De Zeden En Staatkunde Der Vereenigde Staten Van Noord-Amerika Door Achilles Murat... Uit Het Fransch (Dutch Edition)
  ''978-1-146-99673-0AnonymousBelle Assemblée: Or, Court and Fashionable Magazine; Containing Interesting and Original Literature, and Records of the Beau-Monde, Volume 3
2010978-1-146-99687-7Francis Higbee CaseHandbook of Church Advertising
  ''978-1-146-99690-7Académie Des Sci Morales Et PolitiquesCollection Des Ordonnances Des Rois De France: 1Er Janvier 1515-31 Décembre 1530 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-146-99706-5Jun & Co William CurryThe Dublin University Magazine, Volume 1
  ''978-1-146-99723-2Epes SargentSelections in Poetry for Exercises at School and at Home
  ''978-1-146-99737-9Société Historique Et Archéologique DRevue Historique Et Archéologique Du Maine, Volumes 59-60 (French Edition)
2010978-1-146-99740-9Ira RemsenThe Elements of Chemistry: A Text-Book for Beginners
  ''978-1-146-99754-6Edouard Adolphe DrumontLe Testament D'un Antisémite (French Edition)
  ''978-1-146-99768-3MADRASMedical College
  ''978-1-146-99771-3Adam HodgsonLetters from North America, Written During a Tour in the United States and Canada, Volume 1
  ''978-1-146-99785-0Lady Grisell Baillie MurrayMemoirs of the Lives and Characters of the Right Honourable George Baillie of Jerviswood, and of Lady Grisell Baillie
2010978-1-146-99799-7Bayard TaylorTravels in South Africa
  ''978-1-146-99804-8George Payne Rainsford JamesA Brief History of the United States Boundary Question, Drawn Up from Official Papers
  ''978-1-146-99818-5A LutonTraité Des Injections Sous-Cutanées À Effet Local: Méthode De Traitement Applicable Aux Névralgies, Aux Points Douloureux, Au Goître, Aux Tumeurs, Etc (French Edition)
  ''978-1-146-99835-2Anna Wentworth SearsTwo On a Tour in South America
  ''978-1-146-99849-9Alexander Johnstone WilsonThe National Budget: The National Debt, Taxes and Rates
2010978-1-146-99852-9Davis & Company ParkeDescriptive Catalogue of the Laboratory Products of Parke, Davis & Company: Materia Medica, Therapeutics, Formulae, Approximate Prices
  ''978-1-146-99866-6Charles WordsworthAnnals of My Life, 1847-1856
  ''978-1-146-99883-3Muséum National D'histoire Naturelle (FAnnales Du Muséum D'histoire Naturelle, Volume 19 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-146-99897-0Edward HungerfordThe Modern Railroad
  ''978-1-146-99902-1Paul BrocaL'ordre Des Primates: Parallèle Anatomique De L'homme Et Des Singes (French Edition)
2010978-1-146-99916-8AnonymousDwadzieścia Pięc Lat Rosyi W Polsce, 1863-1888: Zarys Historyczny (Polish Edition)
  ''978-1-146-99933-5James Alexander MacMillanChronic Constipation and Allied Conditions, Pathology, Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment
  ''978-1-146-99947-2Arthur Sherburne HardyElements of the Differential and Integral Calculus: Method of Rates
  ''978-1-146-99950-2George William Jones · James Edward Oliver · Lucian Augustus WaitA Treatise On Trigonometry
  ''978-1-146-99964-9Alice BrownMargaret Warrener
2010978-1-146-99978-6William Dwight Whitney · Nelly Lloyd Knox HeathElementary Lessons in English for Home and School Use, Part 1
  ''978-1-146-99995-3Aberdeen Spalding ClubPublications, Issue 17