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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-144-00005-7William Francis AinsworthThe New Monthly Magazine
  ''978-1-144-00019-4Charles BrainneLes Hommes Illustres De L'orléanais: Biographie Générale Des Trois Départements Du Loiret, D'eure-Et-Loir Et De Loir-Et-Cher, Volume 1 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-00022-4Charles Heneage ElsleyAn Essay On the Relation Between the English and French Languages
  ''978-1-144-00036-1Frank OvertonApplied Physiology: Including the Effects of Alcohol and Narcotics, Book 3
  ''978-1-144-00053-8Antonio Maria CerianiPentateuchi Et Josue: Quae Ex Prima Scriptura Supersunt in Codice Ambrosiano Graeco Seculi Fere V, Volume 3; volume 5 (Ancient Greek Edition)
2010978-1-144-00067-5William HowittThe Northern Heights of London: Or Historical Associations of Hampstead, Highgate, Muswell Hill, Hornsey, and Islington
  ''978-1-144-00070-5Eugene Benjamin Wilson · Magnus Colbjørn IhlsengA Manual of Mining: Based On the Course of Lectures On Mining Delivered at the School of Mines of the State of Colorado
  ''978-1-144-00084-2Victor HugoBug-Jargal, 1791 (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-144-00098-9Kentucky. Dept. Of Geology And ForestryBulletin
  ''978-1-144-00103-0Alfred John Church · Alfred John LucianThe Greek Gulliver: Stories from Lucian
2010978-1-144-00106-1William Robert GroveAddress to the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Delivered by the President, W.R. Grove, at Nottingham, August 22, 1866
  ''978-1-144-00120-7Massachusetts. State ForesterAnnual Report
  ''978-1-144-00134-4John Franklin GenungHandbook of Rhetorical Analysis: Studies in Style and Invention. Designed to Accompany the Author's Practical Elements of Rhetoric
  ''978-1-144-00148-1Addison BrownAn Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States: Canada and the British Possessions from Newfoundland to the Parallel of the Southern Boundary of ... Atlantic Ocean Westward to the 102D Meridian
2010978-1-144-00151-1Edward Norman LewisLewis' Law of Shipping: Being a Treatise On the Law Respecting the Inland and Sea-Coast Shipping of Canada and the United States
  ''978-1-144-00165-8American Society of Civil EngineersProceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Volume 28, part 1
  ''978-1-144-00179-5AnonymousZeitschrift Für Internationales Privat- Und Strafrecht Mit Besonderer Berücksichtigung Der Rechtshülfe, Volume 8 (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-00182-5William ShakespeareShakespeare's As You Like It
  ''978-1-144-00196-2AnonymousLes Jacobins Au Village (French Edition)
2010978-1-144-00201-3Charles VIIILettres De Charles Viii, Roi De France, Volume 3 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-00215-0AnonymousIn Connection with the De Willoughby Claim
  ''978-1-144-00229-7Thomas Holwell ColeHastings and St. Leonards-On-Sea As a Health and Pleasure Resort
  ''978-1-144-00232-7AnonymousRevue Historiques Des Ardennes, Volume 6 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-00246-4   ''Streffleurs Militärische Zeitschrift, Vierter Band (German Edition)
2010978-1-144-00263-1Baron Henry Brougham Brougham And VauxRhetorical and Literary Dissertations and Addresses
  ''978-1-144-00277-8Benjamin CutterA History of the Cutter Family of New England
  ''978-1-144-00280-8Cyrus Smith RichardsLatin Lessons and Tables: Combining the Analytic and Synthetic Methods
  ''978-1-144-00294-5AnonymousProceedings ...
  ''978-1-144-00313-3Ludwig LangeRömische Alterthümer, DRITTER BAND (German Edition)
2010978-1-144-00327-0Walter Lytle PyleA Manual of Personal Hygiene: Proper Living Upon a Physiologic Basis
  ''978-1-144-00330-0John Gardner WilkinsonA Popular Account of the Ancient Egyptians. Revised and Abridged from [Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians].
  ''978-1-144-00344-7Tallemant Des Raux · Paulin Paris · Louis Jean Nicolas MonmerqueLes Historiettes de Tallemant Des Raux, Volume 8 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-00358-4Daniel Bennett John St. RoosaA Practical Treatise On the Diseases of the Ear: Including a Sketch of Aural Anatomy and Physiology
  ''978-1-144-00361-4George BancroftHistory of the United States of America, from the Discovery of the Continent [To 1789], Volume 3
2010978-1-144-00375-1International Hahnemannian AssociationThe Homoeopathic Recorder, Volume 8
  ''978-1-144-00389-8ʻAbd Al-Razzâḳ B. Najaf ḲulîThe Dynasty of the Kajars, Tr. from the Ms. [Of ʻabd Al-Razzâḳ B. Najaf Ḳulî] Presented to Sir H.J. Brydges [By Sir H.J. Brydges and D. Shea]. to ... History of Persia, Previous to That Period
  ''978-1-144-00392-8Great Britain. Poor Law CommissionersAnnual Report of the Poor Law Commissioners
  ''978-1-144-00406-2Jacques DebalBulletin De La Société Archéologique Et Historique De L'orléanais, Volume 2 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-00408-6Elizabeth Roxana BundyText-Book of Anatomy and Physiology for Training Schools and Other Educational Insitutions
2010978-1-144-00411-6Ermanno Giglio-TosLes Problèmes De La Vie: Essai D'une Interprétation Scientifique Des Phénomènes Vitaux, Volume 1 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-00425-3John Wesley BookwalterSiberia and Central Asia
  ''978-1-144-00439-0Charles V · Pope Adrian VICorrespondance De Charles-Quint Et D'adrien VI (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-00442-0Joseph Arthur GibbsA Cotswold Village, Or, Country Life and Pursuits in Gloucestershire
  ''978-1-144-00456-7Alexander MacFarlanePhysical Arithmetic
2010978-1-144-00487-1Francis Whiting Halsey · William Jennings BryanThe World's Famous Orations, Volume 4
  ''978-1-144-00490-1William Henry G. KingstonKidnapping in the Pacific
  ''978-1-144-00506-9Rush Christopher Hawkins · Charles SotheranThe Library of General Rush C. Hawkins, of New York
  ''978-1-144-00523-6Affonso Celso De Assis Figueiredo AffonsPorque Me Ufano Do Meu Paiz: Right Or Wrong, My Country (Portuguese Edition)
  ''978-1-144-00537-3Institute Of International LawRevue De Droit International Et De Législation Comparée, Volume 3 (French Edition)
2010978-1-144-00540-3David Young ComstockA First Latin Book: Designed As a Manual of Progressive Exercises and Systematic Drill in the Elements of Latin, and Introductory to Caesar's Commentaries On the Gallic War
  ''978-1-144-00544-1Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland
  ''978-1-144-00545-8Reed & CarnrickAn Abstract of the Symptoms, with the Latest Dietetic and Medicinal Treatment of Various Diseased Conditions: The Food Products. Digestion and ... Manufactured by Reed and Carnrick
  ''978-1-144-00554-0Camille Jullian · Fustel De CoulangesQuestions Historiques (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-00568-7Robert SweetCistinae: The Natural Order of Cistus, Or Rock-Rose; Illustrated by Coloured Figures & Descriptions of All the Distinct Species, and the Most ... of Great Britain; with the Best Directions
2010978-1-144-00571-7John SmithSketches in Indian Ink
  ''978-1-144-00585-4Janet Elder RaitAlison Howard
  ''978-1-144-00599-1Henry Jacques GarriguesPractical Guide in Antiseptic Midwifery: In Hospital and Private Practice
  ''978-1-144-00604-2Samuel WilliamsFour Years in Liberia: A Sketch of the Life of the Rev. Samuel Williams. with Remarks On the Missions, Manners and Customs of the Natives of Western Africa. Together with an Answer to Nesbit's Book
  ''978-1-144-00618-9John Whipple DwinelleAmerican Opinions On the "Alabama,": And Other Political Questions
2010978-1-144-00620-2Percy Bysshe ShelleyThe Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley in Verse and Prose, Now First Brought Together with Many Pieces Not Before Published, Volume 2
  ''978-1-144-00621-9Henry Van DykeThe Story of the Psalms
  ''978-1-144-00635-6Richmond Mayo-SmithScience of Statistics, Volume 2
  ''978-1-144-00649-3Albert Freeman Africanus KingA Manual of Obstetrics
  ''978-1-144-00652-3C IslerWell-Boring for Water, Brine and Oil: A Manual of Current Practice
2010978-1-144-00666-0John Taylor ColeridgeA Memoir of the Rev. John Keble ...
  ''978-1-144-00683-7Jean Jacques Ampère · André-Marie Ampere · Henriette CheuvreuxCorrespondance Et Souvenirs De 1805 À 1864, Volume 1 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-00697-4William Spohn BakerWashington After the Revolution: 1784-1799
  ''978-1-144-00702-5Société Littéraire De StrasbourgBulletin ..., Volume 4 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-00716-2Adrien De JussieuDe Euphorbiacearum: Generibus Medisque Earumdem Viribus Tentamen... (Latin Edition)
2010978-1-144-00733-9AnonymousArchives Generales De Medecine (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-00747-6Achatius KahlIndex Librorum, Quos Reliquit Achatius Kahl: Förteckning Öfver Framl. Prosten Ach. Kahls Efterlemnade Boksamling. L. Swendenborgianism Och Mystik. ... 28 Sept. 1889 (Swedish Edition)
  ''978-1-144-00750-6Charles Porter HartHomoeopathic Ophthalmic Practice
  ''978-1-144-00764-3Ira Osborn BakerA Treatise On Roads and Pavements
  ''978-1-144-00768-1François-Alphonse AulardTaine: Historien De La Révolution Française (French Edition)
2010978-1-144-00778-0British MuseumCatalogue of the Specimens and Drawings of Mammalia and Birds of Nepal and Thibet
  ''978-1-144-00781-0Great Britain. Board of EducationRegulations for Secondary Day Schools
  ''978-1-144-00788-9John ThomsonThrough China with a Camera
  ''978-1-144-00795-7Edwin Abbott AbbottA Shakespearian Grammar
  ''978-1-144-00800-8Nicolas BatjinHistoire Complte de La Noblesse de France: Depuis 1789 Jusque Vers L'Anne 1862; Suivie de Considrations Sur La Grandeur de La Noblesse, Sa Situation a (French Edition)
2010978-1-144-00814-5Frank OvertonGeneral Hygiene
  ''978-1-144-00828-2AnonymousCollection Des Poètes De Champagne Antérieurs Au 16. Siècle, Volume 23 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-00831-2George JonesThe Phosphates of Commerce, Their Composition and Chemistry
  ''978-1-144-00845-9Latham SmithYe Outside Fools! Glimpses Inside the Stock Exchange, by Erasmus Pinto
  ''978-1-144-00859-6Old And True Presbyt Covenanting LaymanGeological Cosmogony, Or, an Examination of the Geological Theory of the Origin and Antiquity of the Earth and of the Causes and Object of the Changes It Has Undergone
2010978-1-144-00862-6AnonymousAddresses Delivered Before the Vermont Hisotrical Society in the Representatives Hall, Montepelier October 16,1866
  ''978-1-144-00876-3John Heyl VincentRoman History
  ''978-1-144-00893-0Joseph NicolarThe Life and Traditions of the Red Men
  ''978-1-144-00909-8Edwin Herbert Hall · Joseph Young BergenA Text-Book of Physics, Largely Experimental: On the Harvard College Descriptive List of Elementary Physical Experiments.
  ''978-1-144-00926-5Observatório NacionalAnuário Para O Ano De ... Publicado Pelo Observatório Nacional Rio De Janeiro, Volume 2 (Portuguese Edition)
2010978-1-144-00943-2Thomas HoodThe Plea of the Midsummer Fairies, Hero and Leander, Lycus the Centaur, and Other Poems
  ''978-1-144-00957-9Wild Flower Preservation SocietyThe Plant World, Volume 16
  ''978-1-144-00960-9William Combe · SyntaxThe Second Tour of Doctor Syntax in Search of Consolation, a Poem [By W. Combe, Illustr. by T. Rowlandson].
  ''978-1-144-00974-6Medico-Legal Society Of New YorkThe Sanitarian, Volume 24
  ''978-1-144-00988-3W D. BizzellClimate of the United States Considered with Reference to Pneumonia and Consumption
2010978-1-144-00991-3Walter Lionel GeorgeHer Unwelcome Husband
  ''978-1-144-01008-7Max Von Seydel · Gottlieb KraisBayerisches Staatsrecht, Volume 2 (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01010-0Gabriel RiesserGabriel Riesser's Gesammelte Schriften, Zweiter Band (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01011-7France. Ministère de l'instruction publ · France. Commission Scientifique Du MexiqArchives De La Commission Scientifique Du Mexique; Publiées Sous Les Auspices Du Ministère De L'instruction Publique, Volume 1 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01025-4William Henry Wahl · Alfred RoseleurGalvanoplastic Manipulations: A Practical Guide for the Gold and Silver Electroplater and the Galvanoplastic Operator ... Based Largely On the "Manipulations Hydroplastiques" of Alfred Roseleur
2010978-1-144-01039-1Massachusetts. Supreme Judicial CourtMassachusetts Reports: Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, Volume 178
  ''978-1-144-01042-1Friedrich Arnold SteinmannGeschichte Der Revolution in Preussen: Zwölf Bücher Preussischer Geschichte Für Das Deutsche Volk (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01056-8Amable-Guillaume-Prosper Brugi BaranteHistoire Des Ducs De Bourgogne De La Maison De Valois, 1364-1477, Volume 9 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01073-5AnonymousAnnales De Flore Et De Pomone: Ou Journal Des Jardins Et Des Champs (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01087-2Arthur Louis Day · Robert Browning SosmanHigh Temperature Gas Thermometry
2010978-1-144-01090-2Daniel Augustus TompkinsCotton and Cotton Oil: Cotton ... Cotton Seed Oil Mills ... Cattle Feeding ... Fertilizers ... Full Information for Investor, Student and Practical Mechanic ...
  ''978-1-144-01106-0AnonymousA Commentary On the Epistles and Gospels in the Book of Common Prayer, Extr. from Writings of the Fathers of the Holy Catholic Church, Anterior to the ... by a Lay Member of the Church [E. F. S.].
  ''978-1-144-01123-7Indiana. Geological SurveyAnnual Report of the Indiana State Board of Agriculture, Volume 38
  ''978-1-144-01137-4Neuilly-sur-Seine (France) Commission MuBulletin De La Commission Municipale Historique & Artistique De Neuilly-Sur-Seine: Procès-Verbaux-Communications-Documents, Volumes 4-6 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01140-4John Towne DansonUnderwriting of 1883-84 in England and Abroad
2010978-1-144-01149-7Richard Brinsley Sheridan · Oliver GoldsmithClassic Comedies
  ''978-1-144-01154-1Société Française De Minéralogie EtBulletin, Volume 23 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01168-8Mexico. Secretariía De Relaciones ExterDocumentos Relativos a Las Conferencias En Jalapa: Entre El Ministro De Relaciones Exteriores, Plenipotenciario De La Republica, Y El ... De Las Diferencias Entre Ambas Naciones
  ''978-1-144-01171-8Thomas MooreIrish Melodies, Songs, and Poems
  ''978-1-144-01185-5Horace · Christoph Martin WielandBriefe, Erster Theil (German Edition)
2010978-1-144-01199-2H A. E. MeyerVocabulary of the Language Spoken by the Aborigines of the Southern and Eastern Portions of the Settled Districts of South Australia: Viz., by the ... by Those Extending Along the Coast to
  ''978-1-144-01204-3Jesuits Letters From Missions · Charles Le Gobien · Jean-Baptiste Du HaldeLettres Édifiantes Et Curieuses: Écrites Des Missions Étrangères, Volume 8 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01218-0AnonymousDistribution and Warehouse Directory
  ''978-1-144-01221-0Adam Leroy JonesLogic, Inductive and Deductive: An Introduction to Scientific Method
  ''978-1-144-01235-7HandbookHandbook of Domestic Cookery
2010978-1-144-01249-4Business Training Corporation. New YorkCourse in Foreign Trade, Issue 2
  ''978-1-144-01252-4JP GallavardinComment Le Traitement Homoeopathique Peut Améliorer Le Caractère De L'homme Et Développer Son Intelligence... (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01259-3George D. LymanCare & Feeding of the Infant: Practical Advice for Mothers and Nurses
  ''978-1-144-01266-1Karl Edmund Schreber · P. SpringmannExperimentierende Physik, Volume 1 (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01283-8Anton Maria Salvini · Anton Maria GiovanniIl Pecorone Di Ser Giovanni Fiorentino: Nel Quale Si Contengono Cinquanta Novelle Antiche Belle D'invenzione E Di Stile.. (Italian Edition)
2010978-1-144-01291-3François Babié De Bercenay · Sulpice Imbert La PlatièreLouis XVI Peint Par Lui-Même; Ou, Correspondance Et Autres Écrits De Ce Monarque: Précédés D'une Notice Sur La Vie De Ce Prince, Avec Des Notes ... Et Ses Autres Écrits (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01297-5AnonymousHawaii Nei: A Series of Historical and Biographical Sketches
  ''978-1-144-01302-6Société Libre D'émulation Du CommerceBulletin De La Société Libre D'émulation Du Commerce Et De L'industrie De La Seine-Inférieure (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01316-3James Sheridan KnowlesA Collection of Poems On Various Subjects
  ''978-1-144-01333-0AnonymousGuizot Collection of Pamphlets, Volume 23
2010978-1-144-01347-7Friedrich Max MüllerLa Science Du Langage: Cours Professé a L'institution Royale, De La Grande-Bretagne En L'annee 1860 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01350-7Bruno BucherGeschichte Der Technischen Kunste, Volume 3 (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01364-4AnonymousZeitschrift Fur Krystallographie Und Mineralogie, Volume 3 (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01378-1Hermann Von HelmholtzDie Lehre Von Den Tonempfindungen Als Physiologische Grundlage Für Die Theorie Der Musik (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01381-1Samuel Edward DibbleElements of Plumbing
2010978-1-144-01395-8William Jackson HookerHooker's Icones Plantarum, Volume 19
  ''978-1-144-01400-9AnonymousInscriptions De La France Du Ve Siècle Au Xviiie, Volume 5 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01414-6Lazare Carnot · Étienne CharavayCorrespondance Générale De Carnot: Publiée Avec Des Notes Historiques Et Biographiques, Volume 1 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01428-3J E. SanfordHis One Tune, and a Few Others
  ''978-1-144-01431-3Arthur KornEine Theorie Der Gravitation Und Der Elektrischen Erscheinungen: Auf Grundlage Der Hydrodynamik ... (German Edition)
2010978-1-144-01433-7AnonymousDeutsche Monatsschrift für Zahnheilkunde, Fünfzehnter Band (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01445-0UnileverWoman's World
  ''978-1-144-01459-7BrazilColeção Das Leis ..., Volume 26, part 1 (Portuguese Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01462-7Conrad RethwischJahresberichte Uber Das Hohere Schulwesen, Volume 13 (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01476-4Louis-Pierre-Edouard BignonHistoire De France Depuis 1799 Jusqu'en 1812, Volume 1 (French Edition)
2010978-1-144-01493-1Ecole Libre Des Sciences PolitiquesAnnales De L'ecole Libre Des Sciences Politiques, Volume 2 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01509-9Joaquim Pinto Magalhães De ArriagaExame Sobre O Tratado Relativo a Bahia E Territorio De Lourenço Marques Concluido Entre Portugal E a Inglaterra Em 30 De Maio De 1879: E Respectivos ... Alliança Luso-Britannica (Portuguese Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01512-9United States. Pension BureauA Treatise On the Practice of the Pension Bureau Governing the Adjudication of the Army and Navy Pensions
  ''978-1-144-01526-6Otto BollingerAtlas and Essentials of Pathological Anatomy, Volume 2
  ''978-1-144-01543-3John MurrayA Hand-Book for Travellers On the Continent. [1St] [2 Issues of the 16Th and 17Th Eds. the 18Th Ed. Is in 2 Pt. Pt.1 Only of the 19Th Ed.].
2010978-1-144-01557-0AnonymousWerner's Readings and Recitations, Volume 30
  ''978-1-144-01560-0Duncan KennedyA Sermon On Occasion of the Death of Thomas W. Blatchford, M. D.: Delivered in the Second Street Presbyterian Church, Troy, On Sunday Morning, Jan. 28, 1866
  ''978-1-144-01563-1Marie Rabutin-Chantal De SévignéLettres Choisies De Mmes. De Sévigné, De Grignan, De Simiane, Et De Maintenon: Précédées Des Reflexions De M. L'abbé De Vauxcelles, Et Accompagnées ... De M. Grouvelle, Volume 3 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01574-7Mariano VasiItinéraire De Rome Et De Ses Environs, Volumes 1-2
  ''978-1-144-01588-4Maurice MaeterlinckLe Trésor Des Humbles (French Edition)
2010978-1-144-01591-4César Lecat BazancourtLes Expéditions De Chine Et De Cochinchine (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01607-2Antoine Etienne Nicolas Fantin OduardsHistoire Philosophique De La Revolution De France (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01610-2Friedrich Heinrich Geffcken · Ernst Alfred Christian StockmarDer Staatsstreich Vom 2. December 1851 Und Seine Rüchwirkung Auf Europa (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01624-9Benjamin SulteCausons Du Pays Et De La Colonisation (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01638-6James Clement SharpJohn Cotton Brooks
2010978-1-144-01641-6Pierre-Joseph ProudhonJustice Dans La Révolution (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01655-3William Roscoe ThayerVolleys from a Non-Combatant
  ''978-1-144-01669-0Heinrich Joseph Wetzer · Benedikt Welte · Isidore GoschlerDictionnaire Encyclopédique De La Théologie Catholique: Rédigé Par Les Plus Savants Professeurs Et Docteurs En Théologie De L'allemagne Catholique Moderne ... (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01672-0Daniel NobleFacts and Observations Relative to the Influence of Manufactures Upon the Health and Life
  ''978-1-144-01686-7Edward TuckermanA Synopsis of the North American Lichens, Part 2
2010978-1-144-01688-1Berlin Astronomisches Rechen-Institut · Berlin SternwarteBerliner Astronomisches Jahrbuch Für ...: Mit Angaben Für Die Oppositionen Der Planeten, Drei und fuenfzigster Band (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01700-0François Noël · L J. M. CarpentierDictionnaire Des Inventions, Des Origines Et Des Découvertes: Dans Les Arts, Les Sciences, La Géographie, L'histoire, L'argriculture, Le Commerce ... (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01705-5James BakerLiterary and Biographical Studies
  ''978-1-144-01719-2AnonymousAnnals of Tyron County
  ''978-1-144-01722-2Teófilo BragaBibliographia Camoniana (Portuguese Edition)
2010978-1-144-01736-9Andrew F. SperryHistory of the 33D Iowa Infantry Volunteer Regiment, 1863-6
  ''978-1-144-01753-6Ulysse RobertLe Cabinet Historique, Volume 18 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01767-3Berliner Entomologischer Verein · Entomologischer Verein In BerlinBerliner Entomologische Zeitschrift, Volumes 52-53 (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01770-3Louis-Philippe Sgur · Pierre Francois TardieuHistoire Universelle, Ancienne Et Moderne, Volume 5 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01784-0AnonymousRivista Di Filologia E Di Istruzione Classica, Volume 4 (Italian Edition)
2010978-1-144-01798-7Zenas T. HainesLetters from the Forty-Fourth Regiment M.V.M.: A Record of the Experience of a Nine Months' Regiment in the Department of North Carolina in 1862-3
  ''978-1-144-01817-5AnonymousRussland Unter Alexander Dem Ersten: Eine Historische Zeitschrift, Fuenfter Band (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01820-5Aristotle · Julius Ludwig IdelerAristotelous Meteōrologika: Libros Duo Posteriores Cum Commentariis, Alexandri Aphrodisaei Libellum De Mistione Et Indices Continens (Ancient Greek Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01834-2E TomkinsPoems On Various Subjects, Selected by E. Tomkins
  ''978-1-144-01848-9Victoriano Encima Y De PiedraDe Los Sucesos Del Real Sitio De San Ildefonso: Ó La Granja, Á Fines Del Año De 1832; De Las Disposiciones Tomadas Por El Ministerio Que Se Nombro En ... Del Estado Actual De España (Spanish Edition)
2010978-1-144-01851-9John Henry NewmanLives of the English Saints, Volume 2
  ''978-1-144-01865-6Bruno KerlGrundriss Der Metallhuttenkunde (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-01879-3Société D'études Des Hautes-AlpesBulletin De La Société D'études Des Hautes-Alpes (French Edition)
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