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ISBN 978-1-144-10226-3 to 978-1-144-12316-9 < ISBN 978-1-144-12333-6 to 978-1-144-14311-2 > ISBN 978-1-144-14320-4 to 978-1-144-16379-0

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-144-12333-6Charles Eliot Norton · Sara Norton · Mark Antony Wolfe De HoweLetters of Charles Eliot Norton
  ''978-1-144-12347-3United States. Bureau of FisheriesBulletin of the United States Bureau of Fisheries
  ''978-1-144-12350-3John Henry NewmanArians of the Fourth Century
  ''978-1-144-12355-8Thomas Humphry Ward · Frederic Alcott PrattThe English Poets: Chaucer to Donne
  ''978-1-144-12364-0Thomas RoscoeThe Expedition of Humphry Clinker: With a Memoir of the Author, Volume 1
2010978-1-144-12378-7Ralph Griffiths · George Edward GriffithsThe Monthly Review
  ''978-1-144-12381-7James CampbellBalmerino and Its Abbey: A Parochial History
  ''978-1-144-12395-4Joseph Sweetman AmesTheory of Physics
  ''978-1-144-12400-5Ontario. Legislative AssemblySessional Papers - Legislature of the Province of Ontario, Volume 3
  ''978-1-144-12409-8Hubert Von LuschkaDie Anatomie Des Menschen in Rucksicht Auf Die Bedurfnisse Der Praktischen Heilkunde, ZWEITER BAND (German Edition)
2010978-1-144-12414-2Pathological Society Of LondonTransactions of the Pathological Society of London, Volume 19
  ''978-1-144-12428-9Great Britain. ParliamentThe Parliamentary Register: Or an Impartial Report of the Debates That Have Occured in the Two Houses of Parliament, Volume 3
  ''978-1-144-12431-9Franco MistraliDa Novara a Roma: Istoria Della Rivoluzione Italiana, Volume 6 (Italian Edition)
  ''978-1-144-12445-6Ludwig RütimeyerÜber Thal- Und See-Bildung: Beiträge Zum Verständniss Der Oberfläche Der Schweiz (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-12459-3Edward Tuckerman MasonBritish Letters Illustrative of Character and Social Life, Volume 1
2010978-1-144-12462-3Ohio. CourtsThe Ohio Nisi Prius Reports, Volume 16
  ''978-1-144-12476-0Philippe Courcillon De DangeauAbrégé Des Mémoires Ou Journal Du Marquis De Dangeau: 1695-1706 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-12493-7AnonymousTransactions of the State Agricultural Society of Michigan; with Reports of County Agricultural Societies, for the Year 1858.
  ''978-1-144-12509-5Julian Hawthorne · Timothy DwightThe World's Great Classics, Volume 31
  ''978-1-144-12512-5Ferdinand WolfÜber Die Lais, Sequenzen Und Leiche: Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Rhythmischen Formen Und Singweisen Der Volkslieder Und Der Volksmässigen Kirchen- Und Kunstlieder Im Mittelalter (German Edition)
2010978-1-144-12526-2Jacques De GuyseHistoire De Hainaut, Volume 18, part 3 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-12543-9LetronneRecueil Des Inscriptions Grecques Et Latines De L'égypte: Étudiées Dans Leur Rapport Avec L'histoire Politique, L'administration Intérieure, Les ... Jusqu'à Celle Des Arabe... (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-12557-6AnonymousFrance: Her Government, Administrative, and Social Organisation ...
  ''978-1-144-12560-6EuripidesEuripidis Tragoediae, Volume 3 (Latin Edition)
  ''978-1-144-12574-3T Douglas Murray · Arthur Silva WhiteSir Samuel Baker: A Memoir
2010978-1-144-12588-0George LansburyWhat I Saw in Russia
  ''978-1-144-12590-3Michigan. Geological SurveyPublication - Michigan Geological and Biological Survey
  ''978-1-144-12591-0Abraham LincolnSelections from the Letters and Speeches of Abraham Lincoln
  ''978-1-144-12592-7AnonymousEl Censor: Periódico Político Y Literario, Volume 4 (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-144-12593-4Susan Bogert WarnerThe Two School Girls, and Other Tales, by the Authors of 'the Wide, Wide World'.
2010978-1-144-12594-1Eugêne PottetHistoire De La Conciergerie Du Palais De Paris: Depuis Les Origines Jusqu'à Nos Jours (1031-1895) (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-12595-8North Carolina. Board Of HealthBiennial Report, Volume 3
  ''978-1-144-12596-5William SwintonPrimary Geography: Introductory to Swinton's "Grammar School Geography"
  ''978-1-144-12597-2William Kent · Lester Anthony BeardsleeBeardslee On Wrought-Iron and Chain-Cables: Experiments On the Strength of Wrought-Iron and of Chain-Cables. Report of the Committees of the United ... Chain-Cables, Malleable Iron, and Re-Heatin
  ''978-1-144-12598-9AnonymousThe Saint Petersburg English Review of Literature, the Arts and Sciences, Volume 2
2010978-1-144-12599-6DijonCorrespondance De La Mairie De Dijon: Extraite Des Archives De Cette Ville, Volume 2 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-12607-8Pierre Marie Michel Lepeintre DesrochesSuite Du Répertoire Du Théâtre Français: Avec Un Choix Des Pièces De Plusiers Autres Théâtres, Arrangées Et Mises En Ordre, Volume 3 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-12610-8United States Naval Observatory. NauticaThe American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac
  ''978-1-144-12624-5British PoetsThe British Poets, Including Translations
  ''978-1-144-12638-2Charles VIIILettres De Charles Viii, Roi De France, Volume 2 (French Edition)
2010978-1-144-12641-2Agustin Correa BravoLos Extranjeros Ante La Ley Chilena (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-144-12647-4Frederik Muller & CieCatalogue of Books, Maps, Plates On America, and a Remarkable Collection of Early Voyages
  ''978-1-144-12655-9George Henry LewesProblems of Life and Mind
  ''978-1-144-12669-6John WilsonThe Poetical Works of Professor Wilson, Volume 12
  ''978-1-144-12672-6Denis SerrignyTraité De L'organisation, De La Compétence Et De La Procédure En Matière Contentieuse Administrative Dans Leurs Rapports Avec Le Droit Civil, Volume 2 (French Edition)
2010978-1-144-12686-3United States. Congress. SenateSenate Documents, Otherwise Publ. As Public Documents and Executive Documents
  ''978-1-144-12697-9Germany. Auswärtiges AmtDas Staatsarchiv, Sechszehnter Band (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-12705-1United States. Bureau Of LaborReport On Conditions of Employment in the Iron and Steel Industry in the United States: In 4 Volumes ...
  ''978-1-144-12719-8BROWN LONGMANThe Edinburgh Review Or Critical Journal for July, 1844....October, 1844
  ''978-1-144-12722-8Jean Marie DargaudHistoire D'olivier Cromwell (French Edition)
2010978-1-144-12736-5Robert WaringtonThe Chemistry of the Farm
  ''978-1-144-12753-2Richard Newton · Outridge & Co. PoleThe Work of Wealth of Queensland: Being a Sketch of the Progress and Resources of the Colony and Its Daily Life
  ''978-1-144-12767-9Edward FitzballThirty-Five Years of a Dramatic Author's Life, Volume 2
  ''978-1-144-12770-9Joseph Alliene WauchopeLaboratory Manual in Physics
  ''978-1-144-12784-6Ludovic HalévyLe 4 Septembre 1870: Séances Du Corps Législatif Et Du Sénat. Eau-Forte Et Dessins Par A. Robida (French Edition)
2010978-1-144-12798-3Thomas Hobbs MaginnissThe Irish Contribution to America's Independence
  ''978-1-144-12803-4Union League Club Of ChicagoExercises in Commemoration of the Birthday of Washington
  ''978-1-144-12817-1FB CARPENTERSix Months at the White House with Abraham Lincoln the Story of a Picture.
  ''978-1-144-12820-1JOHN CLARKRecords of the Descendants of Hugh Clark: Of Watertown, Mass. 1640-1866
  ''978-1-144-12834-8Seege Of TroyeThe Seege of Troye
2010978-1-144-12848-5Samuel RogersThe Poetical Works of Samuel Rogers
  ''978-1-144-12851-5Hugh BarrToo Late for Martyrdom, Memorials of H. Barr
  ''978-1-144-12865-2Joseph Albertus CullerThe Second Book of Anatomy, Physiology, and Hygiene of the Human Body
  ''978-1-144-12879-9William KentSteam-Boiler Economy: A Treatise On the Theory and Practice of Fuel Economy in the Operation of Steam-Boilers
  ''978-1-144-12882-9Charles BouchardLectures on Auto-Intoxication in Disease: Or, Self-Poisoning of the Individual (German Edition)
2010978-1-144-12896-6MontanaLaws, Resolutions, and Memorials of the State of Montana: Passed by the 1St-38Th Legislative Assembly
  ''978-1-144-12901-7Prosser JamesSore Throat: Its Nature, Varieties, and Treatment: Including the Connection Between Affections of the Throat and Other Diseases
  ''978-1-144-12915-4Imbert de Saint-AmandLouis Napoleon and Mademoiselle De Montijo
  ''978-1-144-12929-1Lewis Campbell BruceStudies in Clinical Psychiatry
  ''978-1-144-12932-1Charles Henry LaneRabbits, Cats and Cavies: Descriptive Sketches of All Recognised Exhibition Varieties with Many Original Anecdotes
2010978-1-144-12946-8Hugo Richard MeyerThe British State Telegraphs: A Study of the Problem of a Large Body of Civil Servants in a Democracy
  ''978-1-144-12963-5John Lodge EllertonThe Bridal of Salerno: A Romance in Six Cantos, with Other Poems
  ''978-1-144-12977-2John Sherren Brewer · John Sherren Giraldus · James Francis DimockGiraldi Cambrensis Opera: Itinerarium Kambriæ, Et Descriptio Kambriæ. 1868
  ''978-1-144-12980-2France Min. Du Commerce · Description Des Machines Specifiés DansDescription Des Machines Et Procédés Spécifiés Dans Les Brevets D'invention, Publ. Par C.P. Molard. [With] Table Générale Des Vingt Premiers Volumes. ... D'invention Ont Été Pris So (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-12994-9AnonymousPractical Blacksmithing
2010978-1-144-13000-6Andrew LangPickle the Spy; Or, the Incognito of Prince Charles
  ''978-1-144-13014-3AnonymousThe Glaciers of the Alps: Being a Narrative of Excursions and Ascents, an Account of the Origin and Phenomena of Glaciers and an Exposition of the Physical Princples to Which They Are Related
  ''978-1-144-13028-0Richard CobdenThe Political Writings of Richard Cobden, Volume 1
  ''978-1-144-13031-0State Historical Society Of WisconsinCollections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Volume 11
  ''978-1-144-13045-7James Shirley · Alexander DyceThe Dramatic Works and Poems of James Shirley,: Some Account of Shirley and His Writings. Commendatory Verses On Shirley. Love's Tricks, Or the ... Brothers. the Witty Fair One. the Wedding
2010978-1-144-13059-4Jules GuiffreyComptes Des Bâtiments Du Roi Sous Le Règne De Louis Xiv, Volume 5 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13062-4Herbert SpeyerLa Constitution Juridique De L'empire Colonial Britannique (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13076-1Julius Caesar · Ethan Allen AndrewsC. Julius Caesar's Commentaries On the Gallic War (Latin Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13093-8Charles Edmund NeilSources of Effectiveness in Public Speaking: Psychological Principles Practically Used in Developing Ability to Speak
  ''978-1-144-13109-6Homer · J G. CorderyThe Iliad of Homer, Volume 2
2010978-1-144-13112-6WillyLe Mariage De Louis Xv: D'après Des Documents Nouveaux Et Une Correspondance Inédite De Stanislas Leczinski (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13126-3AnonymousJahresbericht Uber Die Fortschritte Der Klassischen Altertumswissenschaft, Volume 18 (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13143-0Etienne AymonierLe Cambodge, Volume 1 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13157-7François Laurent · Léon SivillePrincipii Di Diritto Civile, Volume 30 (Italian Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13160-7Eugen Kölbing · Johannes Hoops · Albert WagnerEnglische Studien, Volume 19
2010978-1-144-13174-4AnonymousPortraits and Biographies of the Governors of Michigan, and of the Presidents of the United States
  ''978-1-144-13187-4United States. CongressAbridgment of the Debates of Congress, from 1789 to 1856: Feb. 11, 1828-March 30, 1830
  ''978-1-144-13188-1Wilhelm Hector Richard Albrecht LexisDie Allgemeinen Grundlagen Der Kultur Der Gegenwart (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13191-1New York (State). Dept. Of Labor · Dept. Of Labor New York StateReport On the Growth of Industry in New York
  ''978-1-144-13207-9LLD John TyndallA Mode of Motion
2010978-1-144-13210-9Francis ParkmanMontcalm and Wolfe, Volume 1
  ''978-1-144-13224-6Karl ReichenbachPhysikalisch-Physiologische Untersuchungen: Über Die Dynamide Des Magnetismus, Der Elektricität, Der Wärme, Des Lichtes, Der Kristallisation, Des ... Lebenskraft, Zweiter Band (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13238-3Ignacio BejaranoActas Modernas De Cabildo (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13241-3AnonymousClimate: An Inquiry Into the Causes of Its Differences, and Into Its Influence On Vegetable Life: Comprising the Substance of Four Lectures Delivered ... at the Museum, Torquay, in February, 1863
  ''978-1-144-13255-0Edward ThorntonIndia, Its State and Prospects
2010978-1-144-13269-7Saint-AllaisNobiliaire Universel De France: Ou Recueil Général Des Généalogies Historiques Des Maisons Nobles De Ce Royaume, Volume 10 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13272-7William Howship DickinsonOccasional Papers On Medical Subjects, 1855-1896
  ''978-1-144-13286-4Ralph Waldo EmersonThe Conduct of Life and Society and Solitude
  ''978-1-144-13302-1Jean Baptiste Francois DelaporteRecherches Sur La Bretagne (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13305-2Mark WilksPrécis De L'histoire De L'eglise D'ecosse: Suivi De: Détails Sur La Formation De L'eglise Libre Et Sa Séparation De L'etat En 1843 (French Edition)
2010978-1-144-13319-9Albert Franklin BlaisdellThe Child's Book of Health in Easy Lessons for Schools
  ''978-1-144-13322-9Julius PlatzmannWesshalb Ich Neudrucke Der Alten Amerikanischen Grammatiker Veranlasst Habe (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13336-6J B. FonssagrivesThérapeutique De La Phthisie Pulmonaire Basée Sur Les Indications; Ou, L'art De Prolonger La Vie Des Phthisiques Par Les Ressources Combinées De L'hygiène Et De La Matière Médicale (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13353-3ReynardThe Most Delectable History of Reynard the Fox and of His Son Reynardine, a Revised Version
  ''978-1-144-13367-0Canada. Census OfficeFourth Census of Canada, 1901, Volume 1
2010978-1-144-13370-0John LespéranceLes Bastonnais (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13384-7Societe De ThérapeutiqueBulletin Général De Thérapeutique Médicale, Chirurgicale, Obstétricale Et Pharmaceutique, Volume 44 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13398-4Teófilo BragaHistoria Da Poesia Popular Portugueza ... (Portuguese Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13403-5Francis EvansDiary of Francis Evans, Secretary to Bishop Lloyd, 1699-1706
  ''978-1-144-13417-2Mathieu DumasPrécis Des Événemens Militaires, Ou Essais Historiques Sur Les Campagnes De 1799 À 1814, Volume 8 (French Edition)
2010978-1-144-13420-2AnonymousGriechische Kunstmythologie: Bd., 2. Buch. Hera (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13434-9Charles De La Pryme · Charles Jackson · Abraham De La PrymeThe Diary of Abraham de La Pryme, the Yorkshire Antiquary
  ''978-1-144-13448-6Cercle De La LibrairieJournal Général De L'imprimerie Et De La Librairie, Volume 15, issues 1-2 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13451-6AnonymousArchiv Für Pathologische Anatomie Und Physiologie Und Für Klinische Medizin, Zweiundvierzigster Band (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13465-3Moritz RothAndreas Vesalius Bruxellensis (Latin Edition)
2010978-1-144-13479-0Alexander von HumboldtEssai Politique Sur L'île De Cuba (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13482-0A SaplayrollesRecherches Sur Le Duel Judiciaire Et La Doctrine Ecclésiastique: Étude De Droit Canoninque (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13496-7Philip IV · Jean SavaronCérémonies Des Gages De Batailles: Selon Les Constitutions Du Bon Roi Philippe De France (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13499-8Great Britain. AdmiraltyThe Cape Catalogue of 1159 Stars: Deduced from Observations at the Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope, 1856 to 1861, Reduced to the Epoch 1860
  ''978-1-144-13501-8J Macbeth ForbesJacobite Gleanings from State Manuscripts: Short Sketches of Jacobites; the Transportations in 1745
2010978-1-144-13515-5Ferdinand DieffenbachPlutonismus Und Vulkanismus in Der Periode Von 1868-1872 Und Ihre Beziehungen Zu Den Erdbeben Im Rheingebiet: Auf Grund Der Neuesten Ergebnisse Der ... Und Vulkanausbrüc... (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13529-2Edward HertsletHertslet's China Treaties: Treaties, &c. Between Great Britain and China; and Between China and Foreign Powers; and Orders in Council, Rules, ... in China. in Force On the 1St January,
  ''978-1-144-13532-2Gomes Eanes De ZuraraChronica De El-Rei D. João I. (Portuguese Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13546-9James WhiteFalstaff's Letters
  ''978-1-144-13563-6Tom Peete CrossA List of Books and Articles, Chiefly Bibliographical, Designed to Serve As an Introduction to the Bibliography and Methods of English Literary History (With an Index)
2010978-1-144-13577-3Thomas Bailey AldrichFrom Ponkapog to Pesth
  ''978-1-144-13580-3AnonymousForest and Game-Law Tales, Volume 1
  ''978-1-144-13594-0Walter ScottChronicles of the Canongate, Volume 2
  ''978-1-144-13613-8George StephenThe Adventures of a Gentleman in Search of a Horse, by Cavent Emptor
  ''978-1-144-13627-5Henry KilgourThe Hebrew Or Iberian Race: Including the Pelasgians, the Phenicians, the Jews, the British and Others
2010978-1-144-13630-5Florence Ortlepp PhillipsSome South African Recollections
  ''978-1-144-13644-2John HannettBibliopegia, Or, the Art of Bookbinding in All Its Branches, by John Andrews Arnett. by J. Hannett
  ''978-1-144-13658-9Clement Martin GiveenA Chronology of Municipal History and Election Statistics, Waterville, Maine, 1771-1908
  ''978-1-144-13661-9Jean DawsonThe Boys and Girls of Garden City
  ''978-1-144-13675-6AnonymousThe Retrospect of Medicine: Being a Half-Yearly Journal, Containing a Retrospective View of Every Discovery and Practical Improvement in the Medical Sciences, Volume 62
2010978-1-144-13689-3Samuel Dickey GordonQuiet Talks On Prayer
  ''978-1-144-13692-3Frank Richard StocktonThe Novels and Stories of Frank R. Stockton ..
  ''978-1-144-13708-1Clemens BlumeHistoriae Rhythmicae: Liturgische Reimofficien Des Mittelalters (Latin Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13711-1Walter FrithIn Search of Quiet: A Country Journal, May-July [A Novel]
  ''978-1-144-13725-8American Ornithologists' UnionThe Auk, Volume 15
2010978-1-144-13735-7Royal Historical SocietyThe Camden Miscellany: Volume the Eleventh ...
  ''978-1-144-13739-5George Lovett BennettFirst Latin Writer with Accidence, Syntax Rules & Vocabularies
  ''978-1-144-13742-5John Croumbie BrownFrench Forest Ordinance of 1669: With Historical Sketch of Previous Treatment of Forests in France
  ''978-1-144-13756-2Louis BellElectric Power Transmission: A Practical Treatise for Practical Men
  ''978-1-144-13773-9Royal Medical And Chirurgical Society OfThe Climates and Baths of Great Britain: Being the Report of a Committee of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society of London
2010978-1-144-13787-6Grace Barton AllenWater Color Painting: A Book of Elementary Instruction for Beginners and Amateurs
  ''978-1-144-13790-6Michel ChevalierLettres Sur L'amérique Du Nord, Volume 2 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13806-4Washington IrvingThe Works of Washington Irving, Volume 8
  ''978-1-144-13823-1Georg Christian WittsteinPractical Pharmaceutical Chemistry. an Explanation of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Processes [&c.].
  ''978-1-144-13837-8Minnesota. Treasurer's Office · Minnesota. Secretary Of StateGeneral Laws of the State of Minnesota
2010978-1-144-13840-8International Textbook CompanyInternational Library of Technology: A Series of Textbooks for Persons Engaged in the Engineering Professions and Trades, Or for Those Who Desire Information Concerning Them, Volume 32
  ''978-1-144-13854-5Maurice SaxeMaurice Comte De Saxe Et Marie-Josèphe De Saxe, Dauphine De France: Lettres Et Documents Inéd. Des Archives De Dresde, Publ. Par Le Comte C.-F. Vitzthum D'eckstaedt (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13868-2Rudolf BrotanekDie Englischen Maskenspiele, Volumes 15-16 (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13871-2Łukasz GórnickiDworzanin Polski (Polish Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13885-9Zenone VolpicelliThe China-Japan War: Comp. from Japanese, Chinese, and Foreign Sources
2010978-1-144-13899-6August SchleicherCompendium Der Vergleichenden Grammatik Der Indogermanischen Sprachen, Volume 1 (German Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13904-7Vincent Stuckey Lean · Julia Lucy Woodward · T W. WilliamsLean's Collectanea, Volume 3
  ''978-1-144-13918-4John Henry WalshThe Shot-Gun and Sporting Rifle, and the Dogs, Ponies, Ferrets, &c. Used with Them, by Stonehenge
  ''978-1-144-13921-4Gaius Valerius Flaccus · Dureau De La MalleArgonautique De Valérius Flaccus: Ou, La Conquête De La Toison D'or, Volume 2 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13935-1AnonymousContributions to Canadian Palaeontology, Volume 1, parts 1-5
2010978-1-144-13949-8Reginald Godfrey Marsden · John William MansfieldA Treatise On the Law of Collisions at Sea: With an Appendix Containing the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, and Local ...: Also the Regulations Approved at T
  ''978-1-144-13952-8Lassa OppenheimInternational Law: A Treatise, Volume 1
  ''978-1-144-13966-5Edward H. MasonEssays for United States Postage Stamps
  ''978-1-144-13983-2Francisco José De Sousa Soares D'. AndrFalla Dirigida À Assemblea Legislativa Provincial Da Bahia, Na Abertura Da Sessão Ordinaria Do Anno De 1845 (Portuguese Edition)
  ''978-1-144-13997-9Vitruvius PollioDell' Architettura Di M. Vitruvio Pollione, Volume 1 (Italian Edition)
2010978-1-144-14003-6Immanuel KantAnthropologie: Suivie Des Divers Fragments Du Même Auteur, Relatifs Aux Rapports Du Physique Et Du Moral Et Aux Commerce Des Esprits D'un Monde À L'autre (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-14017-3Antoine Fantin-DesodoardsHistoire D'italie: Depuis La Chute De La République Romaine Jusqu'aux Premières Années Du Dix-Neuvième Siècle, Volume 1 (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-14020-3Baron Thomas Babington Macaula Macaulay · George ScharfLays of Ancient Rome
  ''978-1-144-14034-0Robert PeeleCompressed Air Plant for Mines: The Production, Transmission and Use of Compressed Air, with Special Reference to Mine Service
  ''978-1-144-14048-7Alfred Dwight SheffieldGrammar and Thinking: A Study of the Working Conceptions in Syntax
2010978-1-144-14051-7Lady Lucie Duff GordonLetters from Egypt, 1863-65
  ''978-1-144-14058-6Webster Wells · Walter Wilson HartFirst Year Algebra
  ''978-1-144-14065-4Louis Joseph Raoul Chanoine-DavranchesLe Fief D'avrilly Et Ses Seigneurs (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-14079-1H A. Denholm FraserExperiments Made to Determine the Temperature Co-Efficients of Watson's Magnetographs
  ''978-1-144-14082-1Argentina. Ministerio De Relaciones ExteCorrespondance Entre S. E. El Gouverneur De Buenos-Aires, Chargé Des Relations Extérieures De La Confédéracion Argentine, Et Mr. John B. Nicolson, ... Du Rio De La Plata, Au ... (French Edition)
2010978-1-144-14096-8Joseph-Marie Callery · Melchior YvanL'insurrection En Chine: Depuis Son Origine Jusqu'à La Prise De Nankin (French Edition)
  ''978-1-144-14101-9Mexico City (Mexico). Ayuntamiento · Mexico City (Mexico). CabildoActa Del Cabildo Celebrado Por El Exmo. Ayuntamiento De Mexico En 30 De Mayo De 1836: Mandada Imprimir Por El Mismo Con Los Documentos a Que Se Refiere (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-144-14115-6William AitkenOn the Growth of the Recruit and Young Soldier, with a View to a Judicious Selection of 'growing Lads' for the Army
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