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ISBN 978-0-321-29913-0 to 978-0-321-30249-6 < ISBN 978-0-321-30251-9 to 978-0-321-30582-4 > ISBN 978-0-321-30584-8 to 978-0-321-31034-7

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-0-321-30251-9NAUniversity Physics with Modrn V2& Educue Pk
  ''978-0-321-30252-6NAUniversity Physcs with Modrn V1-3& Educue Pk
  ''978-0-321-30254-0   ''University Physics with Mod & Educue Rebate
  ''978-0-321-30255-7   ''Sixties& Sources Afri Am& Women& Amer Thru Pk
  ''978-0-321-30258-8   ''Prealgebra & Student Sols Mnl & Tutor CT Pk
2004978-0-321-30259-5NACreatd Equal Brief2& CD& Amer Hst V2& Timeline
  ''978-0-321-30264-9   ''Bridgng Gap: Coll& Thinkg& Fla& Mrl CC& Dict Pk
2004978-0-321-30265-6NABasic Math Thru Appl& Mathxl& Tutor Ctr Pkg
  ''978-0-321-30267-0   ''Readg Acrss Discplns& Msl& Fla Exam& Thinkg Pk
  ''978-0-321-30269-4   ''English Fundmtls Form A & Myskllslab A/C Pk
  ''978-0-321-30270-0   ''American Literature Vol 1 & Questions Pkg
  ''978-0-321-30271-7   ''American Literature Vol 2 & Questions Pkg
2004978-0-321-30272-4NAPeace & War: Readg for Wri& LB Compct Hbk Pk
2004978-0-321-30275-5NAMod Physics Sci& S/S/M& Mastrg Physics& Educue
  ''978-0-321-30279-3Survey Math with Appl Expnded& Ssm& Mathxl& Tc
  ''978-0-321-30280-9NAElem STATS & Mymathlab & Stdnt Sols Mnl Pkg
  ''978-0-321-30281-6   ''Intro STATS & Mymathlab & Stdnt Sols Mnl Pk
  ''978-0-321-30282-3   ''Elem STATS Using Ti83+ & Mymathlab& S/S/M Pk
2004978-0-321-30283-0NAIntro Stat& Actvstat Spss04-05& SPSS Win11.0
  ''978-0-321-30284-7   ''Begnng & Intermed Alg & Mathxl& Webct Bunpk
  ''978-0-321-30286-1   ''Essn STATS & Mymathlab & Stdnt Sols Mnl Pkg
2004978-0-321-30287-8NAElem STATS Using Excel& Actvstats Excel05-06
  ''978-0-321-30289-2   ''Ultimate Questns: Thinkg& Peng Dict Philsphy
  ''978-0-321-30290-8   ''Odyssey& Multimed Actvty Pk& Myskillslab Pk
  ''978-0-321-30292-2Short Guide Coll Writg& Issues of Gender Pk
  ''978-0-321-30294-6NAGraphcl App Coll Alg& Trig& Ssm& Grphg Cal Mnl
2004978-0-321-30298-4NAEnglish Fundamtls Form B & Myskllslab CC Pk
  ''978-0-321-30299-1   ''Active Reading Skills & Myskillslab CC Pkg
  ''978-0-321-30301-1   ''Human Bio: Concpts& Curr ISS& Hitt Rebate Pk
  ''978-0-321-30302-8Dialogues: Argumt Rhet& Mycomplab& Naw Dict
  ''978-0-321-30303-5William S. Addison Wesley Higher EducationWebCT Stand Alone Math All Around WebCT Cartridge w/Access Card + License Package
2004978-0-321-30304-2Pearson EducationWebCT Stand Alone Begininning and Intermediate Algebra WebCT Cartridge w/Access Card + License Pkg.
  ''978-0-321-30306-6NAMicroecon& Myeconlab& Study GD& Study Card Pk
2004978-0-321-30308-0NAIntro STATS & Mathxl 24-Mo Stdnt Coupon Pkg
  ''978-0-321-30309-7   ''Intro STATS& Mymathlab& Actvstats Spss04-05
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  ''978-0-321-30312-7   ''Physics for Sci& Engrs V1& V2& Hitt Rebate Pk
  ''978-0-321-30315-8   ''Intro STATS & Minitab Win95 & NT Rel 12 Pkg
2004978-0-321-30316-5NAIssues of Gender & Prin Writg Rsrch Pprs Pk
2004978-0-321-30317-2NAIntl Money & Finance & Cases in Intl Fin Pk
  ''978-0-321-30318-9   ''Prin Human Physiology & Physio Colorg Bk Pk
  ''978-0-321-30319-6   ''Essn Bio& Current ISS Bio& Und Hum Genome& CC
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  ''978-0-321-30321-9Roger L. MillerStudy Card
2004978-0-321-30322-6NAReadng Across Disciplin& Myskill CC& Txtbk Pk
  ''978-0-321-30323-3   ''Addison Wesley Interactv Linux& Sys Admin Pk
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2005978-0-321-30331-8Jennifer AlspachAdobe Acrobat 7 for Windows & Macintosh
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2005978-0-321-30337-0Robin Williams · John TollettThe Non-Designer's Web Book, 3rd Edition
2004978-0-321-30338-7Element K Journals Creative TeamGet the Picture You Want: Essential Digital Photography Techniques
2005978-0-321-30340-0Frederic S. Mishkin · Stanley EakinsBlackboard Standard Access Code Card
2004978-0-321-30341-7Frederic S. Mishkin · Stanley G. EakinsStudy Card
2005978-0-321-30342-4Frederic S. Mishkin · Stanley G. EakinsFinancial Markets & Institutions
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2004978-0-321-30351-6NAHuman Anat & Phy W/I/A Phy8& Rebate Card Pkg
2004978-0-321-30352-3NAReviewing Basic Grammar& Myskilllab Studt Pk
  ''978-0-321-30353-0   ''Composing with Confidence& Myskillslab CC Pk
  ''978-0-321-30354-7   ''Odyssey & Myskillslab Coursecompass Pkg
  ''978-0-321-30355-4   ''Little Brown Brief& Myskillslab Crsecmpss Pk
  ''978-0-321-30356-1   ''Bridging the Gap Coll Rdg& Myskillslab CC Pk
2004978-0-321-30357-8NAText & Thought & Myskillslab Coursecmpss Pk
2004978-0-321-30358-5NADesign in Reading & Myskillslab Courscmp Pk
2005978-0-321-30359-2Roger LeRoy Miller · Daniel K. BenjaminEconomics of Macro Issues, The (2nd Edition)
2004978-0-321-30360-8Karen RysavyLearn the Low-Carb Lifestyle for 5 Bucks (Learn...for 5 Bucks)
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2006978-0-321-30362-2Rockford Lhotka · Brian Randell · Bernard WongTom and Huck's Guide to Visual Basic Express
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2005978-0-321-30364-6Paul VellemanActivStats
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2005978-0-321-30374-5Paul VellemanActivStats for JMP
  ''978-0-321-30375-2   ''ActivStats for Excel
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  ''978-0-321-30390-5Michael A. Leeds · Peter Von Allmen · Richard C. SchimingStudy Guide to accompany macroeconomics
2006978-0-321-30394-3Andrew J. DaneInstructor's Manual to Accompany Miller's Economics Today, 13th Edition
2005978-0-321-30395-0Roger LeRoy MillerEconomics Today & Myeconlab S/Acc Kit
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2004978-0-321-30398-1Brad AbramsOnline Bundle of .NET Framework Standard Library Annotated Reference, Volume 1 and .NET Class Libraries Reference Poster (v. 1)
978-0-321-30399-8Economics Today+Student Acc My
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978-0-321-30406-3Test Bank 1 to Accompany Economics Today 13th Edition
978-0-321-30407-0Test Bank 3 to Accompany Economics Today 13th Edition [Paperback] [Jan 01, 2006] Judy Roobian-Mohr and Michael Goode
2006978-0-321-30408-7Michael A. Leeds · Peter von Allmen · Richard C. SchimingMicro Study Guide
2004978-0-321-30413-1NABusiness Mathematics & Mymathlab Coe Pkg
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  ''978-0-321-30416-2   ''Intermed Algebra Mymathlab& Grph Calc& Dvt Pk
2006978-0-321-30419-3Roger LeRoy MillerPractice Tests
2005978-0-321-30420-9Lawrence GitmanCourseCompass with Ebook Student Access Kit
  ''978-0-321-30424-7Lawrence GitmaneThemes of the Times
2005978-0-321-30425-4BB Prem W/Ebk Acc Princ
2004978-0-321-30427-8Peter DePasqualeAddison-Wesley's Java Backpack Reference Guide
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978-0-321-30572-5Intermediate Algebra
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