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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-0-321-33844-0EdwardsStudy Wiz Govt in Amer
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2006978-0-321-33847-1Jan LeighleyINSTRUCTOR'S MANUAL To Accompany GOVERNMENT IN AMERICA People Politics and Policy 12th Edition (Instructor's Manual to Accompany Edwards . Wattenberg . Lineberry Government in America)
2005978-0-321-33850-1LongmanMytechcommlab BB/Webct Stu A/C Card S/A
2005978-0-321-33854-9LongmanMyTechCommLab CourseCompass -- Standalone Access Card (SMALL CARD)
  ''978-0-321-33856-3   ''Mytechcommlab Website Student A/C Card S/A
2005978-0-321-33858-7Pearson EducationMyTechCommLab 1.0 Resources WebCT -- Instant Access
  ''978-0-321-33859-4Pearson EducationMyTechCommLab 1.0 Resources Blackboard -- Instant Access
978-0-321-33862-4Mcl2.0 Web Stu Ac Crd VP
2006978-0-321-33863-1Fowler: AaronMyCompLab 2.0
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  ''978-0-321-33865-5Christine A. HultMyCompLab 2.0 with Pearson eText -- Valuepack Access Card
2005978-0-321-33866-2DoddsMyCompLab 2.0 CourseCompass with E-Book Student Starter Kit (Standalone)
  ''978-0-321-33868-6Palmira Brummett · George F. JewsburyCivilization Past & Present Volume 2
  ''978-0-321-33872-3Elizabeth C. LongSentence Resources for Writers, with Readings
2007978-0-321-33879-2Susan CarrafielloTHE WEST Encounters & Transformations Concise Edition TEST BANK
2006978-0-321-33887-7Brian Levack1: Study Guide, Volume I
  ''978-0-321-33888-4Brian Levack2: Study Guide, Volume II
2011978-0-321-33889-1Burnam W ReynoldsColumbanus: Light on the Early Middle Ages (Library of World Biography Series)
2005978-0-321-33890-7Michael Adas · Peter N. Stearns · Stuart B. SchwartzTurbulent Passage: A Global History of the Twentieth Century (3rd Edition)
2004978-0-321-33895-2NAOdyssey& Mycomplab 2.0 Web Stu/A Crd 48mo Pk
2005978-0-321-33898-3Porter Shreve · Bich Minh Nguyen30/30: Thirty American Stories from the Last Thirty Years (Penguin Academics Series)
2007978-0-321-33899-0Morgan Gresham · Crystal McCageEducation Matters (A Longman Topics Reader)
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2004978-0-321-33902-7NARes for Writers W/Rdg& Study Card& Thinkg Pkg
  ''978-0-321-33903-4   ''African American Lit & Respond to Lit Pkg
  ''978-0-321-33905-8   ''Seq for Acad Writg& Countercult& Stdy Crd Pkg
2005978-0-321-33907-2NAAmer Destiny Vol1 & Amerhist Web Stu/A Pk
  ''978-0-321-33908-9Mark C. Carnes · John A. GarratyAmerican Destiny: Narrative of a Nation
2004978-0-321-33909-6NABrief Hist Western Civil V2 & Atlas Pkg
  ''978-0-321-33912-6   ''Bridg the Gap Coll Rd& LM Txtbk W/O& Plnnr Pk
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2008978-0-321-33919-5Lawrence S. Ritter · William L. Silber · Gregory F. UdellPrinciples of Money, Banking & Financial Markets (12th Edition)
2005978-0-321-33923-2NAMacroecon& Econ Stu GD& Sticker Pkg
  ''978-0-321-33924-9   ''Financial Markets& Institutns& FT Stu GD Pkg
2005978-0-321-33925-6NAFund of Multinational Fin & FT Stu GD Pkg
2006978-0-321-33929-4William JamesWilliam James: Essays and Lectures
2003978-0-321-33935-5Addison WesleyBlkbd SA Microbio Alt Ed
2004978-0-321-33936-2NAElem STATS Updt& Statsdisk Mnl& Stdy Crd& Math
  ''978-0-321-33937-9   ''Elem Statis Updt& Minitab LM& Stdy Crd& Mathxl
2004978-0-321-33938-6NAElem Statis Updt& T183+mnl& Stdy Crd& Mathxl
  ''978-0-321-33939-3   ''Trig& Mymathlab Stu Starter& Dvt Trig Pkg
  ''978-0-321-33942-3   ''Elem Stat Uptd& SAS Lab Mnl& Stat Study Card
  ''978-0-321-33943-0   ''Microbio Intro Brief& Research Navigator Pk
  ''978-0-321-33944-7   ''Elem Stat Updt& XCL Stu Mnl& Stat Stdy Card
2004978-0-321-33946-1NAEssntls of Anat& Physio& 20 Rebt Crd Educue
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  ''978-0-321-33948-5   ''Longman Anth Brit Lit& Frankenstein Peng Pkg
  ''978-0-321-33951-5   ''Bridg the Gap& LM Txtbk& Lamintd& Thnkg Tst& CD
  ''978-0-321-33953-9   ''Design in Readg & Msl2.0 Website S/AC Code
  ''978-0-321-33954-6   ''Inquirg Readr Foundtns& Msl 2.0 Website A/C
2004978-0-321-33955-3Discovery an Intro& Msl 2.0 Website Stu A/C
  ''978-0-321-33956-0NABridg the Gap Coll& Msl 2.0website Stu A/C
2004978-0-321-33957-7NAIntro Alg& I/A Stu Tut CD & Awl Tutr Ctr Pk
  ''978-0-321-33958-4   ''Bridg the Gap College & Naw Dictionary Pkg
  ''978-0-321-33960-7   ''Found Micro Myec Xpr& Econo Public Issues Pk
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  ''978-0-321-33973-7   ''Conceptl Physci Sci& 20 Rebate Crd Educue Pk
2004978-0-321-33977-5NAMymathlab Stu Strt& S/S/M Finite& XCL Sprdsht
2004978-0-321-33979-9NABiology& Bio Cancer Bklt& 20 Rebt Crd Educue
  ''978-0-321-33980-5   ''Writg with Conf& LM Wrtr Jrnl& Think& Msl Crd&
  ''978-0-321-33981-2   ''Amer Experience Vol2& AME Stry V2 Peng Acad
2005978-0-321-33983-6   ''Bio: Concpt& Connct& Curr ISS V2& Curr ISS Pk
2004978-0-321-33985-0   ''Skilld Readr Updt& ACT Vocab& Lamntd& Rd Trip&
2004978-0-321-33986-7NAReadg Across Discpl& Wrt Strt Bk2& Portf& Msl
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  ''978-0-321-33988-1   ''Calculus with Appl Brf& MML Campus BB Editn
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  ''978-0-321-33992-8NAUnderstndg Politl World& LM Part.Com& LM Atls
2004978-0-321-33993-5NACreated Equal Brief V2 & Ceremony Pkg
  ''978-0-321-33995-9   ''English Fund Form B& Msl 2.0website Stu A/C
  ''978-0-321-33996-6   ''English Fund Form B& Msl 2.0 CC Stu Strt Kit
2004978-0-321-33997-3NAGrammar Simplified& Msl 2.0 Stu Strtr Kit VP
  ''978-0-321-33999-7   ''Progressns with Readg& Msl2.0stu S/Kit VP Pk
  ''978-0-321-34000-9   ''Resources for Writrs& Msl 2.0website Stu A/C
  ''978-0-321-34001-6   ''Keys to Successfl Witg& Msl 2.0 S/Strtr Kit
  ''978-0-321-34005-4   ''Sentence Dynamics& Mysl2.0website Stu A/C
2004978-0-321-34007-8NALongman Anth Brit V2a& V2b& LM Aud CD& Glossy
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  ''978-0-321-34011-5   ''Human Anat& Lab Manl& I/A Syst Suite8 Pkg
  ''978-0-321-34012-2   ''Breakg Through Coll& Msl 2.0cc Stu Strtr Kit
  ''978-0-321-34013-9   ''Actv Readg Skills& Msl 2.0website Stu A/C
2004978-0-321-34014-6NAEfficient& Flexbl Readg& Msl 2.0web Stu A/C
2004978-0-321-34015-3NAEfficient& Flexbl Readg& Msl 2.0cc Stu A/C
  ''978-0-321-34017-7   ''Effectv Readr Updt& Thinkg Thru& Rdg Rd Trip
  ''978-0-321-34018-4   ''Writrs Options Lessons& Msl 2.0website S/A/C
  ''978-0-321-34019-1   ''Eff Read Updt& Vocab& Thkg Thru& Rdg Rd& Wiz CD
  ''978-0-321-34020-7Patricia SilberWriters Grammar & My Skills Lab 2.0 Website SAC Code
2004978-0-321-34022-1NAFukuzawa Yukichi From& Kato Shidzu Pkg
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2004978-0-321-34024-5NAReviewg Basic Grammr& Msl 2.0 CC Stu Strt Kt
  ''978-0-321-34026-9   ''Connectns Writg Readg& Msl 2.0c Stu S/Kit Pk
  ''978-0-321-34031-3   ''Checkpnts& Myskillslab 2.0 CC Stu Strtr Kit
  ''978-0-321-34032-0   ''Writg Keystones7 Mysl2.0 Website Stu A/C Pk
  ''978-0-321-34035-1   ''Coll Alg& Mymathlab& Grph Calc Mnl& Ssm Pkg
2004978-0-321-34036-8NALongmn Anth Brit Lit V1a& 1b& 1c& Mylitlab Pkg
2005978-0-321-34037-5NAAmer: Past& Pres V1& LM His Atlas& Multi CD Pk
  ''978-0-321-34039-9   ''Amer Expriencs Vol1& Story V1& Multi CD V1 Pk
  ''978-0-321-34040-5   ''Amer Story Vol1 Penguin Acad& Multimd Cd1 Pk
2004978-0-321-34042-9   ''Envisn: Persuasv Wri& NU Cent Pckt/G& McL2.Pk
  ''978-0-321-34047-4   ''Longman Reader Brief Edtn& New Amer Dict Pkg
2004978-0-321-34048-1NAUs Latino Lit Today& Respond to Lit: Wri Pkg
  ''978-0-321-34049-8   ''Essntl Coll English: Grammar & Msl2.0 CC Pkg
  ''978-0-321-34050-4   ''Breakg Through: College& Rdg Road Trip4.0& Pk
2005978-0-321-34051-1   ''America: Past& Pres V1& S/G& Multimed CD Pkg
2004978-0-321-34052-8   ''Econ Today: Macro VW& Mel& Mac ISS& S/Card Pkg
2005978-0-321-34054-2Rhoads MurpheyHistory of Asia, A (5th Edition)
2004978-0-321-34055-9NABreakg Thru: Coll& LM Txtbk Rdr W/O& Msl2.0pk
2004978-0-321-34056-6NAHuman Anat& Physio W/Ia Phy8 Sys& Adam Ia Pkg
2005978-0-321-34057-3Essentials Human Anat& Physio& Lab Manual Pkg
  ''978-0-321-34059-7Elaine Nicpon MariebEssentials of Anatomy and Physiology with Essentials of Interactive Physiology CD-ROM
  ''978-0-321-34060-3NAEssn Humn Anat& Phys& Brf Atlas Humn Body Pkg
2004978-0-321-34065-8   ''Web Wizards Guide to DHTML & CSS& XHTML Pkg
  ''978-0-321-34068-9   ''Intro STATS& Mintab/M& S/Ed Minitb Soft14 Pkg
  ''978-0-321-34070-2   ''Effectv Readr Upd& Myskillslb 2.0 Web A/C Pk
2005978-0-321-34071-9   ''Curious Wri Paprbck& LB Cmpct Hb& McL2.Web Pk
2006978-0-321-34078-8John BarnesProgramming in Ada 2005 with CD
2006978-0-321-34079-5Rob WilliamsComputer Systems Architecture: a Networking Approach (2nd Edition)
2004978-0-321-34080-1NAEssntl Biology with Phys& $20 Rebate Card Pk
2004978-0-321-34081-8NALit: Pockt Anth Pen& S/Crd& MLA Doc& Secret Pk
  ''978-0-321-34082-5   ''Resources for Wri with Rdgs& Thinkg Thru Pkg
  ''978-0-321-34084-9   ''Essen Biology with Physio& Curr ISS& V2& CC Pk
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  ''978-0-321-34088-7   ''Essn Statstc& Mymathlab& Ssm& S/Card& Reb$15 Pk
2004978-0-321-34089-4NAWritg Argumnts& Wri Res Pprs& Dict& McL2. Pkg
2004978-0-321-34091-7NAHuman Anat& Physio W/Ia Phy8 Sys& Adam Ia Pkg
  ''978-0-321-34094-8   ''Longmn Wri: Rhet W/MLA Up& Secret& S/Card Pkg
  ''978-0-321-34095-5   ''Extreme Fiction& Study Card Eng& Secret Pkg
  ''978-0-321-34096-2   ''Lit: Intro Fict& Wri Res& Secret& S/Card& Hb Pk
  ''978-0-321-34097-9   ''Four in One: Rhet Rdr& Secret Bees& S/Card Pk
2004978-0-321-34099-3NAEssntl Readg Skills& Vocab Simp& Rdr Jrnl Pkg
2006978-0-321-34100-6Ancient Rhet for Contmp Stu& Revisg Prose Pk
2004978-0-321-34101-3NAArguments in Amer: Ess ISS Past& Huntsman Pk
2004978-0-321-34103-7NACalculus with Applicatn& MML& Dvt& Ssm& Coe Pkg
2005978-0-321-34104-4   ''Americn Nation Sve& 12mo Card Pk
  ''978-0-321-34105-1   ''Amer Nation Vol2& Amer His Web S/AC Card Pkg
2004978-0-321-34108-2   ''Longman Writer: Rhet Rdr& MLA Doc& S/Card Pkg
2005978-0-321-34109-9   ''Introductory Algebra& Dvt Intro Algebra Pkg
2005978-0-321-34110-5NAIntroductory Algebra & Stu Sols Manual Pkg
  ''978-0-321-34111-2   ''Introductory Algebra & Study Skills Wbk Pkg
  ''978-0-321-34113-6   ''Cosmic Perspctv: Solar Sys V1& Astro Wbk Pkg
  ''978-0-321-34114-3   ''Cosmic Perspctv: Stars Galax V2& Astro WB Pk
  ''978-0-321-34115-0   ''Cosmc Perspctv: Stars V2& Astro WB& Themes Pk
2005978-0-321-34116-7NAAmer People: Brief Ed V2& Amerhis Web Crd Pk
2005978-0-321-34117-4NACosmic Perspctv Media Up& Astro WB& Themes Pk
2004978-0-321-34119-8   ''Introduction to Fiction & Jane Eyre Pkg
  ''978-0-321-34120-4Kathleen T. McWhorterEfficient& Flex Readg& Rrt 4.0+ Web Card Pkg
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2005978-0-321-34126-6Neil A. Campbell · Jane B. Reece · Martha R. Taylor · Eric J. SimonBlackboard Premium Student Access Kit for Biology: Concepts & Connections
  ''978-0-321-34127-3Neil A. Campbell · Jane B. Reece · Martha R. Taylor · Eric J. SimonWebCT Student Access Kit for Biology: Concepts & Connections
2004978-0-321-34128-0NAIntro STATS& Mymathlb& Ssm& Ti83& Ti84& Excel Pk
  ''978-0-321-34131-0   ''Longman Anth of World Lit V2& Pride& Prej Pkg
2007978-0-321-34132-7Frederick Purnell Jr. · Mark C. Carnes · Michael S. Pettersen · Barnard UniversityThe Trial of Galileo: Aristotelism, the "New Cosmology," and the Catholic Church, 1616-33 (Reacting to the Past Series)
2005978-0-321-34136-5Neal TannahillAmerican Government: Policy & Politics
2006978-0-321-34138-9Guy Smith-Ferrier.NET Internationalization: The Developer's Guide to Building Global Windows and Web Applications
2006978-0-321-34139-6Dario Franceschini · Fabio Melen · Giandomenico Panebianco · Manas Deb · Christian RighiEnterprise Service Integration: Realizing the Event-Driven, Service-Oriented, and Predictive Enterprise
2005978-0-321-34140-2NACollege Algebra with Modeling & Awl Tc Pkg
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2006978-0-321-34203-4Instructor's Manual And Test Bank to accompany NTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 7TH Edition
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978-0-321-34222-5Women and Elections: The Impact in 2004 and Beyond
2005978-0-321-34232-4J. William T. YoungsEleanor Roosevelt: A Personal and Public Life (Library of American Biography Series) (3rd Edition)
2004978-0-321-34233-1NACalc& Its Applictns& Ssm& Mathxl& Tut& Stckr Pkg
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2006978-0-321-34236-2Michael A. Leeds · Peter von Allmen · Richard C. SchimingStudent Value Edition for Macroeconomics
2004978-0-321-34243-0NAIntroductn Literature& Writ& MML Web Stu Pkg
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2004978-0-321-34254-6NAMedia & Research Nav GD Mass Comm Pkg
  ''978-0-321-34255-3   ''Keys Successful Writg & Msl 2.0 Website Pkg
  ''978-0-321-34257-7Readng Across Disciplns& Msl 2.0 Website Pkg
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  ''978-0-321-34260-7Complete Sentnce Workout& Msl 2.0 Websit Pkg
2004978-0-321-34264-5NAEss STATS& Minitab& Tut Center& Sticker Pkg
  ''978-0-321-34267-6   ''West: Encounters& Transf& Study Card West Pkg
  ''978-0-321-34268-3   ''Bio& Studt Guide& Cancr Bklt& Stem Cell& CC Pk
  ''978-0-321-34270-6   ''Intro to Lit& Secret Life& Study Crd Engl Pk
2004978-0-321-34271-3NALit Into Fictn& Secret Life& Study Crd Engl
  ''978-0-321-34273-7   ''Writing Arguments& Things They Carried Pkg
  ''978-0-321-34276-8   ''Univ Phy with Mod V1& Univ Phy W/Mod V2 Pkg
  ''978-0-321-34277-5   ''Bridg the Gap& LM Txtbk& Naw DIC& Msl 2.Web AC
  ''978-0-321-34279-9   ''Bridg the Gap& Thnkg Thru& Rdg Rd Trip& Lamntd
2004978-0-321-34280-5NABreakg Thru Coll& Thnkg Thru Tst Rdg& Rrt4.0+
2004978-0-321-34282-9NALiterature Compact Edit Fict & Crucible Pkg
  ''978-0-321-34283-6   ''Elem of Tech Writg& Resrc Technicl Comm Pkg
  ''978-0-321-34284-3   ''Readg Writing Connectn& Msl 2.0 Website A/C
  ''978-0-321-34285-0   ''Lit I/A Edit& VP Resrchg O/L& CC MLL Stu A/C
  ''978-0-321-34286-7   ''Bridgn the Gap& LM Txtbk Rdg& Msl2.0 Kit Pkg
2004978-0-321-34287-4NAEngl Fundmntl Form A& Msl 2.0 CC Stu S/Kit
2004978-0-321-34292-8NAElem Statistc W/Graph& Stdt S/M& Mathxl 24mo
  ''978-0-321-34296-6   ''Longman Anth Detcht Fict& Short GD Writ Film