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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-0-321-26470-1Fundamtls Anat& Physio W/CD& Lab Mnl& S/G Pk
  ''978-0-321-26474-9NAEssn Anat& Physio& Appl Mnl& S/S/G& CC Card Pk
  ''978-0-321-26477-0NASixties & Andrew Carnegie& Rise Big Busn Pkg
  ''978-0-321-26479-4   ''Amer Realities Vol2& T Edison& H Trumn& H Long
  ''978-0-321-26484-8Short Guide Writg about Film& Resrch Nav Pk
2003978-0-321-26492-3NAElem STATS& CD& Minitab LM& Wkbk& Dvt& Ssm& Seom
  ''978-0-321-26498-5Elem Alg: Concpts& Appl & I/A Math Tutrl Pkg
2004978-0-321-26502-9NAHealth: Basics & Take Charge Worksheets Pkg
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  ''978-0-321-26509-8William J. Germann · Cindy L. StanfieldPrinciples of Human Physiology
2003978-0-321-26512-8NAPeng Handbk MLA Upd Ppr& Writg Reflec& I/A Ed
  ''978-0-321-26513-5   ''Concise Guid Tech Comm& Service Lrng Tech Pk
2003978-0-321-26514-2Addison WesleyTechnical Mathematics 2 Volume Set
  ''978-0-321-26523-4NALongm Anth Brit V2& Frankenstein& Pict D Gray
  ''978-0-321-26526-5   ''Longm Anth Brit V2b& Hard Times& Aud CD V2 Pk
  ''978-0-321-26528-9   ''Longm Anth Womens Lit& Bastard Out Carolina
2004978-0-321-26534-0NABasic Math Thru Appl& S/S/M& Basic Math Revw
  ''978-0-321-26535-7   ''Basic Math Thru& Digi VID Tut& Basc Math Revw
  ''978-0-321-26536-4   ''Fund Math Thru Appl& S/S/M& Basic Math Review
  ''978-0-321-26537-1   ''Fund Math Thru Appl& Digitl VID Tut& Basc Rvw
2003978-0-321-26551-7   ''Brief Pocket Reader & Longm Writrs Jrnl Pkg
2003978-0-321-26554-8NATrigonometry & Mymathlab Pkg Coe
  ''978-0-321-26557-9   ''Writing Fiction & Extreme Fiction Pkg
  ''978-0-321-26558-6   ''Essn Biology& Lab Investigtns& Bio Today Pkg
2006978-0-321-26559-3Microbio: Intro& Lab Expr& Photo ATL& S/G Pkg
2003978-0-321-26563-0NALongm Anth Mod& Cntemp Drama& I/A Theater DVD
  ''978-0-321-26568-5   ''Literature: Readg& Writg & Frankenstein Pkg
  ''978-0-321-26571-5   ''Graphcl Apprch Coll Alg& MML& S/S/M& Ti Rebate
2003978-0-321-26572-2NALongm Anth Brit Compct Vol B& Persuasion Pk
2003978-0-321-26575-3NAColonial Amer in Atlantic& Atlantic Lives Pk
2004978-0-321-26576-0Rebecca J. DonatelleHealth: Basics
  ''978-0-321-26577-7Rebecca J. DonatelleHealth: Basics
2003978-0-321-26582-1Essn Math & Digital VID Tutr& Mymathlab Pkg
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2003978-0-321-26592-0   ''Longman Anth World Lit Vol E & Vol F Pkg
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2003978-0-321-26604-0NAIntl Economics: Theory& S/G& CC A/Card Pkg
  ''978-0-321-26605-7   ''Contemp Amer Short Stry& Cntmp Poetry& Aud CD
  ''978-0-321-26608-8   ''Intro Alg& Mymathlab& Stdy Sklls Wbk& Alg Rvw
  ''978-0-321-26609-5   ''Intro Alg& Mymathlab& S/S/M& Aw Alg Revw Pk
  ''978-0-321-26610-1Intermed Alg with Early& MML& S/S/M& Alg Revw
2003978-0-321-26613-2NAContmp Amer Short Stry& Frnknstn& J Eyre& Dict
  ''978-0-321-26616-3   ''Grant Seekg Electrnc Age& Writg Proposals Pk
2003978-0-321-26617-0NAVisl GUI Coll Compositn& Newswk Sub& Wri Jrnl
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2004978-0-321-26628-6   ''Finite Math: Appld Apprch& S/S/M& Mathxl Pk
2003978-0-321-26629-3   ''Access to Health& Nutrifit CD& Take Chrge Pk
  ''978-0-321-26630-9   ''Short Guide Writg about Psy & Resrch Nav Pk
2003978-0-321-26633-0NALongm Anth Brit V2a 2b 2c& Aud CD V2& Dict Pk
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2003978-0-321-26643-9NAAmerica & Its People V2 & Lookg Backward Pk
  ''978-0-321-26645-3BockIntro STATS Coll Sticker & Activstats 03-04
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2003978-0-321-26650-7NAIntro STATS Coll Stickr& Actvstats03-04 Lab
  ''978-0-321-26651-4   ''Intro STATS Coll Stckr& Actvstat Xcl02-4 Lab
  ''978-0-321-26654-5   ''Amer Natn Vol 1& Us Hst Timeln& Am Hst Atlas
2004978-0-321-26655-2Lawrence J. GitmanPrinciples of Managerial Finance + FinanceWorks (10th Edition)
  ''978-0-321-26656-9Lawrence J. GitmanPrinciples of Managerial Finance, Brief + FinanceWorks (3rd Edition)
2003978-0-321-26660-6NACollege Algebra& Student S/M& Tutor Ctr Pkg
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2010978-0-321-26665-1Raymond BrooksStudy Guide for Financial Management: Core Concepts
2004978-0-321-26669-9AVID Technology INC.Avid Xpress Pro Effects and Color Correction
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  ''978-0-321-26674-3   ''Longman Anth Brit Lit Vla& Othello& Audio Pkg
2003978-0-321-26677-4NAWriting & Readg Across Curric& Hamlet& DIC Pk
  ''978-0-321-26678-1   ''Writing & Readng Across Curr& Eng Simplfd Pk
2003978-0-321-26680-4NALongmn Anth Brit Lit VL 1a& 1b& 1c& Vl1& Oth Pk
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  ''978-0-321-26684-2   ''Fundmtl Anat & Phy W/I/A CD& Adam I/A Stu Pk
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2004978-0-321-26707-8NAFundamental Math Thru Applicatn& Aw Basic Pk
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2004978-0-321-26709-2NABasic Math Thru& Tutr CT& Basic Math Revw Pkg
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2004978-0-321-26740-5Richard D. de Veaux · Paul F. Velleman · David E. BockStat Data & Model& Mymathlab Stu Strt Kit Pk
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2003978-0-321-26743-6David E. Bock · Paul F. Velleman · Richard D. De VeauxStats: Modeling the World
2004978-0-321-26744-3Scott Kelby · Kleber StephensonThe iTunes for Windows Book
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2004978-0-321-26856-3   ''Human Anatomy & Hum Anat Place CD& Acc Human
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