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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-0-321-21579-6NAInternational Economics & Study GD Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21581-9NAMicroeconomics & Myeconlab & Study GD Pkg
2004978-0-321-21582-6   ''Microeconomics & Myeconlab & Study GD Pkg
2003978-0-321-21583-3   ''Coll Alg& Graphg Cal Mnl& S/S/M& Ti Rebate Pk
  ''978-0-321-21585-7   ''Intro United Sta Hlth Policy& Resrch Nav Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21586-4   ''Strats for Coll Writg& Dict& Lrng Togethr Pkg
2003978-0-321-21587-1NAExchanges: Readg & Writg & Resrch Nav Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21589-5   ''Intermed Alg with Early& Mymathlab& S/S/M Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21590-1   ''Biology& CD& Lab Invstigtns& Und Humn Genome
  ''978-0-321-21593-2   ''Study & Crit Thinkg Sklls& Naw Dict& Rdr Jrnl
  ''978-0-321-21594-9   ''Longm Anth Brit Cmpact A& B& Glossary Litrary
2003978-0-321-21596-3NALiteratur for Compositn Cmpact& Naw Dict Pkg
2002978-0-321-21598-7Elaine N. MariebEssentials Human Anatomy/ Phys 7e & Brief Atlas Hum Body
2003978-0-321-21600-7NABridging Gap: Coll& Stdnt Plannr& Rrt3.0 Pkg
2003978-0-321-21601-4NALifelong Reader& Longm Stdnt Plnnr& Dict Pkg
2004978-0-321-21610-6James N. DanzigerUnderstanding the Political World: A Comparative Introduction to Political Science (7th Edition)
978-0-321-21611-3American Politics: Diversity and Unity
2004978-0-321-21612-0Dennis Dresang · James J. GoslingCareers in State and Local Government
2003978-0-321-21613-7NACollege Alg& Stu Sol/M& Tut Ctr& I/A Mathxl Pk
  ''978-0-321-21619-9   ''Essen Biology with Physiology& Crscmpss Pkg
2010978-0-321-21620-5James A. Bill · Robert Springborg · Guilain DenoeuxPolitics in the Middle East
2004978-0-321-21621-2NAEss Stat & Studt/G& Digtl VID& Ssm& Rebate Pkg
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  ''978-0-321-21626-7Pearson EducationAtlas of Western Civilization
  ''978-0-321-21627-4Lester FaigleyThe Penguin Handbook (MLA Update) (Paperbound)
  ''978-0-321-21628-1Lester FaigleyThe Penguin Handbook (MLA Update)
2003978-0-321-21630-4NAIntro& Intermed Alg& Gen MML& Dig VID Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21631-1Intro & Intermed Alg & Gen MML Pkg
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2004978-0-321-21640-3Roderick Nash · Gregory GravesFrom These Beginnings, Volume I (7th Edition)
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2003978-0-321-21645-8NABridg Gap& Longmn Txt& Rrt Cd3& Plnnr& Port Pkg
2004978-0-321-21647-2Gerald DanzerDiscovering World History Through Maps and Views: Transparencies
2004978-0-321-21650-2Nils Ch Rauhut · Renee SmithReadings On Ultimate Questions: An Introduction To Philosophy
2003978-0-321-21652-6Greenberg · PageStruggle for Dem Paper W/LP Co
  ''978-0-321-21653-3NAIntrmd Alg: Graphs & Graph Calc& Mthxl& Tc Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21654-0   ''Web Wiz Guide to HTML & Javascrpt & PHP Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21658-8   ''Elem Alg Concpt& App& MML& Ssm& 00 Reb& Stk Pkg
2010978-0-321-21666-3Philip NortonThe British Polity
2003978-0-321-21667-0NACalculus & Its Applications & Supp Chap Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21669-4   ''Historical Research: Guide Wri& Shrt GD Pkg
2003978-0-321-21671-7NAGuide to Coll Readg & Rdr Jrl Eff& Flex Pkg
2004978-0-321-21675-5NAStyle: Ten Lessons& Res Writing Simp MLA Pkg
2003978-0-321-21677-9   ''Bridg the Gap: Col Rdg& Cons Rdr& Txt W/O& Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21686-1   ''Agendas Alt& Pub Pol LM & Art of Pol Mkg Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21689-2   ''Penguin Handbk MLA Upd Clthbnd& Crit Inq Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21692-2   ''Concptl Chem: Und Our World& CC& Bio Ter Pkg
2003978-0-321-21696-0NACollege Reading & Study Skills & Dict Pkg
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  ''978-0-321-21702-8Jeffrey L. BernsteinStudy Guide for The President and the Presidency: The Making of an Institution
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978-0-321-21708-0Study Wizard
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2004978-0-321-21714-1David Skwire · Harvey S. WienerStudent's Book of College English
2003978-0-321-21716-5NACivil Past & PSE Vol2& Res Nav Pkg
2001978-0-321-21719-6Transparencies to accompany America and Its People A Mosaic in the Making
2005978-0-321-21721-9Denise WrightTest Bank to accompany America: Past and Present Seventh edition AND America Past and Present Brief Sixth Edition
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  ''978-0-321-21727-1Robert A. Divine · T. H. BreenStudy Guide
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  ''978-0-321-21741-7Jacqueline Tyler Jones · Peter H. WoodStudy Guide
  ''978-0-321-21742-4Jacqueline Tyler Jones · Peter H. WoodStudy Guide
2003978-0-321-21757-8NAIntermed Algebra& MML& Digital Video Tut Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21759-2   ''Int Alg & Mnl Stu Start Kit& Ssm Intermed Pkg
2004978-0-321-21764-6   ''Thom Calc Early Multi Pt2& Gen MML& Stckr Pkg
2003978-0-321-21765-3   ''Thom Calc Early Sngle Pt1& Gen MML& Stckr Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21766-0   ''Calc Single Variable Pt1& Gen MML& Stckr Pkg
2003978-0-321-21768-4NAThomas Calc Single Pt1& Ssm& Gen& Stckr Pkg
2003978-0-321-21769-1NAEssential Math& Gen MML& Mymath Sticker Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21770-7   ''Thomas Calc Alt Ed Calc& Gen MML& Stclr Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21771-4   ''Survey Math with Applc& MML& Ssm Survey Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21773-8   ''Survey Math Expand& MML& Ssm Math& Digital Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21786-8   ''Essent Igenetics& Study GD& Genetcs Versn Pkg
2003978-0-321-21787-5NACommunity Health 21st Centry& Resrch Nav Pkg
2003978-0-321-21790-5NACreated Equal Vol2& Mulitmedia& Crd& Amer Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21791-2Created Equal Vol 1& Mulitmedia& Card Amr Pkg
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  ''978-0-321-21824-7Frederic S. MishkinThe Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets (Pie)
2003978-0-321-21827-8NAContmpry Amer Poetry& Bld Your Own CC Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21829-2   ''Gov Amer Brief& Non CC& Multimed CD Pkg
2004978-0-321-21832-2Blackline Masters For Math Makes Sense 1 Student Book
2005978-0-321-21841-4unknownMath Makes Sense 3: Practice and Homework Book
2004978-0-321-21842-1Addison WesleyTeacher's Edition for Math Makes Sense 3 Practice and Homework Book
  ''978-0-321-21843-8MorrowMath Makes Sense 3 Blackline Masters
  ''978-0-321-21844-5unknownMath Makes Sense 4 - Practice and Homework Book
  ''978-0-321-21845-2Addison WesleyTeacher's Edition Math Makes Sense 4 Workbook
2004978-0-321-21846-9Addison WesleyBlackline Masters For Math Makes Sense 4 Practice and Homework Book
2006978-0-321-21851-3NALongman Anth Brit& Lit VL 2a& Lit Vol 2b Pkg
2003978-0-321-21852-0   ''Elementary Statistics & CD& Ssm& Dvt Elem Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21853-7   ''Software Engnrg& How Break& UML Distilled Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21858-2   ''Created Equal Vol2& Multimed CD& 6mo Sub Pkg
2003978-0-321-21859-9NACreated Equal Vol2& Amer Thur Eyes People Pk
  ''978-0-321-21860-5   ''Created Equal Vol2& Us History Timeline Pkg
2005978-0-321-21863-6   ''Mathmtcl Ideas & Digitl VID& Ia Mthxl& Awl Pk
2003978-0-321-21864-3   ''Intermed Algebra & Studt Sol Mnl& Awl Tut Pk
  ''978-0-321-21865-0   ''Created Equal Vol 1 Chap1-15& Us His Time Pk
2003978-0-321-21867-4NAIntermediate Algebra Mymathlab& Grph Calc Pk
  ''978-0-321-21868-1   ''Elem & Intermed Alg MML& Graph Calc Pkg
2004978-0-321-21873-5Steven BraniganHigh-Tech Crimes Revealed: Cyberwar Stories from the Digital Front
2005978-0-321-21878-0NONEQ203 Pgmkr Id Upsell Kit& InDesgn2.0 CIA: AND Adobe InDesign 2.0 Classroom in a Book
2003978-0-321-21880-3NAAmer Constitution Dev Vl2& Research Navi Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21881-0   ''Global Islamic Politic& Research Navigatr Pk
  ''978-0-321-21884-1   ''Civil Rights & Liberties 21st& Rsrch Nav Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21894-0   ''Created Equal Singl Vol Ed& Amer Thru Eye Pk
2003978-0-321-21895-7NAElem Statistics CDROM& Dvt& Minitab LM& Ssm Pk
2003978-0-321-21896-4NACreated Equal Vol 1 Chp1-15& Multi CD& 6mo Pk
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2003978-0-321-21918-3Harold Davis · Joe Merlino · Kate WrightsonRed Hat Linux 9: Visual QuickPro Guide
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2003978-0-321-21920-6Danny RiddellMaya 5 for Windows & Macintosh
2004978-0-321-21921-3Olav Martin Kvern · David BlatnerReal World Adobe InDesign CS
2003978-0-321-21927-5NAEcon & Myeconlab Studt Kit& S/G Foundatn Pkg
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2012978-0-321-21931-2Young PatrickIntroduction to Computing Using Javascript And Html
2003978-0-321-21932-9George C. Edwards · Martin P. Wattenberg · Robert L. LineberryGovernment in America: People, Politics, and Policy
  ''978-0-321-21937-4NAElem & Intermed Alg& MML& Student Sol Manl Pk
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  ''978-0-321-21942-8   ''Intro Algebra & Mymathlb& Digital VID Tut Pk
2003978-0-321-21944-2NAIntro Algebra & Mymathlab& Stdy Skill Wkb Pk
  ''978-0-321-21945-9   ''Intermed Algebra with Early& MML& Stu Skll Pk
2003978-0-321-21946-6NABasic Math & Mymathlb Stndrd& Ia Math Tut Pk
  ''978-0-321-21947-3   ''Basic Math & Mymathlab& Center Excellence Pk
  ''978-0-321-21948-0   ''Intro Algebra & Mymathlab& Center Excell Pkg
  ''978-0-321-21949-7Intro Alg & Mymathlb& Ssm& Digt VID& Awl Tut Pk
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2003978-0-321-21951-0NAGraph Approach Coll Alg MML& 2000it Rebte Pk
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  ''978-0-321-21965-7Pearson EducationMathXL -- Standalone Access Card (24-month access)
  ''978-0-321-21966-4NAConceptual Physicl Sci& Pract Bk& Build Yr Pk
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2003978-0-321-21981-7NAProb Solvng App Math& MML& Geometer Sketch Pk
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2004978-0-321-21987-9Michael Parkin · Robin BadeTest Bank 2
  ''978-0-321-21988-6   ''Instructor's Resource Disk with Instructor's Manual, Powerpoint Presentation, and Computerized Test Banks
2003978-0-321-21999-2NAHuman Anat & CD& Atlas& Lab GD& Dissect Pkg
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978-0-321-22032-5Janet Prichard · Frank CarranoPowerpoint Slides
978-0-321-22033-2   ''Test Bank
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2003978-0-321-22036-3Margaret L. Lial · Raymond N. Greenwell · Nathan P. RitcheyCalc with Applicatn & Mathxl 24 Mo Coup Pkg
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2004978-0-321-22044-8Luanne Seymour CohenAdobe Illustrator CS Creative Studio
2006978-0-321-22045-5NAReaders Handbook & Coursecmpss Acc Card Pkg
2007978-0-321-22046-2   ''Literature & Environ & Merriam Web& Dict Pkg
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2003978-0-321-22086-8NAIntro & Intermed Alg& Gen MML Stu Acc Kit Pkg
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2003978-0-321-22112-4NALit Compact Ed with CD& Bld Own CC Pkg
2003978-0-321-22113-1NAMicrobiology Pkg& Case Stdy Microbio& BB Pkg