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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-0-321-03125-9Carole WadePsychology
1997978-0-321-03126-6BeeLifespan Development + Supershell Mac Package National Bundle
  ''978-0-321-03127-3BeeLifespan Development + Supershell IBM Package National Bundle
1999978-0-321-03128-0Thomas H. TietenbergEnvironmental and Natural Resource Economics (5th Edition)
978-0-321-03132-7Economic Policy Review
1997978-0-321-03133-4Frederic S. MishkinThe Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets
2000978-0-321-03137-2Eng · LEES · MAUERPowerpoint Presentation for Global Finance 2e
1999978-0-321-03142-6Richard E. Caves · Jeffrey A. Frankel · Ronald W. JonesWorld Trade and Payments: An Introduction
1998978-0-321-03143-3Daniel Roland FusfeldThe Age of the Economist
978-0-321-03227-0Lawrence J GitmanPrinciples of Managerial Finance Cd Rom
1998978-0-321-03235-5Gary W. EmeryComputerized Test Bank and TestGen Software
  ''978-0-321-03238-6ZimbardoSocial Psychology Study Guide National Pkg.
  ''978-0-321-03240-9BeeDeveloping Child + Study Guide National Bundle
1997978-0-321-03243-0ZimbardoPsychology with Supershell DOS Package
  ''978-0-321-03244-7   ''Psychology with Supershell Mac Package
1997978-0-321-03245-4GerowPscyhology with Supershell DOS Package
  ''978-0-321-03246-1   ''Psychology: An Introduction W/ Supershell Mac Pkg
  ''978-0-321-03249-2BeeDeveloping Child + Supershell Mac Package National Bundle
  ''978-0-321-03250-8   ''Developing Child + Supershell IBM Package National Bundle
  ''978-0-321-03252-2PetersonPsychology W/ Suprshell Mac Package
1997978-0-321-03255-3ZimbardoPsychology & Life with Study Guide Package
  ''978-0-321-03256-0   ''Psychology & Life W/ Supershell DOS Package
1997978-0-321-03257-7ZimbardoPsychology & Life W/ Supershell Mac Package
  ''978-0-321-03258-4GerowEssentials of Psychology with Supershell Tutorial DOS Package
  ''978-0-321-03259-1   ''Essentials of Psychology with Supershell Tutorial Macintosh Package
  ''978-0-321-03260-7BeeThe Growing Child + Study Guide National Bundle
  ''978-0-321-03264-5   ''Growing Child with Study Guide Package
1998978-0-321-03268-3Bruce E. GronbeckPrinciples of Speech Communications
1998978-0-321-03271-3Mark H. AshcraftA Test Gen Win Disk
  ''978-0-321-03274-4AshcraftFundamentals Cogni T/Gen Win P
  ''978-0-321-03278-2AshcraftFundamentals Cogn T/Gen MAC P
2002978-0-321-03279-9Human Development: Childhood & Adolescence
1998978-0-321-03281-2Wynn KapitThe Geography Coloring Book (2nd Edition)
1999978-0-321-03282-9Gary L. BranniganExperiencing Psychology: Active Learning Adventures
1997978-0-321-03286-7DeVitoThe Interpesonal Communication Book 8e + Studying Communication to
  ''978-0-321-03293-5III EdwardsAdopter Service Kit T/A Government in America: People, Politics, and Policy 8e
978-0-321-03294-2KishlanskyAdopter Service Kit T/a Kishlansky, Civilization in the West 3e
2005978-0-321-03296-6Gary B. Nash · Frederick JeffreyAmerican People 4e Adopter Ser
1998978-0-321-03298-0GoldsteinNational Bundle: Goldstein: International Relations 2e, Art/Jervis:
  ''978-0-321-03299-7Greenberg PageNational Bundle: Greenberg/Page: The Struggle for Democracy 3e with the
1998978-0-321-03302-4EdwardsGovernment in America Brief 3e + Voices of Dissent National Bundle
1999978-0-321-03306-2Neal TannahillAmerican Government: Policy and Politics
  ''978-0-321-03308-6WollSg T/A American Government 13e
2007978-0-321-03314-7Peter Von Sivers · Charles Desnoyers · George StowPattern World History Sve
  ''978-0-321-03316-1Peter Von Sivers · Charles Desnoyers · George StowPatterns World History: Origins Interactions v. 1
  ''978-0-321-03318-5   ''Patterns World History: Origins Interactions v. 2
978-0-321-03321-5Societies and Cultures in World History Sve P-Copy
1999978-0-321-03323-9George C. Edwards · Martin P. Wattenberg · Robert L. LineberryGovernment in America: People, Politics, and Policy
  ''978-0-321-03325-3Graham Allison · Allison Graham T.Essence of Decision
1976978-0-321-03326-0John J. HarriganPolitical Change In The Metropolis
1999978-0-321-03327-7Joseph S. NyeUnderstanding International Conflicts: An Introduction to Theory and History (3rd Edition)
1999978-0-321-03328-4Joseph S. NyeUnderstanding International Conflicts: An Introduction to Theory and History
978-0-321-03337-6BrowningMicro Theory Applic 6e Instr Man
2002978-0-321-03338-3BrowningMicro Theory Applic 6e Test Bank
978-0-321-03340-6   ''Micro Theory Applic 6e Ctb D3
1999978-0-321-03345-1Zupan BrowningMicro Theory and Applications: Study Guide
  ''978-0-321-03346-8MILLEREconomics Today: Instructor's Manual
2000978-0-321-03347-5MillerTest Bank 1
2000978-0-321-03348-2MillerTest Bank 2 to accompany Economics Today
1999978-0-321-03350-5Roger LeRoy Miller · Robert W. PulsinelliStudy Guide to Accompany Economics Today: 1999-2000
  ''978-0-321-03351-2Roger LeRoy Miller · Robert W. PulsinelliStudy Guide to Accompany Economics Today: The Macro View, 1999-2000
  ''978-0-321-03352-9   ''Study Guide to Accompany Economics Today: The Micro View: 1999-2000 Edition
978-0-321-03353-6MillerInstructors Resource CD Rom for Economics Today 10e
1998978-0-321-03354-3Roger LeRoy MillerStudent Study Notes for PowerPoint Lecture Presentation
2000978-0-321-03356-7Miller · Benjamin · NorthInstructors Manual for the Economics of Public Issues 11e
  ''978-0-321-03357-4MishkinSoftware Disk the Money Game
1998978-0-321-03362-8Roger LeRoy MillerLecture Outlines with Transparency Masters
1999978-0-321-03363-5   ''Your Economic Life: The Practical Applications of Economics: A Student Guide to Accompany Economics Today 1999-2000 (The Addison-Wesley Series in Economics)
2001978-0-321-03366-6MillerEconomics Today: 1999-2000
1999978-0-321-03387-1Paul R. Krugman · Maurice ObstfeldInternational Economics: Theory and Policy (5th Edition)
2000978-0-321-03388-8CarltonInstructor's manual with classroom experiments for industrial organization to accompany Carlton/Perloff Modern industrial organization, third edition
1998978-0-321-03392-5Gerard TortoraIntroduction to the Human Body 4e and the Platinum Edition Letter Aia
1997978-0-321-03398-7Richard MalvinConcepts of Human Physiology and the Platinum Ipie Edition Letter
  ''978-0-321-03399-4   ''Concepts of Human Physiology & the Gold Ipie Edition Letter National
1997978-0-321-03402-1Gerard TortoraIntroduction to the Human Body 4e and the Gold Aia Edition Letter
  ''978-0-321-03403-8   ''Introduction to the Human Body 4e and the Platinum Ipie Edition Letter
1997978-0-321-03404-5Gerard TortoraIntroduction to the Human Body 4e and the Gold Ipie Edition Letter
  ''978-0-321-03405-2   ''Principles of Anatomy & Physiology 8e and the Chemistry of Life CD
  ''978-0-321-03406-9DeVitoInterpersonal Communication Book & Challenge Pkg
1998978-0-321-03410-6Cheryl J. Hamel · David L. Ryan-JonesInternet Companion for General Psychology
1999978-0-321-03414-4Marvin Harris · Orna JohnsonCultural Anthropology (5th Edition)
2000978-0-321-03415-1Cultural Anthropology. 5th Edition.
1996978-0-321-03418-2Joshua R. GerowEssentials of Psychology: Concepts & Applications
2003978-0-321-03419-9Barbara LondonA Short Course in Photography & Digital Imaging
1999978-0-321-03420-5Barbara LondonA Short Course in Photography & Digital Imaging Pcopy
2000978-0-321-03421-2Roberta SatowGender and Social Life
1999978-0-321-03423-6Helen Joseph ArmstrongPatternmaking for Fashion Design (3rd Edition)
2001978-0-321-03425-0Robert C. Carson · James N. Butcher · Susan MinekaFundamentals of Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life
2002978-0-321-03426-7Robert CarsonExam Copy
2000978-0-321-03430-4Robert C. Carson · Susan Mineka · James N. ButcherAbnormal Psychology and Modern Life (11th Edition)
  ''978-0-321-03431-1Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life
1999978-0-321-03432-8Philip G. Zimbardo · Ann L. Weber · Robert L. JohnsonPsychology (3rd Edition)
1998978-0-321-03434-2Arlene S. Skolnick · Jerome H. SkolnickFamily in Transition
1999978-0-321-03437-3Edward Jay Friedlander · John D. LeeFeature Writing for Newspapers and Magazines: The Pursuit of Excellence (4th Edition)
2001978-0-321-03439-7Barbara LondonA Short Course in Photography
1998978-0-321-03440-3   ''A Short Course in Photography 4e Pcopy
978-0-321-03441-0Barbara London · Ciaglia · StoneA Short Course in Photography and Digital Imaging
1999978-0-321-03447-2ColemanTest Gen Label (WIN)
978-0-321-03459-5Loy CampbellHumankind Emerging
2001978-0-321-03460-1RiggioIntro Indust/Organiz Psych 3e
978-0-321-03468-7Aronson · Wilson · AkertTest Gen (Win)
2001978-0-321-03472-4Aronson · Wilson · AkertTest Generator MAC Package for Social Psychology
1998978-0-321-03476-2BEEThe Instructors Manual
1999978-0-321-03478-6Helen L. BeeGrowing Child: Applied Approach
2000978-0-321-03483-0BEETest Generator MAC Package for the Growing Child
1999978-0-321-03484-7Helen BeeA TestGen MAC Disk
1998978-0-321-03488-5NoneStudyWizard (Mac)
1999978-0-321-03491-5Virginia DiehlInstructor's Resources Manual to Accompany Invitation to Psychology
  ''978-0-321-03492-2Sherri L. Jackson · Richard A. GriggsStudy Guide to Accompany Invitation to Psychology
1998978-0-321-03494-6WadeInvitation to Psychology Testgen Windows Package
1999978-0-321-03495-3Carole WadeTest Gen Disk A (Win)
1998978-0-321-03502-8NoneStudy Wizard (Win)
1998978-0-321-03503-5NoneStudy Wizard (Mac)
1999978-0-321-03504-2Zimbardo · GERRIGInstructors Manual to Psychology and Life 15e
  ''978-0-321-03505-9Philip G. ZimbardoStudy Guide to Accompany Psychology and Life
2002978-0-321-03507-3Philip ZimbardoTestgen Eq Win
978-0-321-03511-0Zimbardo · GERRIGTest Generator Eq for Psychology and Life 15e MAC Version
1999978-0-321-03516-5Philip G. ZimbardoPsych & Life 15ed Study Wizard
1998978-0-321-03517-2Nancy FranklinDiscovering Psychology Study Guide to Accompany Psychology and Life
1999978-0-321-03518-9Nancy FranklinDiscovering psychology: Faculty guide, to accompany Zimbardo/Gerrig Psychology and life, 15th ed
  ''978-0-321-03526-4LialIntro Alg Texas Instrumnt Rebate Coupon Pkg
  ''978-0-321-03531-8Paul G. HewittConceptual Physical Science (Workbook)
  ''978-0-321-03535-6Suchocki HewittConceptual Physcial Science Test Bank 2nd Edition
2000978-0-321-03536-3HewittConceptual Physical Science Instructor's Manual
1998978-0-321-03537-0Hewitt · John SuchockiConceptual Physical Science Laboratory Manual (2nd Edition)
1998978-0-321-03539-4HewittConceptual Physical Next Tim
  ''978-0-321-03540-0Paul G. HewittConceptual Physical Science
  ''978-0-321-03547-9HomsbyGraphical Approach to College Algebra: Interact Math Macintosh Tutorial
1999978-0-321-03548-6   ''Graphical Approach to College Algebra: Interact Math Macintosh Tutorial
  ''978-0-321-03549-3Addison Wesley Higher Education GroupInterAct Math Windows
  ''978-0-321-03550-9   ''InterAct Math Mac
1999978-0-321-03551-6Addison Wesley Higher Education GroupInterAct Math Win
1998978-0-321-03552-3Addison Wesley Higher Education GroupInterAct MAC
  ''978-0-321-03553-0RockswoldTestgen Eq Win T/A College Algebra Through Applications and Visualization, 1/E
  ''978-0-321-03555-4ZumoffTestgen Eq Win T/A Earth Algebra College Algebra with Applications to Environmental Issues, 2/E
1999978-0-321-03571-4Richard Wolfson · Jay M. PasachoffPhysics for Scientists and Engineers (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-321-03572-1Richard WolfsonSupplement: Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics (Chapters 1-45) - Physics for S
1998978-0-321-03573-8Richard Wolfson · Jay M. PasachoffPhysics - for Scientists and Engineers, Volume 1 (3rd edition)
  ''978-0-321-03574-5   ''Physics: With Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers
1999978-0-321-03575-2Richard WolfsonPhysics for Scientists and Engineers
978-0-321-03578-3Ginsberg · Richard Wolfson · Jay PasachoffInstructor's Solutions Manual (Physics for Scientists and Engineers)
978-0-321-03579-0Test Gen Eq (Win) Full
978-0-321-03580-6Richard Wolfson · Jay PasachoffTest Gen Eq (MAC) Full
2000978-0-321-03587-5HewittConceptual Physics with Custom Test Bank
2000978-0-321-03590-5Test Bank
1998978-0-321-03608-7Margaret L. LialIntermed Alg Early Func Graph
  ''978-0-321-03609-4Margaret L. LialIntermed Alg Early Func Graph
  ''978-0-321-03615-5Peter J. RussellGenetics: the Biology Place Ed
  ''978-0-321-03616-2Robert Leo Smith · Thomas M. SmithElements of Ecology
  ''978-0-321-03617-9SmithEcology and Field Biology 5e and the Biology Place 12 Month Password
2000978-0-321-03626-1Peter J. RussellFundamentals of Genetics
2000978-0-321-03628-5SmithElements Ecology 4e Trans Acet
1998978-0-321-03642-1Margaret L. Lial · John Hornsby · Charles D. MillerIntroductory Algebra & MathPass Std Intro Algebra Pkg (6th Edition)
  ''978-0-321-03643-8Margaret L. LialIntermediate Algebra With Early Functions and Graphing
1999978-0-321-03644-5Margaret L. Lial · John HornsbyBeginning Algebra
  ''978-0-321-03646-9   ''Intermediate Algebra (8th Edition)
2000978-0-321-03647-6   ''Algebra for College Students (4th Edition)
1999978-0-321-03648-3Steven A. Beebe · John T. MastertonCommunicating in Small Groups: Principles and Practices (6th Edition)
  ''978-0-321-03649-0HestwoodTestgen Win Disk 1
  ''978-0-321-03650-6   ''Testgen Win Disk 2
1999978-0-321-03651-3HestwoodTestgen Win Disk 3
978-0-321-03652-0HESTWOODTestgen Win Disk 4
978-0-321-03653-7HESTWOODTestgen Win Disk 5
1998978-0-321-03654-4Gerard TortoraPrinciples of Anatomy & Physiology 8e Bundled W/Atlas of Human Skeleton (E0297) + the Biology Place
  ''978-0-321-03655-1TortoraHuman Anatomy 8e Prof RS Manual
  ''978-0-321-03656-8TortoraHuman Anatomy 8e Testbank
  ''978-0-321-03659-9   ''Human Anatomy 8e Transparencies
1996978-0-321-03660-5   ''Human Anatomy 8e Learning Guide
1998978-0-321-03662-9   ''Human Anatomy 8e Trnsp Sample
1999978-0-321-03663-6Wynn Kapit · Robert I. Macey · Esmail MeisamiThe Physiology Coloring Book (2nd Edition)
1998978-0-321-03667-4Robert A. DivineAmerica Past & Present Test Gen Eq Mac Package Label
  ''978-0-321-03674-2Robert A. DivineAmerica Through the Eyes of Its People AP&P Brief 4e
1997978-0-321-03676-6   ''America Through the Eyes of Its People Vol 2
2000978-0-321-03683-4Brian L. PortoMay It Please the Court: Judicial Processes and Politics in America
1999978-0-321-03685-8Lief Carter · Christine HarringtonAdministrative Law and Politics: Cases and Comments (3rd Edition)
1998978-0-321-03687-2Peter N. StearnsWorld History in Brief: Major Patterns of Change and Continuity
1999978-0-321-03691-9Karen, C. TimberlakeStudy Guide With Solutions to Selected Problems a Practice Book for Chemistry: An Introduction to General Organic and Biological Chemistry
978-0-321-03692-6Transparency Acetates for Chemistry (An Introduction to General, Organic & Biological Chemistry 7th Edition
1999978-0-321-03693-3Karen C. TimberlakeChemistry: An Introduction to General, Organic and Biological Chemistry Laboratory Manual (7th Edition)
1999978-0-321-03703-9David A. WhettenDeveloping Management Skills
2000978-0-321-03704-6Gary L. LilienCourse Supp I/M Pkg
2002978-0-321-03705-3Gary L. LilienInstructor's Manual
978-0-321-03706-0LILIENMarketing Engineering
2003978-0-321-03707-7WHETTENDeveloping Management Skills
2000978-0-321-03711-4DereskyInstructors Resource Manual
1998978-0-321-03718-3Stanley G. EakinsFinance: Investments, Institutions and Management
1999978-0-321-03719-0EakinsInstructors Resource Manual for Finance: Investments, Institution
  ''978-0-321-03720-6Printed Test Bank
  ''978-0-321-03724-4LILIENPowerpoint Lecture Slides
978-0-321-03726-8TortoraData Disk to A3657 Pkg 8e
978-0-321-03728-2TortoraData Dk to A3658 Ctb Win Pkg 3e
978-0-321-03730-5   ''Anatomy Physiol 8e Mdpck User Guide
978-0-321-03731-2   ''Anatomy Physiol 8e Stud Media Resrce
1998978-0-321-03733-6Gerard J. TortoraPrinciples of Anatomy and Physiology: With Atlas of Human Skeleton and User's Guide 8th Edition
  ''978-0-321-03736-7Gerard TortoraMediapak Student Resource for Anatomy and Physiology CD Rom
  ''978-0-321-03738-1TortoraApplications of Health